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FDC should watch sending wrong signals as driver of IPC

We all who are opposed to the NRM and its ways of running Government agree that the initial NRM took Ugandans for a ride.  Using the rigging and stealing of election victory by Obote’s UPC to promise us a future they have not delivered a part from having some of them in heaven and the majority of us to languish in the opposite of heaven!

It is equally true that a number of senior figures in FDC are part of the clique that helped to put us in the mess we find ourselves today.  It is important for the FDC therefore not to show us what they are not.  Many in the opposition have agreed to work under the Inter – Party Cooperation (IPC) as the vehicle to have a 2nd liberation for our country; our prayer is for the FDC not to assume that IPC is their thing because it is not.  We want jointly to liberate this country when all with good ideas bring them.  When FDC goes out in the field to get a Presidential candidate for the party, they must appreciate that becoming FDC party candidate WILL NOT necessarily make one the forth coming Presidential candidate for IPC.  We want FDC to appreciate and also apologise to Ugandans for having been part of the air supply to this country that has put it into ruins which may cost a lot to repair.  In the circumstances we call upon the FDC Generals and Brigadiers name them to put an infrastructure in place to see to the continuity of whichever Government we get after the 2011 elections.  This business of publishing FDC budgets at shs 23bn is one of the things that may keep other opposition players out.

To Dr. Besigye and others, we want to see a Uganda out of the mess.  All of us who know what is going on in democratic countries envy what is going on there, and the corruption and thieving mentality and undermining one another are some of the main un doings of our country.  How can we have an army of youths without a future simply because leaders see their continued tenure in office as a priority?  Secondly, this business of people donating billions to see FDC things move should not commit Ugandans to having those people who keep enslaving the country because they contributed money they should get free money.  Let the IPC come up with strategies that are not going to bail Ugandans into so and so having to be sure of tenders or a big job because he financed the party.

I for instance don’t look to a Government job but would like to see a country on a road to real democracy not the cooked type we have today.  When on computer and my other programmes I can do my work and earn a decent living.

The message is FDC leaders contesting for party presidency should know  that FDC and other parties will all contest for the IPC Presidency on equally competitive grounds and chances of an FDC candidate not taking the chair may better for a stronger IPC.  FDC are at the centre of a revolution which has ruined Uganda, what they should do is to help undo the mess.  We love to see a strong IPC if need be the Party Presidents may come up with a fora through which they may help in solving the problems and decision before implementation by the forthcoming President.

Willy Kituuka


3 parties get Deepening Democracy grants but FDC says it’s not enough

3 parties get Deepening Democracy grants
Tuesday, 19th January, 2010 E-mail article Print article

Deepening democracy programme a consortium of different donors has announced a series of grants to three political parties.

The grants have been extended to the Forum for democratic change, Uganda people’s congress and the People’s progress party.

They will be used for to grassroots mobilization a head of the 2011 general elections.

Announcing the grants in Kampala, programmes manager Deepening democracy in Uganda, Nicholas De Torrente says FDC will receive 400m, UPC, 157m and People’s Progressive Party 53m shillings.

He says the grants are aimed at building organizational capacity strengthen internal democracy, develop links with constituents and should not be used for campaigns.

The Netherlands institute for multiparty democracy will also receive 844m to facilitate an inclusive called the inter-party dialogue involving the six political parties represented in parliament.

Social Development Party SDP will also receive in kind assistance amounting to 36m towards organization of its national council meeting.


No. Shs 400m is not an answer at all to our needs. It is too little apart from the fact that it is  a conditional grant.We have huge demands.We need about Shs 30 billion at a minimum.
The PP&O Act restricts us from getting funding from foreign sources, to a maximumu  of Shs4b in total and Shs 400m  per year from one single source. Our best alternative for funding is you the members and supporters.
The government  is however selective in applying that law. It is for us the opposition and not for them. During last elections, in 2006, they used  up to Shs 52b but they have refused to send their accountability to the UEC as required by the law and tell Ugandans how and from where they raised that money. Indeed, they have not done so since they registered as  a Party  in 2003! If FDC missed even one year to send its  audited accounts to UEC, it would  be deregistered.
I just returned from Mbale to attend the nomination of our candidate Ambassador Jack Wamai Wamanga  in the coming parliamentary bye-election. We had a huge rally after the nomination.It was a great day and I drove back this  evening a very happy man. listening to the song “Alina Potential ” . Our main challenge is money to move  us around.

Because of time and lack of logistics, it was not  possible to operationalize  the IPC Additional protocol for Budiope and Mbale bye-elections.We needed to have in place  IPC  Constituency electoral colleges  to elect the candidates in IPC primaries.We have  not set them up yet. But we are talking to each other on the best way forward.There is no failure at at all.


One of the Demo Women narrates her experience in prison

Hello all,
Am back, from prison, I thank all of you that supported us, I inform you that the strugle continues. We cannot surrender, Yes we were tortured by police dogs, we were beaten badly, some of us were undressed in prison, they claimed they wanted the T. shirts as evidence, At night, they (police) brought a mad woman into our cell- i think the intention was to have her torture us, we were many and we over powered her- When we complained in the morning, they took her and told us she was supposed to be in Butabika.
We were packed into 2 small rooms with a flashing toilet which had no water, Some of our properties were confiscated, they included clothes, party documents and voter cards.
BUT, we CANT be detered by any body to accomplish our mission. The “WOMEN FOR PEACE” campaign will go on, Untill Kigundu and his commissioners resign. All of us ( who were arrested) are candidates in the 2011 elections, Most of us will contest as MPs, others are councillors. We make it clear to everybody that we have rejected Kigundu and his team, He is not the right Refree in this game, because he is NRM. Kigundu stop imposing yourself on us, TOTWESIBAAKO! we DONT Want you. YOU MUST GO!

kamateneti Ingrid

Potential 2011 MP

Presidents speech to NEC – Health care not a priority!

With all due respect I was disappointed after I read the president’s address to the NEC. In essence this is like a state of the Union. My beef in particular is due to the fact that the president did not mention health care as a priority at all. He talked in passing about the drug taskforce he created but that had more to do with fighting corruption and it in its self will not fix our health care situation.

You can improve the nation’s roads, generate more electricity but as long as the population can not have good health to enjoy the above it makes no difference. Unlike the privileged few who can fly out or pay for healthcare those who are poor will walk on paved roads to go and die in Mulago and other centers.

Some might say that I am looking at the crystal ball and hoping for healing powers because of my profession whereas the same ball can be taken to a football field by a soccer player or used to predict the future in the psychic’s hands. But Leveling the ground and this being an election year the president should have spared a paragraph to offer some hope on the states health. For the opposition this can be a rolling ball down the hill which can gather mud enough to shake the foundation of NRM.

