Tragic end of Paul Sebuliba 82, a World War II Veteran

Friday, February 5 2010, World War II Veteran Paul Sebuliba 82 years was knocked down by a boda boda cyclist who was carrying  fish just at the Uganda Clays narrow bridge at Kajjansi Trading centre.  The cyclist who was coming from Entebbe side knocked mzee Sebuliba from the back and broke his leg in the knee.  It is said that the accident occurred at around 11.00am.  Sebuliba had just been with Nsaale who had helped him ring some gentleman in Kampala alleged to be responsible for allocating land to World War II Veterans.  It is alleged that on ringing the man concerned, Sebuliba was given a go ahead to go and meet the said man in Kampala.  As he walked towards where Kajjansi taxi’s park, just around the Uganda Clays’ Bridge, he was knocked down.  It is said that the fish which was being carried got stolen by the people as the owner run away.

Sebuliba was later put on a Patrol vehicle which took him to Mulago Casualty.  It is said that he had been talking and he breathed his last at the Casualty before he got attended to, but had been registered.  It is alleged that the mzee died due to bleeding.  Relatives say that while at the Casualty Sebuliba was asked how much money he had and he said shs 2,000, and he did not get attention till death.  It is not clear how true this allegation is.

The relatives on learning about the accident got to search for Sebuliba, but could not trace him.  He had been registered in Casualty Ward but they failed to locate the Ward he had been taken to.  After failing to trace the man it is said these people went back to Casualty where they learnt that two people had died from Casualty; and Sebuliba was one of the dead.

The story of Sebuliba is what many other people go through in this country and up to their death; they are desperately following up to get what is due to them which a good number die before getting.  It is not clear why Government is not transparent about the dues to the World War II Veterans.  It can be remembered that when Uganda hosted CHOGM, some veterans asked the organizers for an opportunity to meet the Queen; and I think they were not accorded the opportunity.

Secondly, we have the notorious killer boda boda’s.  These have remained the cheapest means of transport or at least they are convenient to those who need the service and very flexible.  However, even from the operations mounted by the Police, the truth is that many people have lost lives due to accidents involving boda’s while others have been deformed or maimed.

There are also killer spots on our roads; and Kajjansi Uganda Clays Bridge seems to be among the potential killer spots given that it is narrow.  It is not clear why the Ministry of Works has not widened this stretch of the road, hence exposing users to great danger.  People on foot and the cyclists are in real danger at this spot.

Finally, as long as the NRM Government pays lip service to the welfare of the medical practitioners, you can be sure, none of us is safe.  Many times when one gets an accident, it is 3rd party who have to care for him before the relatives get to know, however, given the medical workers’ situation, all of us can be victim of neglect.  With better services, chances are that Sebuliba would be alive.

Willy Kituuka


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  1. Wendal,

    Where can I find records on Uganda’s WWII veterans – if any such exist ?

  2. Okurut Max Albert,

    I am happy with these site for the clear attempts its trying to put a cross partaining our farthers,citicens and others in this miss lose of resources. Am one of the many whose father, By the names Okurut Leo Pascal was a war veteran and from the time last to date his fate among others is yet not known. In May this year an exercise was conducted in relation to their payments but to this day 29/11/2010 there is nothing to this effect. yet these old people are vulnerable to anything now in there lives and have no choice but either be rescued or die like Sebuliba which does not sound nice to the ears and our country which tends to nature prosperity for all and equal services for all.

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