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Day February 2, 2010

The Katongole – Programme on Bukedde FM should be damped!

The Morning Star Magazine

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20th September 2009

The Management of New Vision

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The C.E.O

Dear Sir,

RE: The Katongole – Omutongole Programme on Bukedde FM

I have had opportunity to listen to Katongole – Omutongole programme which features in the afternoons on weekdays and before 8.00am on Saturday; and this programme which ideally is after using the radio media to confirm whether a loved one is trustworthy is simply a disaster.  It is true that a lot of people are responding to it, but there seems to be no professional backup of the presenter who is a student at Kampala  International University; while in essence, such a programme or similar one cannot effectively be handled by one who is not a Professional Counselor.

For instance the Saturday, 19th September 2009 programme had among others two areas of serious concern which I wish to focus on.

  1. A certain S 6 girl wanted to know whether some UTODA man is really for her!  At the time Katongole rang the girl she was in the dormitory and one could clearly get the noises as made by other students.  Imagine if the parent is listening in.  What about the teachers or other students? What if the man in question has a woman at home?  This is a girl who should be concentrating on her studies as she prepares for the final exams; hence the presenter should have made the value judgment and ignored responding to her or at least give professional advice.  It is cases of this nature that are a potential for unanswered death and domestic violence in some instances.
  2. In another instance, some gentleman quite aware that the woman she wanted to contact is in a married arrangement of sorts went ahead to request Katongole to reach out to the woman!  Sincerely, a professional counselor would not have given such a fellow audience, but Katongole did.  He rang the woman!  Very unprofessional way of handling delicate issues.  It even disturbs the way Katongole approaches women calling himself ‘a former boy friend or friend of sorts.’  It is just unprofessionaland uncalled for approach.

I have heard Katongole ring teachers and engaging them in similar dialogue!  Out there a number of people are listening in.  How do they appreciate a teacher who is supposed to be respected engaged in such talk?  Management of New Vision has to appreciate that this programme is a disaster.  It needs to be better packaged.  It is simply going to increase on the already many domestic problems if it is left the way it is.  In fact in some instances it is scandalous.  Katongole gets very little background information from those who make requests to be helped and he gets this on air!  The future of many people is in balance with the way the programme is packaged.

The appeal is to make an overhaul of the programme.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Willy Kituuka


The Morning Star

UAH forumist

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