Why FDC is fielding a candidate against Nambooze in Mukono North

The last  New Vision opinion poll was sham and empty. How come it never gave any more details?  Why was Museveni missing? Why was Mao assessed as IPC when his Party has not yet joined  the alliance? What was the motive or goal of that poll?
Let me also take this opportunity to say something about FDC putting up a candidate against  Betty Nambooze.FDC is a legal institution, a body corporate in the business of politics. It is  in there for gains, to maximize its profits  and grow through talking and  making  political deals.
Many senior FDC leaders including myself  have a soft spot for Betty because we believe she is good  political leader. At the same time we  are governed  by  the Party  policy decisions. So far, neither DP  nor Betty has  seen  it as necessary to talk to FDC. To negotiate.
Sometime back DP’s Dr Lulume  now MP for Buikwe  north did come and talk to us. We negotiated and agreed to withdraw our candidate.The Party  then asked Dr. KB to go and campaign for Lulume.He did and we won.
So how do we proceed with the Betty case? How does FDC gain if on its own  initiative it simply leaves a free ground for her. Tufunira wa? Remember there is 2011.FDC  has successfully defended  two Parliamentary seats in by-elections, Bugweri and Mbale and won Kasese from NRM.We have not lost any seat held to  another Party
I do not think that DP is hostile to FDC. Perhaps they are a bit scared of it. They think it swallow  them or take their support.  I wonder why it should be that easy if they  too are organizing and spreading their wings. Why can’t they take also  FDC support?In Buganda  which is  the stronghold of DP,(I do not see it anywhere else so far)  the Party has got many strong leaders  but less support while FDC has more support in the region but less strong leaders. So DP will definitely benefit more from IPC which will mobilize  support for their candidates.
FDC does not wish DP any death.FDC is not “skimming”  (scheming?) to take any advantage of DP conflicts.Why should it? On the contrary FDC wants to see  DP as a strong partner in the struggle to liberate the country from the clawns of a cabal of looters.

Our bit of worry is from the looks of things, DP  is spending more energy consuming itself up and may not be ready for the  battles with the looters as we move to 2011.

IPC is an organization that was negotiated  by four Parties for two years and signed off at two public  meetings.  It is not a gentlemen’s club.Signing in public  was  to ensure  public commitment and seriousness.

It is strange that DP expects  member Parties to abandon the signed protocol guidelines which include how new members can apply and  join but instead engage in negotiations  with it. That might be a bit dificult .It will  be easier for DP to be admitted  first and then ask for amendments  as a member. A non-member can not ask for reforms of an  organization they do not belong to. It is that simple.

Political Parties  are formed to compete,win power and govern states. That is their strategic goal. Sometimes they  might suceed  alone, sometimes they need to make alliances to achieve what they want. They do not form alliances because they are weak but beacuse the voters have a different formula.
In the past DP has engaged in secret unprincipled alliances that were not even signed off thanks to the calibre of their  leaders then.This has however,continued to haunt the Party. IPC is a totally different ball game. If FDC took the  Big Brother attitude you are pushing for DP and UPC, there would be no IPC. Yes, the member Parties differ in strengths but they are all valuable in  their own ways.One by one makes a bundle. Votes or a seat from one constituency  can make a real difference to the national total .
Have  you ever asked yourself why DP has failed to win power for a good 50 years?

We are aware  that some of the people who  voted for Dr KB were not necessarily FDC.But they did  it for various reasons. Can  they vote for him again? Yes. Why ? Because he is still  the best weapon they have so far. And remember by 2006 FDC was only one  year old ,hardly known throughout the country . The situation is totally different.We have sold the Party countrywide and greatly improved on our fortunes . There is no doubt that FDC will get much more votes,  MPs  and District leaders than they did in 2006.

At Najja we have solid info that there  are sections of  Opposition in various Parties who are talking,listening  and falling prey to Museveni tricks  and promises of forming a government of National unity with them.Museveni’s aim is to destroy IPC. That is why it is not surprising to us  to see that IPC is attacked more by sections of the  opposition than by NRM . Indeed  it seems to them IPC is now the  “enemy” not NRM. Usual elite Opportunism.

