Museveni has done some things for Uganda despite his errors in leadership

Dear Ugandans at heart
That is the folly done by the opposition today. They do not give credit where it is due and think that the population is not watching. Yes, some roads were built in the early sixities, but not all major roads. If all major roads were constructed in the 60s, why did Mityana-Mubende-Fortportal only get tarmac under the NRM regime? Why did Karuma-Arua (over300kms) only get tarmacked under the NRM regime? Why did Busunju-Kiboga-Hoima (230kms) only get tarmacked under the NRM regime? Why did Mbarara-Ntungamo-Rukungiri only get tarmacked under the NRM regime? Why did Mbale-Tirinyi only get tarmacked under the NRM regime? Why did Kafu-Masindi only get tarmacked recently? and the question arises-which major roads were tarmacked before NRM came to power apart from the eastern route to Kenya and Tororo? Tarmac is now going up to the UG/Sudan border, Mbale-Sironko-Kapchorwa is also tarmac, Fortportal-Bundibugyo is being worked on, Gayaza-Zirobwe, Gayaza-Kalagi, Matugga-Semuto-Kapeeka are all being tarmacked. I think this poor roads thing is over hyped big time as if people are not watching! And overall, even the opposition should admit, highways are in a good condition, far better than NRM found them in 1986. The only bad roads are surprisingly in the urban areas.I am sure about my statistics, the area where you branch off the Mbale-Soroti road to Sironko, through Sironko town onwards to Kapchorwa was tarmacked between 1998 and 2000.

I did not mention the roads that were re-tarmacked soon after NRM came to power, but i think i should. Almost all roads, apart from Mbale-Soroti, Iganga-Kaliro and Jinja-Kamuli were resurfaced as soon as NRM came to power. Here i am talking about Kampala-Luwero-Karuma, Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara, Kampala-Jinja-Bugiri up to the borders, Kampala-Mityana and Kampala-Busunju and nearly those were the only tarmacked roads around-the ones that you people hype about.
I did not even tell you that even in Kampala here, tarmac was only in the city center and Kololo. Note that roads like Lugogo bypass, Mulago by-pass, Kitante road (was a potholed one way) Makerere, all those roads around Lubiri, Entebbe-Namasuba (was one way) Kampala-Bukoto-Nitnda-tarmac stopped at Kira road police station did not have tarmac! If you doubt, i will give you more examples.
They argue that tarmacking does not tatamount to constructing a road, i say they are wrong. At the moment for example, it costs sh15m to maintain a km of murram roads, however it costs sh800m to tarmac the same km. So note the difference.

Then the opposition talks about the major schools that have collapsed, and you wonder. Did students in secondary and University have better choices in the 60s and 70s than they have today? Is there a general lack of quality schools for students today? The answer is no. The NRM policy of liberalizing education has encouraged private investors to construct as many schools as possible and most of them are quality. When NRM came to power in 1986, the distance a child walked to the nearest primary school was 5kms in urban areas and 15kms in rural areas. It has reduced to just 1km in urban areas and 5kms in rural areas. There is a good spread of Universities too. For example, a university student in Gulu applies to study at Gulu University, a university student in Tororo applies to study at Busitema University, a University student in the west applies to study at Mbarara University and i am not mentioning the tens of private universities accross the country.

About schools, i will give you an example of Kisaasi were i live. The nearest secondary schools at the time were Kololo SSS and Kololo High. If one wanted, you could walk to Kawempe 10kms away also. Today, there are six top secondary schools in Kisaasi surburb alone. There are also seven top Primary schools, against 1 in 1986! what do you call that???????

The opposition have talked about how in the 70s, students at all levels were more enlightened (literally) than today. The juror is still out on that one. However, i may argue that during those days, a village did not have so many children going to school. In that case, it was difficult to draw comparisons. As early as the 80s, getting a Degree was a very big occassion in the village! Today, that has been demysfied because many people are going to school. In Mid Februrary, Kyambogo graduated and my zone in Kisaasi alone had 7 graduation parties!
The opposition have also said that government does not know what it is doing by closing UTCs and NTCs. However, what they are forgetting is that NTCs were started (they were 10) in the mid 80s to cater for two problems, one was to reduce the deficit of teachers in the country while the other was to take care of the thousands of A-level leavers who were not joining University. Remember there was only one University (Makerere) that admitted less than 2,000 students every year. Joining it was like drinking Nvinyo on the same table with God…..
However, after the opening up of more universities, many of these institutions became irrelevant. The over 30 universities in the country today can accommodate many of the students who used to do Diplomas and certificates for degree courses. These universities now pass out graduate teachers instead of Grade V (Diploma holders) .But also note that these institutions were not closed but up graded. For example, ITEK Kyambogo became a University, Busitema became a University, Masaka Technical College became a University, NTC Mubende is now a study center for Nkozi University, Unyama is also a study center for Nkozi University.
Joshua Kato
Newvision Journalist
UAH forumist


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  1. Mr. Kato:

    Anyways what did Hon. Betty Kamya say?

