DP-Mao Have Betrayed Ugandans Big Time By Snubbing the IPC

Mao and Museveni share a moment in Gulu in 2006

Dear Ugandans,

With due respect , if we really have Uganda at heart rather being self-seekers we should have been looking at the situation in Uganda right from the bottom to the top and no otherwise. I and you do really agree that the situation in Uganda is critical at the moment; however, we sadly fail to agree on how to remedy it.  Why? It is simply because of two grounds namely a) cupidity and b) mistrust.

As regards those points noted above, most people are simply struggling to get the key not because they care so much about what is going on in Uganda, but rather to unfairly enrich themselves the very way others have done previously. Some people advance their point that before these parties can think of anything about cooperation that they individually have to first sell their policies to the electorates, the very way it has happened in UK.  They are true about it, however, recall that the political environs in the UK is no similar to that of Uganda.  Further recall that these very same parties had the opportunity to do the previous elections that is 1996, 2001and 2006, however, the results were worse than one would have ever imagined.  How much did either DP or UPC achieve other than splitting the votes which would have helped a joint opposition to achieve something viable?

Truth be told, this is not about interparty cooperation hurdles but rather grudges against some personalities especially in FDC and its leadership. I am pretty sure that many people have grudges not only about FDC but also its leaders like Besigye , Muntu and others for a mere reason that they worked with NRM/A which toppled down UPC govt. People like bwana Joseph Ochieno openly opposed cooperation between UPC and FDC/IPC, however, thanks to his failure to sail through as a party president that learned men like bwana Otunnu didn’t use bwana Ochieno’s lens to see things the same way.

Further, those who don’t fall in the UPC category above which hate FDC mainly because of its involvement with NRM/A to remove UPC gov’t from power, are self seekers who harbour unreasonable fears of being used by FDC if IPC were to get the key. Again, these are the people, especially the bwana Mao faction which believe that they can do the senator Obama miracle, a miracle which is unlikely to happen during general M7’s era given the difference between the political environs of the two countries.

If it was really in the interest of the country as they claim, bwana Ssebaana would have pulled out of the race in the previous elections and back the strongest co-opponent when he realised that his journey was full of many impenetrable hinders.  So would Mama Maria have done, but wapi.  But why?

 This whole sad tragedy brings me to the conclusion that perhaps we better allow General  Museveni to rule Uganda till he drops dead since we have failed to join hands because we are all simply suspicious of each other. Or how would Uganda have been today if people like bwana Besigye did continue to work with NRM to this day?  Did he make a right decision to defect or not?  Would some people be pleased to receive bwana Ochora in UPC tomorrow if he changed his mind or they will simply deny him entrance due to his association with NRM, in other words, guilty by association?

Conclusively, other than telling us about selling policies, which obviously has failed thrice, the anti-IPC should give us reasonable grounds why they think IPC is no necessary. Otherwise, I see no reason whatsoever why we should waste our time criticizing NRM administration yet we fail cooperate and tell him off with a single and strong voice.

Robert Ssenkindu


UAH forumist


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  1. Muso.,

    I support the position the DP has taken to refuse to join the inter party coalition IPC. While we want a change and we all want Museveni gone, it should not be the sole objective. we should know that there is life after Museveni and the IPC has not defined it. I have been looking forward to what FDC stands for – the principles, the manifesto.Nothing. I watched with fascination the Convervative/LibDem coalition and they were standing on their feet- they had to compromise in some way – about immigration, taxation, etc etc. Very mature.

    History is a god teacher. let us not be led into similar traps. Remember:
    1. KY/UPC coalition whose sole aim was to remove benedicto Kiwanuka, a Mukopi Muganda who had rebelled against our Kabaka Mutesa II by standing when the Kabaka has given orders for all Baganda not to. The common aim was to remove Kiwakuna. See where it landed us! The prime minister Obote was for Unified Uganda while for us the baganda…we wanted we had our own expectations. the rest is history.

