After Mbale, will DP leaders who emerge from there have the moral authority to attack the EC about 2011 elections in Uganda?

Dear Ugandans,

Without getting into the thick DP mess, which I have to say is very saddening, the DP constitution is clear.  The issue all along has been interpretation. But since when did Ugandans care about constitutions? They talk about them all the time, but truth be told never really mean what they say. That is how Uganda got into this mess and that is how DP has found itself into this deep shit. And it is shit. It stinks kabisa.   History has habit of repeating itself in that wretched country.

Unfortunately, the narrative about DP has been framed in terms of ethnicity. If you question the process, you are labeled anti-Mao. Dare to question the process or seek information and they will call you names.  Actually, I am not supposed to say this because for some DP members, the process does not matter. It is the end that matters.

If you had any doubts that Ugandans are impatient with process and not just in politics, but in all activities, you now have it. It is haraka haraka.  That is why we have the damn history we have in that wretched country.

Now this is the question some of us have wrestled with, after Mbale, oh dear Mbale, will DP leaders who emerge from there have the moral authority to attack the EC about 2011 elections in Uganda?  To put it mildly, DP has been badly exposed. It is naked. Undressed in public, left bare to be laughed at and mocked.  How can DP talk about fair elections in Uganda, but somehow cannot do the same for DP?

But being Uganda where people have no shame whatsoever,  expect them to come out of Mbale, with demands of free and fair elections in 2011.  And the media will swallow, hook and sinker without asking any questions. Oh, Boy!Please do not buy the nonsense you read in the media. There are no saints periods.

Obviously, I say these things with a very very heavy heart. I tried to restrain myself from saying anything on the DP circus, but shit keeps hitting me in the face on UAH and in the Ugandan media. I am ashamed and frankly embarrassed beyond words that DP failed a simple test: fair elections.

To be honest with you, I do not know.  Short term, it is going to be more confusion and ofcourse litigation. But I can tell you as someone who has been neutral; I just saw the letter from NEC dismissing the PG, Mr. John Ssebaana Kizito. And DP’s constitution is on NEC’s side.  The move by NEC creates another dilemma for DP: how can they talk about rule of law and constitution when they cannot respect their own constitution?  I believe that is why NEC moved quickly.Now whether the NEC meeting was properly constituted with the right forum may be the issue. But I suspect NEC members covered their bases. I knew -and Mr. Ssebaana Kizito too must have known-all along that if the battle moved to NEC that is what was likely to happen.

But I also sensed something; the Judiciary in Uganda is playing games. It is deputy court registrars and not judges issuing orders after order.  Will they now respect DP’s constitution?

So ,Ugandans, and I tell you this with a very heavy heart, but it is truth, a careful interpretation of DP’s constitution which I have here that if the battle is fought in NEC and the courts respect  DP’s constitution, Mzee Ssebaana Kizito and the other suspensions are legal.  But does DP’s constitution matter in their scheme of things? Bizibu.

It is mind boggling that things got to this point. But in Ugandan anything is possible. Still, I am surprised and saddened at the turn of events especially about Mr. John Ssebaana Kizito.In the short run, it may be a good idea to let Mrs. Rainer Kaffire from Kibuku, Budaka-Bugwere serve as acting PG and cool tempers.

I also believe that both FDC and NRM win in the short run.Now in the long term, who knows?  But DP will rise from the ashes as it has always done. Bizibu

I pleaded with DP not to go first because unlike in say trade, there are no first mover advantages in politics. We pleaded that the process should be right and once the process was right, things would be okay irrespective of who wins.  In plain English, in politics it doe snot pay to go first. In fact, it is best to move last. The pleas were obviously ignored.

Unfortunately, all some DP members wanted was to hold the NDC before any other party. Why? Now ask them: what have they achieved?  So expect NRM to go last with their NDC after the opposition parties have torn each other.  President YKM will have a field day with his rib cracking sayings ridiculing the opposition.

And the lesson for the other opposition parties notably UPC and FDC is to get the process right, especially genuine party primaries to elect delegates to the NDC. They should also check their rhetoric. There are those I liken to the “Interahamwe” in the three opposition parties.

Mr. John Ssebaana Kizito is a decent man, who was held hostage by “interahamwe” like crooks in DP.  I will not name them, but they are known.   Of course you see what they have done to DP. And they could do it to FDC and UPC too. I am concerned about the rhetoric from senior party leader in FDC and UPC too. For example, General Muntu is being called all sorts of things by senior FDC people using their media outlets to spew hate towards him. You know what has happened to your UPC. The war of words is likely to escalate even more.

So plead with your UPC, hopefully they can listen to you to get the process right and not so much on personalities or the end. UPC or DP is bigger than individuals. I do not believe in the nonsense from the Ugandan media and some UAH folks that a particular individual can ‘save’ DP or UPC. That is total BS. What will save opposition parties are open processes and respect for their respective constitution.