Wafula Ogutu


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  1. After Nambooze’s pending struggle with FDC in Mukono for MP position, can anybody entrust Kabaka and Buganda’s security to FDC should Besigye ever become Uganda’s president? Today’s Besigye is a Museveni of 1986. Besigye is disguising himself through IPC now as Museveni tricked DP in 1986. Going with Besigye will be like jumping from the frying pan into fire. People, we should learn from our past mistakes. What we have started to see in Mukono should act as an eye opener for future disappointment from FDC’s Besigye if he ever becomes a president.
    ronald ssenyonjo

  2. Lukubira (who???) can ready himself for a bloody nose, hands down! FDC are a headless chicken as far as the IPC tontabalaanga mikago is concerned! They are always spoiling the vote then come out with cries of ‘votes were rigged’! Besides Kamuntu’s petition against Kivenjinja, whats their record petitions won versus DP’s? Please… we give credit where it is due!

    That aside, this is finally Nambooze Kireke’s time to shine; even the gods can see this daughter of the land has toiled and made pacts with the ghosts of land over this parliamentary seat and may God grant her her wish!
    All resources, forces, persons of goodwill, manpower and ubuntu shall rally to campaign for her! There will be blood shed, am sure the mp is flexing muscles as well as the kiboko squqd training in their gyms but this is Nambooze’s to win and well FDC can either stand behind her or against her and help DP justify its stand against the IPC.

    Ku lwa katonda n’ensi yaffe!

  3. To all,

    First of all FDC is not Kizza Besigye, As to sending a candidate to contest against Nambooze, that is a bitter fact. I support Nambooze with all my heart and would like to see her in parliament soon. However, co-operation is not based on assumptions, if Nambooze is a candidate and would like to get the support from the rest of the opposition parties, then let her initiate the negotiations so that a deal is cut not only for Mukono but for the rest of the country. In other words we would like to see Nambooze pushing for the joining of the IPC or else we should keep on spoiling for each other.

    The Problem with DP is that they underestimate the weakness of a particular party candidate in areas where DP perceives her self as strong. DP lost Kyandodo north which was on a silver plate, lost Lubaga as well due to the same mistake.

    In the struggle to get lead of Museveni and his NRM, arrogance and pride should be the last thing to employ or else Museveni and his bandits will rule and thieve this country for another 20 years.

    I rest my case

    Jude m

  4. I used to be a hunter in my youthful days. Chasing animals of all types in the low grazing lands of Ngoma. However, my father told me one day that ‘Before you insult a Rhino, make sure that there is a tree to run to near by’ In this case, Nambooze is the Rhino in Mukono and these other ones are trying to harness her tuff. Because of her oratory skills, she has the means to sway the fortunes of FDC, not only in Mukono but also in Buganda region. The FDC mind you is very thin on the ground in Buganda-with no particular vote winning personality to write home about, especially after the departure of Beti O Kamya. Instead of ‘fighting’ Nambooze-they MUST be harnessing her to their side or else they may have no where to hide on Buganda-very soon.

  5. Jica,

    What are you talking about really? FDC is an independent party, and has every right to field a candidate in this country called Uganda. That right can however be waved if the party has a special agreement/understanding with other people/political parties/organisations etc…. We have no special agreement with DP whatsoever; in any case these people are hostile to us.

    Why do you want us to spread a walkover carpet for an enemy?



  6. John
    I thought you people had a common enemy and by not cooperating, the enemy may be the beneficiary.
    You see some of these things should be down in the spirit of opposition and cooperation, there should be a paper, which one must have signed.
    It quite clear Betty is popular in the constituency, it point less for FDC to stand by her in the court and then put a challenger on her. I think we need to reward our freedom fighter, Betty is not a person any sensible opposition party would be putting a challenger. Betty started fighting for multiparty democracy before even those trying to make a path hard ever thought of one day they would live the NRM.
    It is quite clear now that some people have no democratic and nationalist wisdom at all. This is the reason we don’t need this IPC thing, let everyone fight for their life, how can IPC matter for the presidential elections and does not matter for MPs. Selfish bunch of people, always thinking about themselves, not even for the good of the country.

  7. But Isaac, the moment DP excludes its self from IPC, or any bilateral talks with FDC, they automatically become our competitors, and that invites what you see happening now. Now why is it a crime when we filed a candidate in Mukono? Next time, let them also field a candidate in norther Uganda where we’re strong. If you do not want us in Mukono, then you politely talk to us, or you join the IPC. There is no shotcut.

    If you say we’re antagonistic, then lets see when FDC will field its candidate against an IPC member any where in the country with out a special agreement.


  8. You may have missed the last opinion polls. Otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking that you are stronger in the north. If the north is where you are hinging your hopes, you are FINISHED.