Masses fall sick every day, hundreds die every day, thousands are handicapped in away and orphans increase in numbers, not giving hope to these souls is like promising a thirsty man a light bulb when he sleeps in a hut.

Surely the president has a herd of issues to force into a narrow gate and all issues as animals tend to have there own minds but the bottom line is that the healthcare beast is the mother of all and the president cant hide away from it for long, together with the other four it might the stone that will bring the giant to his knees.

For God and My Country.

Eddie, MD

90 year old Former President Godfrey Lukongwa Binaisa Q. C needs our prayers

binaisa is sick

Q C is credited for having ruled Uganda from hate to love.  Actually, apart from the Late Prof. Lule; he is the only president of Uganda who left at a time when many had hope.  Probably the freedom of speech at his time will take long to be matched given our design of democracy.  He ruled the country at probably one of the most difficult times when there were foreign troops in the country and it was not clear who actually was in control as some people took the opportunity to kill Ugandans as if they were killing pigs, insecurity was at its highest.

It is surprising that Godfrey after being put in house arrest at Entebbe had the guts to join Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM).  Not long after the liberation of the country Q C left and he became a real critic of Museveni’s Government.  However, Q C eventually came back to the country and is the only former President who is alive!

Given advanced age, Godfrey is battling to stay alive and in the circumstances he needs all our prayers.

Willy Kituuka

Godfrey Lukongwa Binanisa

Godfrey Lukongwa Binanisa QC, the man who ascended to state power against furious opposition from his countrymen in Buganda.

He is known for being the architect of the movement ideology that he termed ” Ekigaali” or “Umbrella “, which was later adopted by the President Yoweri Museveni and his colleagues while in in the bush during their struggle against government.

He had to consolidate his position before embarking on any national development program and one of the instruments he used was the famous “Umbrella” which was sought to bring all Ugandans under the same political thought. Hardly a month after he had been sworn-in as President he had a task of leading the Ugandan delegation to the O.A.U summit in Nigeria where delegates condemned the role of the republic of Tanzania in the 1979 liberation war.

There were some elongated arguments as to whether the letter criticizing  Tanzania’s role in overthrowing the military regime of Idi Amin could be read to delegates, and Binaisa had failed to convince the Major General Olusengun Obasanjo for he was the host nation, Nigeria’s President then, he decided to storm out of the summit.

He feared to be part of the group criticising Tanzania and therefore its President Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere as this was dangerous to the stability of his office as president. It should be remembered that at this time it was a condition that any Ugandan president must be on good terms with Nyerere for his office to secured otherwise it was precarious because Nyerere was stil directing some political affairs in Uganda from the rear sit. He was still having the army in his hands.

But even after this effort Binaisa did not cautiously follow his moves because it was not long before he made a brander in making changes in his government and diplomatic appointments which did not go well with the wishes of the NCC and was there and then removed from office which military commission took over.

Binaisa threw himself back into exile and ever since he has just  returned after nearly 14 years in exile in the USA.

Electing IPC Presidential candidate should not be priority now

Refer to Hon. Bidandi Ssali’s letter to the President of Uganda at the bottom of this mail; you can read through the mail regarding the early debts of the big men in NRM, and these among other things are part of the reason for the state of affairs in the country.  It is clear that the challenges ahead for the Inter – Party cooperation are great.  Against that background among others, I think it is not of utmost importance as of now to focus on the Inter – Party Cooperation Presidential candidate.  Those with this line of thought should change.

What is a a priority for the IPC as of now is among other things to bring into the cooperation all possible members of the opposition; second to get to the grassroots and preach the mission of IPC and why it is necessary to combine effort to get the country to the desired promised land; third, to ensure that opposition members who are to stand in 2011 General elections are properly identified and that NO member of the opposition stands against the jointly nominated one.  This is no joking matter, and is what is most important as of now.  The above should be done while the IPC works on the strategy which will not see us in the mess of the equivalent to Moshi Spirit; which saw Prof. Lule President for Uganda for 68 days!

Meanwhile, the Party Presidents should be working together in Unity to see all the above a reality including conducting joint IPC rallies.  When the above objectives are achieved; and people are well within the IPC spirit, it may be mature to venture to having the IPC President unveiled just prior to the nominations  and registration of Presidential candidates by the Electoral Commission.

The strength of the candidate is not in himself; otherwise today Kazini would be around, because it is alleged that those of the Court Martial had terrible experience in arresting him, he is the type who could fight 10 army men using fists!   The strength of the forthcoming Presidential candidate for IPC should be in the joint opposition who see that it is enough with His Excellency President Museveni, and these are the one’s to see to the security of such a one together with our experts at security matters more so hoe guerilla’s operate.

The biggest achievement in the forthcoming elections is among other things to acquire majority current opposition in Parliament; then you can be sure no worthy legislation will sail through even if it becomes impossible to up root President Museveni.  Second, to have majority LC V Chairpersons, and Councilors; to have majority LC III Chairpersons and Councilors; then majority LC I Chairpersons elected.  If this is achieved, then it will be the greatest success for the opposition.  With unity at electing opposition party members to fill places, chances of success even for the Presidential candidate to sail through are there.

The IPC should however not forget the 10% Donors’ Clubs for schools as its initiative.  If this is well handled, there are chances of having up to 5,000 children who would not be going to school helped by fellow children to raise fees to see them in school.

Thank you.

William Kituuka

UAH forumist

JB Ssali (Jaberi Bidandi)

Published at  www.observer.ug
Wednesday, 07 January 2009

The nascent People’s Progressive Party (PPP) held its first delegates conference last year at which its founder, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, was named chairman. In a New Year letter addressed to Yoweri Museveni, the President’s former campaign manager and long-serving minister urges his former boss to “look at the ceiling with 1986 eyes.” Below is a slightly edited version of the letter.

Your Excellency,

On behalf of the membership and leadership of the People’s Progressive Party and on my own behalf, I extend to you our appreciation for what you have been able to do for the country in this year 2008, the third year of your 5th term in the office of President of Uganda.

A number of commendable achievements had been recorded, especially in the first three terms of your leadership save of course for the people of the north, especially the Acholi region, which experienced a glimpse of hope only for the first four months of your reign.

As we look yonder to 2009 Mr. President, we discern a course that may lead the country into storms and tempest which will be attributed to commissions and or omissions of your leadership. In the short run many of us see a troubled Uganda which is as chaotic as you found it 22 years ago and in fact much worse off in many respects.

