The situation in Uganda

I am an Acholi army officer situated at one of the barracks around Kampala . I have, been forced to write this letter because of the numerous Ugandans of the’ Baganda ethnic group who are being killed by us soldiers on orders from our commanders.  These unfortunate and innocent people (young and old, men and women, and even babies) are being killed by us every day at military barracks, in their homes, villages and streets in Buganda .

Instructions to kill are passed on to us by Acholi and Lango officers, and a few trusted Itesots, in the Luo language so that other Bantu soldiers may not know the idea behind the killings. We are ordered to kill Baganda of all ages so that this province with 4 million will be depopulated before the next general elections. By reducing the Baganda to a minority group, it will enable us northerners to rule Uganda without any problems from the Baganda.

Recently, we were sent to the Luwero area with instruc­tions to kill everybody and destroy all the homes, cattle etc.

Thousands of people of all ages were killed, houses bombed, women and girls raped and a lot of property looted. A good number of the soldiers, particularly the Acholis, did this against their will for they see no reason for killing innocent people. The majority of us Acholis now wish to leave the army but are afraid of the consequences which will be brutal. We are told that after successfully depopulating Luwero and Mpigi Districts (which is currently being done) the next area will be Mukono and then Masaka. All this must be completed in 1985.

The purpose of this letter is to draw the attention of the world to the thousands of people who have been killed in government institutions, in villages, etc. and to the fate of innocent Baganda awaiting death. In fact more people have been killed in Buganda during the last two years than in eight years of Amin. History will show this.

I wish to end by appealing to all Uganda Army soldiers, especially the Acholis, to disobey the killing orders and save the lives of the Baganda for humanity’s, sake and for the sake of our tribe’s future.

(Worried Acholi Soldier – Kampala, Uganda)


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  1. ugandansatheart,

    Yes, they are at it again to poison the innocent brain of younger Uganda and even to some extend the older one too. But one good news is that lies don’t stand on the test of time or should I say it can not balance on its head over a preriod of time before it falls over flat. Can you imagine some of the discussion I see in this forum taking place in 1986? You would automatically be branded something else! That is time becomes handy to those who have the truth on the side!

    Charles Eliba

  2. ugandansatheart,


    I have done my research in the course of writing a book and I failed to find any evidence of the authenticity of the so-called Lango Development Master Plan. Even without trying to be an Obote apologist, I think the so-called LDMP was most likely a poorly done concoction by Amin’s cohorts in trying to justify what he was trying to do against Obote’s kinsmen in the aftermath of the 1971 coup.

    You will note that within months of taking power he had removed the only Lango member of his cabinet Yekosafati Engur, whose only qualification for the job was that he was not buddy buddy with his tribesmate Obote. He was replaced by Henry Kyemba who later went on to become minister of health till 1977.

    The only high ranking Langi to survive Amin were Kassim Obura Abak (Police, because he was Muslim), Lt Col Abednego Orech Okot (still alive who was director of the army band and of course Amin loved brass band people though he killed Ahmed Oduka but tolerated Orech Okot and Venansio Okello of police. Okello was Acholi.) I have never found out why Amin’s security tolerated Captain Smith Opon Acak until 1977 when he fled or Captain Egwar from Akokoro who stayed on until Amin was overthrown , joined the UNLA and was shot dead by fellow UNLA soldiers in Mbuya barracks in 1980.

    But when anybody thinking Amin was after the Langi, to somewhat appear less brutal to Acholi was mistaken as you all know.

    I have no evidence that the letter by the Acholi UNLA officer mentioned in New Africa magazine was genuine. However what I do know, with evidence of graying letters I manage to get in the course of my research, was that there was another type of letter that was circulating and being sent to only Acholi officers from around March 1985. Some people claimed the letter, written on duplicating paper, was by NASA trying to scare off some Acholi officers suspected to be working with Bazilio Okello to destabilise President Obote while others suspected it was from a third party wishing to sow discord among UNLA officers with the aim of making things difficult for government.

    The copies I got in the course of my research were mailed to Lt. Richard Ochieng and Lt John Okot, both of UNLA Magamaga Ordnance Base Depot, Jinja. It read: “Dear Lt Okot, It has come to our knowledge that you are involved in a distardly machination to try and overthrow the government of Uganda through unconstitutional means. We take this opportunity to warn you to desist from such an act, the consequences of which will be too ghastly to contemplate. Signed. Concerned Ugandans.”