    2. the same last interparty coalitions were not strong…they just helped to submerge and weaken our party.

    if we really do want to nurture and revamp DP, this is the time to start. We can stand on our own, other tha helping Besigye to come to power.
    3. Why should we help usher in Besigye who may turn out to be another Museveni? How different are they? How did they fall apart? thye have the same ideology, Besigye having been too close to M7 – a personal doctor who became too close and poached on the forbidden fruit. he is a man driven by emotion and not reason. What else does he stand for?

    4. if we were sure that he would agree to our own Mao leading the interparty, then we would say YES. but we would have to thrash out issues where we agree and where we do not and eve find some commonground. Otherwise, a BIG NO

    I salute you. Truth and Justice will prevail.


  2. Godfrey Sekisonge,


    During the National Delegates Conference sitting in Mbale in February 18th to 21st, 2010, delegates in principle supported cooperation of opposition parties. Consequently, they mandated the National Executive Committee to take a decision on Inter Party Co-operation (IPC) provided that such cooperation does not compromise the identity and long term interests of the Democratic Party (DP).

    Given the spirit of the National Delegates Conference, and cognizant of the fact that past alliances have not served to strengthen but have instead weakened the party, and aware that the present leadership has embarked on rebuilding the party and rejuvenating party structures, the National Executive Committee of the Party sitting at J & M Hotel – Bwebajja, critically examined the IPC protocol and decided that the Democratic Party will not join the IPC in its current form.

    While the protocol addresses two major but different issues, that is the single Presidential candidate and co-operation at lower level elections, it rigidly binds parties to the two issues without an option. The Democratic Party position is that the protocol should allow flexibility while dealing with both issues in which case parties should have the option of both or any of the two issues. It is therefore our considered opinion that in its current shape the IPC is a rigid contraption in need of major surgery if it is to meet the aspirations of Ugandans for genuine change.

    Ugandans need a genuine choice in the Presidential elections. The Democratic Party will field its candidate for the presidency and urges other opposition parties to do the same. The wide choice will offer Ugandans an opportunity to make their choice.

    A single presidential candidate comes with serious vulnerabilities and is in our view a tactical blunder that will make it easier for the Museveni regime to out-maneuver the united opposition. In the current context putting our eggs in one basket in the Presidential elections will simplify the ruling NRM’s work as it struggles to cling to power.

    Should no single candidate secure the mandatory 50+% of the vote, then all other opposition candidates should rally behind the most popular opposition candidate in the second round. In this situation the voters would have determined which opposition candidate is most suitable to carry the flag of the united opposition in the presidential race.

    In the event that the opposition candidate wins the elections, the successful candidate and his or her party shall constitute a government of national unity comprising the cooperating parties. The program of action of the government of national unity shall be agreed upon before the second round of the general elections. The Democratic Party commits to forming a Government of National Unity and will invite other opposition parties to be part of a Democratic Party-led government.

    Based on a study undertaken by the Democratic Party on the performance of Parliamentary candidates and Local Council candidates in the previous elections, there is statistical evidence that at those levels given the localized nature of the elections, cooperation among opposition parties will allow opposition parties to do better at those respective levels. The Democratic Party is willing to discuss with the other opposition parties the viability of fielding joint candidates for parliament and local councils. The details of this can be discussed further.

    The Democratic Party still believes that cooperation on pertinent national issues such as electoral reforms, accountability, constitutional reform, human rights and a minimum program of action for the post-NRM government should be continued and enhanced.
    The decisions reached by the National Executive Committee will be tabled for consideration before a meeting of the National Council of the party to be convened soon.

    Done at Bwebajja this 13th day of May, 2010.

    Al Hajji Mohammed Baswari Kezaala


    Hon. Mathias Nsubuga, MP


  3. Benjamin Zaake Buganga,

    The Democratic Party commits to forming a Government of National Unity and will invite other opposition parties to be part of a Democratic Party-led government.”
    Heheeheeeheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! In summary, what Mr. Mao is saying in effect is that it is either him at the top of the IPC or remains the big chief of his own DP faction that is still likely to garner only 1.4 % of the national vote come 2011! An extraordinarily ambitious young man indeed!!! Hey, good luck to you, Mr. Mao!!!!!