    Paul Njoki

  9. Guys,
    Let’s go slow on this. There must be an explanation from the FDC party
    officials.Yes, it’s within FDC’s rights to field their own candidate in
    Mukono North or anywhere there is a DP candidate but Beti Nambooze is a
    special case which should be supported by all Ugandans regardless of
    their political affiliations. She totally deserves it. Let’s wait for
    Wafula Oguttu’s explanation before rip anybody’s head off. I’m sure it’s
    some kind of a mixup or something.

    How i wish to hear from Mukyala Nambooze herefelf about this! She last
    participated on this forum the day the Kasubi tombs were burnt with a
    ‘GUTUSINZE SSABASAJJA’ statement, and that was it.


  10. Abbey, why is Nambooze a special case? This is one of the complexities
    of this IPC that needs to be sorted out, and sorted out soon.
    Personally, I really wish Beti Nambooze well, and I hope she wins,
    because, I believe she is very competent.
    Okiya, Richard Peter (R.P.)

  11. Richard,
    There is nothing wrong with the IPC.However, some candidates like Nambooze are officially in DP but supportive of the IPC or any ‘special cooperation’ with all opposition parties. So the IPC needs to look at them in a special ‘unofficial’ way.

    As for why she is a special case, you have just answered it yourself when you wrote:’I believe she is very competent.’.She has been in hell several times while fighting for the opposition and Buganda ‘government’. That makes her special in my book. So FDC need to tread on this very carefully. Nambooze should be FDC’s ‘special guest’ and friend in Mukono North. That candidate on FDC ticket MUST withdraw and rally behind Nambooze.


  12. Mr. Semuwemba,

    What gives FDC the right to dictate to the other parties? You are
    spoilers in all those elections enumerated by Mr. Kato.

    Why can’t you show some maturity living to the level of forward
    thinking you think you have attained?

    Where you are weak, admit it, let DP in this case Nambooze eat her
    cake. Must you throw dung in this election too?


  13. hat is how it started in Kalungu East sometime last year. Until then, Mukasa Mbidde (the DP candidate) was a more prolific candidate to take on NRM`s Lule Mawiya. However, at the last moment, FDC put up a candidate, giving Mawiya an edge over Mbidde, since the opposition were sharing votes and attention.

    In Kyadondo North Constituency, DP had the most powerful opposition candidate in Madam Regina Bakitte, against NRM`s Robert Kasule Ssebunya, however FDC decided to put a spin in the works to bring in a 27 year old Paulyne Namatovu-the results of that vote are known.

    Then in Rubaga Division, DP again had the most powerful opposition candidate Moses Makumbi, but like in the previous two races, FDC put up Madam Ssebugwawo to run against him, giving NRM`s Ssematimba a very big edge.

    So as the time boils up to the elections in Mukono North, the DP candidate should not underlook these FDC actions because on the sidelines, the NRM is not sleeping too.

  14. Joshua,
    In yours below, you are trying to portray FDC as ‘spoilers’ when it comes to DP but you are forgetting one thing: FDC does not have any special cooperative arrangement with DP at all. If DP want to avoid all this, they should either join IPC or come up with a special arrangement with FDC. Short of that, FDC or any other party under IPC will continue to field candidates where nonmembers of IPC have got a candidate.

    DP are bring arrogant to think that everybody in Buganda is supporting them.If that was the case, FDC will not be ‘spoiling’ their votes. FDC is a new party which is also recruiting members everywhere in the country. Therefore, it would be a let down if they(FDC) dont keep in touch with their support base by not fielding candidates in all parts of the country, particulalry where there is nothing officially to stop them.

    The current DP executive needs to assess this situation very quickly. FDC have several times invited them to sit on the same table with them but DP remains arrogant that they can do it alone. Like Salaamu Musumba said:’ let them go to hell’.


  15. Theseus,

    Who is dictating to who in this case,if we are being realistic? The one who does not want to have a ‘special cooperation’ or the one who wants it? FDC are not ‘spoliers’ but they are following their strategic plan which is: field candidates all over the country with the cooperation of members of IPC. DP is not a member of IPC. So they have got no right to point fingers at anybody.

    Regarding Nambooze, i have already said that she is a ‘special case’ and therefore i request the FDC officials to ask their candidate to rally behind Nambooze. Rallying behind Nambooze does not mean that this young man(FDC) should be fazed out completely. No No no no! It means that Nambooze should walk around in her campaigns with this young man because he is the future after Nambooze. FDC have recruited a lot of young men who should be encouraged to replace the veteran politicians.


