Politics in Adjumani Become a place of sorrow

Dear Ugandans at Heart,

I am deeply distructed psychologically by the Politics in Our newly Developing district. I am so socked byh the Politicians of NRM violating the rights of citizens in the district.Incident happened during last presidential and parliamentary election. The Women representative Erio Jesca (Said; State Ministor for environment). Her
cmpaint opponent was klnocked dead by her supporters. It was directly an arrangement from her (NRM),

The mob then came in and destroyed the property of Erio, Just of recent as now I am writting to you Ugandans at heart, the strong opposures of NRM whom the NRM show can bring closre understanding of the people of Adjumani
District about Dictatorship of NRM in Uganda were all put in Prison. Among others include Mr.Mondia and others, These are people who bring to our understanding of justice in the district.

See then how NRM how Moseni’s rule is, in Ugandan. Yet people are all blind, those who are awake, the government has to forcefully silence them. Where are we going? I know mojority of us have  no voice but lets come together as a people
Alex Drazi


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  1. Chandiga Joshua,

    Dear Alex,

    Stop blaming the people of Adjumani and NRM because of criminal and corrupt people who have got a place where they are suppose to be. Mondia and the group deserve to be in Openzinzi for 10years because of their iliteracy. He has been used as condom by the opposition of NRM and he must face the penalty. He rebelled from NRM and General Moses Ali who has been supporting him before his rebellion. Look at Mr. Nixion Owole, he has made U turn and now they are in good books with General Moses Ali. I assure you Mr. Owole will become LCV if he follow the advice of his mentor General Moses Ali. Mondia blamed General Moses Ali and supported the useles and thieve MP Eruaga who is always playing cards in Juba and doesn’t like to be recognise as MP if eating marungi in Juba. My appeal to all people of Adjumani is that request and elect General Moses Ali for MP, Jesca Erio for MP, Nixion Owole for LCV and Dulu should step down and wait until his time comes in 2016.
    By Chandiga Joshua, Adjumani

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