  4. George O. Pacu-Otto,

    My friends,

    But the DP formed a “national unity government” with the Okellos after they overthrew the UPC government in 1985. Previous to that, they had placed their member and spy, the Rwandan refugee Yoweri Museveni inside the UPC. Yoweri Museveni succeeded in fomenting intrigue in the UPC in his role as a deep penetration agent. His intrigues eventually led to the overthrow of the UPC government by the fascist dictator Idi Amin in 1971. In 1986, when the Rwandan refugee Yoweri Museveni, aided and abetted by a gang of vicious terrorists who had been been voraciously, relentlessly and mercilessly murdering the people of Luwero for five years overthrew the comical Okello regime, the DP once again entered a “national unity government ” with Museveni. Mr Semogerere is on regard as being the common harlot who spent the longest time in Museveni’s bed until he was thrown out with ignominy.

    Therefore the question I ask is, what sort of “unity government” will Mao form? Is he just doing the dictator’s bidding? His wife spends time, takes tea and eats dinner with Musveni at the state house. Mr Mao himself has been seen and reported in the press as palling and serenading with Museveni in public. So what sort of Unity government can he deliver, even assumimg that he has good intentions? As a faction leader who is badly tainted by his notorious association with Museveni, what Unity government can Mao deliver?

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  5. Owor Kipenji,

    Mr Okello:
    Lets accept that this is not politicsof “Kupigana” but rather “Kupingana”.
    That said,Mr Mao and Mr Museveni are leaders,one of a political party and
    the other of both Party and the State of Uganda.
    They are not Pariahs unless you have in your own way declared them so.
    They need to exhibit civility so that the citizenry follow suit.
    James Gordon Brown,the former British PM never saw David Cameron as a non
    Mtukuffu Rais Moi who was even pelted while handing over power never saw
    the NARC leaders as not fit to govern Kenya.
    Lastly between 1981 and 1986/7,Alhajji Akbar Adoko Nekyon was in self imposed
    exile somewhere around Nairobi,Kenya.Did you know that his better half was being
    looked after for most of the time by then former President the late Dr AM Obote(RIP)?
    Yet Alhajji Akbar Adoko Nekyon was a self declared DP member.
    What is the lesson in all this? That we should look at politics as politics and not a life
    and death issues based on the “All or None “law.
    Mao is a very young man who needs better guidance rather than lumping him with all
    the warts and wounds that you and me grew in.

  6. Nyar Nyar'Onyango,

    Ladit Kipenji,

    Those two were brothers – and not just cousins in the english manner. So you can’t just compare the two sides of the story here. Families hold together, except for those who let stupidity guide them before sense comes (if at all)…


  7. KI LUTS,


    Nrm must be celebrating for this good news.The only winners in this in NRM AND IN FOOTBALL we say DP has made a nice pas to NRM.
    It is very annoying to see that these DP guys cannot see that they cannot win on their own.The record are there for the past 3 elections ,they have been getting less 2% of the vote.Now they are so full of themselves and think they can win.i dont know where they get the confidence but i know they cannot even protect their votes in Rukungiri because they have no structures and in this harch enevironment that agents work in,I CAN TELL YOU NO DP agent is going to risk his life in western Uganda to protect Mao`xs votes.

    The only way to Thorw out this regime is to unite and we get rid of the common enemy.Anyway,voters are not stupid and they will decide,They always know who has a better chance to win an election.They say,they fear to lose theit supporters but they can do nothing about it.Nrm is full of Former DPs and do u think they are coming back.That is a silly execuse.Myself Iam DP if I got a chance would not vote for Dp.I WILL VOTE FOR united party,I have started to beleive that may Dp ARE SPOILERS AND THIS Mao guy is a mole after all.
    Because I cannot believe that some people cannot see that Nrm with stae machinery at their disposal cannot be defeated by a single party.

    Anyway,our iflated egos a in Uganda are the cause of all this.People cannot surfcrifice for the sake of the nation.

  8. abbey semuwemba,

    If this is true then the gloves are off. All those who support a united opposition should start ‘boxing’ Mao and Museveni into a corner without any mercy. It’s now Mao and Museveni Vs Dr.Besigye and Dr.Otunu. Let the campaigns begin now. No more time wasting. IPC should summarise whatever they are doing in Nairobi and get back on the road.



