Alleged Owner of Bwebajje CHOGM Hotel is dead!

The owner of Avemar near Barclays Luwum and alleged owner of JM Hotel at Bwebajja has been called by his creator.  It is reported that he died this morning (Monday 15th Feb. 2010).  The death is at a time when the Parliament Committee instructed him to get Share Certificates to the general public as the means for Government to recover US 1.2 million given prior to CHOGM when there are even no guests who utilized the facility.

There is controversy surrounding the actual owner of this hotel. It was once said that this rich man was previously selling pan cakes and out of that he gradually graduated to the ranks of the rich!  It is true, many people we see in Uganda purportedly to own properties actually are used by the actual owners who disguise their identity for reasons best known to them.

In such circumstances, more heart attacks may be registered.  The dead man has followed a good number of workers who died at the site when one hotel building collapsed on them earlier.

Willy Kituuka



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  1. ugandansatheart,

    Kitalo! One time, through his lawyers, he placed an advert in Red Pepper warning me never to write about him and his company and hotel. Realising that l may not have read it, l receuived an anonymous call directing me the page and advert where it was.

  2. ugandansatheart,

    I hope this man was not finished by those who took the CHOGM money!

    Jude Mayanja

  3. ugandansatheart,

    Bw Kateregga
    If I may ask why come out with that at this moment when he is dead. I really love the legend Katumba with his song why do we always have to wait till that person is gone then we start talking about the good or bad things they did why not say them whemn they are still alive.

    John Lema.

  4. ugandansatheart,

    lwas only remembering any relationship l had ever been with him. l had criticised an incident where his building collapsed and killed many. There was also a Penetecostal church that had done the same.He had a building at Bwebajja which collapsed and many were killed and injured. Later a pentecostal church did the same. l wrote an article Saturday’s namwatulira column in Bukedde attacking the two. Instead of confronting us directly as Vision Group, he went to Red Pepper where he bought space warning me never to write about him, his company and his hotel. Realising that l may not have read it, he got me a caller directing me the date and page. It was as simple as that.

  5. ugandansatheart,

    I now expect the President’s office to issue a statement later saying that HE never signed the letter authorising payment of $1.5 million. Kitalo nyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. ugandansatheart,


    This story is sad. It is one of those deaths where a public inquiry should be held because his death may been seen by some as suspicious given the ongoing CHOGM.

    May his soul RIP.


  7. richard,

    stop allegations. if ur day is on then bye.

  8. ugandansatheart,

    That allegation about the hotel and other properties not being his has been made numerously. On this forum, some people even claimed that they belong to the President`s family. However, the question is, if those properties indeed belonged to the first family, why has the late Bahekanira been deep in bank debts? The man had debts with almost every other bank that matters in this country and he was on the verge of being declared bankrupt and his properties taken. I say again, that is one of the false allegations doing the rounds in this country. There is a feeling by a section of the public that everything good ‘MUST’ be owned by the President!!!!
    joshua Kato

  9. ugandansatheart,

    My dear cousin Joshua Kato,

    You probably are right the hotel belongs to Behakanira R.I.P. But one wonders why President Museveni specially authorised Ush. a 2.65 billion loan of Chogm money to the Bwebajja hotel management, two days to the Chogm meeting, and moreover the facility was never used. These kind of impunity actions only fuel wild speculations.

    Big up all the time!
    john Mwanje

  10. ugandansatheart,

    Typical typical typical.

    When it come to Temangalo the argument goes .. it was not a procurement but NANKANI!!

    Now it is “It was not authorised …. but DELIVERED xxx days to CHOGM”.

    Let the South Africans deliver money for building world cup 2010 stadia 2 days to the start and we see what happens!!! hehehehehe

    Gino Gitalo.


  11. ugandansatheart,

    Below the dictator yoweri kasanga bisibe Museveni ordered the probe into Behanira’s death, nobody said he was poisoned or should we now start believing, the chogm money receiver, mr Behanira was really poisoned and who stands to gain or loose in his death?. There is something smelling like a fish; fishy

    Why give away Govt money to someone who you already know is not going to use it? it was obvious the man was on his way to this tragedy,lest he kutaaja the one who really has the money, and he had the guts to refuse to give any shares to the govt and nothing was even threatened to be done to him, yet when he dies he is praised with full army helicopter and honors, what happens to the unused money and where did it go?

