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We will probably never know who exactly burnt down the Kasubi tombs

Joseph Musoke, who claims he burnt down the world heritage site in Kasubi.Source:Newvision

Dear Ugandans

The fact of the matter remains that since the installation of this government, there is no prominent crime that has happened in Uganda without someone getting arrested. When you go back as far as Andrew Kayiira’s murder or Mugalu or any one that got murdered in Uganda, someone ends up arrested and with in sheer days. But after that arrest several things happen, either the case does not get heard of so it simply slip away, or the jailed person dies in Luzira or some weirder thing happens. But as soon as it happens there must always be an arrest. It so seems that the government goes out there and simply picks up an innocent man and the case fades away. You see in the anger there is nothing good to hear as the murderer of Kazini has been arrested. The hype in people fades away and the story gets off the news headlines. Do you know for example where the case of Dralu sits today? But had Dralu not been arrested at that particular time, the story today would have been who murdered kazini? In fact they come back and remind you that during AMO’s government wrong doers were not being arrested this government arrests them.

And Ugandans buy that nonsense.

Edward Mulindwa

UPC rigging in Arua during the 1980 elections

Dear Ugandans,

I am pasting for you a letter from the head of the Commonwealth Observer Group to Paulo Muwanga in the 1980s.  Among other things, it raises concern about the UPC rigging in West Nile (top of page 2).  As you can see, that one is not a transcript….it carries hand-written salutations and a signature.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto




Some of the atrocities committed by Kony’s LRA in the north

Genocide and Atrocities Againts the Acholi People  | Evaline on  Oprah Survived LRA Lip Cut off | Acholi Genocide and Atrocities Againts the Acholi People  | Acholi  Children under 4 years with head hacked and eyes Gorged by LRA | Acholi Genocide and Atrocities Againts the Acholi People  | Acholi woman,  Lips cut of by the LRA rebels | Acholi

BEFORE: Apoko just after her escape from the LRA rebels AFTER:  Apoko smiles at The New Vision head office upon her return_41827392_ochol203x250.jpg News feature: Women who faced the fire LRA victim Evelyn, northern Uganda [Pic: ROBYN HUNTER]

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


‘Obote is president of atrocities’, wrote Dr. Paulo Ssemogerere

Dear Ugandans,
Below is another example of a transcript.  Like it should be, the author’s signature is missing, because that is a transcript.  It talks about the massacres by UPC government agents in areas of Mpigi in the hellish 1980s.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


The Pointlessness Of Museveni Critics

Farmer Samuel Kiwanuka thanking Museveni for the pick-up truck he donated to him and his wife

One point of concern with some of the opposition in Uganda is their triviality.  In the above picture , one Ugandan sent me a message and  observed: “BWANA OTTO SASA KUNA TOFAUTI GANI KATI YA M7 NA MFALME RONALD MUTEBI”: What is the difference between Museveni and Mutebi?  He asked.

His concern there is that YK Museveni may be competing with RM Mutebi at getting peasants to genuflect for him.  If his concern is merely that, when will he get time to be concerned with policy issues that are the real business of politics?

For example, the WHO tells us that for a human being to maintain himself in good health, he should consume 80 kgs of meat per year.  An average Ugandan consumes 3.6 kg of meat per year.  What the world health recommends for a year, a Ugandan consumes in 22 years.  Ugandans under consume meat to the tune of 2,122%.

In light of that, when we see a whole president in the picture down there spending valuable time visiting a micro-holder zero-grazing one cow, can’t a member of the opposition get an robust angle from which to take on the president regarding his vision for the nation’s agriculture?  But what is our concern?  A peasant is kneeling! Eh!

If we go with the 2,122% under-consumption of meat, the point that a serious opposition should be quarrelling about is that, instead of seeing a PPU picture of the president squandering valuable time with that peasant, we should be seeing him visiting a commercial rancher with 2,000 head of cattle, if the nation’s protein malnutrition is ever going to be addressed.  But what does UAH pick on: “Banange, a kneeling peasant!”

The same goes with milk.  WHO stipulation: 200 ltrs per year per person.  Uganda: 40 ltrs per year.  Presidential visit: small holder zero-grazing one animal.  Agricultural policy implications/concerns?  None are raised!  Opposition’s concern: “Banange, a kneeling peasant!”