Corruption and disintegration

Mr. President, many of us who have experienced the brunt of the various regimes since independence will give testimony to the fact that at no time in our history has corruption and nepotism reached the current despicable levels. The prevailing extreme poverty and suffering that have engulfed the people of Uganda are a direct consequence of these maladies over which you are presiding. What perplexes many Ugandans is the impunity with which Your Excellency seem to be condoning these vices.

Mr. President, one of these nights lie down on your bed, look at the ceiling with your 1986 eyes and look at a number of issues under your leadership today, including the Temangalo saga, the Shimoni or Nakasero land give-away, the rot in the roads construction contracts, the Kananathans of yesterday, the amendment to the Constitution in respect of term limits, the re-emergence of safe houses, the Kiboko squads, the source and cause of the Muslim wrangles which are now destined to once again produce two Muftis – one claimed to be appended to State House. The list is endless. What comes to your mind?

Your Excellency, one of the worst crimes committed under your leadership has been the tribalisation of the politics of Uganda, setting tribes and ethnic groups against each other and each being tethered to your whims for identity and salvation.

Give a few moments of thought about what is simmering between Bahororo and Bahima in Rukungiri and Kanungu, between Japadhola and Banyoli in Tororo, between the Bahima and the so-called Bairu in Ankole, between Maracha and Terego in West Nile, what your administration is fanning amongst the Baganda, Baluli and Banyala. All these ethnic groups had settled amicably together in harmony. Why do we now sow seeds of disharmony and most probably a violent future for our children? Why do we not learn lessons from our recent post-independence history?

Buganda question

We are in a multiparty dispensation. For the first time since independence, Buganda has become part of the mainstream national politics albeit after a great sacrifice evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of skulls found in the Luwero Triangle. The country had attained a stage where one could no longer hear of Mengo “alagidde” or the Cardinal, Archbishop or Mufti “agambye” in national elections. Why stir up animosity amongst the various ethnic groups comprising Buganda who have lived in harmony since the colonial times? How is it possible that Your Excellency could come out with a weird proposal of redrawing the boundaries between Buganda and Bunyoro? Why did we swine the late Idi Amin when he proposed the redrawing of the boundaries between Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania? What were the consequences?

Busoga saga

New embers of cession are simmering in Busoga all because of your administration’s interference in the selection process of their Kyabazinga. Why should a military unit keep vigil on the premises where the election of Kyabazinga is purported to be held in spite of a court injunction? It is now held in Busoga that Your Excellency directed that the election of the Kyabazinga must be repeated! What has happened to the rule of law?

Election rigging

As you continue staring at the ceiling, recall the 1980 elections where you lost in Nyabushozi and I lost in Nakawa. What crimes did we apportion to the Muwanga government; constituency gerrymandering, falsification of results, harassing of voters and stuffing ballot boxes for the government sponsored candidates? You opted for arms and the bush. Now focus on the 2006 elections or even more recently the by-elections in Bukomansimbi, Kyadondo North and Sembabule. What accusations are being apportioned to your government? Intimidation, harassment and torture of voters by state agents, bribing of voters, using the Electoral Commission to rig for the NRM! Wear the shoes of the declared losers and compare them with the ones you put on in 1980. What do you fathom? Or do you?

Kony war

Ever since the start of negotiations with Kony, the people of Uganda, especially the affected areas of the north, have had a positive lull which even encouraged the people in camps to start returning to their villages. Now out of the blue you attack Kony and there is a resurgence of reported killings and abductions. Once again the people of the north are gripped with fear and apprehension. Some are even contemplating returning to camps!

Over 20 years of military confrontation with Kony only created more and more camps, suffering and death of thousands of Ugandans, with over one million people displaced from their homes. After three years of negotiations we saw closure of some camps and rays of hope for the people in that area. Why the attack on the flimsy ground of Kony refusing to sign the Peace Agreement and not on ground of his having resurrected atrocities in the north?

His Excellency Joachim Chissano while briefing the UN Security Council, is reported to have placed the responsibility of Kony’s refusal to sign the agreement on the ICC’s continued wielding of its indictment over the head of Kony. Yet there have been no concerted effort on your part to factor in the ICC indictment of Kony as part of your effort to convince him to sign the agreement.

Let us imagine that Kony is finally netted and probably killed, what lessons do we draw from the killing of Saddam Hussein in Iraq by George W. Bush and Tony Blair to which you appended your thumb? Where is peace in that country since then and how many Iraqis have died and continue to die? Your Excellency, will it be far fetched to discern a replica in Uganda after killing Kony?

The economy

Your administration has been credited worldwide for the macro economic policies that have stabilised the Shilling against foreign currencies to date. However, any economic policies that do not translate into a betterment of the plight of the ordinary citizen only play in the international gallery.

Mr. President, the people of Uganda are reeling from extreme poverty and misery every passing day. This is in spite of Bonnabagaggawale which is not backed by political will. Some of us have little doubt that the scheme is bound to follow the Entandikwa scheme fate.

Mr. President, your globalised effort in persuading foreign investors to come to Uganda is no doubt commendable. However, the same effort should be extended to encouraging and boosting the local investors not only because they have held the fort in very trying times, but also because the majority have no option of relocation as some have done, but to collapse which has been the fate of many. Besides, a stringent sieve must be applied through which Kananathan or Shimoni kind of investors can be left in the chaff.

Oil discovery

We definitely commend Your Excellency and your government for the discovery of oil. We have no doubt that it could make a big contribution to our effort to better the lives of the people of Uganda. However, judging by what has been the effect of oil discovery in some other countries; a lot of apprehension is felt by many Ugandans. This is not helped by the extreme secrecy surrounding the country’s oil.

We strongly urge you to stop considering oil discovery in Uganda as a personal achievement but as a national one. We urge you further to initiate debate and extensive consultations involving all Ugandans, civil society organisations and Parliament to finally come up with a national policy on oil.

This must also be the approach if the country has to come up with a national policy on land which will take into account interests of all stake holders, including land owners, bibanja holders on customary, mailo, lease or institutional land. Your Excellency, I again urge you to develop a stance of finding solutions through consultations and negotiations. What can be construed as dictatorial or commanding approach will only estrange you from your colleagues and partners and create more disharmony in our society.


As we enter 2009, all of us people of Uganda, especially we the leaders captained by Your Excellency, must rededicate our responsibilities and obligations to our people and our country placed on our shoulders by our Constitution. Let us listen with our inner ears to the message of the founders of Uganda enshrined in our national anthem which is now sang as a ritual and not a conviction.

I wish Your Excellency and your family a happy new year!