    As I said, it was never clear who were behind this kind of communication but bearing in mind the poisoned atmosphere in the then national army, it could have been from anywhere.

    This to help some of us who may not have known about such issues.


    Billie Kadameri

  3. ugandansatheart,

    Mr Kadameri,

    The letter from the Acholi Officer actually appeared in Africa Now magazine of August 1983 (not 1984 as I had earlier stated). That letter was subsequently caarried in a book: Rupesinghe, Kumar ed. (1989), “Conflict Resolution in Uganda” (London: James Currey).

    The letter is part of E. Khiddu-Makubuya’s chapter, “Paramilitarism and Human Rights” and appears on pages 153-154. The book was a result of an international seminar at Makerere University held from 21-25 September 1987. I have attached the PDF version of that letter for you and for those that think I concocted it.

    Note that, this letter was brought up on the forum after Mr Mulindwa (a UPC activist) started the bizarre campaign that, Kabaka RM Mutebi and Cardinal E Nsubuga were Luwero murderers. I take note of your comment that ‘…it really does not help Ugandans if people are fed on things which have no factual foundation at all…’, except that, I do not know which/whose particular ‘things’ you are referring to: Mr Mulindwa’s claims or the counterclaims that are supported by documentary evidence.
    When some forumists, particularly UPC supporters, turn this forum into a platform of denying and whitewashing the weaknesses of their organisation and clearly start dancing on the graves of the many people that perished at the hands of government agencies, they have to be mindful of the fact that their cynicism will not pass unchallenged. The options here are not many: if UPC forumists want to talk about Luwero, they should do so as a way of owning up, or simply keep quiet about..

    The other option is to concentrate on debating issues that meaningful unite us. When we bring up those issues, you will never hear people like Mr Ochieno contributing to the debate. His excuse is: the NRA class of 86 will plagiarize our ideas. Instead, he concentrates on taunting the Baganda by telling them such rubbish as ‘Brother’, ‘sister’, ‘UPC is Buganda’s friend’ etc ad nauseum; and talking about Luwero terrorists endlessly.

    When we bring out documentary evidence to show who the Luwero terrorists were, the UPCs start crying foul or start blaming the murders by UNLA on Kabaka Mutebi and Cardianl Nsubuga, or asking some of us such useless questions as proof of our Luo clans etc.

    So, Mr Kadameri and others who are reacting with skepticism to documentary evidence that keeps cropping up here, there is need to appreciate why forumists bring up such information. It is because of forumists who will neither own up to past mistakes nor participate in a meaningful debate on the future. Those that keep drifting into cynical denial will be jolted into their senses with documentary evidence.

    Meanwhile, I am attaching for you the PDF version of the letter written by the Acholi officer, sent in reaction to Mr Mulinwa’s allegation tha Kabaka Mutebi was a Luwero murderer.

    L/Cpl (rtd) Otto Patrick

  4. ugandansatheart,

    “Africa nationalism hates small states because this is emergent Africa…….it will crush Buganda.”

    AM Obote , Uganda Argus Wednesday, 3 February 1960, page 3.


  5. ugandansatheart,

    Let us stop fooling arround. I have seen before similar documents aimed at nothing but smear dirty campaign and that is why such documents have to be put on the spot and reputed where they show no substance in them.. This particular letter of an Acholi UNLA Officer is nothing but one of those CRAPS.

    I know that this letter of an Acholi UNLA Officer is part of the letter of E. Khiddu-Makubuya’s chapter, “Paramilitarism and Human Rights” and appears on pages 153-154 and the book was a result of an international seminar at Makerere University held from 21-25 September 1987.

    But I also know that a year later in 1988, Khiddu Makubuya joined politics and in 1996 he was elected Member of Parliament for Katikamu South Constituency in Luwero District. He was later appointed Minister of State, Office of the President (Luwero Triangle). In 1998, his office was Minister of State in charge of Luwero Triangle.

