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Hello Dr.Besigye,
I think FDC should take the following  questions  seriously because they were raised by members of UGANDANS AT HEART but we never got good answers from Mr.Wafula Ogutu. Please explain to us more in details about the following:

  1. what is the relationship between FDC and the International Republican Insititute(IRI) that helped you to compile the 5 year strategic plan? What are they? How are they gonna help in the 2011 elections?
  2. what is the name of the FDC’s investment company and how is the FDC’s investment company progressing? How can Ugandans in diaspora help it to succeed?
  3. How does the diaspora Chapter fundraising Committee do its work? Are Ugandans in diaspora aware of its existence and what are their contacts? Is there an account where Ugandans abroad can deposit money to help the FDC or IPC causes?
  4. what are the FDC’s strategic partners in North America,South Africa and Austro-Asia?
  5. Is your 5 year strategic plan being implemented as you expected? Have you got enough resources to implement it? If not, what have you dont about it
  6. Is FDC going to embrace satellite broadcasting since you have been stopped from being hosted by FM stations in Uganda?

I think those questions will help Ugandans here know what are you are doing about finances, strategy,……….. if you answer them in details.

Thank you

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba
Moderator of UAH

Whenever I read the preamble of Uganda Constitition

Whenever I read the preamble of Uganda Constitution, what comes to my mind is that NRM Government has really taken Ugandans for fools!

We the People of Uganda
Recalling our history which has been characterized by political and constitutional instability;
Recognizing our struggles against the forces of tyranny, oppression and exploitation;
Committed to building a better future by establishing a socio-economic and political order through a popular and durable national Constitution based on the principles of unity, peace, equality, democracy, freedom, social justice and progress;
Exercising our sovereign and inalienable right to determine the form of governance for our country, and having fully participated in the Constitution-making process;
Noting that a Constituent Assembly was established to represent us and to debate the Draft Constitution prepared by the Uganda Constitutional Commission and to adopt and enact a Constitution for Uganda:
Do Hereby, in and through this Constituent Assembly solemnly adopt, enact and give to ourselves and our posterity, this Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, this 22nd day of September, in the year 1995.

Nankulabye Doctor Dies Leaving Behind List of 782 Women He Infected With Aids

The story about the late Dr Byarugaba affecting 782 female patients with HIV  is tragic beyond words. Just imagine the multiplier effects of his barbarity? Men, women, children have been infected and left to die at the hands of a doctor, think about that. .

Now you ask how women in Uganda can be protected.  For a start, the Uganda medical Association MUST wake up and mandate that any male doctor, but especially male Obstetricians CANNOT examine women without the presence of female nurse. No female nurse, no examination period. And this message should be broadcast on all FM radios in Uganda as a public service.   Women patients CANNOT opt out that they be seen by male O& G doctors without a nurse.  The rule has to be clear, no nurse in the room and we mean for the entire duration of the examination.  The doctors must understand the consequences if they violated such rules.

I assume Dr Byarugaba was some addicted obstetrician.  Uganda Medical Association has to help Ugandan women who are in some cases are at the mercy of their G& O doctors.  Let me be clear: most G& O doctors in Uganda are unethical and routinely (emphasis added) sleep with their patients either in their clinic or outside office.  This brings me to the next suggestion.

Ugandan women should where possible stay away from male G& O male doctors.  Why? Because old habits die hard.  The safest way for Ugandan women is to go and see fellow women G & O specialists.  In such cases, the presence of the female nurse would not be necessary although now with this bisiyaga behaviour it may still be necessary. There are more Byarugabas out there. There was another case in Jinja where one left a list of 50 women he had infected with HIV/AIDS including women of prominent people including the Church in Busoga.

The other suggestion is for Mulago and the other medical schools to give priority to women doctors when it comes to specializing in G & O.  Supply has to be increased to save Ugandan women from addicted doctors.

That is what happens in the West. Ask male doctors who choose G & O about their chances of being matched.  Almost nil. Although now some claim that with too much litigation, they would rather stay away from G& O. The women in the West have sued the Byarugabas big time. But the trouble in Uganda is that our people sleep on their rights. When was the last time you read in the papers about someone being sued for negligence or abuse of office?

Further, how many doctors (read professionals) get disciplined by UMA or their respective professional’s bodies.  How many doctors have lost their licenses to practice medicine? How many have been suspended?  UMA may not even have a disciplinary panel to discipline the Byarugabas out there.  They should wake up. Hello Mr. Gudoi.