Finally I am likely to die

14th December 2009
The Inspector General of Police
General Kale Kayihura
Re: Complaint against the Police Officers’ Abuse of Office
General Kayihura, I write to forward my complaint against some elements in the Police Force who have become an enigma in my life since 11th April 2009 up to 17th August 2009. I first commend you on your recent efforts to purge the police of what my colleague in the human rights movement Mohammed Ndifuna national coordinator of HURINET calls “bad apples.” That surely is an indicator that you have started listening to our cries about the abuse and misuse of office by the police.
General Kayihura, we first knew one another way back in 2002 from Makerere University where you used to come for debates when you were still a UPDF Political Commissar and Brigadier. I was then an undergraduate student studying political science and I was incensed by the reports I used to read and hear about the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence and Internal Security Organisation and other paramilitary outfits. Remember you once gave me your phone number and told me to contact your body guards for a cup of coffee. I later learnt that where you hail in Kisoro you belong to the Bagiri clan and given that I am a “mufuruki” in Bushenyi whose roots are Rubanda in Kabale and a Muhimba at that, I knew you are either my brother or my uncle. In fact during the police recruitment that raised many body hairs if I had a corrupt mindset I wouldn’t run to anyone else for recommendation but to you. Little did I know that I would suffer hardest at the hands of the Police when you are the IGP and you seem to sanction my traumatic experience by doing nothing every time I appeal to you. 
I know this is more than a mere letter but a short report. Accordingly, I beg that you find ample time to read and internalise the report. Since I am not your appointing authority, I don’t know your job description but I know for sure that if you don’t read you cannot in the least make a good leader. But I also know that you don’t find reading a problem since you hold a Master Degree of Laws. Because you hold a Master degree in Law, you should be the last person to condone lawlessness in the Police Force andI also expect you to distinguish between self interest and public interest. I may for example, be an impediment to your coveted desire for the NRM to retain power  ad infinitum but know that what the public needs is not whether or not you stay in power for 100 years but what services you deliver to them when you are in power.
I have been prompted to write this report to you by the recent media reports published by 256news accessed online at www.256news.com and the 12 December Saturday Monitor story titled “MP pins Police on bribery”. That you oversaw the arrest of the officers implicated shows you brook no nonsense any further. The principal purpose of this report is to ask you to prevail on officers who have always stolen my money to refund it and penalise them for subjecting the good name of the Uganda Police Force to public shame and ridicule. Ultimately that tarnishes your otherwise good name.
I have appealed to you for so long but I have never got any help from your office. I don’t know whether you have always felt I am too insignificant to merit your valuable time. I beg that the attention you give to MPs you give to others in equal measure as well because MPs are public servants and as such they are no greater than their masters – members of the public. I have never seen a servant who is bigger than his/her master. And by the way, personally I am better qualified than majority MPs and spend more time in libraries than them. Hence, I am one of the philosopher kings that Plato says should be in leadership. Please no pun intended.
That said let me give the catalogue of abuses that I have gone through orchestrated by police officers.
1. On 11 April 2008, I was illegally arrested, detained incommunicado, starved for four days in CPS dungeons and terribly tortured. From there they took me to a mental hospital after conniving with Butabika staff to further subject me to pharmacological torture. My money amounting to 500 dollars and shillings 120,000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) shillings was stolen; my Bata shoes were stolen and to date I have never seen my black stripped suit. The police stayed with my keys and by the time I went back home on 24th April 2009 I found my house had been broken into, my computer, 2 flash discs and many other items were stolen. All this was done under the supervision of ASP Johnson Bahimbise who is at large and has since been promoted to SP and now works as Chief Security Officer of Makerere University.
2.On 15 May 2008, I was arrested from Spear Motors by a police officer whose names I don’t know, assaulted and taken to Jinja Road Police Station, money amounting to 60,000 (sixty thousand shillings) was stolen and I was released after the intervention of Foundation for Human Rights Initiative through their lawyers Vincent Babalanda and Evelyn. I was later told by the OC on duty then that, “Nuwagaba, you can now go, if we need you, we shall call you”. To date, I have never recovered my money and I have never seen justice.
3. On 28 May 2008, I was detained again at Kampala CPS after I had gone to make a formal complaint about my property stolen. Shillings 540,000 (five hundred and forty thousand) and some other small notes andcoins whose amount I didn’t know was stolen. The following day, RDC Alice Muwanguzi found me in the cells and I told him the ordeal I had gone through. She told me, “Nuwagaba, let me go and order for your release”. Sadly I was taken to Butabika again Vincent Babalanda who now works with Ms Kenya found me there. You know all that happened there for I have written to you, to the president and two stories have been run by the Prisoners’ Magazine and the Red Pepper of July 4, 2009. Of course I have sued but I guess your dysfunctional state might be trying to frustrate the hearing of my case no. 92/2009 in the high court of Uganda.
4. In March this year, I was arrested by Sgt Kanyarutokye using my former lover and sister to SP John Nuwagira and dumped at Kira Road. After thorough investigation by sober and professional officers, I was found innocent but also the complainant feared following up the case and she later told me all she wanted was to have me jailed and deprived of my liberty. This wasn’t the first time Kanyarutokye was tormenting me. I want Kanyarutokye penalised for using the Police Patrol vehicle and other officers that are sustained by taxpayers’ money to settle his personal scores against me.  I feel so bad that I can be abused by people like Kanyarutokye who even failed S.4 at Ruyonza SSS. You see the effect of giving assignments to the academic dwarfs!
5. I have been assaulted three times from Butabika on the course of investigating human rights abuses by the Mental Hospitals. On the first occasion I was beaten by the hospital guards citing orders  from above and shillings 100,000 was stolen from me. I was taken away by Mr. Aguma. The next time I was taken away by very many senior police officers and they told me “since you sued Dr. Onen wait for your case to be settled”. Should Butabika continue being used to inflict pharmacological torture on innocent Ugandans? Hadn’t it been my efforts and efforts of FHRI and UPAF, Gaudence Tushabomwe would have possibly met her creator months ago.
6. On 5th August still following Tushabomwe’s case I was picked from Butabika again and dumped in cells of Jinja Road Police Station. I was incarcerated for two days and later released without producing me in court. I had 101 US dollars and 430,000. OC CID and Mr. Chemonges should refund this money if you are to be taken seriously in your fight against injustice. I need explanation for depriving me of my liberty by incarcerating me in the filthy cells when I was innocent.
7. On 17th August I was arrested and tortured by police officers led by Detective Musinguzi working under the direction of ASP Mission Samuel. “My crime” I am sure was writing a letter to the President that was reproduced in the media and can be accessed at http://africanexecutive.com/modules/magazine/articles.php?article=4579  complaining about heartless tuition increment a related article of which was published when I was already in Luzira by the Independent on 21st August 2009 under the title, “Makerere fees hike points to moral downturn”. During my arrest, Musinguzi and company stole 1.4m an amount of money I wanted to use to make a part payment for fees for a Law course whose tuition was hiked from 0.6m to 1.26m excluding functional fees of 540,000 and other requirements such as accommodation, feeding, printing andphotocopying and transport inter alia. If I were you people in government I would bring those who constructively criticize me closer rather than persecuting them.
8. I was to be dumped in Wandegeya Police cells where I spent two days having been denied police bond despite the intervention of the lows and highs of Uganda ranging from university Professors, UN Diplomats, Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and senior police officers among others. I was to be told that you called the OC CID and chastised her for allowing me have access to the phone after I called you, CP Nduguse, CP Kyomukama, AIGP Sharita among others. I hear you are a human rights lawyer!
The milestone this time was that I was produced in City Hall court and later taken to Luzira where I spent fifteen days. Of course trumped up charges of threatening violence and assault were opened against me.  I have, however, been told by a certain CID detective that if I don’t see the Magistrate, I will be convicted. I told him I am ready to go to Luzira because Mandela was in jail for 27 years but it never stopped him from leading his country and retire after one term in office making him a leading iconic leader on the African continent. I have surely told you and the President that I am a law-abiding citizen and that if I am suspected of having committed an offence I should be tried before a competent and impartial tribunal or court. I know I am innocent and if I am convicted it would be malicious conviction. But also, this could be a ploy to frustrate me from proceeding with my case whose genesis is SP Bahimbise. I am surely not being prosecuted but being persecuted.
9. You got a report from PSU in regard to my complaint. I was not given a copy yet it makes weird allegations. I wrote you a letter on 8th May 2009 in regard to the PSU report but you chose to ignore me. Please rethink whatever I have communicated to you. You and I are Catholics and we know that Paul who has become a paragon of virtue in promoting Christianity was once Saul a persecutor of Christianity.
10. Please, address this matter urgently so that it becomes the last time I am writing to you complaining about the Police Force.  Otherwise, I am ready to write to countries that believe in democratic practice and human dignity requesting them to slap a ban on your travels and withhold funding to the police force. Although you have been named among those fighting corruption, personally I would name you top on the shame list. Indeed fighting a person who uses only the pen and tongue is the highest form of moral corruption. I know to err is human but I strongly believe that I can fairly be convicted of only a traffic offense because it happens unexpectedly but I haven’t deliberately committed it.  As a product of Danida Human Rights and Good Governance internship programme whose purpose is to train a critical mass of human rights and anti-corruption crusaders, I will write to DANIDA to express the magnitude of persecution by the Police and suggest that they use their money to help victims of human rights abuse. 
 Finally, prevail on all officers I accuse to refund my property and money and bring them to book. Accordingly, SP Bahimbise should pay back my US Dollars 500 and 200,000 plus 540,000 that were stolen under his watch. He should also produce my laptop computer, flash discs, my shoes, my wrist watch and my clothing.ASP Chemonges should produce my 100 US dollars and shillings 430,000.ASP Mission under whose supervison Detective Musinguzi and his colleagues were working should be forced to refund Shs 1.4m that was stolen from my bag. They always ask the evidence that I had the money but I would beg that you ask them to produce a record on which I signed for my property so that you can prove that what I am saying is either false or true. Because procedurally before one is dumped in police cells, they should sign against their property. I know it may be a well thought out strategy to make life too difficult for me through among others impoverishing me but I will never ever keep silent in the wake of injustice orchestrated by those that are paid by taxpayers’ money to protect our lives, liberty and property. What I have written here is a mere tip of the iceberg but I have to assure you that whoever fights me is fighting a losing battle. If I don’t listen to you soon, I will upload this report on the internet and follow this matter legally nationally or internationally to its logical conclusion.
 Attached is an email I received from the President telling me to report my harassment to police which can be accessed on line at http://www.pambazuka.org/category/comment/57599.  I hope you pay heed. For God and My Country!
Yours truly,
Email: mpvessynuwagaba@gmail.com
Cell:   +256772 843 552 /+256702 843 552
CC: President of the Republic of Uganda
CC: Prof. Apollo Nsibambi Prime Minister
CC: Hon Kirunda Kivejinja, Minister of Internal Affairs
CC: Uganda Human Rights Commission
CC: Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
CC: Human Rights Organisations
CC: Diplomatic Community
CC: Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
CC: Amnesty International
CC: Chairman Makerere University Council
CC: Chairman Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee.
CC: Danida – HUGGO
Dear all members of the human race,

