Look at these 17 pages.  Olara Otunnu has where to begin!

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto




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  1. Ugandan,

    Hi Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

    I have always hesistated at commenting on your posts, but with this I think you are taking your propaganda to a new level. Ambassador Dr Olara Otunnu did not in any way say that the UNLA was innocent nor did he say the NRA was guilty all he said that a commission of inquiry should be set up to set the record straight.
    Do you think you can fool any sensible Ugandan with these scanned documents of yours that you even never state the source? Who produced these documents of yours? Was he or she or the institution impartial? From these papers of yours is there any proof that the attrocities were committed by UNLA.

    Remember it is a fact that wherever NRA/UPDF has fought it has left a trail of atrocites. If they were capable of burning people alive in train wagons in Mukura, burying people alive in Acholiland. Then why can’t we also believe they committed crimes in Luwero. The most interesting part is that NRA says that the crimes committed by its officers were acts of individual irresponsible officers, then why can’t the same be said of cimes commited by UNLA?

    These same officers robbed banks during there bush war struggle and they have documented this in there various memoirs some of them even documented commiting crimes to discredit the UPC government. If wish you could also post such documents for us to read.

    If your NRA generals are innocent why are they afraid of the inquiry? Why do they use very threatening language, like we will crush you (as they almost did) against Ambassador Otunnu. Why do some like Otafire talk unsubstantiated allegations that Otunnu supported Kony. Why cant they try him in court and produce the evidence other than talking unsubstantiated rubbish.

    The unfortunate thing for you is that the peasants who can be fooled around by such scanned documents (that donot have a clearly stated source) donot have access to internet.

    Finally with all the challenges Obotes I and II faced he still did more tangible developments for Uganda than the NRM which we need to use a microscope to be able see any tangible thing they have done for the citzens of Uganda after controlling for the time they have spent in power, quality and value for money.

    We are tied of your lies. For God and My country.

  2. Walter Bongo,

    A twisted mind is a dangerous brain, we must speak the truth to empower our future generation. Please pardon me Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto I may sound naïve but can you clarify committed the following atrocities too, what about the innocent policemen/women who were murdered in cold blood in police stations and those who were manning road blocks etc what about the innocent Northern (passengers) traveling on the Gulu Highway who were killed in cold blood by land mines/ambushers planted by NRA, what about all the innocent Eastern & Northern who had settled including all UPC supporters in Luwero & Bombo and surrounding areas etc what about the bank robbers it is endless

  3. peter sampadore,

    In february 1983 a peace loving gentleman called Patrick Kibaalya of Jinja was kidnapped from his office at St James Secondary, jinja, tortured and finally executed in entebbe.

    does anyone know the people behind this and the reason for his very violent demise. a reward can be forthcoming to anyone who knows the circumstances of this man’s death if the information given leads to the conviction of those who murdered him


  4. Oketch,

    Otunnu is silent about the killings the UNLA were carrying out when they were fleeing from NRA. These guys walked on foot through Jinja, Iganga, Bugiri, Tororo, Mbale, Soroti on their way northwards. They looted, robbed people of their food, snatched chickens, ducks, turkeys for their food. They also harvested people’s food from their gardens, reminscent of Kony’s scotched earth policy. The people in the East were sleeping in the bush and could not sleep in their houses because UNLA soldiers, mainly from Acholi and Lango were carrying out vengence against them for their loss of the Kampala. They even abducted some young boys to carry their loot for a while and releasing them after a few miles. UNLA should remain discredited and it must be that they are the ones who killed the people in Luwero whose skulls were shown to the world before their mass burials. If they are not the ones who killed people in Luwero, why had they not spoken about the mass killings when they were in power through UPC? They were covering up for them to remain in power.

  5. skibaalya,

    I would like to get in touch with Peter Sampadore. My email is skibaalya@hotmail.com.


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