Do we have justice in Uganda?

Dear Ugandans at heart,
On Thursday 21, January 2010, the hearing of my case was closed. The Magistrate handling my case then told me that he would deliver the ruling for the two counts – threatening violence and assault on Friday 29, 2010. I was later told by some lawyer that the Magistrate told him that he is going to convict me for assault.
Whoever might have attended the hearing must know quite well that there was no substance in the charges against me. The witnesses that were lined up didn’t even know exactly what they were talking about. But of course, I cannot be surprised if I am convicted because that is the price some of us must pay for consistently opposing injustice.
I am terribly shocked that the goons who claim they fought a bush war to liberate us have now chosen to turn against any critical voice. I have decried patronage, corruption, denial of opportunities to the peasants’ children, wanton abuse of human rights etc. Every thing I have done, I use my pen and my tongue and a lot of what I have done is documented in black and white.
I have shared with you that I have for so many times been tortured; deprived of my money and have had a lot of my property stolen by the police. Shockingly, I recently was told that the case I filed against the state in May last year was dismissed on 28 August 2009. No grounds for its dismissal have been given to me. Ar we living in a state of nature?
If Museveni’s government feels the only means through which they can correct their mistakes is dumping me in jail on trumped up charges, let them go ahead. Nonetheless, I have now learnt of the Dirty Tricks Unit (DTU), which the NRM uses to follow us up and make life impossible for those of us that need a better Uganda. Jesus Christ our saviour also shed his blood and died for us when hewas innocent. I thought with the death of Jesus, none else should be innocently sacrificed. However, I have now learnt that Uganda’s dictators are ready to sacrifice anybody that stands in their way.
I call upon all caring Ugandans to be concerned about my plight. As for my brothers and Sisters in Bushenyi, none of you should keep silent in case I am sent to Luzira because I have learnt that all they need is to poison me through food or inject me with poisonous drugs. I strongly believe that I don’t have to die because I opposed sudden and huge increment of fees up to 126%. I expect only fools and opportunists to vote Museveni come 2011. Otherwise whoever loves Uganda cannot waste their vote giving it to the man who has manipulated and deceived us for close to three decades.
Shouldn’t you read anything from me, know that I have been convicted in which case I may not stay safe!
For God and mycountry!
Vincent Nuwagaba

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