Mao does not represent a United DP

Confuse or camouflage, that is the question on people's lips when it comes to Mao

Political parties win when they are united. Obviously DP is not united.  It is tough to write about DP matters anymore given the position taken by some that anyone who dared criticize the process as tribalism, old fashioned or against Mr. Mao. Rigging is rigging whether it is perfected by the governing party or the opposition and anyone who tells you that the delegates in Mbale were properly seated is deluded.

Now you will hear them come out and say ex-post: let us come together for the sake of the party. No.  Politics is game of ongoing interaction with voters. You simply do not defect in the first contact and hope for cooperation in later rounds. That is what the Folk Theorem teaches.

You try to cooperate for as long as possible and only defect in the last round when you won’t need the support of voters anymore: either you are constitutionally bared from standing again or retiring from politics. But you do not defect or take voters for granted when you are just seeking the big office. Voters are not fools.  They can stay home ala Massachusetts or vote against you period.

Actually some of us have technically moved into the space for a politics of neither/nor. Let me repeat: speaking out about the unfair/rigged process need not imply support for Mr. Mao’s opponents. All some of us wanted was a fair, proper and constitutional process.

So we are put in the difficult position of being neither/nor: neither for NRMO/YKM, nor for the opposition. That is a first for some of us.  If some in the opposition believe that human beings are mere ends/maddala/ladders that does not appeal to some of us.

Let me speak for myself because some will ask who the hell are you anyways? Well, I believe and will continue to believe no matter what that only fair means lead to fair ends.

So you folks in UPC and those in FDC look at DP and do not even try to do what DP did. Be above board because DP in my view has zero credibility to speak about fair and free elections in Uganda.  If they do, taunt them here in UAH and elsewhere because what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Is it not?  So if fair and free elections are good for Uganda, and they are, they should also be good for DP. Right?

Something funny though happened in Mbale. No women in the top positions! Question: were there no women of substance to deserve consideration or allocation of seats on their NEC?  Another embarrassment is the lack of national breadth on NEC? I have not seen anyone of substance from western Uganda. Are there no DP members from western Uganda?  But I expect the spin that the line up is balanced. Nonsense. Where is the gender balance? And where is the national balance? What does that reveal to Ugandan voters?

Let me retreat to my neither/nor space and watch from the sidelines and perhaps keep our mouths zipped till elections are done in Uganda.  The other thing is that you do not mess up an election you are expected to win?  Obviously not in Uganda.

I know that speaking out has all, but made me non welcome among some DP members. So damn be it. I will retreat to the neither/nor space and shed tears for DP. Kwaheri.




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  1. Bob Musoke,

    you aloof,, one day after the delegates conference and u expect a united DP

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