The above is the report that I recently wrote to Major General Kale Kayihura. Surprisingly, he has still done nothing about the matter. Instead, he called me on Saturday 9th January 2010 at 22:55, at a time when many people are already asleep to tell me that I sent him a text message threatening him. He called me using his number +256712755999. Anyone can call him and confirm. I had sent him a text message telling him that for so long I have appealed o him over my plight and he has chosen to ignore me. I accordingly told him that that portrays him as an accessory after the fact and I said, I will drag him to the press and later to Uganda Human Rights Commission. He told me to go through his assistant Kituma Rusoke who can be accessed on +256712667734 who later called me the same night at 23:35:20 still on Saturday 9th January 2010.
He gave me an appointment on Tuesday and I went to his office. I never saw him (Kayihura) despite the fact that I spent more than seven hours waiting for him. Whoever wants to confirm can call AIGP Sharita on +256714667705 and ask him whether he never found me in the IGP’s personal assistant’s office late in the night. Sharita is from my home place Ruhinda actually from the neighbouring subcounty. He knows me quite well for I have at one time been under his care when he was the District Police Commander in Kabale. Anyone can also ask Commissioner of Police in charge of Legal Affairs (CP/Legal Sam Kyomukama) on his mobile number +25672466240 and ask him whether I never passed via his office at around 9:30pm. He also knows my ordeal quite well. Whoever disputes what I have written can also ask CP Asan Kasingye on +2567121400014.
By way of this, the Uganda Human Rights Commission and all media houses world wide are hereby informed of the plight of a human rights defender who uses only a pen and tongue to advocate for social justice.
I have also learnt that my case civil suit no. 92 of 2009 was dismissed by the High Court on 28th August 2009 without giving me the grounds for its dismissal. I am only being told that it can be re-instated. All the parties were served and the accused never filed their defence! Is this what took Museveni to the bush?
Whoever wants to know the ordeal I went through can call Bruce Balaba on +256392548929, Thomas Tayebwa on +256702200400 or Professor John-Jean Barya on +256772647422. Why should I be sacrificed? What does Museveni’s government give me apart from taking away my taxes.
Finally, I have been told by a friend of mine who happens to be a very senior security operative, a senior military officer at that,  that they are devising all the possible means of annihilating me. The quickest being to convict me for the trumped up charges of assault and threatening violence for which I am now undergoing malicious prosecution. That if I am taken to Luzira, I will never come back alive. The other strategy is to stage manage an accident or have me poisoned. What is shocking is that all human rights organisations that know of my plight have chosen to be indifferent. I now can confirm that many people start organisations to pursue self-aggrandisement and not to advance the cause of human dignity and social justice.  This is why I have written this so that in case I am dead the news papers don’t have to fumble on what the cause of my death could be. At least, they cannot say, Nuwagaba was killed while attempting to steal people’s property like they did with Julunga.

