March 2010

Day March 17, 2010

Museveni and his son are responsible for the two deaths at Kasubi Tombs



Kitalo nnyo. Those two people would not have died had the President not visited so soon.  That much is certain. It is terrible PR for YKM which makes matters even worse. There is a time for politics and a time for mourning. Sadly YKM’s handlers are as thick as well to realize that.Poor decision making goes back to the Kayunga debacle.

Now expect the poor Police spokeswoman to do her spin; what a tough job she has.  The spin alredy started with some folks in the media that the police fire truck was blocked and so it is not the police’s fault.

And ‘omujjega’ Ssematimba Peter(LC111 Chairman-Lubaga) shows up in such an environment.  He deserves the beating he got.In this era of the cellphone, the boda boda people who tried to chase the alleged truck that was seen moments before the fire started should have taken as many pictures as possible. It is safer to take pictures than confront the armed operatives.

UPDFsoldier shoots at people at kasubi tombs

Here is a message to President Museveni who visited so soon: learn from Watergate and you better mean what you say about investigations because rogue elements within the state could be behind the fires.  It is the cover up that eventually did in President Nixon.   The Uganda police is good at covering up crime but they better handle this one with great and I mean great care because the timing could inflict real damage.

The president is going to rue his stupidity about Kayunga because in the minds of many, what happened to Kasubi is a continuation of Kayunga. Talk about goofing. Now YKM will send mabugo to the victims of his PGB! Of dear Uganda. I am trying to come to grips with the stupidity in Uganda and that can be taxing during the best of days.  And this is not one of them.

But let me ask this question: of all the 100 plus presidential advisers, there is no one with the common sense to talk to the president or the president employs so many but listens to no one? Ok, even if he oly listens to members of his family, is there really no one with common sense or with ears to the ground to say dad or honey that is not proper?

Kasubi tombs before the fire under museveni's regime

So PGB under the command of Lt Col Muhoozi Kainerugaba escorts General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to Kasubi and when they encounter harmless youths mourning the destruction of the tombs, PGB fire and kill 2 and injures many. And then YKM goes right ahead to visit the destroyed tombs?  Bizibu.

Now, did the president’s team go through what if scenarios and prepare accordingly? For example, did they ask, what if we come across emotionally charged youths, what should we do? What if we are refused entry? What if we are  attacked by the youths etc?  How did it happen that a president who rushed to Kasubi ends up leaving two people, prossibly youths dead? How did that happen?

Is it really true that  all the 100 plus advisers are idiots/ebifure/ebiffire who have no sense of PR? Once again, this is one of those cases where the president got it wrong.Was it necessary for the president to visit now when emotions are still high? Why did not he let police investigators do their crocodile investigations before entering the scene? Why did he rush to the scene less than 24 hours? So everything had to stop because president Museveni is visiting the scene with his AK 47.

Surely, there would have been a time for going but not right now. Now if YKM can visit, the other opposition candidates too will have to visit and more lives ended.BTW, how many functioning fire trucks does Fire Brigade have?


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