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Day February 10, 2010

Nankulabye Doctor Dies Leaving Behind List of 782 Women He Infected With Aids

The story about the late Dr Byarugaba affecting 782 female patients with HIV  is tragic beyond words. Just imagine the multiplier effects of his barbarity? Men, women, children have been infected and left to die at the hands of a doctor, think about that. .

Now you ask how women in Uganda can be protected.  For a start, the Uganda medical Association MUST wake up and mandate that any male doctor, but especially male Obstetricians CANNOT examine women without the presence of female nurse. No female nurse, no examination period. And this message should be broadcast on all FM radios in Uganda as a public service.   Women patients CANNOT opt out that they be seen by male O& G doctors without a nurse.  The rule has to be clear, no nurse in the room and we mean for the entire duration of the examination.  The doctors must understand the consequences if they violated such rules.

I assume Dr Byarugaba was some addicted obstetrician.  Uganda Medical Association has to help Ugandan women who are in some cases are at the mercy of their G& O doctors.  Let me be clear: most G& O doctors in Uganda are unethical and routinely (emphasis added) sleep with their patients either in their clinic or outside office.  This brings me to the next suggestion.

Ugandan women should where possible stay away from male G& O male doctors.  Why? Because old habits die hard.  The safest way for Ugandan women is to go and see fellow women G & O specialists.  In such cases, the presence of the female nurse would not be necessary although now with this bisiyaga behaviour it may still be necessary. There are more Byarugabas out there. There was another case in Jinja where one left a list of 50 women he had infected with HIV/AIDS including women of prominent people including the Church in Busoga.

The other suggestion is for Mulago and the other medical schools to give priority to women doctors when it comes to specializing in G & O.  Supply has to be increased to save Ugandan women from addicted doctors.

That is what happens in the West. Ask male doctors who choose G & O about their chances of being matched.  Almost nil. Although now some claim that with too much litigation, they would rather stay away from G& O. The women in the West have sued the Byarugabas big time. But the trouble in Uganda is that our people sleep on their rights. When was the last time you read in the papers about someone being sued for negligence or abuse of office?

Further, how many doctors (read professionals) get disciplined by UMA or their respective professional’s bodies.  How many doctors have lost their licenses to practice medicine? How many have been suspended?  UMA may not even have a disciplinary panel to discipline the Byarugabas out there.  They should wake up. Hello Mr. Gudoi.

And of course you folks in UAH should tell your wives/sisters/nieces to shun male G& O in Uganda and urge them to go and see only female ones. It is the best thing you could ever do to save your female relatives from the Byarugaba out there.

Make no mistake Byarugaba is not an exception, but more or less the norm. That is the sad, but true situation in Uganda. Ethics died long ago.

Finally, the women should still sue the estate of the late murder doctor Byarugaba, UMA, the Ministry of Health and Attorney General of Uganda for damages.  They need to be helped by pro-bono lawyers-not sure there are any in Uganda, but a message has to be sent.  May be FIDA can help with litigation.

Please those who have FIDA and UWONET’s contact send it to them with view to suing the bodies that went AWOL as Byarugaba terrorized and infected women at will.



Full story at:http://www.256news.com/page.php?aid=914&caid=1


1/8 Uganda ’s capital at Kayabwe, Jinja or even Kampala ??? In NCO Academy , they taught us about the concept of “Strategic Depth” and its implications not only for positioning vital infrastructure like cities and critical industries, but also for defence and foreign policy.  “Strategic Depth” refers to the capacity of a defended territory such as a country (e.g. Uganda ) to absorb ‘blows’, such as military invasion from outside.

2/8 Because we were simple soldiers, the image that was employed to make us grasp the concept was the comparison between the elephant and the rat.  The same thorn that will pierce an elephant and break in the skin will end up in the heart, kidneys and spleen of the rat.  The elephant has depth and the rat lacks depth.

3/8 We were told that “strategic depth” is measured as a coefficient or ratio of the perimeter of a territory to the surface land area.  The perimeter of Uganda is 2,585 Km and the surface area is 240,460 sq Km, giving a ratio of 1:93.  When you look at our neighbours, DRC’s ratio is 1:241, Sudan ’s ratio is 1:436; Kenya ’s is 1:174 and Rwanda ’s is 1:41.

4/8 What this means is, that for every 93 Km of Ugandan territory to penetrate, an invader has 436 km of Sudan territory, 241 km of DRC, and a mere 41 km of Rwanda, etc.  In other words, Uganda is about 5 times as vulnerable as Sudan to invasion and occupation; and Rwanda is 2 times as vulnerable as Uganda etc.

5/8 When you lack strategic depth like Uganda , it means that, as much as possible, you have to locate your strategic installations in the interior, deep in the hinterland.  Think of the scenario of a rat, which by virtue of size has minimal depth, but in addition to this, it has all its vital organs: kidneys, the heart, liver, spleen etc in one tiny spot right under the skin.  That is how Uganda is: all vital installations are in one zone, right by the shores Lake Nalubale: Jinja town, the hydropower plant, the only crossing over the Nile south of Karuma, Kampala, Masaka, the jugular link to the coast (the Northern corridor), Entebbe international airport…all in a strategic arc on the shores, from Tororo to Masaka, 100 miles from the borders across the scantily reconnoitred lake.  One thorn is enough to pierce through all the vital organs in a good 5 minutes.  Therefore, Uganda has no alternative to a future that focuses on locating key installations in the Nakasongola-Kigumba-Lake Kwania zone.

6/8 When it comes to defence, when you lack depth, it means you do not have enough space for industries, agricultural estates and cities and then also battlefields.  When you hear that an enemy is about to invade you from the neighbourhood, you take the battle to him on his own territory.  You use the “forward strategy” to create “artificial depth”…. Take the battle to him in Garamba, Bunia, Parajok and Kajo keji.  If you do not do that, before you realise, he will be in Jinja, and Masaka, under your skin.  That is how strategic dwarfs survive, especially when you share a geopolitical bed with the obese.

7/8 If you do not move forward, and you let the invader step on your soil, you are finished! He will quickly find his way into your liver and lungs etc.  DRC can trade time for space because it is huge, so will Sudan , because an invader will get exhausted before he reaches the capital city.  But Rwanda has to fight forward inside the enemy territory, and has to sleep with one eye open.  When Rwanda or Uganda hears there is an enemy at the border, it has to swing into action because it is a geostrategic dwarf; while the Sudanese or DRC general can say, I will handle tomorrow.

8/8 Israel before 1967 had a strategic depth of 1:13.  When the dust of the 1967 war settled, Israel ’s depth was 1:86.  It was 6.5 times less vulnerable in strategic terms.  So,………..elite of Uganda , you either dance to the same sheet of music policy wise or you will perish together, struggling to occupy State House in an indefensible city.
L/Cpl (rtd) Otto Patrick

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