I need legal assistance for my case, but also I strongly need financial assistance as they have made life too difficult for me. Right now, my vehicle is grounded and I cannot repair it. I have rent arrears of four months and I haven’t cleared my tuition for a Bachelor’s course in Law despite the fact that I finished masters in human rights. The reason for going for a bachelor’s degree in law is to help the indigent by offering them pro-bono services because I have seen that NGOs that claim they offer legal services to the poor don’t do so. Many of them say they do for purposes of getting donor money after which they will give them written accountability reports.
It is high time donors put pressure on the organisations they fund to give accountability to the citizens as well because it is on behalf of citizens that NGOs get funding! I complain about NGOs because they form the bulk of the civil society which should advance the cause of humanity. Like Martin Luther King Jr said, “at last, we shall not remember the oppression of our enemies but the silence of our friends”. I take Human Rights organisations to be my friends given that I am a member to some and I am a human rights defender myself. In fact, I am a signatory to the Entebbe Declaration of Human Rights Defenders.
 Very finally, if government has failed to file its defence, let them pay me my damages of 200 million Uganda shillings. Should I die in mysterious circumstances, please help me and down load whatever I have written and compile into the book so that my gospel stays alive. As of now, I suspect that when I was subjected to pharmacological torture contrary to article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which Uganda ratified in 1995. 
I have a lot about the matter and I will need to always share it with you. I will send you the report I sent to the president over the matter. The president’s legal assistant then, Justus Karuhanga followed the matter and after discovering that I was innocent he left the whole matter. He only told me to go to court in October when my case had been dismissed in August and I didn’t know. This is the effect of cadre judges/ NRM judges.
As I was writing this on Saturday, Major General Kayihura sent me a text message saying, “I will tell him to call you” meaning his Assistant Rusoke, but I couldn’t take anything lightly.
I call upon the international community that cherishes human rights to slap a travel ban on President Museveni, the attorney general Khiddu Makubuya and the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura. It is about our rights! For God and my country!
Vincent Nuwagaba
Human Rights Defender
Email: mpvessynuwagaba@gmai.com

