Museveni’s orders to arrest CHOGM thieves is just a show for the Donors

Queen of England while attending CHOGM in Kampala

Dear people,

Museveni’s directive to arrest whoever is implicated in the CHOGM scandal as reported in the Daily Monitor:

, may be meant to bring everybody severely mentioned in the scam into compliance.

Do you remember that in the first 5 years of NRA government, there was a newsletter financed by statehouse by the names Uganda Confidential which was more less a tabloid publication? Its’ agenda was to smear all those potential opponents of Museveni so that the public could not wish to identify with them.

The so called proprietor of this newsletter who, most of us knew as a Spy from the start kept on running roughshod with government ministers and would be sued for libel. All the cases he was sued for, he lost and all the court awarded charges he duly paid. Do you believe that newsletter which sold fewer than 5000 copies per month generated enough revenue to meet all those costs? Kyeye exactly knew where his money came from. After achieving the purpose for which it was started,Teddy Sseezi Cheeye was officially given a job where one wondered whether he was qualified for.

Cheeye is escorted to the cells after he was convicted and sentenced to 28 years in prison at the High Court(Source:Newvision)

That is how Mr Museveni’s mind works. He wants total compliance and allegiance from his followers so he has to wield the stick now, knowing very well that at the end of the stick is a withered carrot.

Professor Gilbert Bukenya has not yet lost his sale by date and so it will not directly affect him. Ofcourse there will be open show of magnamity from the Emperor and business will continue as usual. The International Community will have been made to believe the man has zero tolerance for corruption. Once the foreign disbursements start flowing some of the collateral damage will be brought back through another of the many loopholes Museveni and Museveni alone knows.

So, do not count your chickens yet! There is only a threat about a hen wanting to lay eggs, which might never be.


Kipenji Owur


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  1. Joy,

    Owur you are definately entittled to your opinion but the Presidents remark about arresting the Chogm thieves is no show for any is a directive,the concerned organs should do their job,no one is above the law and whoever is found guilty will indeed face the law.Let PAC complete its report,then when the guilty are not penalised accordingly we shall confirm the validity of your statement,so for now stop speculating.

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