And of course you folks in UAH should tell your wives/sisters/nieces to shun male G& O in Uganda and urge them to go and see only female ones. It is the best thing you could ever do to save your female relatives from the Byarugaba out there.

Make no mistake Byarugaba is not an exception, but more or less the norm. That is the sad, but true situation in Uganda. Ethics died long ago.

Finally, the women should still sue the estate of the late murder doctor Byarugaba, UMA, the Ministry of Health and Attorney General of Uganda for damages.  They need to be helped by pro-bono lawyers-not sure there are any in Uganda, but a message has to be sent.  May be FIDA can help with litigation.

Please those who have FIDA and UWONET’s contact send it to them with view to suing the bodies that went AWOL as Byarugaba terrorized and infected women at will.



Full story at:http://www.256news.com/page.php?aid=914&caid=1


1/8 Uganda ’s capital at Kayabwe, Jinja or even Kampala ??? In NCO Academy , they taught us about the concept of “Strategic Depth” and its implications not only for positioning vital infrastructure like cities and critical industries, but also for defence and foreign policy.  “Strategic Depth” refers to the capacity of a defended territory such as a country (e.g. Uganda ) to absorb ‘blows’, such as military invasion from outside.

2/8 Because we were simple soldiers, the image that was employed to make us grasp the concept was the comparison between the elephant and the rat.  The same thorn that will pierce an elephant and break in the skin will end up in the heart, kidneys and spleen of the rat.  The elephant has depth and the rat lacks depth.

3/8 We were told that “strategic depth” is measured as a coefficient or ratio of the perimeter of a territory to the surface land area.  The perimeter of Uganda is 2,585 Km and the surface area is 240,460 sq Km, giving a ratio of 1:93.  When you look at our neighbours, DRC’s ratio is 1:241, Sudan ’s ratio is 1:436; Kenya ’s is 1:174 and Rwanda ’s is 1:41.

4/8 What this means is, that for every 93 Km of Ugandan territory to penetrate, an invader has 436 km of Sudan territory, 241 km of DRC, and a mere 41 km of Rwanda, etc.  In other words, Uganda is about 5 times as vulnerable as Sudan to invasion and occupation; and Rwanda is 2 times as vulnerable as Uganda etc.

5/8 When you lack strategic depth like Uganda , it means that, as much as possible, you have to locate your strategic installations in the interior, deep in the hinterland.  Think of the scenario of a rat, which by virtue of size has minimal depth, but in addition to this, it has all its vital organs: kidneys, the heart, liver, spleen etc in one tiny spot right under the skin.  That is how Uganda is: all vital installations are in one zone, right by the shores Lake Nalubale: Jinja town, the hydropower plant, the only crossing over the Nile south of Karuma, Kampala, Masaka, the jugular link to the coast (the Northern corridor), Entebbe international airport…all in a strategic arc on the shores, from Tororo to Masaka, 100 miles from the borders across the scantily reconnoitred lake.  One thorn is enough to pierce through all the vital organs in a good 5 minutes.  Therefore, Uganda has no alternative to a future that focuses on locating key installations in the Nakasongola-Kigumba-Lake Kwania zone.

6/8 When it comes to defence, when you lack depth, it means you do not have enough space for industries, agricultural estates and cities and then also battlefields.  When you hear that an enemy is about to invade you from the neighbourhood, you take the battle to him on his own territory.  You use the “forward strategy” to create “artificial depth”…. Take the battle to him in Garamba, Bunia, Parajok and Kajo keji.  If you do not do that, before you realise, he will be in Jinja, and Masaka, under your skin.  That is how strategic dwarfs survive, especially when you share a geopolitical bed with the obese.

7/8 If you do not move forward, and you let the invader step on your soil, you are finished! He will quickly find his way into your liver and lungs etc.  DRC can trade time for space because it is huge, so will Sudan , because an invader will get exhausted before he reaches the capital city.  But Rwanda has to fight forward inside the enemy territory, and has to sleep with one eye open.  When Rwanda or Uganda hears there is an enemy at the border, it has to swing into action because it is a geostrategic dwarf; while the Sudanese or DRC general can say, I will handle tomorrow.