    Are you sure that that Mbale-Sironko road was only tarmacked recently under NRM?

    Mbale-Soroti road was tarmacked long ago, way before NRMO came into office.

    And why are bad roads surprisingly only in urban areas? What is the problem? Is too many overloaded trucks? What is it? And why are roads in rural areas in good shape? Could it be low traffic volume, thus less wear and tear? Under or properly loaded trucks? Are urban roads poorly built, poorly maintained or misused? For the record, roads in Uganda are generally poorly built. Ugandans should go to South Africa to see and hopefully learn how roads are properly built.

    Now you gave us impressive statistics. But I am curious in which urban centers did kids walk 5 kms to get to the nearest primary school? What is the circumference of most urban centers in Uganda, at least before NRM came into office?

    The point here is that you do not have to go overboard or exaggerate to make the point. One example is sufficient to make your case.


  2. Mama wayi yeh!
    Listen to Dr. Kizza Besigye now…..! Jesus Christ on a bicycle last night…….Mama wee ee!

    “…All major roads, hospitals, schools were built in five years—between 1962-67. But the NRM government that has been in power for the last 24 years has presided over the collapse of all these institutions and infrastructure in the country.”
    He said the NRM killed the railway system that made transportation of bulk goods to landlocked Uganda easy and cheap…”

    I think the sky is gonna fall. Did Betty Kamya read this one!

    Bwambuga wa Balongo

  3. Omulongo Kato

    I do not think you can understood the colonial’s statement.

    Building renovating and decoration are not the same thing my friend.

    When you say these roads were paved/black topped (tarmac) in the NRM government that is not to say they were built.

    Building a road starts from inception, feasibility study, design, construction, handover and if need be demolition. Therefore depending at what stage your government found particular projects the took over from there like any sense government but what is clear there are many projects which were on programme which have not been pushed forward for the last 20 yrs but some particular ones were pushed through. Kayunga-Galiraya Road is an example it is just gone to design stage.

    I will also point out to you that some of the design and construction of those projects has been substandard due to the corruption and politics of awarding contracts. If you look at the Gayaza-Kalagi, the alignment was so poor, the just followed the old murram road, I don’t think any design was carried out, it has sharp bends and many of them, yet in highway design the first thing you do is to reduce the bendiness of a road with regard to speed, you remember centripetal force in physics

    There is no credit to the government for paving of these roads, this government was just participating in the mafia group of Isreals. When an Israel director was in charge of the department for development of sub Saharan, there went to countries which would helep me make money. What they used to do is make a condition to the government to award contracts to particular companies where they had interests in turn they released money. What the Uganda government had to do is just to spend it, this is the reason you see many substandard design in Uganda.

    Secondly the European Union funded some schemes after its creation, in fact the maintenance of the Busia to Katona was under the European Union, this is why when many countries joined the euro from eastern Europe that money was transferred to them, thus the potholes today. therefore it not NRM policy to build roads if that was the case , they would have built schools too

    You talk of liberalizing of education, NRM never had such a policy, just look at how many schools were privately built in the early days of NRM and if this was the case how did the government help private entrepreneurs.

    The policy NRm has was in form of PTA, where the government asked parent to contribute toward the building of schools. They used to say they would give iron sheets for a completed block.

    Even after the coming of Clinton who pledged money for UPE, even though the government have claimed the credit for introducing it, yet that was Clinton’s idea when he visited a school near kalayi.

    You claim that education today is better than the 60 and 70s. Mulongo do you have any kids going to school. Do you want to tell me your child has the literacy levels like when you left school. Sometimes I wonder why politics blind fools people to an extent they loss wisdom. Everyday when results come out they are analyzed, how many UPE OR USE schools produce good grades. Do you know all government school which are still performing don’t practice UPE OR USE.