    This is why tere is a very valid reasons why we need a commission of enquiry in Uganda past history. We need to know the truth about the losses of innocent lives in Luwero to sort out the craps from facts. Those who only pick and choose documents that suit their political ploy are not helping at all. Unless they have something to hide or they are haunted by the ghosts of our lost ones.

    The sad thing about Luwero is that many have made a career out of the loss of those innocent lives and we have ignorant people telling us that those losses were justified. The same mentality now happening in East Congo, and those responsible are calling it a sacrifice that is justified! All I can say is that if you are one of these ignorant people then you are washing your hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless which to me means taking side with the powerful, not to be neutral.

    It is sad that a brilliant brain like Hon. Dr Kiddhu Makubuya, now Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs could not see that the document was just a smear compaign piece of paper not worth what it was written on but instead he went ahead and put it in his book. I leave that to his personal judgement.

    Charles Eliba

  6. ugandansatheart,

    A court case still hangs of president Museveni’s head for having allowed this mad party to come back to terrorise Ugandans mentally. I have said it many times and I’ll reiterate. You’re immune today, but I will sue you once you’re out of office. If I fail in Uganda, I will go to the international courts for assistance. They destroyed orderly politics, killed our people, they stole our property, women, and land etc. We fought them but because you wanted cheap popularity, you brought them UPC human butchers back. I’m in support of UPC people like MR Mulindwa who are actively pushing for that commission of enquiry. The culprits are holed up in Uganda house, and they must be smocked out and handed over to the people for action. That Rwakasisi will go back to the gallows I’m telling you. Obote is responsible for the death of 300.000 people in Luwero alone, lets talk about that.

    He is responsible for the abrogation of the constitution of Uganda, the destruction of one of the olddest kingdoms in Africa, and the death of a people’s king. He institutionally promoted sectarianism, and with a firm hand, destroyed the economy of Uganda. There is therefore, is legitimacy in questioning those UPC people still alive to tell us what they know, about how the massacres where planned, and executed, and on whose direct orders. Mama Miria still listens to my Sankel radio, despite numerous calls for UPC to hand me back my antic. The last nail in the UPC coffin is imminent. Ssenyondo will be back!!


  7. ugandansatheart,

    Well Hearing all this; the general public does not really know what was going on in Obote’s rigid regime as in, who was planning what and who really had the powers to cook killing ideas with or without Obote’s knowledge. Obote himself was seen by some tribes mates as a traitor for marrying a muganda, yet Obote himself claimed that he couldn’t have a master plan to exterminate his brothers in law the Baganda.

    But we all know that Milton was too drunk with either power or whiskey to reprimand any one in his administration. Knowingly or unknowingly for him he was exactly where he wanted to be as in ” The only president fit to rule Uganda” and nothing moved him further in truth to act unless he was threatened to be ousted from power. I believe to this day wherever he is, the combination of these two alphanumerics “M7” haunt him a lot, but not skulls from (Buganda), Luwero, Ssemuto, Kapeka nor Masuliita. For he, Obote and M7 both share the skull closet and one of them will claim the biggest acre in high shame or revolutionary empty airs, when we reach in heaven on that judgment day, its not over yet.

    However in many operations like panda gari in many villages in Buganda, the hard experience was, Head of families & bigger sons were killed with no clear reason, Govt soldiers would come in force the doors open kill and walk out majestically without really taking much, police would come in the next day, and no particular investigations would take place, as in motive, it was as if police already knew what was going on, so they never asked much, we never read many of these incidents in major newspapers and we would wait for another day for something like that to happen again. My father was left for dead in one of these incidents, I was in boarding school so I was not around to see what really happened, but we had a step mum who was a practicng nurse working for Mulago Hopital and my father was shot and hummered with small hoes by Obote soldiers, He was rushed to mulago hospital wrapped in blankets to keep him warm, the joke was all my brothers and sisters got new blankets after my dad came home because they were all used to save his life. I do not think these murderes followed up on their victims after that to find out whether they really died, for they did not come back again, some people never died but survived as the example of my father. It was a public secret that this was a state sponsored operation.

    The village is Bukoto next to Kamwokya or Ntinda depending on where you are coming from, ask for the family of the late Ssemwogere, one of his sons is in Police “Gerald Ssemwogere Ssekiwunga) now and you will know about other families who died or survived, if your research yields good results, I’ll be able to read my fathers name in your communication and we shall filter more possibilities of this stste sponsored operations.

