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Day March 31, 2010

We will probably never know who exactly burnt down the Kasubi tombs

Joseph Musoke, who claims he burnt down the world heritage site in Kasubi.Source:Newvision

Dear Ugandans

The fact of the matter remains that since the installation of this government, there is no prominent crime that has happened in Uganda without someone getting arrested. When you go back as far as Andrew Kayiira’s murder or Mugalu or any one that got murdered in Uganda, someone ends up arrested and with in sheer days. But after that arrest several things happen, either the case does not get heard of so it simply slip away, or the jailed person dies in Luzira or some weirder thing happens. But as soon as it happens there must always be an arrest. It so seems that the government goes out there and simply picks up an innocent man and the case fades away. You see in the anger there is nothing good to hear as the murderer of Kazini has been arrested. The hype in people fades away and the story gets off the news headlines. Do you know for example where the case of Dralu sits today? But had Dralu not been arrested at that particular time, the story today would have been who murdered kazini? In fact they come back and remind you that during AMO’s government wrong doers were not being arrested this government arrests them.

And Ugandans buy that nonsense.

Edward Mulindwa

UPC rigging in Arua during the 1980 elections

Dear Ugandans,

I am pasting for you a letter from the head of the Commonwealth Observer Group to Paulo Muwanga in the 1980s.  Among other things, it raises concern about the UPC rigging in West Nile (top of page 2).  As you can see, that one is not a transcript….it carries hand-written salutations and a signature.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto



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