    It is widely believed the Behanira man was a fake front business man for the dictator’s wife businesses and partially considered family .

    The probe raises more questions than answers as the dictator himself is trying hard to fake a probe, that we all know is going to yields no results but to add another case to his black belt of poisoning sprees in Uganda and beyond.

    Very soon the man will be pardoned posthumously and your guess is as mine on who the Godfather will be, and do not ask for the obvious question of who will be the godmother? and the family of Behanira will be in peace or pieces ever after.

    After the dictator lives power these are some of the cases that will haunt him down so he can now cover his tracks, lest the family of behanira keeps a black book on on him or discover a loop hole that was not covered then. The dictator has them for the record that he ordered a probe and the findings are with is own book keeper mafia style and the Behanira family will receive an envelope in both writing/report and hard cash for any doubters.

    The dictator is running with simple cases yet no one is chasing him, at the moment he is the chief nigger around, I once read a James Hadley Chase novel and the title was; “The Guilty Are Afraid”.

  12. ugandansatheart,

    Why has the president ordered an investigation even without any serious suspicion of fowl play?

    This man was made to sign for the money that did not need. After signing for money, the mafias might have simply made him to pass it over to them with a little bonus for him.

    Time for accountability came and the Mafia had to clear all the evidence that Bahekanirwa might have given out during ligitation.

    The mafia might have felt that his position is threatened so he might have chosen to take him out of action.

    But Mr Bahekanirwa is not poor. His soul still owns two nice houses in Beulah Hill near Christal Palace in London.

    Atleast it is something to fall back on.

    One lesson that Ugandans must be aware of is that if you want to eat the mafia’s money, be ready to get dirty. Play foolish cards. After making the deal, pretend to be a zooombie. Then start making foolish statements like WHERE WERE YOU WHEN WE WERE FIGHTING IN LUWERO?

    With such questions, even Ogoola will not bother with you.

  13. ugandansatheart,

    First of all, i send my condolences to the family of late Behakanira.However,I’m surprised that the president has ordered investigations into the death of the man whose wife confirmed that it was a natural death(High B/P). It just shows that there is little faith or trust left between the president and the people he leads. As a president, i can imagine that he must be scared for his life all the time.Is it possible that late Behakanira was made expendable after that parliamentary session last week.Some body high up looked at him,as we also watched him on youtube, and decided that Behakanira is not strong enough to withstand the pressure and therefore MUST be made a vegetable.

    Another theory would be that some body is slowly but surely eliminating all the president’s close friends using undetectable means.Noble Mayombo, for instance, died but up to now i cannot tell anybody the exact cause of his death.General Kazini is another case in point, whose death was squarely put on his lovebird,Lydia Dralu.From the media reports, it looks like Behakanira was another one of those that were very close to state house and the president.So the big question is: ‘Is there somebody out there intentionally eliminating these people in a mafia style or they are just eliminating themselves?’

    What disturbs me about all these ‘important’ death is that we never get to know the results from the probe committees. Yes,President Museveni has ordered a probe into Behakanira’s death but surely what will officially come out of it which is none other than pure high b/p, as cause of death. Why don’t we set up a coherent system where by an autopsy can be done on every dead Ugandan properly to establish the cause of death and further investigations, because sincerely, who can order any probe if a nobody like myself is bumped off on the streets of Kampala, if Museveni does not know me.I think we need something better than just a presidential directive of ‘MUSEVENI YALAGIDDE’, which just ends up stealing headlines in the Bukedde newspapers for nothing. No Ugandan deserves to die like a duck. We need to have departments in the both the police and army that specifically deals with this matter seriously despite us being a poor nation.It cannot go on like this anymore.It looks like nobody in Uganda trust the other anymore and every man is for himself.What the bloody hell is going on?