  16. I used to be a hunter in my youthful days. Chasing animals of all types in the low grazing lands of Ngoma. However, my father told me one day that ‘Before you insult a Rhino, make sure that there is a tree to run to near by’ In this case, Nambooze is the Rhino in Mukono and these other ones are trying to harness her tuff. Because of her oratory skills, she has the means to sway the fortunes of FDC, not only in Mukono but also in Buganda region. The FDC mind you is very thin on the ground in Buganda-with no particular vote winning personality to write home about, especially after the departure of Beti O Kamya. Instead of ‘fighting’ Nambooze-they MUST be harnessing her to their side or else they may have no where to hide on Buganda-very soon.

    Kato Joshua

  17. Joshua,
    We should not debate this issue as ‘Nambooze Vs FDC’ please, because im sure that is not the case. Like i have already said, Nambooze should be supported by all Ugandans who have got Uganda at heart. She is special and we love her in our hearts. She has earned our love. Even some NRMs are supporting her secretly.

    About Buganda region being pro-DP, that is a totally wrong assessment, because if this was the case then DP should not be crying about FDC spoilers. FDC has been on a recruitment drive around the country and it will continue to do so as a party. This strategy is not limited in only other parts of the country but Buganda too. That is why we hope that there would be more Namboozes in future in Buganda because of this recruitment drive. Nambooze did not come from mars to be what she is today. More Namboozes are coming up and this can only be good for the country.

    I dont want to talk about Beti Kamya this time because she is a nuisance. My tongue is ‘itching’ to say a lot to her face but as a well brought up Muganda man, i was taught to first calm down before opening up my mouth.

    Byebyo mukwano gwange


  18. It is not that DP does not want to have a special cooperation. They were actually the leading supporters of Besigye in 2001. At that time, almost the entire DP team apart from ‘comedian’ Francis Bwengye supported Besigye. At the time, Besigye largely banked on the DP structures, since he did not have his own to run the campaign. So in that election, whatever Besigye got, DP had lots of credit on it. However, what angered DP was that they were given very little credit by Reform Agenda during this cooperation. At the end of the day, many of their supporters-including the likes of Ogenga Latigo and Odonga Otto did not ‘return’ to DP, but stayed with Reform Agenda which later metamorphised into FDC. DP learnt their lessons at the time.

    Even in the elections that i have enumerated
    kato joshua

  19. Joshua,
    In otherwords, what you are saying is that DP have had cooperations with other parties in the past such that some of their members ended up being swallowed by their partners or other political forces.So they(DP) want no more. You should not quote this only in relation to Besigye,afterall, Museveni was the first to benefit from DP cooperation and thereafter taking their members:first in the 1980s when the ‘third force’ was formed; and in 1986 when he had just come to power and formed the so called broadbased government.

    That said, i think losing members to other parties is a natural political process which every party must be ready for, whether there is any form of partnership or not. DP can still lose its members without necessarily joining the IPC particulaly if they continue bickering on internal leadership. Besides, a party only loses members if its deemed weaker politically.People will always look for a way out of a car stuck in traffic. It’s part of human nature. So it is imperative that DP look at the bigger picture right now by joing the IPC as soon as possible as a way of helping Ugandans to get their country back into the right hands.

    Okilaba munange!


  20. Bwana Waf,
    The same vision opinion poll gave Besigye an overall lead and you didn’t come out to condemn it then. Why should it be a sham today when we highlight the fact that it gave Mao an upper hand in the north that you thought or still think was/is yours? Now if you actually read what was published in the New Vision about that poll (I believe you did hence your conclusion that it was a sham), it was not about IPC, it was about opposition politicians. It was for that reason that the likes of Akena and Bidandi Ssali got to be part of poll. They are not leaders of parties that form the IPC.

    About FDC fielding a candidate in Mukono, I’m glad we are now getting it from the spokesperson of FDC. It is therefore the official position of FDC. Let FDC support its candidate and we count the votes after they are cast.

    The higher a baboon climbs, the more it exposes its buttocks.

    Paul Njoki

  21. kk,

    wafula you realy think FDC has more surporters than DP at this time? your are dreamer!
    people, know from to date that FDC and NRM have the same motives. keep your eyes open, know what you want and how to get it with out strings.this is the time! don’t be woed by commedy like besigyes CID surmorn afew days to FDC polls, and more to come.
    before voting any lier to lead you, get proof that they are to lead you on your plans and terms.

