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Day April 22, 2010

The letter below from the Atiak LC3 in 2005 explains causes of death in the North

Note:Further reading about IDP camps and death can be found at the link below:


Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

Are the ‘Westerners’ dominating the public service jobs under M7?

Dear Ugandans at heart,
1/5 Yesterday i was referred to the question of 35% of the jobs “going to the west” as being one of the serious debates that I have avoided because my business is unserious debates.  In fact, I did not participate in that debate at all particularly because I found it idle and inattentive to critical detail.
2/5 First, that debate was premised on the logical fallacy of false categories.  There are two categories here that many of you chose to conflate: “the West” and “Westerners”.  You are mixing the ethnicity with geography just as if the two completely are interchangeable.  To highlight the lack of confluence between ethnicity and geography, while the population of central region is about 27% of the national population, Baganda are only about 16%, yet many of us insist on conflating “Central” with Baganda”.  Infact, Baganda constitute only about 54.9% of the population of Buganda.  A large majority of the remainder are actually westerners.  Arguably, if all the westerners in all regions were put together, they would come close to the Mbaguta figure.
3/5 Unfortunately for that “serious” debate of yours, while the 35% jobs you were referring to as having “gone to the west” are actually jobs occupied by people who are ethnically “Westerners” (i.e., Banyankore/Bakiga/Banyarwanda/Batoro/Bakonzo/Bamba/Basongora/Bagungu/Banyoro/Bachope), not all those people come from the west.
4/5 You may know that over and above the home counties peopled largely by the Baganda, Buganda also includes territories that are inhabited by non-Baganda such as the “Westerners”.  For example, the districts of Lyantonde, Rakai and Sembabule are inhabited largely by Banyankore and anything up to 40% of Masaka are Banyarwanda.  However, when it comes to classifying individuals from Buganda we deploy the ethnic lens.  Accordingly, a job occupied by a General Tinyefuza who hails from from central region will be classified as “gone to the West”.  So will a job occupied by Sam Kutesa.  Jobs occupied by many Banyarwanda in Masaka and Buwekula are not looked at as being jobs for Central region, but as “jobs gone to the West”, so are the jobs occupied by Banyoro whose home is Buwekula.  Buganda has MPs like Claver Mutuluza who is a Munyarwanda but when his job is classified, it “goes to the west”.  I am sure that a certain Muhororo cabinet minister/MP of Nakawa, who happens to be ethnically a “Westerner” has his job classified as one for the West.  That is wrong.
5/5 So, the computation of proportions of job holders is based on a false denominator, that of the population of regions, while the numerator is ethnicity.  If I had raised that basic issue of arithmetic, you would have simply dismissed me as a “musiru kale” who cannot integrate and differentiate, and do calculus.  The irony though is that, when you move out of engineering and go to medicine, “calculus” means a hardened concretion like what can be found in the gut following chronic constipation.  Deriving a quotient from a numerator that is unconnected to a denominator is intellectual constipation, hence your 35% tribal calculus.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto

Note:The list, submitted by public service minister, Prisca Seezi Mbaguta, showed that of the 751 senior posts, the western region has 260, central 187, eastern 183 and northern 121. But the list left out the top officers in security agencies.

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