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

  14. ugandansatheart,

    Lord Buhanga,

    Here is what I know without reservation, You need a huge unsecured loan of say shs1.6 billion. It won’t be be hard if you can locate a powerful mafia king pin within the jungle of mafias (40 thieves as Okello likes to call them). A small note will sufice. here comes the worst part. the 0.6 billion will go to the mafias. Another 0.3 will go to miscellaneous items( bank officials, messengers etc). By the time you are are done. the money you intended for a business venture is reduced to 0.7 billion. No wonder many businessmen have fell flat. Remember General Parts Hajji Haruna? that is how he went swimming into the mafiaocean.

  15. ugandansatheart,


    I listened to the requiem mass for the late Behakanira (RIP0 and he seemed to have had a very big heart. We may have been too quick to pass judgment on the late. may hos sould RIP.Such deaths should be automatically be subject to a coroner’s inquiry. Now under what Ugandan laws is the death to be probed? And who will do the probing? It surely cannot be ISO.


  16. ugandansatheart,

    A “BIG” heart with whose money? How did he acquire it? Why do you think he built all those chapels in almost every building he had? Guilty? If so why?
    He was a “good” man used by BAD men! He allowed it and for that he tried all his remaining living life to atone for it!
    Gook Akanga

  17. ugandansatheart,

    That chapel annexation to his homes was very meaningful to me, as this has been my unaccomplished dream.The man was sandwiched between eternity and earthly riches as an ex- seminarian and a wealthy retired soldier who must have gathered all the wealth with the aid of the thieving NRM. I hope he rests in peace..

  18. ugandansatheart,


    The thug’s body is even being flown in a helicopter when millions of ugandans can’t even afford an aspirin. If he had a big heart what did he do to make better the lives of his fellow citizens. And was he not able to run away from the country instead of continuing to be part of the thieving clique?

    The international law(?) says that if you are found in possession of a stollen property, you will be judged as guilty.

    He lived by thieving – he died through thieving…….
    Nyar Nyar’Onyango

  19. ugandansatheart,


    People with High Blood Pressure, I believe would look a lot more sick and you would notice it.
    The man did not look sick. Besides, when one has too much blood, it can become a problem – increasing your systolic and diastolic, or whatever medical terms they are.

    Looking at the man when he was being interrogated, I did not see any signs of these above. Granted, people can be sick and one would not even notice. But generally, when someone is sick, you cannot fail to notice right away.

    But, to believe his wife’s word is a little premature. She is not a medical doctor. Further, there always must be something that triggers High Blood Pressure. Of course village boy would say, what about the banks, the government, &c, that were after him?!

    Most business people would weather such kind of pressures!


  20. ugandansatheart,

    I was thinking he could have gotten into a diabetic comma after his bowel cleanser since he was diabetic or as you say, got heart attack after all the financial troubles.Afterall diabetes presents with a host of co-morbidities, high blood pressure being one of them.
    But again note one common element about the elimninated individuals, Mayombo, Kazini, Bukenya junior and now Behakanira if he was indeed killed, all are NON BAHIMA/BANYARWANDA.The only Muhororo so far killed was Besigye’s brother, Muzasizi.
    The Hima/Rwanda dynasty will remain intact, even its AIDS does not complicate due to constant expert management. (Those of Otto , Kateregga, Gudoi are too small, too insignificant to be killed by their own regime, thank God)
    Jeniffer Biri

  21. ugandansatheart,

    There is only one man in Uganda who has the rigth to give and to kill. He will give you authority,wealthy but when you disapoint him he takes it a way. Iam sure he might be responsible for Behakaniras death, time will tell.

  22. ugandansatheart,

    Jeniffer, for your information, the people at Bwebajja that he chased away without compensation, most recently where the Police Post is; held celebrations on learning about his death. Yes he may have had a “big heart” for some, but to others….he was a small man

  23. MAUREEN S,

    Guys, we should not jump to conclusions because of race, religion or political affiliations. mr Behakanira got that CHOGM money but the fact remains that he was a good man who helped those around him.

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