Why Museveni merits a Mak honorary PhD

Dear Ugandans at heart,
Many people have said before and some of us have written that President Museveni doesn’t merit an honorary PhD from Makerere University. I have come to appreciate that Makerere University senate acted wisely to give Museveni an honorary PhD. If it was given to a coward like Mkapa who served his country for a paltry ten years and left power for fear of cumbersome responsibilities before he was fully milked by his countrymen, why not award a leader who disregarded the calls by the “agents of disorientation” to serve only two terms but as a result of popular demand he facilitated MPs who might have frustrated the people’s wishes to repeal a provision in that paper document that some of us mistakenly call a constitution so that we could maximally milk him? Remember at the heat of the debate on whether or not term limits should be repealed to allow us milk our vision monopolist, Mama Janet, rightly wrote an article in the press titled “Museveni doesn’t need a job, it is Uganda that needs liberation”. She ably showed how Museveni was godsend. Although Jesus Christ sacrificed in his ministry for only three years, Museveni has sacrificed for a cool twenty four year! I am not intending to sound blasphemous, I am quite serious!
Who of the past leaders has sacrificed longer than Museveni? None. Museveni is a genuine patriot and genuine patriots serve their societies until they drop dead! Those who retire – the Mandelas, Mkapas et al are not genuine patriots. While Obote attempted to bring on board many ethnic groups into government, Museveni ably understood that too many cooks spoil the broth. Thus, although the Movement system under which Museveni sacrificed for twenty years was meant to be bread-based, he turned it blood-based because he knew not many would sacrifice. Had he not done that, his government would be long gone and Ugandans would be the losers. Some will argue that blood-basedness benefited a few people. They are wrong. The Banyankole-Bakiga say kabe kakye kagire obunuzi. What would it benefit the country if everyone grew rich? Where would we get people to work for others? We complain of traffic jams, what would the situation be if everyone had a vehicle? In my county Ruhinda only Otafiire has chewed big enough because he has to remain healthy in order to think for all of us. But also that shows Museveni rewards on the basis of meritocracy. Is it not only Otafiire that fought the bush war?
We had too many inefficient parastatals, useless banks, Uganda Hotels, civil servants’ houses, cooperative unions, marketing boards and idle public land. The visionary president gave them away. Don’t ask for accountability because when you give away, you receive no money in return. If we had stayed with them, they would possibly enrich many people and cause fiscal and political instability. In order to have stability, money has to be in the hands of a few trusted individuals. The president is accused of fighting corruption selectively. But this is for the good of the nation. Wouldn’t it be too bad if he sacrificed superb performers such as Mbabazi and Otafiire in the name of fighting corruption?
The president started UPE and USE to separate wheat from chaff. How can the smelly children of peasants sit in the same class with ministers’ children wearing flagrant perfumes? The solution to that was, start UPE so that the rich take their children to private schools and the poor occupy UPE schools? With UPE the poor will remain poor as they cannot go beyond UPE and the rich will grow richer. This is because our President is a devout Christian who follows the bible in Mathew 25: 29 which says, “those who have, more will be added unto them; those who have not, even the little they have will be taken away”. So what is this crass talk that the rich are growing richer and the poor growing poorer? Didn’t God make some people to be heads and others to be tails? Museveni being the only visionary Ugandan knows this quite well and that’s why he merits an honorary award.
To the rural women whom Mama Janet said recently are the wretched of the earth, I would say that Mama Janet is terribly wrong. At least now they can sleep. Before this regime, they were destabilised by the liberation war in the Luwero Triangle. Because now they are liberated, none can fight a senseless war to deprive the women of their sleep. Not even the hunger and excruciating poverty can deprive the rural folks of their sleep. While these people are asleep, the president sacrifices his sleep while planning and sometimes holding trans-night meetings all of which are aimed to maintain the status quo – keep a few people with money to abide by Mathew 25:29.
To the sons and daughters of the peasants who presumptuously go to Makerere University and other universities for degrees, the president has ably shown that they don’t belong there. Because they accidentally and sometimes stubbornly go to universities, after graduation they cannot get jobs meant for graduates lest they mix with the privileged. The reason is: peasants’ children are socially unclean. Accordingly, those who stick to morals go home and dig while those who choose to keep around opt to run coursework bureaus which in the long run help the rich to buy “degrees” at a cheap price and go to where they belong – Uganda Revenue Authority, National Planning Authority, Uganda Investment Authority, National Social Security Fund, an a host of lucrative NGOs. This is good for it keeps money in the hands of those who already have.
There are people who have accused the President of stopping the Kabaka’s visit to Kayunga naively attributing the 10 – 12, September riots which claimed more than twenty lives and saw around five hundred idlers in jail. This was good for social order. Those of us who naively argued that the Kabaka like any other person had a right to freedom of movement should know that the government was obligated to protect the Banyara’s minority interests. But also the government had to protect the Kabaka Mutebi who risked being lynched. Museveni couldn’t wait for such a horrible thing to happen to the man he loves so much that he risked all the blame from his lieutenants and had his (Mutebi’s) kingdom restored in 1993. We need to remember how Brig. Noble Mayombo (RIP) strappingly defended his brother Maj. Okwir Rabwoni when the latter risked traveling with the blacklisted Col. Besigye! Such brotherly love is the one that Museveni has for Kabaka Mutebi.
While some of us argued that the best thing was for Museveni to give the Kabaka security guards, we were wrong. Who is the Kabaka to be guarded as though he is the President? Although the Kabaka’s subjects pay huge taxes to the government, doesn’t he know that the taxes are a preserve of a few visionary people to ensure their health and welfare for the good of the entire Uganda. Now the President has only 10,000 guards, did the Kabaka want to take off 2000? This would definitely imperil the life of the President. Because the president has the foresight, that is why the Kabaka’s visit was blocked. Certainly not because M (Museveni) hates M (Mutebi) after all they share similar initials.
I hear many people ask where Museveni’s tangible achievements are. Don’t they have eyes to see the unprecedented levels of corruption which keeps a few people healthy so they can guard, guide and direct the trend for the rest of us mortals? Have they forgotten that a professor who happens to be a minister in this government once said corruption is an indicator of development? Who doesn’t see the potholes? Who doesn’t see that the increase in university fees is aimed to train a few but quality workforce? Giving the ministry of agriculture between 2 to three percent is no bad idea because it guards excess production which would make agricultural products’ prices come down but also scarcity of agricultural products begets famine which would ultimately help curb our exploding population. Mr. President go, get your PhD.
Mr. Nuwagaba is a human rights defender and can be reached via email mpvessynuwagaba@gmail.com
Before you read this story, I could have been thrown in jail over the two counts of threatening violence and assault, which were prompted by my opposition to Makerere University fees hike. I have been prompted to write this story by the public perception about me which luckily I got to know courtesy of The Independent’s Joseph Were who before me told Andrew Mwenda that I am a fighter a reason that makes it difficult for me to be employed by anybody. This perception has been as a result of the negative story that was written about me by The Red Pepper reporter by the names of Johnson Taremwa alleging that I beat up Makerere University’s then Academic Registrar, Amos Olar. Sadly, despite the fact that I told him and his Bosses that the story was faulty, neither did the paper retract that story nor did Johnson Taremwa apologise to me. I told them that the story hurt me, hurt my friends and hurt my employers. It surely shattered my public image.
First of all, I never stepped in the Academic Registrar’s office. Secondly, I was not fighting for a master scholarship in Law as I cannot be admitted for a Master of Law since I am a political scientist. Thirdly, Johnson Taremwa didn’t talk to me and he shamelessly attributed words to me by putting them in inverted commas. A serious journalist should be accurate, objective and fair in their reporting. I am aware the role of the media is to educate, inform and entertain. Sadly for Johnson Taremwa, he makes a fortune through misinforming and tarnishing people’s names. I, however, don’t fault the red pepper management for running the story if they felt it was true because if I indulge in unethical and uncouth character I don’t have to be shielded by the media practitioners simply because many of them are my friends.
How did it all begin? On Thursday 13th August I wrote a letter to president Museveni opposing the increment of fees in public institutions arguing instead that the government must increase funding to public educational institutions. I still hold that view. In fact, now, I strongly argue that if we are to attain the always flaunted prosperity for all, even private educational institutions should be subsidised by the government since the people trained therein are not private people but Ugandans who inevitably will contribute to the phenomenal development of the country if meritocracy is to be adhered to. Please refer to The Independent of 21 August 2009. After writing the letter, I later went to pick my on Friday 14th August 2009 and coincidentally I never had a Bachelor’s Identity Card. I finished my Bachelors course in 2004. I showed them my Masters Identity card, my passport and said I can bring my transcripts which bear my photo, I was told I couldn’t get it. I said, I must get it because it was mine. I was later to be told that there were orders from above not to be given my admission letter as they thought I would cause a strike. On Monday 17 August 2009, when I went, I first went to Professor Oloka-Onyango who took me to the Faculty Registrar and I was told to get a police letter which in my view they should have done it first if there were no ulterior motives for denying me my admission. It is clear, they feared Professor Oloka. Ironically, after coming with a police letter the Faculty Registrar said she wasn’t permitted to give me my Admission Letter. Good enough, Prof. Oloka-Onyango found me once again in the Faculty Registrar’s office. I said, before Professor Oloka that, “Prof. these people are deliberately refusing to give me my admission letter but I must sue the university should they do so”. I was sent to Mr. Vincent Ekwang’s office. Prof Oloka personally drove and dropped me at the Senate Building and told me, “Vincent, go and face Mr. Ekwang and if they don’t give you the admission, you come back to me”. He added, “But please, don’t assault him verbally”. If I am to be accused of having idols, Prof Oloka Onyango is one of my idols so I had to follow what he told me. Sadly, when I reached Ekwanga’s office, Ekwang never gave me my admission and in a short while I was arrested by Police officers. At first there came one armed officer who blocked me from getting out but later he was joined by four others – three men and one woman with a gun. In total I was arrested by five policemen with two guns. I first refused to go with them for I didn’t know where they were taking me but later I was overpowered.
Shortly, after we had got out of students, I was terribly beaten and a Makerere University security guard called Egesa can testify. I was to spend two days in Wandegeya police cells. At Wandegeya I was denied police bond despite the intervention of some UN official, professors in Makerere University our organisation Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and not less than fifty friends. I and my friends were told it is Maj. Gen Kayihura who ordered that they don’t release me. Later, on 19th September 2009, I was taken to City Hall Court from where two charges of assault and threatening violence were read for me. I denied the charges and was taken to Luzira where I spent fifteen days. I was later released on bail on 3rd September 2009. To date, I am still undergoing malicious prosecution.
This is not the first time though, that I am undergoing such a traumatic experience. I have in the past stopped on the verge of the grave and I have a case against the state which has not been heard despite the fact that it was cause listed and aired on virtually all radio stations in May 2009. In fact, the new vision also wrote about that story. The Red Pepper of 4 July 2009 also carries my horrific experience. Last year’s issue of the Prisoner Magazine published by the Uganda Prisoners’ Aid Foundation run my story. But most importantly is that Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda knows my ordeal. Surprisingly, each time they illegally arrest, detain and torture me, they also steal my property. So far, they have stolen my computer, my flash discs and some sums of money which I have reported to the police but they have chosen to ignore me. I have been subjected to physical, psychological and pharmacological torture. I, nevertheless, know that this is the price to be paid if our decadent society is to be healed.
I am a law-abiding citizen thus, I don’t believe in impunity. Whoever disputes this should do so in the open. I only have two tools with which I fight – my pen and my tongue. If there is a problem I believe we should debate and argue rather than exchanging blows. This is not the era of guns and blows. It is the era of using the brains to solve our problems. I call upon you to join me in the human rights crusade. This is just a tip of the iceberg.
Vincent Nuwagaba is a human rights defender
Contact: mpvessy@gmail.com or +256702 843 552