    POLL:Who should be the joint opposition presidential candidate in 2011?


    Let us reserve our comments and carefully watch this Mao. His cover will be removed and we will surely know what he is up to.

    He asked for a chance and he was given the same. Now let us watch him. It is too early to make conclusions about this new block.

    Time is gonna judge him. Let us keep watching from a distance. I’m just feeling sorry for people in DP who have worked so hard to keep/ maintain their integrity in the dangerous political climate of Uganda. Let me hope that they will not get hurt by the suspicious / selfish ambitions of certain people.

  10. Geovan Bbaale,

    What Mao decided was not personal but it was by NEC so please if you just attack him without first analysing this decision ,you may be mistaken.By the way IPC is dominated by one party everyone knows this,and what such coalitions led to DP is known even by a baby , so Mao’s stand is OK for us who support our party, and non-supporters, whatever you say is expected. So as DP we shall not support the coalition,and remember in a coalition when you miss the position of presidency, just know that at local councils you will have lost interest,and it will even confuse the voters on whom to vote at local level,so pliz first revise this before voters are confused.

  11. Mao is confused as how Ssebane confused as.Dp its aparty which will never allow ugandan people to rebulid our nation.See many people who have crossed to NRM have been DP members So i ask my fellow ugs to look for the party which can remove the ruling NRM coz our nation is to be sold.Am a DP member

  12. Mayiko Makula,

    Those who know Uganda’s history can tell you that Mao is more like Obote trying to be the good boy; when he first became the prime minister of Uganda. Obote himself said that when he saw the Kabaka sign that he was going to be that kind of President with ceremonial powers, he knew…that The Kabaka was finished.

    Obote knew that he was the political force with this newly acquired prime ministry powers as crafted by the British and with the army, he will be the commander in Chief.

    When Mao became the President of DP, what did you expect? that he was going to join the IPC where he is not going to be the flag bearer? or that he was going to support the IPC simply because he is a new comer? or the Secretary to IPC…No way.

    Mao would like to be the head and if given the chance…. become the flag bearer of IPC like Obote did with the merging of Kabaka Yekka with his party, or at least Mao can be geared to earn a title of a presidential aspirant and may be, gain some political capital by being one of those who ever stood for presidency in Uganda and lost thru rigging,

    Mao could measure the drapes in so many ways as he adds his voice to those who were ripped off the presidency…,

    1. In Mao’s political mind, loosing to rigged system like the one of m7 and his rotten mafioso party is a plus not a minus. He is calculating well with the discredited nrm way of ruling, corruption and rigging of the vote, Mao will join the kraal of those people who can mow with evidence that m7 stole their votes.

    Another group in Northern Uganda will believe him more that they have belived Dr Besigye as some think to this day that it was a kiwani between the two aspirants to stand and one wins. You never know how things may turn out.

    2. Knowing the History of UPC, it is evident UPC is not coming back so soon, its like yesterday that upc was here… and the culculative know that very well, Mao can count on the people in the north who want power back, the UPC population over there will surely vote for him as they have voted for FDC before, Mao is a plus for those who have voted for FDC without any presidential success how about the son of the soil in what is seen as a sister party to their own upc, I dont think either than Mao has any strife with Olara Otunnu, their sisterhood as of now may make more sense than with any other party?

    3. Mao will move a few steps forward as he gains respect for running a clean campaign, he has nothing against m7 apart from cleaning the voter registry, leveling the electoral grounds and demading a few reforms which m7 will never agree upon, and therefore handing m7 a rope to discredit himself for rigging the vote and using cowardice methods to cling to power.

    4. If things go south or even north, Mao could join the table very quickly on his own terms without much strife, and the post that he will be given to him will be much more secured than the one Ssemwogere had when he was the one who legitimising Obote’s govt in parliament during those suspiscious days of Panda gari, Obote’s rigged electons and hand picked PK Semwogerere, history may echo itself this time in form of M7-Mao.

    It was said that Kawenkeni Obote assigned gunmen day and night to safe guard Ssemwogere with or without his knowledge so that he was not killed by any mistake, For if Kawanga was killed by those gangs like Fronasa; Obote would have gone down sooner than later. When Obote woke up every morning he had to be assured with a bottle of whisky and that P.K Sssemwogerere was still alive and well in Rubaga.