  22. edward,

    you guys , these DP,UPC ,FDC,CPand the rest of the IPC parties are all faighting one enemy which is NRM / YKM . so why don’t we put our resources together as the opposition and raid of these rats come 2011 then after we win the elections we can all go back to our parties . belive me all these parties will never have the freedom to organise as long Museveni is in power .
    FE ABAGANDA we have to work neven hard because this man wants to distroy buganda .we can’t give him an other five yrs

  23. Pilipo Oruni,

    Mr. Wafula Ogutu

    Thank you for your comments. It has become quite clear to me and I believe to many others that inter party cooperation, now organised in a quasi organisational structure but with full- blown capacity to field a presidential candidate for the 2011 presidential elections is a serious diversion for genuine political parties. It is thus sending confused messages to the electorates at the grassroots. On the one hand there is the message about fielding a single presidential candidate on behalf of all opposition parties to stand against president Museveni. On the other hand in constituency elections the parties are to function independently and to compete against each other and the NRMO.

    It is true that the NRMO has dealt savage blows to political parties over the years with its draconian powers. To all democratic minded Ugandans however, the political future of the country has to be one whereby power is attained through political parties competing freely and fairly at national and local elections. Political parties such as DP and UPC therefore need to rebuild their structures at the grassroots and connect with the ordinary voter who is yearning for change.

    The removal of the NRMO and president Museveni from power through defeat at the 2011 elections would be positive. However, this has to come through the galvanising effect of a bottom up electoral consensus whereby the voters through universal suffrage are the sole source of mandate. The IPC is effectively an electoral college which has no grassroots connection but nevertheless proposes to choose a presidential candidate to represent all political parties to run against the NRMO. Through this intention to cut off the ordinary voters from having a direct say in who should run for president, the IPC has aligned itself to political needs and convenience of the few elites at the top while ignoring the principle source of power, the ordinary electorate. The use of electoral college to choose a presidential candidate is not bad in itself; as evidenced from the US system, and through our own political parties delegates conferences, however the electoral college has to be aggregated through a process of direct grassroots participation. The IPC seeks to cut out the grassroots.

    Hon. Mao has come forward with a bold compromise for two joint opposition presidential candidates chosen directly by the universal electorate. I believe that this is the MINIMUM IRREDUCIBLE condition for DP to take part in the IPC joint presidential candidate proposal. It is also a fair and democratic proposal.


    Pilipo Oruni

  24. Wafula Ogutu,


    You might not know. But the truth is that IPC was in a way forced on us by the voters throughout the country.The grassroots dictated through their pattern of voting and actual demands that we give them joint oppostion candidates.

    During the 2006 elections, some of them abandoned Ssebaana and Miria for example and voted for Besigye. In by-elections where we have given them one opposition candidate , we have won. They are quite pragmatic in their quest for a change.

    It is not true that we shall have a joint Candidate only at Presidential level. Not at all. We shall have joint candidates at all levels right from LC 1 to President. But at each level the chosen candidate will stand under his or her Party flag, colours and symbol while the rest of member Parties will support and campaign for the win. We considered using “universal electorate” to elect joint candidates but abandoned it because of costs.
    Funds permitting we shall also use opinion polls to gauge the popularity of candidates .

    Right from the start, IPC has encouraged member Parties to go down to the grassroots to build and strengthen their structures so that they bring strengths to IPC not weaknesses. Some have tried more than others.

    It is these structures of member Parties that are going to work as
    grass roots for IPC. It is these structures that are going to assemble in their localities and elect the joint candidates.

    Tell me how the strong DP will be disadvantaged by this arrangement .

    We all like to see full blosoming of multipartysm in our country.But we are also aware that that is not possible unless we collectively pull together and remove the big log lying across our way. Only when the log is safely removed shall we regain the freedom to move freely, independently and at the speed each Party wants. Not now.
    I have not heard of Mao’s two joint candidates proposal. What does it mean exactly? I know that during the IPC negotiation talks for the second protocol , a suggestion to have a Presidential running mate was eventually rejected for good reasons.


  25. Mr. Wafula Ogutu

    Bingo! The cat is out of the bag.

    You wrote:

    “It is not true that we shall have a joint Candidate only at Presidential level. Not at all. We shall have joint candidates at all levels right from LC 1 to President”.

    What clearer evidence to stifle and kill political parties and prolong the career of political elites do we need? I am sorry, Mr. Ogutu DP will never be a party to this most reckless and dangerous machinations.


    Pilipo Oruni

    Njoki please kindly forward this to Hon. Mao

  26. Pilipo,
    There is no cat out of any bag. All I am doing is to restate what is in the Second Protocol which I published on thiS forum in its entirity soon after the public signing.
    God bless you and DP. It is your freedom,your choice that you should not allow any body to take away against your will.But you still have a very long way to go.
    All the best .


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