    You talk of private schools, but how many people can afford to pay the fees in these private schools? Do you know that this government closed a number of technical institutes, for example Shomoni TTC, Nazigo TTC, now how can you claim they even know what they doing yet they closed school which would have trained teachers they badly need.

    By the way do you research, you will find while as they have been an increase of secondary school, they are still few primary schools even if you count private one. The reason there is no money in primary schools.

    Of course, introduction of UPE increased those going to school but the government did not supplement that with the recruitment of teachers. They have just thought about this recently yet UPE has been around coming to over ten years. How can you say a child today with a high child teacher ratio is better than A child who had a low ratio.

    You see liberalization has advantages and disadvantages, Education and health are not sectors to liberalize and here they made a big mistake. Read some history of Britain under the Thatcher years. Those are the same polices she sold to you people and you are still following them yet Britain has had 13 years of change


  4. WBK,
    Long, Long, long time ago.

    As a kid I often traveled along those roads when going to Namalu or Moroto.

    Mbale Soroti road was already tarmaced as well as Mbale-Sironko.

    There is a possibility that those roads were even tarmaced before independence.

    Perhaps they have subsequently been resurfaced?!?!

  5. WBK,
    How would you expect Joshua to know that? All he knows he was taught at Kyakwazi. Him and Peter okelo.. their history of Uganda starts and stops at kyakwanzi.
    I met a fellow who told me that Kampala was “Built” by NRM! And this fellow is from Luwero just a few miles from Kla!
    thats the problem some of you who want to “Rule” after M7 got to contend with!

  6. Joshua,
    Now this is a great climb down from your earlier projections. You are down to Kasasi.
    What about the general national stats?
    Does this govt. have a national developmental plan? Or are these “developments” half hazard, mainly personal/private efforts?
    How do the old schools, especially primary govt aided school stand now in comparison to say 25 years ago?

    I give you an example of Kisosko primary school that once boasted of being a national renown. Pupils would come from all over the country including across the borders to study there. Today if you went would cry and castigate the managers of our country.And many more like Kamokoli, Namakwekwe, Ngangama..are in similar sorrowful state.
    What you can say and i support you is that this administration has built “Hotels”.. We can NOT deny this fact.. they “killed off ” Uganda hotels and “built their own including on roads!
    They “killed” even national icons like Shimoni for “ghost” Hotels.
    Is this how we should remember this administration? As Hotel Builders almost all of in within Kampala’s CBD( Central business district)?
    Is this the “vision” apart from that other one you mentioned of Barter trade?

    Give us the Bwino! Ask Otto to help if you overwhelmed…

  7. Omulongo, with all due respect, stop confusing people. Primary School Teachers are trained in PRIMARY TEACHERS’ COLLEGES, not University. I once worked as an Assistant Lecturer/Programmer for the PTC section in Kyambogo University. The curriculum for University Education is very different. There are many things that have gone wrong with Primary Teacher Education, but since I worked in the Department, I am not authorised to air this in an open forum. But since you are a journalist, you can make an appointment and I educate you about all this, having worked in a PTC environment and taught at University at the same time.
    Paul Ssemalulu
    Makerere University
    UAH forumist

  8. Joshua Kato

    I intended to ask you last night but I forgot. The Movement turned Iddi Amin Air Base into a bullet manufacturing industry, although Uganda does not manufacture pencils. Would you classify that to a development? And Abaami John Nsubuga and Abbey Ssemuwemba, I know you see that as a great development but I asked John Kato so give him a chance to tell me what he believes before you sing it as a sign of Uganda development under Tibahurwa.


  9. I think it is a development. You know, we have more guns to use the bullets than planes to land on the air field. Amin had selected the area because it is said to be the Central point of Uganda. He thought that if the planbes were based there, they could strike at any border point in record time, but of course times have changed and the use of the base has also changed.

  10. PAUL
    Now, you are also confused. Don`t we have primary teachers with degrees? In
    fact, at the moment, every teacher who trained under the old system is
    running back to do a degree in primary education. Kyambogo university and
    almost every other university offers it. I did not dwell so much on the
    PTCS, i dwelled on the NTCs and UTCs because very few PTCs have been phased

  11. If a government does not construct roads, schools and hospitals etc, why should it exist? That is its function. Let us not degenerate into thanking our lungs for helping us to breathe or our legs for helping us to walk.
    Jude Luggya

  12. Jude,

    The fact that the construction of roads, etc is, by definition, a governmental function does not necessarily mean that any old government can do that. Therefore, the NRM government deserves all the credit for having done what it has undeniably done.