Surely, why can’t someone, even a Corporal, rule Ugandans for 50 years plus a bonus?

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

EC Boss in 1980, MSM Kikira Was UPC as Badru Kiggundu is NRM

Mr Kikira, the Chairman of the EC of the 1980s was a card-bearing member of the UPC.  He had nothing to do with UPM.  It was not accidental that the UPC-dominated Military Commission chose him to hold that post.  He was a known veteran gerrymanderer and rigger, having aided the UPC in the 1963 Ankole District Coouncil election.
Recall that on 12th August 1980 AM Obote made some proposals on how to rig the elections and he specifically recommended that the EC should be chaired by a UPC sympathiser, “our old friend Kikira”.
See for yourself AM Obote’s letter.  Look at Proposal one, (c) where Kikira is mentioned.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

A clear transcript of the letter with Obote’s proposals for rigging the 1980 elections

Dear Ugandans,
Below is a clear transcript of the letter with AM Obote’s proposals for rigging the 1980 elections.  Most of those proposals were implemented to the letter:

Submitted by Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto(UAH forumist)

The above  transcript does not have AM Obote’s signature.  Why?  Because it is a transcript!
So Let me give you below a letter by Paulo Muwanga which in fact was reaffirming AM Obote’s words:  That one is not a transcript.

Submitted by Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

(UAH forumist)








1)     Uganda today and its future are so uncertain because the country is completely derailed from any viable development agenda; what is at hand are personal visions which are devoid of quantifiable and sustainable national objectives to the extent that the regime bases on perceived ‘political sense’ as opposed to economic sense, which has cultivated a very fertile ground for corruption to flourish and made the youth of the country become a time bomb as unemployment gets to record levels; with no realistic measures to counter it; while at the same time, the country has been derailed from a viable economic development path to such uncertain  destiny where the projection is the eventual stand still for the country.

2)     With all donor support since 1986 which could have helped into getting Uganda into possibly a Switzerland of Africa.  What is clear is that resources have not been well allocated and some have gone to nurture the middle class at the expense of a wider population that would be beneficiary; hence the eventual creation of a class of the super rich co – existing with paupers!

3)     The regime is interested in sub – dividing a country into smaller units which not only are a burden to the people but have disintegrated a would be unified country at a time when national coherence is more beneficial to economic development and national unity.

4)     The regime has killed institutions and hence what is at work is the Almighty Power at State House – ‘provider,’ this has promoted increased bureaucracy and inefficiency at a time when efficiency is most needed.

5)     The regime’s involvement in Regional Politics has put the country’s security at risk hence the need for an ever big defense and security budgets for the needed logistics.

6)     Unfortunately, as opposed to the history of the country, the regime has been at liberty to manipulate the 1995 Constitution using the NRM numbers in Parliament and opened up the Presidential tenure in office; which in essence is a big liability to the people of Uganda and the fruits of which are already at play for all to see;

7)     Contrary to the basic reason why NRM/A went to the bush to wage war against the Elected Government of the time; there are a number of reported cases and Court Judgments that have pointed to the NRM players as potential actors in malpractices yet when they went to bush because of an alleged stolen victory by the UPC Government.


To unite the opposition political parties; agree on a constitution to govern the operations of the Inter – Party Cooperation (IPC); and liberate the country from the NRM leadership into which the people of Uganda are enslaved and impoverished every passing day, with most having no hope for a better future, which is the driving force to see a joint effort to unseat the established government infrastructure that is milking Uganda; This through a consensus agreement on one member of the Inter – Party Cooperation (IPC) to be voted to stand per elective position in the forthcoming General Elections of 2011 throughout the country; and also elect the Inter – Party Cooperation Presidential Candidate who will not be identified as a Party Candidate, but a candidate of the Inter – Party Cooperation with the eventual government as a Government of National Unity for a period of 5 years.