Parallels of disaster unpreparedness between Haiti and Uganda

In the wake of the most devastating calamity visited upon the people of Haiti by nature,  we are in its third day and we continue to look on the afflicted and the fallen concrete with shocked impotence, followed by tears of great sorrow and sadness from seeing those deemed treatable perish due to complete lack of leadership and preparedness. Like the Titanic tragedy, lack of adequate preparedness is implicitly emblazoned in this particular narrative of human tragedy.

Shocked at how folks in leadership can turn a blind eye utterly failing to implement the necessary to minimize death from such disasters.What else could have led to such a state of unpreparedness if not corruption of the highest order, there are certain things in life that require prior preparedness in order to allow a level of effective responsiveness sadly enough the people of Haiti were given a false sense of comfort and security that their leaders were in control and diligent enough to have a prepared response at the strike of such disasters .

The Haitian people are people used to poverty and scantiness of work,food,services and bad governance.The reporters at the scene were shocked to discover a people who raised no demands on their missing government to provide help even as they heard moaning and calls for help from those who were pinned down. They looked  orphaned and left out cold to fend for themselves without a plan at their most needful hour.
How could it be possible that they never raised these preparedness issues prior to the disaster some asked, perhaps they did, but like in many emerging nations it fell on the deaf ears of their leaders. The corruption by government officials in Haiti, is similar to what we have in many African nations.  The apathy and incompetence to respond in a prepared manner to the needs of the people is quite apparent and endemic now exposed fully by this disaster, unfortunately, at the a cost of many lives that cannot be returned.
The mounting death toll from this disaster alone, should not allow us to rest without demanding for a UN led agreement of all nations to force this disaster preparedness concept on many sleeping governments of emerging nations. We could call these MGDPs Minimum goals of disaster preparedness and give them the same global attention as the minimum goals of  development .

The solutions lays not only in creating four or five geographically separated locations,constructed and fully furnished for disaster preparedness, it would require the training of a population based adequate number of emergency response physicians and other disaster trained personnel that save lives, such as EMTs, firemen and policemen including local volunteer units, capable of such heuristics as diving into murky waters, caring for wounded victims or quickly and carefully removing concrete resulting from a disaster.

Several catapillars and tractors capable of lifting concrete walls are also essential items for such preparations;incidentally a new design with a controllable powerful vacuum heads capable of lifting bricks is a must get ; perhaps robots with powerful arms can also be employed to carry out this type of surgical work.  Enough diesel fuel, bottled water and food stored safely in multiple locations including generators and a well rehearsed polity and prepared troop to carry out emergency evacuations.

There were no fire trucks or firemen to speak of at the site in Haiti, the concept of preparing for hunger disease or any disaster like in many African nations is a foreign concept to even this black man in power who has lived in the western hemisphere for generations.

The no show government at the disaster site in Haiti would have have had the same stare and lack of action had this been a Tsunami, with deep oceanic waters rushing into Porte Au Prince rather than falling concrete and bricks from the shear forces of an earthquake. These people who have endured slavery and rebellions, the home of Toussiant the first black man to mount a successful rebellion against French slavery 1791 were left sadly vulnerable and completely unprepared for any out of the norm strain on their already stressed out service delivery infrastructure, which is kept by their leadership to run scantily with almost everything essential.

We are all praying and hoping that the deaths and causalities will be minimized in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, we are all guilty for not raising enough flags to save the poor people of Haiti, who by the way helped many nations gain independence by sending troops even to their very rich neighbor America.  I’m encouraged by the overwhelming support that they have received so far, but I’m saying that people need our support while they are alive not when they are strewn body and soul on streets waiting for their final exit. Let us all do a self check on disaster preparedness if not for our sanity, but to avoid that blank stare of impotence when it finally knocks on our doors.
Tendo kaluma
Ugandan in Boston

Sheraton Hotel should go back to its original name

Dear readers,

Sheraton Hotel formerly Apolo Hotel did not belong to Milton Obote family.  The name APOLO is derived from Sir Apolo Kagwa who donated the land where Sheraton Hotel now stands.  It was not named after Apolo Milton Obote as most people  think.  The holding company is still to date called Apolo Hotel Corporation.

In fact way back in 1971 after Amin changed the name of the Hotel from Apolo to Kampala International, a group of Baganda led by a top Kampala -Harvard educated lawyer, the late Fred Mpanga former Attorney General of Buganda (father of David Mpanga Minister of Research in present Buganda governent) appealed to Iddi Amin to retain the name Apolo.

I personally would support those who would like the hotel to be renamed Apolo Sheraton.  This was the first Five Star Hotel in East Africa even before the Nairobi Hilton and Intercontinental were built, courtesy Sir Apolo Kagwa.

Paul Lam-Kilama

UAH forumist

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