8/8 Israel before 1967 had a strategic depth of 1:13.  When the dust of the 1967 war settled, Israel ’s depth was 1:86.  It was 6.5 times less vulnerable in strategic terms.  So,………..elite of Uganda , you either dance to the same sheet of music policy wise or you will perish together, struggling to occupy State House in an indefensible city.
L/Cpl (rtd) Otto Patrick

The veil of secrecy surrounding Uganda’s oil needs to be lifted by government.

The veil of secrecy surrounding Uganda’s oil deals is an issue than many Ugandans are becoming increasingly worried about.  How could they not be, they are used to seeing projects of this magnitude get botched up and ruined without the promised governmental oversight for quality assurance or a clean end product deliverable, put out by a competent project manager.

There is so much at stake with this oil deal, for starters many Ugandans hold it as their last great hope to beat the bite of poverty which has followed them for generations. In a land where people are used to generating revenue from agro products, this weighs heavily in their books, not only from the dangers of an unplanned oil spillage, and how it would affect one of the remaining food baskets of the world, but in knowing that if they kept safety in check with oil, they might end the seasonal toil to market way of life that has defined them for generations, especially in the neighborhoods where oil was found.

Uganda’s parliamentarians ought to know that many are looking up to them to draft up the language and bills that would not only booster our constitution on such a novelle matter, but to remember to put “Ugandans first” in all this heat for oil. Furthermore the companies now deciding on “beaucoup” revenue from Ugandan oil, ought to be on high alert that Ugandans a now more aware than Africans of yesterday, of what it means to be partners in such a business and nothing less is expected of them, but a clearly, forged out mutual understanding policy, with regards to stock offers, training and the numbers whether 60/40. Ugandans want to be part of that dialogue in pure day light to ensure a lasting relationship.

The British, who build the East African railway, had a hard time with the natives because the locals were not seriously consulted as major stake holders in the deal, and occasionally the Masai, were found with pieces of the rail line used as spears and ear rings. Makes us now all wonder what they are capable of doing with an oil pipeline! There are lesson to be learned from all this and the Nigerian experience, should not be excluded from the steering committee if there is such a beast for this project. In a sea of poverty surrounding Uganda’s administrators- they cannot simply close the door and hold insider meetings, while expecting cooperation from surrounding communities. They need to come up with ways of appeasing the surrounding communities who will be impacted for life with all the dangers associated with an oil revenue generating scheme.

It is imprudent to hope that things will be fixed with just a drop of a line or two, forcing compliance within a sealed overnight express envelop dropped at the native’s doors. They need to come out of this secrecy mode and engage folks, including those now ready to become an  oil nation within a nation-our first Ugandan oil sheiks.

Tendo kaluma

Uganda in Boston

Dr.Kiseka,Mugalu and Luwero Bush war

Dr Kisekka ran a small scale pharmacy in Nairobi and lived not far from South B, a suburb of Nairobi which was not a high scale residential area thus he did not appear as someone with enormous financial status and thus saying he contributed a lot financially is not very correct.  When Prof Lule died Dr Kisekka and Dr Kiggundu represented NRM in London.  Dr Kisekka was the External official Spokesperson for the Movement though he treked to Mathew Rukikaire’s office (opposite American Embassy) -before making statements on BBC.  The same area where Mugalu had his shop. Dr Kisekka was an elder of the Movement and a face of Buganda behind the Movement – if anything, the financial contribution were meagre and much as his role should not be minimised, his financial contributions should not be exerggerated.  Kisekka died a natural death in London where medical attention was sought and creating any suspicious circumstances behind his natural death is far fetched.

Mugalu had one of his sons join the NRA and was among the first casulaties of the war. There was also another “son” who joined the NRA who was always refered to as Mugalu’s son- but someone who grew up in his home –  died near Nalukolongo just before Kampala was captured.  Then another known “son” who worked at the Airport for quite sometime after the NRM took over.  Mugalu contributed more of man power than financials.  His financal contribution should not be exerggerated.
Mugalu was gunned down and circumstances of his death could be sketchy but not suspicious on the government part

Edriss Kironde

NRM Activisit in USA

ARTICLE 29:Right to a fair hearing(Know yo constitutional rights)

Right to a fair hearing.(1) In the determination of civil rights and obligations or any criminal charge, a person shall be entitled to a fair, speedy and public hearing before an independent and impartial court or tribunal established by law

(2) Nothing in clause (1) of this article shall prevent the court or tribunal from excluding the press or the public from all or any proceedings before it for reasons of morality, public order or national security, as may be necessary in a free and democratic society.