1)     Induce more opposition parties to join the Inter – Party Cooperation;

2)     Review the IPC Working Documents/Policies and constitution and have them agreeable to all the parties to the cooperation with the IPC Secretariat Headed by a 3 person committee representative of IPC forces;

3)     Call for idea contribution from opposition members of the IPC at grassroots to contribute to the content of the IPC 2011 Election Manifesto to be used by every IPC candidate during campaigns;

4)     Work on the IPC Manifesto for 2011 Elections incorporating reviews of all laws that are detrimental to the development efforts of the country; endorsement of a uniform federal arrangement in the country as per the Odoki Commission findings; the eventual launch of the Manifesto;

5)     Agree on strategies for fundraising for the IPC;

6)     Work on the IPC budget and have copies of the budget disseminated to potential donors;

7)     Convince potential voters interested in seeing positive change come the 2011 to get registered; this through among other means FM Radio publicity;

8)     Get intensively interested in the operations of the Electoral Commission; the National Voters’ Register; and the actual voters hence eliminate as many ghosts as possible, as well as take extra interest in the Gazetted Polling Centres and convince Government to have the Voters’ Register displayed on the Electoral Commission website;

9)     Use all possible convincing strategy to agree on fielding one IPC candidate for each elective and appeal to unsuccessful candidates not to come up as independents for the sake of having the desired change;

10) Elect the IPC Presidential Candidate;

11) Ensure that all Party Presidential Candidates have a constituency so that they stand chance of going to Parliament after the 2011 elections.


It is absolutely important for the IPC Presidential Candidates to work as a team until all the elective positions are filled, where they should also be first be elected as IPC Parliamentary candidates to stand as Members of Parliament.  Following guidelines as agreed to for electing the joint IPC Presidential candidate, one would be elected as the flag bearer.

DRAFT BY William Kituuka

IPC ideologist at Heart


Dear Comrades,
I have been reading different versions of UPC’s President visit to Kasubi with reservation and i think this is the time to respond. It is not true that Buganda Youths attacked Dr. Otunu in the context the media reported. I know that it is their right and media freedom to report the way they want. But they forgot to highlight a few of the impaortant details prior to where they preferred to make their intros.  I was there myself and was in charge of mobilising the media. this is what i witnessed.
1. While the Media quoted the arrival time perfectly, it failed to inform the readers that Dr. Otunu ‘s convoy of more than 10 vehicles was given access to the sacred place where they parked without any obstruction despite the fact that other vehicles had parking access only outside the gate at the east end.
2. On realising that Dr. Otunu was at the site, youth and guides mobilised themselves and sung the buganda anthem for him be4 they led tour around the ravaged shrine. It took us time listening to the Buganda youth expressing anger at the demise of their Shrine. They expressed sentiments that,
” we know them, those who have destroyed the kingdom”.
” We need change and Dr. You mentioned about opposition uniting to get rid of the common enemy, we are ready and we shall fight alongside you.”
“kabaka bamuwamba, Uganda bagiwamba you said it yesterday at NBS TV,” translated to mean: the king and Uganda is held hostage.
And many many things as i recorded them and my comrade took pictures.
Some were crying while others pipped to have a grimpse at the Deplomat.
It took us about 45 minutes to go through all this experience. All along Dr. O.O was just listening and wondering about the great loss and the expressions of the energetic and concerned kingdom youth. I will not quote their names. I also have their mobile phone numbers.
3. The media failed to report that what they call chasing away and Dr. Surviving by a whisker, he had no policemen nor guards as the case with others yet he managed to stay on the site for almost one hour without any disturbance.
4. At departure and after touring the shrine, the youth who were guiding the delegation around, requested that O.O says something. At this stage the crowd had grown big. They organised themselves once again and led the Buganda anthem the second time. Dr. Joined them and clapped. at this stage as some of you saw on Televisions, everything was going on smoothly. It was only at the last stanza of the anthem that a group of Four Youths started inciting the audience to demand that Dr. adresses them in Luganda. Henry Mayega, tried to calm them down and they complied. while i rashed to the parking vehicles to bring the megafone. On my return  and as i pushed through the parked audience, i heard some men saying,
“He should not speak from here. Another one was giving orders that; “Go on; stop him from talking.”
“If they refused President Museveni to speak why should they allow UPC and even sing the anthem for him.”
They then started shouting while the audience chorused for order so that they could listen to what Dr. Otunu wanted to say.
I heard, a voice from the audience saying, ” mwagala kutulemesa naku bera namikwano, wama Dr. Yogera.” (that do you want to stop us from having friends, Dr. Go ahead and address us.”
5. The delegation then realised that it was useless to speak to the arguing audience and yet the Prime Minister, J.B Walusimbi was waiting for them, decided to withdraw and proceed to Bulange.
6. At this stage the group that was clearly stage managing the chaos moved forward and started shouting at the officials of the Party. Many Youths who recieved us confrontated them questioning their actions. They also urged Dr. to move out to avoid further chaos like what culminated into the killing of the Three kingdom youth the previous day.
7. I watched a youg man wearing a black jacket and a black cap, picking a stone and throwing it right into the rear wind screen of the Ambassador’s Land cruiser. It was horrible. Others about five of them made the noise and insulted the Ambassador. while the big audience looked on in disbelief.
8. The Media, even after witnessing all the developments published messages implying that Dr. wasn’t given a nice welcome. That he did not even stay on the site for a minute. That Buganda looks at UPC as their enemy. That Dr. Otunu was hurt and assaulted in the process. These are insults to the newly elected President of the Party and Buganda kingdom. Why should actions of a few individuals be quoted by the media as representative of the entire community? if that those actions represented the kingdom attitude how comes that the Prime Minister officially welcomed UPC? Even the following day UPC President was warmly welcomed at the Prayers conducted by the Bishop of Namirembe? I could see the former Katikiro, Dan Mulika, J.B Walusimbi and Jaberi Bidandi Ssali chatting at length before the service and after the service. I have pictures, several of them, from, Kasubi to Bulange and Namirembe.
9. After the visit Dr. proceeded to Bulanga where the Katikiro, J.B. Walusimbi was eagerly waiting to recieve UPC delegation. It was a great meeting ever between the two parties in a very long time. I could see the Amarula family led by Paddy Bitama and other Directors chat off with the famous Human rights activist and Deplomat. I heard Bitama telling Dr. Otunu to take over very soon and leave state house for him because he would be ready to take over by 2016.
10. Some journalsts moved with us but they never reported on the visit to Bulange and the welcome that was extended to the UPC delegation. Nothing was mentioned in the print media about the entertainment that we had at the Kingdom headquarter. ! Thanks to WBS, Records and NTV. they did a good job.
Comrade, Robert Kanusu

