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Day April 27, 2010

Donate New And Used electronic voice and image recording equipment to IPC

Dear Ugandans,

Over the last couple of months Ms.Anne Mugisha has been asking friends on Facebook and other social media to support the democratic cause in Uganda by providing used and new electronic voice and image recording equipment to record events during campaigns leading up to Uganda’s 2011 elections. The response has been encouraging but mostly in pledges rather than in actual equipment.

Any type of camcorder

Opposition campaigners will be most grateful to receive these simple items that can make a huge difference in protecting the rights of those who may be victims of abuse during violent campaign times in Uganda.

The IPC activists intend to use this equipment /new technologies and social networking networks like Twitter, YouTube and Face book to convey voices and images from the grassroots that would never be covered by the mainstream media. This will most especially be beneficial to Ugandans abroad who wish to know what exactly transpires in the elections back home.

Laptops will be handy for recording data

IPC needs all the material and financial support they can get to implement a successful communication program in a hostile political environment. They cannot achieve their goals without your donations.

I also recently opened up an account with Halifax Bank to see if we can help the IPC with some money but so far nobody has contributed anything into it apart from me. The account has only got £100 from me towards this cause but there is still time if you want to contribute something. More details about this can be found at the following link: https://ugandansatheart.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/donate-to-the-2011-ipc-campaign-now/

Every little bit helps and therefore we are asking you to support the IPC cause by contributing towards the purchase of the following equipment or donating them yourselves to Anne Mugisha: camera cell phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital audio recorders and digital cameras.

Digital camera will help in taking pictures which U will never see in newspapers

Please write a USD check to: ANNE MUGISHA BWOMEZI. I will provide you with her address once you are ready to send the cheque or the items.

Alternatively, you can directly email Anne Mugisha at: anne@fdcuganda.org if you need further clarification.

Thank you for your donation.


Abbey Semuwemba


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