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Day May 13, 2010

DP-Mao Have Betrayed Ugandans Big Time By Snubbing the IPC

Mao and Museveni share a moment in Gulu in 2006

Dear Ugandans,

With due respect , if we really have Uganda at heart rather being self-seekers we should have been looking at the situation in Uganda right from the bottom to the top and no otherwise. I and you do really agree that the situation in Uganda is critical at the moment; however, we sadly fail to agree on how to remedy it.  Why? It is simply because of two grounds namely a) cupidity and b) mistrust.

As regards those points noted above, most people are simply struggling to get the key not because they care so much about what is going on in Uganda, but rather to unfairly enrich themselves the very way others have done previously. Some people advance their point that before these parties can think of anything about cooperation that they individually have to first sell their policies to the electorates, the very way it has happened in UK.  They are true about it, however, recall that the political environs in the UK is no similar to that of Uganda.  Further recall that these very same parties had the opportunity to do the previous elections that is 1996, 2001and 2006, however, the results were worse than one would have ever imagined.  How much did either DP or UPC achieve other than splitting the votes which would have helped a joint opposition to achieve something viable?

Truth be told, this is not about interparty cooperation hurdles but rather grudges against some personalities especially in FDC and its leadership. I am pretty sure that many people have grudges not only about FDC but also its leaders like Besigye , Muntu and others for a mere reason that they worked with NRM/A which toppled down UPC govt. People like bwana Joseph Ochieno openly opposed cooperation between UPC and FDC/IPC, however, thanks to his failure to sail through as a party president that learned men like bwana Otunnu didn’t use bwana Ochieno’s lens to see things the same way.

Further, those who don’t fall in the UPC category above which hate FDC mainly because of its involvement with NRM/A to remove UPC gov’t from power, are self seekers who harbour unreasonable fears of being used by FDC if IPC were to get the key. Again, these are the people, especially the bwana Mao faction which believe that they can do the senator Obama miracle, a miracle which is unlikely to happen during general M7’s era given the difference between the political environs of the two countries.

If it was really in the interest of the country as they claim, bwana Ssebaana would have pulled out of the race in the previous elections and back the strongest co-opponent when he realised that his journey was full of many impenetrable hinders.  So would Mama Maria have done, but wapi.  But why?

 This whole sad tragedy brings me to the conclusion that perhaps we better allow General  Museveni to rule Uganda till he drops dead since we have failed to join hands because we are all simply suspicious of each other. Or how would Uganda have been today if people like bwana Besigye did continue to work with NRM to this day?  Did he make a right decision to defect or not?  Would some people be pleased to receive bwana Ochora in UPC tomorrow if he changed his mind or they will simply deny him entrance due to his association with NRM, in other words, guilty by association?

Conclusively, other than telling us about selling policies, which obviously has failed thrice, the anti-IPC should give us reasonable grounds why they think IPC is no necessary. Otherwise, I see no reason whatsoever why we should waste our time criticizing NRM administration yet we fail cooperate and tell him off with a single and strong voice.

Robert Ssenkindu


UAH forumist

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