How many functioning fire hydrants are in Kampala/Uganda?


How many functioning fire hydrants are there in Kampala/Uganda? I ask because of the explanation that fire brigade trucks ran out of water to put down the fire!.Now if the trucks in Uganda must still be loaded with water all the time there is afire, then Uganda is in big trouble. So how many fire hydrants are there for use by fire trucks in case of fire? For example, how many are on parliamentary grounds, state house, Makerere University , the upcoming hostels, Mulago hospital and all other important locations in Uganda ?

That is there is no need to rush to reconstruct the Masiro as the govt wants. Politics should be totally kept out of the reconstructions efforts. Reconstruction under the lead of the Ngeye clan, remember the sequencing of events; it is burial place/masiro before it became a national and international treasures. The sequencing cannot be reversed.  The govt is not part of the Ngeye clan which is tasked with the job.

One of the things the Mmengo committee should consider includes locating fire hydrants on the ground. Also expert engineers should be consulted to explore the possibility of locating fire sprinklers within the building that automatically go on in case of a fire without violating the place. And of course smoke detectors beyond just masiro.

And does anyone know whether parliament or any Ugandan building has water sprinklers? There is no infrastructure for effective fire fighting services in Uganda period.  Think about it, what can private fire fighters do without functiong fire hydrants in the city?

Funny, Ugandans are building petrol stations everywhere even in residential areas so one shudders what could happen down the road.  Imagine what could happen if fire was to break out at Mulago and other hospitals in Uganda? Do you know any fire hydrants on the ground? What about exists?

The police has labored very hard to show that they could have put out the fire. May be. But it is only the bad carpenter  who blames his or her tools.
The police should be honest: there is no infrastructure to fight fires and should call for changes. it is not the police’s fault that Ugandans lack the imagination to plan for fire eventualities.  If Parliament was to catch fire tommorow, it will be same story: fire trucks ran out of water.  Why can’t fire firefighters simply show up with their trucks and connect their equipment on fire hydrants and do their job?  No wonder the trucks are slow yet time is of essence. You know that parking in front of a fire hydranst earns one a huge fine in civilized countries with the infrastructure to fight fires.


UAH forumist

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