(3) Every person who is charged with a criminal offence shall—
(a) be presumed to be innocent until proved guilty or until that person has pleaded guilty;
(b) be informed immediately, in a language that the person understands, of the nature of the offence;
(c) be given adequate time and facilities for the preparation of his or her defence;
(d) be permitted to appear before the court in person or, at that person’s own expense, by a lawyer of his or her choice;
(e) in the case of any offence which carries a sentence of death or imprisonment for life, be entitled to legal representation at the expense of the State;
(f) be afforded, without payment by that person, the assistance of an interpreter if that person cannot understand the language used at the trial;
(g) be afforded facilities to examine witnesses and to obtain the attendance of other witnesses before the court.

(4) Nothing done under the authority of any law shall be held to be inconsistent with—
(a) clause (3)(a) of this article, to the extent that the law in question imposes upon any person charged with a criminal offence, the burden of proving particular facts;
(b) clause (3)(g) of this article, to the extent that the law imposes conditions that must be satisfied if witnesses called to testify on behalf of an accused are to be paid their expenses out of public funds.

(5) Except with his or her consent, the trial of any person shall not take place in the absence of that person unless the person so conducts himself or herself as to render the continuance of the proceedings in the presence of that person impracticable and the court makes an order for the person to be removed and the trial to proceed in the absence of that person.

(6) A person tried for any criminal offence, or any person authorised by him or her, shall, after the judgment in respect of that offence, be entitled to a copy of the proceedings upon payment of a fee prescribed by law.

(7) No person shall be charged with or convicted of a criminal offence which is founded on an act or omission that did not at the time it took place constitute a criminal offence.

(8) No penalty shall be imposed for a criminal offence that is severer in degree or description than the maximum penalty that could have been imposed for that offence at the time when it was committed.

(9) A person who shows that he or she has been tried by a competent court for a criminal offence and convicted or acquitted of that offence shall not again be tried for the offence or for any other criminal offence of which he or she could have been convicted at the trial for that offence, except upon the order of a superior court in the course of appeal or review proceedings relating to the conviction or acquittal.

(10) No person shall be tried for a criminal offence if the person shows that he or she has been pardoned in respect of that offence.

(11) Where a person is being tried for a criminal offence, neither that person nor the spouse of that person shall be compelled to give evidence against that person.

(12) Except for contempt of court, no person shall be convicted of a criminal offence unless the offence is defined and the penalty for it prescribed by law.

William Bogere


Museveni’s ‘Safe Houses’ Violate Article 23(2)

23. Protection of personal liberty. (1) No person shall be deprived of personal liberty except in any of the following cases—

(a) in execution of the sentence or order of a court, whether established for Uganda or another country or of an international court or tribunal in respect of a criminal offence of which that person has been convicted, or of an order of a court punishing the person for contempt of court;
(b) in execution of the order of a court made to secure the fulfillment of any obligation imposed on that person by law;
(c) for the purpose of bringing that person before a court in execution of the order of a court or upon reasonable suspicion that that person has committed or is about to commit a criminal offence under the laws of Uganda;
(d) for the purpose of preventing the spread of an infectious or contagious disease;
(e) in the case of a person who has not attained the age of eighteen years, for the purpose of the education or welfare of that person; … See more
(f) in the case of a person who is, or is reasonably suspected to be, of unsound mind or addicted to drugs or alcohol, for the purpose of the care or treatment of that person or the protection of the community;
(g) for the purpose of preventing the unlawful entry of that person into Uganda, or for the purpose of effecting the expulsion, extradition or other lawful removal of that person from Uganda or for the purpose of restricting that person while being conveyed through Uganda in the course of the extradition or removal of that person as a convicted prisoner from one country to another; or
(h) as may be authorised by law, in any other circumstances similar to any of the cases specified in paragraphs (a) to (g) of this clause.

