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Day April 20, 2010

Why FDC is fielding a candidate against Nambooze in Mukono North

The last  New Vision opinion poll was sham and empty. How come it never gave any more details?  Why was Museveni missing? Why was Mao assessed as IPC when his Party has not yet joined  the alliance? What was the motive or goal of that poll?
Let me also take this opportunity to say something about FDC putting up a candidate against  Betty Nambooze.FDC is a legal institution, a body corporate in the business of politics. It is  in there for gains, to maximize its profits  and grow through talking and  making  political deals.
Many senior FDC leaders including myself  have a soft spot for Betty because we believe she is good  political leader. At the same time we  are governed  by  the Party  policy decisions. So far, neither DP  nor Betty has  seen  it as necessary to talk to FDC. To negotiate.
Sometime back DP’s Dr Lulume  now MP for Buikwe  north did come and talk to us. We negotiated and agreed to withdraw our candidate.The Party  then asked Dr. KB to go and campaign for Lulume.He did and we won.
So how do we proceed with the Betty case? How does FDC gain if on its own  initiative it simply leaves a free ground for her. Tufunira wa? Remember there is 2011.FDC  has successfully defended  two Parliamentary seats in by-elections, Bugweri and Mbale and won Kasese from NRM.We have not lost any seat held to  another Party
I do not think that DP is hostile to FDC. Perhaps they are a bit scared of it. They think it swallow  them or take their support.  I wonder why it should be that easy if they  too are organizing and spreading their wings. Why can’t they take also  FDC support?In Buganda  which is  the stronghold of DP,(I do not see it anywhere else so far)  the Party has got many strong leaders  but less support while FDC has more support in the region but less strong leaders. So DP will definitely benefit more from IPC which will mobilize  support for their candidates.
FDC does not wish DP any death.FDC is not “skimming”  (scheming?) to take any advantage of DP conflicts.Why should it? On the contrary FDC wants to see  DP as a strong partner in the struggle to liberate the country from the clawns of a cabal of looters.

Our bit of worry is from the looks of things, DP  is spending more energy consuming itself up and may not be ready for the  battles with the looters as we move to 2011.

IPC is an organization that was negotiated  by four Parties for two years and signed off at two public  meetings.  It is not a gentlemen’s club.Signing in public  was  to ensure  public commitment and seriousness.

It is strange that DP expects  member Parties to abandon the signed protocol guidelines which include how new members can apply and  join but instead engage in negotiations  with it. That might be a bit dificult .It will  be easier for DP to be admitted  first and then ask for amendments  as a member. A non-member can not ask for reforms of an  organization they do not belong to. It is that simple.

Political Parties  are formed to compete,win power and govern states. That is their strategic goal. Sometimes they  might suceed  alone, sometimes they need to make alliances to achieve what they want. They do not form alliances because they are weak but beacuse the voters have a different formula.
In the past DP has engaged in secret unprincipled alliances that were not even signed off thanks to the calibre of their  leaders then.This has however,continued to haunt the Party. IPC is a totally different ball game. If FDC took the  Big Brother attitude you are pushing for DP and UPC, there would be no IPC. Yes, the member Parties differ in strengths but they are all valuable in  their own ways.One by one makes a bundle. Votes or a seat from one constituency  can make a real difference to the national total .
Have  you ever asked yourself why DP has failed to win power for a good 50 years?

We are aware  that some of the people who  voted for Dr KB were not necessarily FDC.But they did  it for various reasons. Can  they vote for him again? Yes. Why ? Because he is still  the best weapon they have so far. And remember by 2006 FDC was only one  year old ,hardly known throughout the country . The situation is totally different.We have sold the Party countrywide and greatly improved on our fortunes . There is no doubt that FDC will get much more votes,  MPs  and District leaders than they did in 2006.

At Najja we have solid info that there  are sections of  Opposition in various Parties who are talking,listening  and falling prey to Museveni tricks  and promises of forming a government of National unity with them.Museveni’s aim is to destroy IPC. That is why it is not surprising to us  to see that IPC is attacked more by sections of the  opposition than by NRM . Indeed  it seems to them IPC is now the  “enemy” not NRM. Usual elite Opportunism.

Wafula Ogutu

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