  13. Mulongo,

    so much for CHANGE; what happened to well researched journalistic material when you work for a seemingly reputable media house? Things changed after William Pike? no jurisdiction omala gogera faaaaaa taata!

    Kitalo nnyo!

  14. Can you tell me what i have said FAAAAA!!!!!!, because the lack of any reference about what i said means that you are now attacking my personality.


  15. Mr. Kato:

    What are you trying to tell us? What is the story behind the statistics you give us?

    That NRM has done a great job of building critical infrastructure. Sure they have built some roads and allowed the private sector to build those wonderful schools in Kisaasi. Now what?

    But you did not answer the query: why are city roads so bad and urban roads-not true-so good? Is the very same NRMO which is building roads not enforcing axle standards have you ever heard of the name Mr. John Njoroge Michuki and over what? Why is NRM not maintaining its baby?

    The trouble with you-who know statistics-is that you go overboard and create contradictions for yourself.

    I do not know what Hon. Kamya said but all those folks who look to a certain era should also take not of the population growth. You can’t ignore the population explosion in Ugandan and how that is having a negative impact on service delivery. The message that ought to go out but is not being pushed is the need if not urgency for Ugandans to check their mating and reproductive habits. Also, the nostalgia bout the past is not helpful. Are some arguing that Uganda’s best days are in the past? Then why are they in politics?

    There are tow areas where you folks in the media should be pushing naye kati muzze mu lwali namely, the connection between population explosion and poor service delivery in Uganda. Say what you will, the infrastructure reached its carrying capacity ages ago.

    Two, emphasize the connection between paying taxes and having access to modernity in terms of services, infrastructure etc. There is no magic about it. Yes even with oil money-read the latest economist about Uganda’s oil.


  16. kasaija nicholas,

    josh “young” grow up and stop calling a spade a spoon. face the facts of money squandered under your “government” and what it can achieve as new in 25yrs. and compare what you say they did in that time.

    we don’t need guns en bullets. we need hospitals(well equipped), economy planning(useful), total freedom(federal), total law(independent), e.t.c, not your vague reminders how you have worked.

    stop coating p** with butter!

  17. Joshua Kato, we use the degrees in Primary education for planners and Commissioners, NOT FOR PRIMARY TEACHING. Why are are you afraid of contacting me and I give you the real set up????????


  18. Ssemalulu
    what about the rest of the forum? What is wrong with sharing with all of us
    ekitibwa kyabuganda

  19. I am not permitted to do so but you can look at the curriculum below:

  20. S.C.Masaba,

    It is wrong to say that Museveni has done nothing for Uganda. During his 24 years in power Uganda has made a lot of progress in education, infrastructure such as roads and, of course, in demystifying the gun and cutting the soldiers in size. Uganda is now a freer country than ever before.
    However, Museveni has overstayed and he has all the signs of tiredness, both physically and mentally. Rather than adding to his good record, he is now extracting the pluses and heaping the minuses.
    Corruption has overtaken every aspect of our society and the thieves have become too bold for the president to handle.
    The more he stays in power the more the country will continue to deteriorate.

  21. munabuddu,

    Maybe he has done some good but over staying in power has over shadowed most of his good deeds, corrupution, nepotism. There is no transparent and we can’t even get a straight answer about the oil deal, the old Presidential Jet sold but no money to show off also bad planning,like destroying all the cooprative unions, demolishing schools to build hotels, concentrating everything in Kampala. As if the country is only in Kyadondo. Imagine a president acting like a CEO with no managers, the man is every where, like he has no (20-70) ministers, one wonders what they do? Imagine Obama closing Fox News because they abused him? The problem is bad governance and not having Uganda at heart because if he was a real Ugandan, I don’t think he would do those things: selling land to foreigners, making deals in the State House for maybe 10% God knows why, persuing to buy Jet Fighters when hospitals lack medicine. You want to have a united East Africa but you are busy armying yourself to the teeth. You have ruled the country for almost 1/4 of a century and you think you are setting a good example for East African Future leaders? Look around your neighborhood, they have elections and some have retired Presidents enjoying life. Where did we go wrong dear Ugandans?

  22. Buryahika,

    The errors you refer to Museveni committed out weight the good things. Its like giving birth to a child and kill it. Museveni was a hero to many but now all that is gone to waste because he is dictator.

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