No person shall be deprived of personal liberty except:
Article 23(2)A person arrested, restricted or detained shall be kept in a place authorised by law.
(3) A person arrested, restricted or detained shall be informed immediately, in a language that the person understands, of the reasons for the arrest, restriction or detention and of his or her right to a lawyer of his or her choice.
(4) A person arrested or detained—
(a) for the purpose of bringing him or her before a court in execution of an order of a court; or
(b) upon reasonable suspicion of his or her having committed or being about to commit a criminal offence under the laws of Uganda, shall, if not earlier released, be brought to court as soon as possible but in any case not later than forty-eight hours from the time of his or her arrest.
(5) Where a person is restricted or detained—
(a) the next-of-kin of that person shall, at the request of that person, be informed as soon as practicable of the restriction or detention;
(b) the next-of-kin, lawyer and personal doctor of that person shall be allowed reasonable access to that person; and
(c) that person shall be allowed access to medical treatment including, at the request and at the cost of that person, access to private medical treatment.

(6) Where a person is arrested in respect of a criminal offence—
(a) the person is entitled to apply to the court to be released on bail, and the court may grant that person bail on such conditions as the court considers reasonable;
(b) in the case of an offence which is triable by the High Court as well as by a subordinate court, the person shall be released on bail on such conditions as the court considers reasonable, if that person has been remanded in custody in respect of the offence
before trial for one hundred and twenty days;
(c) in the case of an offence triable only by the High Court, the person shall be released on bail on such conditions as the court considers reasonable, if the person has been remanded in custody for three hundred and sixty days before the case is committed to the High Court.

(7) A person unlawfully arrested, restricted or detained by any other person or authority shall be entitled to compensation from that other person
or authority whether it is the State or an agency of the State or other person or authority.
(8) Where a person is convicted and sentenced to a term of imprisonment for an offence, any period he or she spends in lawful custody in respect of the offence before the completion of his or her trial shall be
taken into account in imposing the term of imprisonment.
(9) The right to an order of habeas corpus shall be inviolable and shall not be suspended.

  • Think ‘safe houses’ – they violate Article 23(2). Think of people who are taken to safe houses and they do not know what they have done. That violates Articles 23(2) and (3). How many times has the 48 hour rule in Article 23(4) been violated? And Article 23(5) (a)are there any lucky relatives here who got a call from the police to let them know that their relative was taken to a safe-house?

  • 23(5)(b) and (c) remind of the late Joseph Kifefe. Lack of access to medical care led to his death.
  • And 23(6) was violated by the Black Mamba and now the President wants bail conditions removed for treason charges…what are the implications of such an amendment for a person like Kizza Besigye who has had a treason trial hanging over his head for 5 years?

  • When a court makes an order Habeas Corpus in article 23(9) it is required that a missing person allegedly detained by the state be produced in court. does it always happen?

Guys and gals at UAH, we have a brilliant Constitution but there is no will to implement it!

William Bogere

UAH forumist

Baganda radio goes satellite Broadcasting and can now be received by Ugandans in Uganda

Dear Ugandans,

Baganda Radio has started satellite broadcasting in Uganda.Baganda radio (ABABAKA.COM) is based in Los Angeles. Radio www.ababaka.com will be broadcasting its program “Wooli Nywera” live in Luganda to Eastern, Central and Southern Africa starting tomorrow on Saturday, March 27, 2010 , at 8:00pm East African time.

The frequency is 15410KHz in the 19 meter band. The phone number for the call in talk-show is 1-818-534-8273. Phone lines open at 10:00am (Pacific Standard Time), and each call will be limited to three (3) minutes.

For the rest of the world, the show will be broadcast live on the internet at www.ababaka.com
Please inform all of your relatives, friends and neighbors.
Support Ladiyo ya Baganda by donating at www.ababaka.com – click on the Donate button.

I think Besigye,Otunnu and others need to jump at this chance with two hands since they are not allowed to be hosted on stations in Uganda.

Ladiyo y’aBaganda at www.ababaka.com continue to give a voice to Buganda’s muzzled populace — every Saturday and Sunday starting at 10AM Pacific Time (9PM Uganda Time), broadcasting from Los Angeles, California, in the “Land of the Free”, i.e. the United States of America.

You can call in during the talkshow. The phone number is 1-818-534-8273, but please BE BRIEF (3 minutes max) so that others also get a chance to air their views.



