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Day April 18, 2010

Opposition should boycott elections

Produced by John Nsubuga(UAH forumist)


That remains my official stand, by going into this election you make Museveni a very democratic man.This  election is not about creating a difference in Uganda but to confirm the crumbs falling off the table of Museveni to the opposition. If the entire opposition today declares that this election is going to be useless so we are out of it, they lose the parliamentary seats and they lose the direct and indirect incomes from Uganda Government. How will Wafula Ogutu survive without the branch of FDC? How will Dr Kiiza Besigye survive without the branch of Uganda government? And these are real straight questions. I have spent many man-hours in UAH telling you that we need to find out the source of income of our politicians before we elect them, and you laughed at me calling me a man that is discriminating all BodaBoda operators from the presidency. And today you are stuck in the very scenario I have been preaching to you on a daily basis. Uganda has failed to have an effective opposition for it is employed by Uganda government. Dr Kiiza Besigye’s wife has a job thanks to Museveni. Norbert Mao’s wife has a job thanks to YoweriMuseveni. Buganda has a Kingdom thanks to Yoweri Museveni. Now Toro has a King thanks to Yoweri Museveni. Museveni delivers each and every thing from the air Besigye breathes into his nose to the air Wafulla Ogutu breathes out of his nose.

Uganda opposition needs Museveni more than he needs it, and these days he even got the Olara Otunu caviar that moved from New York to go and join the growing democracy in Uganda which allows him to campaign freely. You allowed your selves to be encircled by this man from your selves kneeling before him for you have seen the face of Ssabassajja to Wafula Ogutu that eats from FDC. And this circus is going to be culminated by the coming election which will reinstate the Movement to power, then you will have four loose cannons running around Kampala pubs. Dr  Kiiza Besigye a leader of the then losing FDC and Olara Otunu the leader of the then losing UPC with Ssabassajja Mutebi a looser of Federalism and Norbert Mao that will lose as well in DP. Now realize one important thing, that as these politicians eat the crumbs from Museveni’s table, no one of them will be stepping to parliament for they will all not be elected as MPs. So who is Magulunyondo in Uganda, is it Ssabassajja Mutebi or Yoweri Kaguta T. Museveni?

Removing a government of Museveni out of power must be multifaceted, the opposition does the home part, Ugandans in Diaspora in forums as UAH do their part, but let you never ignore the influence of the foreign support of the Movement. And my fear in Ssemuwemba’s notice is that he is failing to recognize the importance of foreign governments in building Museveni. If the opposition refuses to stand today, Museveni will yes win that election but he will be singled out as a straight dictator. And that can do a much larger damage to this government than Dr Kiiza Besigye crying  tears with a white hand kerchief all day all night on Television screens. Let us remember that last election was justified as a democratic election for a very single reason, Besigye was arrested released and allowed to compete. But even if look at past elections, if FDC has been complaining about vote rigging, after the election, why do you even join the one you already know it will be rigged? Does that add up to you?

It all comes from one problem. Ugandans demand for change but they don’t invest into that change, they cannot understand that one plus one always must equal to two. When I call for an evaluation of politicians income they do not want that till when the Wafulla Oguttus become suckers of money from the system and sit comfortably.  It is that investment to the future why I took the stand on appointing Olara Oluru from a Nairobi hotel, for we know it is going to fire back at a later time. But Ugandans failed to realize my stand and turned it into EM supports MP Jimmy Akena than Olara Otunu. I challenge any one to post where I stated that I support or want MP Jimmy Akena to stand and lead the party. I have stood against the system UPC used in Uganda and we all must stand and condemn it, that it was wrong no matter who was chosen. UPC does not choose its leaders from a Nairobi hotel but in a delegates conference created right from the parish level. And Olara Otunu did not use it.

We are moving one step forward but when we elect Olara Otunu from a Nairobi hotel it moves us five steps backwards.

Edward Mulindwa


Dear Ugandans,
Our president, has said “Mbu” we should not make lies in this country. “Mbu” it is tantamount to a criminal offence, and a sin too. “In other words, stating publicly that a python has no legs could land you in jail, for it has some hidden internally. Jimmy’s offence was bigger. He shamelessly walked into the town of Lira, told the unsuspecting people there that, his had superseded Monsieur Sivrac’s first bicycle invention, and that the days of manual peddling were over. Naturally, the Langies got exited.

He told them that he was going to need lots of litters of crude waragi, therefore encouraged them to invest into making it available. Mr Mulindwa, I have credible evidence that 73% of house holds in Lira hanged up their hoes, and resorted to brewing Waragi. Men, women and children alike.

The granaries dried up, shambas become bushes, and when the third generation of bicycles (Akenic”) never came, they decided to gallop the waragi down their throats them selves. Instead of the Waragi fuelling wheels, it took over from the medulla oblongata. But you see, we already had a serious problem in Lira. These people are accomplished producers of the super crude Gin, “Lira-Lira”, and they consume it as if their lives super depend on it. And not only did James accelerate an already worse situation, he indirectly ensured that it remained worse to the power of two. All for what?….votes!!
John Nsubuga
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