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Day April 23, 2010

FDC promises to cut taxes if they win 2011 elections

Dear Ugandans at heart,

Let me assure you all  that FDC will  surely cut taxes and fight corruption.Give tax  holidays  to companies that create a certain  agreed number of jobs. Pay higher wages to the lower ranks in public service. Bring more people under the tax brackets by using low taxes and better social services.

Yes, It  is all thought  out.It is not cheap politics.It is real. We shall make a contract with the people of Uganda and give them  a timeframe for every thing promised.We have analysed the budget for  a number of years.We know how much is stolen by NRM leaders annually. It is now about $1billion. Just plugging the theft holes will leave a lot of money in the public coffers for services and development. NRM LEADERS CAN NEVER STOP STEALLING THIS MONEY.NEVER, BECAUSE THEN THE REGIME WILL COLLAPSE. IT IS BUILT ON CORRUPTION.

Low taxes  and increased wages will mean more savings and more investiments, more consumption and more production, therefore more jobs and more stability .

Many Ugandans seem to be stuck in the moribund Musevenomics of formalised corruption, silly  economic experiments, handouts and patronage benefiting mainly those to keep their regime alive, the so-called middle class who do not produce but steal and accumulate primitively.

Please know that ours  will be an economy centred on the ordinary person, putting more money in his pocket, improving his welfare, giving him  production skills, creating jobs for his children, improving on his food quality and health, availaing him farm inputs, seeds and tools, guaranteeing market and stable prices for his produce thru setting up strateguc  food stores to stock when they is a glunt and sell when there is a shortage.
It is not an obssesion. It is economics.We shall  definitely cut taxes on basic necessities for ordinary people, on salt, soap  sugar, paraffin, matches, hoes  textiles,(even on beer so that cheap fake waragi does not kill so many).Yes, compared to their incomes, ordinary Ugandans are surley  inderectly overtaxed thru these items plus on transport due to high taxes (almost shs 1,000 per litre of petrol for example).
WE shall also focus  more on local investors.They will enjoy incetives, easy access to cheap long term loans and generous tax breaks on  jobs created. It is Ugandans who will develop Uganda not those fake investors of Museveni. He prefers them because he fears RICH  Ugandans as they could oppose him more effectively.
Taxes come from production and consumption of goods and services.That is the key. Have a beer of Shs 1,000 and sell a billion bottles  and collect  shs 200b taxes at shs 200 instead of at shs 2,500 and sell  300,000 bottles collecting 150billion at shs500 taxes.

Wafula Oguttu

FDC spokesperson

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