    I pray that some one better tells us what was going on with these irresponsible state sponsored killings as so many orphans that I personally know came to be so, in operations like in this way long before AIDS clocked in to rob us with our loved ones though its also said that Obote kept quiet about AIDS since it was mainly in Buganda, Masaka Kyotera for its reported that the first cases of AIDS showed up during his era and many NRA soldiers who camped thru over there during the Luwero/M7 war are either dead of AIDS by now or renewing blood from time to time in Germany, ask around. Either way Obote was bad news for Buganda though M7 is now borrowing some tricks from him to destabilise Buganda. I still highly predict that M7 will not succeed to finish off Buganda, I hear he authorized the delay of the Land bill and his file is on Obama’s desk, it comes in next after the Americans have got their stimulus package.

    Long Live Uganda as we are in earmarked in line to receive a democratic process like the one enjoyed in Acra Ghana.

  8. ugandansatheart,

    You can bet this letter was written by your NRA propagandists during the struggle. I am amazed at the overzealousness with which you defend the murder of innocent Ugandans by NRA in Luwero. No doubt, the government soldiers must have also killed innocent people in Luwero, given that the region was under insurgency. But it is simply preposterous for a bright man such as you, to blatantly insist that, the NRA allegedly controlled Luwero triangle; which was allegedly a no-go area for the UNLA, and yet it is the UNLA alone, that killed the civilians behing NRA lines………..isn’t someone lying about at least one of these assertions?

    1. The NRA could not have controlled Luwero and protected its civilians so well, and yet so many were killed re: the skulls of Luwero;
    2. The NRA could not have had such great civilian-insurgents relationship, and became so strong that Luwero Triangle was insurgents fortress that no UNLA could dare enter; and yet we are also told that UNLA killed so many civilians in Luwero.

    How did the UNLA do this; with indomitable guerrilla forces and the civilians well behind their lines and protected by the guerrillas whose defence the UNLA dared not penetrate or when attempted, were annihilated by the valiant forces?

    Onne of these two was propaganda of war; sorting out which of the two was, will take sometime, but for now, the convenient truth is the preferred one for NRA and its proponents like you, my ffriend. This goes for the letter you are whipping out to substantiate your and NRA assertions that killing unnocent, unarmed Ugandan citizens was UNLA hobby. Talking about war propaganda, I saw a lot of such letters written to prominent Ugandan politicians and army officers anonymously.

    Those of you who took up arms to fight, and killed Ugandan citizens along the way, allegedly for their freedom, had better show us what we have to celebrate or defend the NRA for. As someone who knew you before your dalliances with the counter-revolutionary and heretic NRA, I still give you the benefit of the doubt, that you are serious about change and that your own thinking on change does not look at power as ends, but means to achieve or vindicate certain values beneficial to all members or a majority or particular marginalised groups in society. But your views,like all the views of those who owe their celebrity status to the hero worship of the veterans of Luwero, is rabidly toxic and blinkered. I dout the integrity of anyone, who looks at an insurgent war theatre under a contested state, and pronounces that there is a black and white case on culpability for rights violations of combatant and noncombatant victim groups, and such a person asserts matter-of-factly and as objective, infallible truth greater than the convenient truth told by victors throughout the history of conflicts.

    It is ok for you to be NRA partisan; but to insist that you are unveiling objective and impartial truth, is dishonest. We all have our bias, and it would be noble if all of us can admit to it, so we can better understand one another and meet one another half-way and engage in meaningful conversations about the history and future of our country.

    The Struggle Continues…………………………………………

    Okello Lucima

  9. ugandansatheart,


    This is why we need a commission of enquiry to dispelled “CRAPS” being exhibited here as evidence. We shall never stop until a commission of enqury takes place regarding our history, no one should make a mistake about this. It may not be soon but will take place and there are enough facts to make those Ugandans whoever they may be, whatever party they may support or supported, whatever religion they belong/belonged too, whatever region they come from, whichever government past or present they may have involved or not involved with etc to account for their past or present deeds. Those who lost their lives serving or protectig our country will be honoured, dead or alive. No one will be exempt, even those who are dead will be brought to books to put the records right, to sort out our history for our future generation. Ugandans should just keep all the facts safe rather than what I constantly see here which is a mockery to the deads Ugandans.