And they should make sure to invite the media to chronicle those party elections just in case. Ask the media cheerleaders in UAH whether they witnessed genuine party primaries and they are likely to resort to personalities.

I now understand why the Judge was pleading with DP to go and settle matters out of court. He was essentially telling them to go and search their constitution and do as the constitution says.

But being Uganda, you will likely here on faction cite questionable court order issued by deputy registrars and not the constitution. The question that should be asked is not about Mr. Mao or Mr. Lubega anymore, but about the DP constitution.  Do those seeking to lead DP and by extension Uganda believe in the party constitution? If they do not respect DP’s constitution, how can promise to respect the Ugandan constitution? I pray that there is still a media soul who can ask such a question. The Ugandan media cannot simply look the other as opposition hopefuls ignore their respective part constitution because old habits die hard.

I bet you we are likely to have a situation similar to what happened when a prominent opposition MP married a married man and the Bishop who wed them kept on citing the Constitution of Uganda, while the aggrieved woman invoked the bible.  Kyonka Uganda!

Now what does the words “Ebishuma’ mean?




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  1. ugandansatheart,

    I truly share your pain.It is saddening to believe in something and it suddenly sublimes. I have had a similar pain regarding UPC, a party in whose administration I enjoyed my childhood.
    And being conservative, I have failed to prostitute myself into the mushrooming political parties. But frankly UPC and DP interparty wrangles have left many people confused and having no where to turn to. I, myself believe that NRM is not a political party but a military machinery of coercion and that FDC is sister to this monster and the others are just a by-the -way thing.But let us wait, the gun will run the nation as has been the case for the last 24 years. Bizibu
    jeniffer Biri

  2. ugandansatheart,

    I’m an FDC sympathiser but I have always had a soft spot for DP. What has happened to DP is so sad: 3 factions in a space of two years. Personally, I hate people with ‘EMPUTU’ because sincerely why can’t all those who claim to love DP at heart, sit down and resolve their differences. How can Mao call himself a uniting figure when he is willing to side with one faction against the other? He has confirmed my fears I have always had against him -that he may be an opportunist and a self seeker. All those who love DP should damp him whatever happens after Mbale. If Mao loves DP, he should not go ahead and stand for anything in Mbale. The state seems to be in favour of the Mao-Ssebagala-Mbidde group and they will probably get better headlines than their rivals, but this is very wrong. Ssebagala and Mbidde have got long question marks on them and these are the people Mao is allying with. The last time Mbidde was asked about his wealth, he said that he was a consultant for embassies, whatever this job description means.

    What happens after Mbale is going to tear DP apart. I can see people fighting for party offices and other administrative structures. Obviously, voters have already been put off by DP internal wrangles which MAY benefit other parties such as NRM and FDC. May be this is the time for FDC’s National Mobiliser, Muntu, to move in on Mrs.Namboze Bety. This lady needs a steady political home and I think FDC can offer that. Who needs a Beti Kamya when you have got a Nambooze? I bet the next parliament will be more exciting with Beti Nambooze in it. She reminds us of Mrs.Winnie Byanyima Besigye when she was a legislator for Mbarara. Obviously, NRM is also gonna nick some DP members during this ‘EMPUTU’ period. So I guess FDC needs to move in very fast before NRM comes in with their big envelopes.They are all watching the situation with big eyes to see how things unfolds.Nambooze is a big cake and everyone wants to have a slice of it. Hope NRM dont move in with promises of:’your case courts will be damped if you join the yellow bus’.

    DP is more like Portsmouth football club in the premier league right now-lots of problems. Donors are gonna close the taps on their money. DP rich men like Sebana Kizito will not be in a splashing mood after Mbale. Sebana just wants to end his nightmare and probably that is why he has sided with the Mao-Ssebagala group. He just wants somebody to take over from him. He is tired.I don’t think that he is even bothered with NEC’s decision to expell him. He is an old man who has lived his life and now he is just winding up things.

    All in all,Mao should be rejected by DP lovers whatever happens in Mbale. DP needs somebody who will unite the party in the long term and I don’t see Mao doing that.

    Byebyo ebyange

    Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

  3. Geoffrey,

    I don’t no what process u are talking about but i think you might as well be wrong. What did u really want?
    I think u are miss interpreting things here.
    Remember not analysis are reflections of what is on the ground.
    Time will tell when you will realise that theman elected is the right one.

  4. Mao has lost it all.He is just an opportunist and a spy for NRM , like it or hate it. What and /or how has he helped DP as the party president? Maybe only to praise Museveni wherever he gets a chance. I oftentimes wonder why he’s in opposition. The truth of the matter is, Mao has betrayed DP members at heart b’se he’s not performed at all to the people’s expectations. Where is his effort in uniting DP. I am sure he is just waiting for the offer after 2011 elections(ministerial post) from Museveni at the expense of DP which is very sad indeed.Anyway what goes round comes round. Unless DP moves faster and democratically elects another president, Moa is taking us nowhere except in the gates of NRM kabisa.

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