Evidence on whoactually want Federo in Uganda

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  1. ugandansatheart,

    You cannot run away from the truth, and neither can you dictate anything to Buganda because it leads you into a dead-end. Hon. Mao said Obote managed to rule without Buganda and that was just a curtain raiser for instability. The issue of federalism will have to be settled once and for all. Buganda wants federalism so do the majority of Ugandans. There are also other issues which need to be sorted out such as Buganda’s land which at the moment is being MISMANAGED by the central government. If you travel around Buganda, Kampala etc, you see the way environment is being degraded and you weep. The people who are mismanaging the environment in Buganda are ALIENS, otherwise no Muganda in their right mind would think of selling Mabira. If the kingdom of Buganda were to manage its own land and environment I am sure the authorities would protect the environment more, because they know it is the inheritance of their children. I don’t know why you cannot see these points Mr. Mulindwa.


    Pilipo Oruni

  2. ugandansatheart,

    Mr Oruni,

    1/6 You say: “Buganda wants federalism so do the majority of Ugandans.” Where do you derive that view from?

    2/6 This is what the Odoki report has told us about the country’s feelings about federalism:
    “From statistical analysis of views received, it clearly appeared that the first two lower levels of Resistance Councils (RCs) and the individual and group memoranda preferred the federal form while RC 3, 4 and 5 preferred the unitary form. In analysing the individual and group memoranda which prefer the federal form, the majority of these were from Buganda. From the reports of seminars at district and sub-county level as well as other seminars, the issue of the form of government again proved controversial. The majority of such reports from Buganda preferred the federal system while those from the Eastern, Northern and Western areas preferred the unitary form”
    [Paragraph 9.8 of “The report of the Uganda Constitutional Commission, 1993”]

    3/6 That report is the most authoritative assessment we have so far on the views of Ugandans on the question of the form of government. Is there some fresh national survey that has been conducted that contradicts the findings by the Constitutional Commission?

    4/6 And you are not alone in thinking that the louder we assert that Ugandans want federalism, the closer it shall become a reality. During a conference in Kampala on 16 December 2009, RM Mutebi of Mmengo is quoted as having stated that, “It is clear that from the findings of the Odoki Commission people wanted to have this system,” ….. “That was the authentic voice of the people. So why deny them that right?” Where did RM Mutebi derive this funny perception from? Is RM Mutebi not a liar, i.e., some one that utters false statements with intent to deceive? Or is he being misinformed by his aides?

    5/6 In the same conference, the leader of FDC, Colonel Kiiza Besigye remarked that, “The federo issue no longer needs discussions because Ugandans spoke in the Odoki report and what we require is national dialogue to resolve other national issues.” The audience applauded Kiiza Besigye resoundingly. It is not easy to know why he drew the applause since he did not tell the world what he meant by “Ugandans spoke”. That might have been “tactical speak”, or “strategic ambiguity” just in case he is challenged in future. He would probably say, “all I said in the conference was that Ugandans had spoken”, and then, at an opportune time he will actually quote the Odoki report and show that the majority of Ugandans wanted the unitary form of government. That will be yet another round of disillusion for Federo fundamentalists; and then, name calling will begin for Colonel Besigye. In the mean time, he will have got the votes, just like he got “bugalo” free of charge at the conference for merely being ambiguous.

    6/6 In the same conference, one individual boldly told the largely Ganda audience what they actually need to be made to understand; and what any body who claims to be a friend of Mmengo should be telling the oligarchy there. George Kanyeihamba remarked that, “If Buganda is ever to have its way and obtain what its representatives say it desires, they must persuade, cajole, consult and if need be, dance to the tune of the rest of Ugandans.” Yes, dance to the tune of the rest of Ugandans, which, according to the Odoki report is as clear as it is above. So, why do some of you, and here I mean the likes of you, Pilipo Oruni and, yes, RM Mutebi, want to turn Baganda into fools?

    Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

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