    For the younger generation, have hope that the lies being peddled in this forum or for that matter other media that portrays the history of Uganda according to St Museveni and his supporters is illussion. Those who are at it again of sowing seeds of hatred that oh there was a letter by a worried Acholi Soldier in 1984, or there was a Lango Master Plan, or the Common Man Charter had no value at the time simply because it was written by Obote/UPC and that the Obote supporters are supporting it aimlessly, rest assured that the truth is out there.

    UPC as a party does not need to change it name accordingly to the gospel of Abbey. UPC is a party and it is made of members if any of its memeber committed a criminal offence that will be dealt with according to the law. For God’s sake I have not seen any where UPC either in its manifesto or constituion advocating for killing Ugandans. Instead I know UPC as a party to eradicate Ignarance and diseases. We have a court of law not even run by UPC, so if this party has case to answer why don’t you go to court rather than spreading your usually proganda that UPC is that and this. UPC is here to stay and stay it will because all the killing by invidivivuals , some of them not even UPC supporters will be exposed to the people’s court, the voters. No more lies is going to covers killers anywhere. Those talking about the common man charter should take into consideration the time and the worlld political circumstance at the time and make a comparison to the barter trade master piece of Museveni and his lots when they appear in town with their fundamental change.

    The way I see it, Ugandans have got a lot up their sleeves. The amount of time wasted on none issues to achieve cheap politics in this forum begs the question of what menetally we have as a nation! That is what the problem is if you want to advocate for the peaceful future Uganda. More Crap levied against UPC the better I get to understand the problem we face as a nation. What else has not been heaped on UPC before while Ugandans go on without bothering to find out the substance in what is being said. So and so said UPC kills, therefore my brother Abbey cousels the party based on that to change itself to what! Why are you concern with UPC success? Is this really a good advice. No wonder we have a balooning Party like FDC just hanging on to time before it bursts. Sometime I wonder whether what free speech is meant to achieve as much as I believe in free speech myself? Just wondering!

    Charles Eliba

  10. ugandansatheart,

    Such letters were written during the Luwero struggle, to mobilise the Baganda into supporting and sticking with Museveni and the NRM/A.

    Today, they are rehashing them for the same reasons…..to regain a the kind of 1980s and 1990s foothold in Buganda and among the Baganda, so the NRM/A can retain power.

    The calculation is simple; the land reforms and issues surrounding the status and role of the Buganda Kingdom have shown cracks in the famous NRM/A -Buganda coalition. Besides, Ankole politics is changing…….many have realised that it is silly to think that one clan or a group of men and women from one sub-copunty in Uganda can rule forever, corruptly and dictatorially. So the Kigezi, Bushenyi and Mbarara politics, is re-emerging and all these work against the NRM/A there.

    Of course, northern and eastern Uganda told the NRM/A to go hang a long time ago…..despite their suffering and imposed destitution; they will never budge. So it means that, if Ankole is fragmenting and Ugandan nationalist politics is once again taking hold, Buganda must be kept at all costs, within the NRM/A box. That is Why, Buganda Vs North or Acholi must be replayed; that is why Bunyoro Vs Buganda must be stoked; that is why Acholi Vs Lango must be inflamed; that is why the NRM/A does not want you to focus on 24 years of sleep, and yet, you are being sung concocted nighmare lullubies of Obote, the UPC, Acholi, northerners, UNLA monsters.

    Why can’t you sleep to sweet lullabies of the Buganda Kingdom and the Kabaka, after 15 years of restoration and friendship. Why must Bana ba Kintu be rocked to sleep to tunes invoking nightmares? You go figure.

    The Struggle Continues…………………………………………………………………………………..

    Okello Lucima

  11. Akol,

    That soldier shd be arested. This is just propaganda

  12. I am reading so many things here. The Baganda, like the Acholis have been used on a number of occasions. UPC/UNLA did not comprised of Acholis only. The Baganda should wake up. They are being shown UPC (and Acholis) as their sole source of problem but is it true?