Ladiyo ya Baganda www.ababaka.com enkya ku Lw’omukaaga nga March 27, 2010 lweetandika okuweereza obubaka mu Eastern, Central ne Southern Africa, nga ne Buganda mwogitwaalidde, ku shortwave. Awalala munsi yonna tujja kusigala ku yintaneeti, www.ababaka.com.
Tujja kuba ku 15410KHz mu bandi eya 19 miita.
Tujja kutandika essawa ez’eYuganda bbiri ez’ekiro, okutuusa essawa nnya ez’ekiro (8:00pm – 10:00pm East African Standard Time), ezo ze ssawa ssatu ez’okumakya mu California.
Essimu ya ladiyo eri 1-818-534-8273, naye yakuggulwawo ku ssawa nnya ez’e Kalifoniya, era nga buli ssimu tejja kusukka dakiika ssatu (3) zokka.
Buli awulidde ategeeze munne, naddala abali e Yuganda.
Wagira Ladiyo ya Baganda: tusuuleyo e jjamba ku www.ababaka.com, nyiga akapeesa akaliko ekipande Donate.





People struggling to get water


There are those of us that have spent the last twenty plus years demanding
this government to get out of power. There are those of us that refused
from day one to join the Movement for we failed to see any good into this
government from day one. But personally I decided to oppose this government
for a very simple fact, it came to power after it minimized the price of
human beings. Let record show that during all past governments, yes
government agencies murdered Ugandans but the population was never given a
right to murder any one and at will, and not especially based on their
tribe. NRA started that in today’s population. I just came back from Uganda
but I was so surprised that one can address you as a Lugbara, Mwe
Abalugwaala mutuviire twogwere ebyaffe. And all these tribal lines were
started from way back, for after hunting down the UPC members, NRA started
to allow the population to murder people for they were Alurs, And Luwero had
quite an extensive number of Alurs all way from Luwero to Kiwoko to Ngoma.
To me that was enough not to support this government. But there are those
that have started to oppose it at its late stage after the fan hit the belt,
it is those I am going to dedicate this writing to.

Do not sit in diaspora and expect a change of this government for it is
going nowhere, the fact of the matter remains that this government is so
well entrenched and Ugandans love it to utmost, and we can all sit here and
flip Giga bytes of information, the bottom line remains Museveni is going to
remain in power for today as you read this writing he has done a very
specific strategy. Museveni empowers his opposition by simply dumping money
into them. If you read my writings of late I have started to state that many
of our so called politicians are way compromised that since my leaving
Kampala, I fully understand why FDC or UPC or DP does not attack government
policies. Some ugandans have been consistent in asking for the policies of for example
the FDC ministry of Education critique and FDC does not respond. Here is
your scenario, suppose Uganda government gave you a tender to bring food to
the hospitals of half of Kampala as an FDC ministry of health critique,
would you critique the government again? If Maama Miria has a contract to
deliver staple food to the army, can she stand up and un biasily oppose this
government? For some time, Dr Kiiza Besigye has been exporting pork on
behalf of the injured soldiers, this is a government organized source of
income. How do you expect him to stand up and oppose any government policy?
And this disease has gone across the board, most of the opposition members
are actually making more money than Movement MPs, through these government
offers and tenders. There is no one today in Uganda making as much money as
Cecilia Ogwal, she has a very good contact in Uganda government that all her
supplies are paid there and then and in cash. Tell me how Cecilia Ogwal can
work with FDC to over throw this government. It simply cannot happen. Many
times Abbey Ssemuwemba has requested Dr Kiiza Besigye to stand up and
contribute to this forum, to no avail. Do you seriously think that Besigye
can go after this government when it is his only employer? When you look
closely at what Wafula Oguttu states in the forum, he wants our money as
Ugandans in diaspora, but in all suggestions we have done in this forum have
you seen FDC implementing any? So why would Dr Kiiza Besigye stand up and
attack Uganda government when kids die in Buddo fire? He stands a chance to
lose his income, and this income is not only to Dr Kiiza Besigye and FDC as
a party but to all Uganda MPs. What Museveni has done is to become the sole
employer of every one, and everyone has shut up. There is also a fear that
if this government changes, and a new one is set in, for example if FDC gets
elected, it is going to create a chaos that whoever you knew here is moved a
new one installed. People are very scared of their incomes getting attacked
, and these fears are in FDC MPs as well, so to them they are more
comfortable with leaving Museveni alone or he has set them to a right path.

Which reminds me a disappointment I had at one of the lunches I had with a
couple of MPs.

