How does president Barack Obama convince the world that he still has the reigns of power?

Amidst all the voter anger and terrible turn out of events in a safely democratic state like Massachusetts, buttressed by town hall meetings soured by Rush Limbaughites and tea party spoilers alike, led by a republican leadership that has turned a deaf ear on anything that comes out of his mouth; President Barack Obama, has a non-enviable task of dispelling a growing global perception that he is being rejected by many in America for reasons unknown to him.
There are some in the black community who opine that he needs to come out tonight and appeal to the American people by uttering the words of a wise slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King, that just as he resisted taking the lower road of polarization in his race to the white house; so should they resist the temptation of falling on the wrong side of history in this 21st century. He should ask them to judge him just by “the content of his character and nothing else” and that is the change he had called for in his campaign.
He needs to look his people in the eyes and tell them that he is being portrayed by the far right in an unfair manner, much as he has tried as hard to embrace a higher moral route-the hatred talk is obviously a galvanizing force in the country, providing to pollsters the widest margins of polarization ever in the history of the nation. It appears increasingly that no matter what he does, the folks who don’t like him, have neither patience nor intent of letting him enjoy any legislative successes or even allow him to run for a second term.
Convincing the rest of the world that he does not carry the stigma of “tokenism”, has been a pre-occupation of the president for the entire year; even when things looked so blatantly ripe for such a definition to a growing number of black folks the world over.
Much as many understand that corporate America and its quest for perfection, has a  habitual tendency of being  a place of violence for many Americans, as witnessed in last Sunday’s CBS 60 minutes program. The demand for quality is so overwhelming that grown ups have to yell at each other to meet that leading edge-and CEOs including the president are not held above that foray.
However, there are some among us who are riding an imaginary chariot without realizing that we will all suffer because of in action or the formation of frictional forces arrayed against the president to create gridlock during this period of financial crisis. The time for leaning on bankers to offer real solutions to home owners and other customers to remove any disillusions is now; otherwise a federal clearing house type of bank is necessary to bail out troubled debtors. The task to create employment has to be a national task led by local business leaders, mayors and governors of all states. Dropping the healthcare debate is not the solution either, but leaning on his party to remove all the unnecessary traps (pork barrels) that have been laid in the bill-is what the American people want him to do. They want him to lead the pack by prudently offering a tinge of fiscal conservatism where applicable, absence of this type of governance is what they are calling him on the carpet for.
Tendo Kaluma


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