    The real enamy may be different. Could even be some Baganda themselves or people who have settled in Buganda. I was told when Amin took over power, the first people to celebrate the ‘liberation’ were Baganda. They danced,…Later on when Amin started killing even Baganda, they realised the problem was not UPC but bad leadership. Same with M7. The ‘Liberator’ is now turnig against the liberated. The litle good M7 can do to any part of Buganda is for votes purely not that he love them.

    The young generation should begin to think differently. Our (Uganda and Africa) problem has been bad leadership. Obote as a leader made lots of mistakes but he also did very many good things for this country. This does not mean every Langi (or Acholi) is Obote. There can still be good leaders who can come from any part of this country including West Nile where Amin came from.

    Take the example of Late. AB Janani Loum. many people considered him a good leader despite being an Acholi. So when there is a Kony in Acholi, it does not mean all Acholis are bad.

    This country is heading in a wrong direction when you see the discussion going on here. Either we go for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission(which i really support) or we devide the country into different parts. If the Baganda think they cannot stand other people from other regions, then let it be. This is the same feeling with many peole in northern Uganda. We only need a word from the government to form our own country instead of being blamed for every act of Obote which he did when some of us were not yet born. A person like me have never lifted a gun against someone why should i be traeted worse than M7 who maight have killed more than 100 people himself.

    These CRAP of Acholi VS Langi, UPC Vs Baganda etc, will never heal this coutry and i urge the young generation not to get entagled in it. They have already demostrated by marrying freely from different parts of this country.

    Nam Kol

  13. Joseph Mutebi,

    Oh this is good data , that we young people didnt know about !! Its so strange, people killing people.Politics should never make one kill a brother, remember peolple existed before politics and can even re-exist without politics, or co exist with politics, in many countries now each political party waits for its turn not killing others.Lucky Dube releases a song called Together as one, and in that song he stresses that if the cats and dogs can forgive each other, then whats wrong with us?????Please can anyone tell who Killed my father and why? His name was Mr. Paul Kakooza Walugembe,Headmaster St. Joseph Primary School Maya,in Mpigi District. He was killed with others in February 1984.


    Hi Joseph. I thank you for remebering our father Omulangira Paul Kakooza Walugembe. I am one of his daughters and proud to have him as my father. Sadly his life was taken away from us. I absolutely agree with you and other commentors on the issue that those responsible wherever they are need to be brought to justice. No one can have blood on their hands and have piece. The owner of the world (Creater) God (Liso ddene) forbid murder and the bible clearly states that in case people forgot the ten commandments. Whoever that is responsible for such crime and left endless tears and pain into our hearts will surely be judged by the lord. Therefore, if justice is not done on this world, it is atleast guaranteed that there is no hiding place from the Creator of this world. Atleast people can agree that they did not create themselves and that it belongs to someone who created all the mountains and the rivers. My father (Paul Kakooza Walugembe) was a very kind gettleman who helped many children of Maya Primary School to achieve their education even with less or no funds. A very peaceful man with a hurt of gold and always willing to help others. He has a very good rapport to those who knew him includoing teachers and children of that time. He was basically killed for no reason but for presumably being a Muganda. I WOULD ARGUE FOR PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR BELOVED ONES TO CONTINUE PRAYING FOR THEIR SOUL BUT ALSO TO SPEAK OUT FOR JUSTICE TO BE ACHIEVED.May the lord bless the soul of my father and be the judge for those that took his life.
    N.B brother Joseph Mutebi or should I say Mulangira Mutebi, please email me so we can talk more and catch up on the lost years. I am your sister that you have never met. This is all because of the murderers having more crimes on their hands. Had my father been alive, I would have met you long before. But thank God the Lord is alive and anything is possible.
    URGENT: I kindly appeal to anyone with information to please let us know who killed Mr. Paul Kakooza Walugembe the headmaster of Maya Primary School in 1986. Any information will be treated strictly confidential. As I am making this appeal, Iam pouring with tears for taking my father away from me at a very young age. I have had to face life without my precious father. Please anyone help. Please fellow ugandans, lets bring murderers to justice and not encourage murder as it is a sin.


    Just to clarify on the appeal about the murder of Mr Paul Kakooza Walugembe of St Joseph’s Primary School Maya in Mpigi District. I made a mistake he was killed in Febraury1984.

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