    5. Mao is reading Obote’s scripts carefully while avoiding to replicate Obote’s tricks, but thru an alliance Obote was re-introduced to Uganda, Mao is choosing the opposite that still walks the same road to the political pondents in Uganda and thus to the Main table.
    Either way both m7 and the opposition will treat him well, as he has chosen himself to stand in the gap/neutral that either of them can call on him to balance the politics. He has refused to announce the enemy.

    6. Mao has nothing much to loose., but to wait as others loose hope, time and run out of tricks to defeat m7, while on the other hand hand m7 is fast loosing credibility after credibility as his mafia group runs into faul trouble with the political basketball dwindling in their bossoms. It may be time to look at the daring opposition or call for timeout in form of calling to those of Mao to buy time as they try to regain some credibility.

    7. Guess what? Mao becomes the last man standing without strife but to label him as a mole who refused to join the IPC, but m7 may need him as an example to talk about as Obote needed his friend Ssemwogere, the difference will be that this time it will be on Mao’s terms

    And for the obove subject; UPC can now try to see DP as a sister Party

    Those who still hope of UPC rising again may as well start seeing DP with Mao as a sister party to UPC and go ahead to vote DP with Mao as the flag bearer in a muted alliance, may be Mao will help to legitimise UPC with time and re-invent UPC’s wheels, re-paint its taited record and with Mao’s blessings if he ever becomes president of the republic of Uganda, he may help with re-instating the term limits as the political waves resunates with the opposition.

    UPC be may bounce back after many rounds of rotation with term limits. People may change, politicians may rotate nicely and people may now want to see how UPC may behave in power if its not Kony.

    Though after 23 years without change for any better that when m7 first came around in 1986; And with the so empty promises that we shall have a fundamental change under the now distator m7. We may as well now easily say that, M7 is the stumbling block to democracy in our mother Uganda. So help us GOD.

  13. obargot,

    Let me tell you something.

    Now that DP-Mao is not in the IPC, Mao is not worth voting for at this material time. Voting for Mao would mean cementing Mu7’s rule one way or another. For, 1) DP cannot win the presidency; 2) DP-Mao will enter alliance with NRA-M-O after the election to keep Mu7 in power.

    In fact, by refusing to join IPC DP is scheming and keeping in line with their philosphy of supporting Luwero war! So, there is nothing new in there. DP is simply struggling to keep Mu7 in power. Very simple equation actually.

    This election is about removing Mu7 from power. And therefore people need to vote strategically. They cannot throw their votes in the garbage. Voting for DP means exactly that because the party cannot win on its own!


  14. Mayiko Makula,

    I wanted some one else to say that,
    Its true DP cannot win elections its present state, without flaunting its commanders, Obotes asked the million shillings question and m7 can as well ask the damn question again.

    The muted alliance will be between Mao & the usual supect on an individual person to person because of the back hand politics of m7-the dictator, divide and rule like Obote. When m7 was monitoring closely who was going to be…he heard that Mao was voted the president of DP, m7 couldnt wait to count the votes as eggs before they hatched his hands are now twitching to count the drapes. M7 was as glad as those days when Obote heard that The KAbaka MUteesa II had agreed to be the ceremonial president… he was certain that ekyo Kiwedde….

    You have heard how m7 is now meeting CBS radio employees secretly behind closed doors as they own CBS, thats how he is going to deal with Mao, I hear m7 and Janet Kataha have exclusive rights to access Mao’s wife, and the way to Mao’s brains and stomach is possibly thru his wife.

    If the trick works, m7 will be laughing all the way to the ballot box (Ogu ni Mao Mumundekyere). m7 will flaunt Mao to the remaining opposition and the International community at large while responding quite well to Hilary Clinton up to Barack Obama that he has a legitimate opposition to support his win. Mao will be assured that he will not be forgotten, Mafia style and will be offered a deal that he cannot refuse.