One of those days we decided to meet with a couple of MPs in a Kampala
restaurant that is way upper class and it is frequented by MP from all
stripes. And this day it was not any different, so we had Movementist MPs,
FDC MPs, DP MPs and a couple of independents. But we were not introduced for
we wanted to create a typical Uganda situation where no one pretends to
impress anyone. We walked in with a very close friend that invited us and
who is an MP as well and the meal started. As we were about to start, a new
face showed up, and it was none other than the DP MP Mr. Kikungwe Issa, now
if you don’t know this Kikungwe Issa he is the DP MP of Kyadondo County
South, in Wakiso district. A very interesting character for when he has a
point to make he makes sure it comes across. And I adored him for that. So
after Kikungwe sat down and introductions finished, or course we were
introduced as so as so from Bugerere and that was it, we were dropped off
and the political discussion started. A Movement MP that took us in {Name
with held} wanted to know how MP Kikungwe Issa was doing in Wakiso. The MP
responded and this is a direct quote

” We are doing good except so and so that is trying and so hard to see that
he attempts to stand against me in the coming election, this fellow is
simply too silly for he does not recognize that if I fail to be re elected I
will lose all my income. Let me ask you honestly if I fail to win the coming
election, what does he think I will eat? I am going back to Wakiso and I am
going to compete for that constituency and I am going to win it. If the
worst comes to worst and bullets have to be used, my body will be driven to
the parliament for I will be the MP of Kyadondo County South. ” End quote.

Wow!!!! I lifted a glass of water and took a sip just before I took my body
into a nearest washroom for I truly wanted to have a very long and un
entrupted dump. Look this is a man that is not a Movementist but a DP
member. This is a man that is supposed to bring us a cleaner government than
The Movement, DP is actually trying this time around to either form a
government or if the worst to create the next official opposition. Its own
MP and a powerful one if I may add, for my last checking about him, Kikungwe
is a member of Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development as
well as a member of the Committee on Government Assurances . These are
powerful government positions. And yet he reaches even a point to threaten
death to an aspiring candidate in his own constituency. But all this is
built up for MP Kikungwe Issa as any other DP MP gets his bread and butter
from Uganda government. They lost the credibility and they cannot drive this
government out of power for they want it to stay so that they suck the
nation dry. Now you tell me how you will get your hands on Museveni and
question his expenditure and all moneys he has starched in European banks
when MPs of DP and other political parties are salivating on the drop offs
of the same moneys? It is so interesting that when you talk to a Uganda kid
in school and ask him what he wants to become, many want to work in Uganda
government. We are truly that doomed on both a short and very long term.

There is an election coming next year. People forget anything about it for
the coming back of Museveni is not only assured by Movement MPs but by FDC
MPs and UPC MPs and all Independents, for Museveni created a scenario where
he hands them money and a whole lots of money, to all MPs and all political
party leaders. In the looming poverty of Uganda, when you decide to attack
this government, you will easily be chocked off and you will lose essential
products as your family flying to South Africa for treatment, and flying to
London to shop for your daughter’s wedding, or your container passing in
customs without paying taxes. As we continue to discuss Uganda issues, let
us not forget that poverty is eating the country and the only way you can
beat it is by getting a government contract. These people make money and a
very good money that some of us will never make in these countries, in fact
they laugh so much when they know you are abroad, one of them challenged me
to return to Uganda and make a real living, in fact he promised to push me
through that I will never fly back to Toronto for I will make sufficient
money for myself and my family. And this MP was an FDC MP of all parties.
They have curved the entire Uganda and know each other, when it reaches
eating in Uganda there is no political divide. All these people have
abandoned our society, our country and our people but themselves.

They have decided to eat Uganda alive and they are doing it at a faster pace
than you can imagine. Ugandans are thinking about their own pockets and
nothing more. So when you read about the woman that died due to a poor
hospital facility, these MPs do not care for their women are flown out at a
phone call, and that service is actually available even to non Movmentists
MPs, only that non Movementists MPs use cash that they have and a God damn
whole of it. The motto in Uganda is eat when you can or move out of my way.
We have lost the hand of Museveni opposition in Uganda for he has over
stayed and people have leant to live with him and to eat with comfort. Now
you know why our cries in UAH are never responded to by Uganda opposition
they are in this thing to eat it all out.

The rest of Ugandans that are not Kikungwe Issa class, you are all on your

Edward Mulindwa

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