    If Mao is looking for money he may never work again in his entire life, your guess is as good as mine…(Bribery in the offing) and he will be protected by those squads you already know of…day and night the way Kawanga Ssemwogere was protected by Obote’s soldiers.
    Mao has forgotten so quickly that the common denominator is to oust the dictator and other businesses next; the west will just look on as moles crop left right and center to legitimise the dictator’s land slide win as the country dwindles as in the case where a bribery of a mere 5 million shs was thrown in the air to whoever votes to remove the term limits,

    It was actually passed in parliament no joke term limits were removed and thats where we are still, no change…the reason given by our intellectuals…no cause. And to be reminded that when term limits are out of the window, No one, I repeat..no one will ever win elections when an incumbent still craves for the power. Ggwe bwobeera ggwe? This is the only time I side with the dictator, just on principal..you accepted the bribe deal with with it.

  15. JOHN LEMA,

    The DP you once knew of double faced people is over and this is a new err of they live by principles not just dictation or manupilation. Thats why all the double faced and corrupt back stubbers see Mao as a challenge and one that has blocked their way of eating enguzi.
    As I have said you will hate and guess what ojakukakana. For your days of kitu kidogo is over and move on.

    John Lema.

  16. Mayiko Makula,

    Well I dont know yet how to agree with you, Mistakes were made in DP and we do not want to diagnise what the intention was in making those mistakes, however DP was passed down… now in Mao’s hands, he may choose to do what he wants, but not without repurcussions, the question is Mao direction first not with DP, he can be voted out so fast, Obote made his mistakes where is UPC now?

    Can we now say that nrm is the measure of good governance, simply because its in power and voted so many times back in power that its legitimate or that it does not have double faced people you are refering to or that its not laying any traps for its oppposition which Mao may calendestinely fall prey of?

    The DP you are now talking about has no clear face at this time and was passed down by those same people you call backstabbers/kitu kidogo, DP is not public service as a party you have to carry their values and then take on their tasks to become one of them I believe

    Mao can fall prey to the double faced at any time in politics at any side of the isle…the last time I heard Mao on m7 was all praises to the nrm’s achievememnts as if they out weigh the non achievements. I like Mao to succeed but at this time around he is behaving like Obote would have and giving m7 a free ride by trying to be nutral, if thats the path he has opted for, so let it be…But I still think he would have stood as an independent candidate, why did he have to come to DP which has its principals outlined?

  17. Jeff Wadulo,

    Dear Folks,

    A few of my thoughts on this subject.

    While i respect DP’s position not to join the IPC at the moment, I have doubts about their analysis on thinking that a coalition candidate may be easy to defeat. Question is what happens if the opposition vote is split and actually NRM wins with a simple majority and therefore no need for a re-run? I think using the principle of belief is a better gamble than doubt, DP is getting it wrong again this time. Twenty four (24) years of NRM rule is to many to afford such a gamble especially with very little time remaining to coalesce the opposition vote. It is a sign of a disorganized opposition and disappointed voters may choose to vote NRM if they don’t see clear leadership in the opposition. The writing on the wall is clear that most people including our development partners want change in Uganda and are going to look at what the opposition can offer in order to gain their support.

    I remember that during the guild camapigns to have Mao elected, we faced a similar scenario, and Mao knows this very well, when Vuba one of the contenders refused to ally with the opposition while Mayombo was running neck to neck with Mao and this almost cost Mao an election. It is our group in Livingstone Hall then that forced a coalition among the voters while the leaders had failed to agree. Eventually Mao won the election. Vuba even refused to join the Mao Administration at some point.

    Has DP collectively thought about what is at stake for the people of Uganda? Can DP single handed beat the NRM? What has been the DP’s overall performance in the history of Ugandan elections? Have they also asked their voters at the grassroots what they want or this is a hotel decision of the leaders?


    DP, and Mr. Mao, do not play the spoiler game where all of you will end up on the loser side. Remember that our people are still fearful in making the right choices and given a chance they may vote for stability even when they remain poor.

    I remember at some point on this forum I said that the three opposition candidates Mao, Ottunu and Besigye, using the first letters in their names will either be a MOB if disorganized and therefore will be had for supper by the NRM or can be a BOM if they stand together and do not let power get into their heads before they get it. DP, the ball is in your court and do not say we didn’t tell you!


    Working for a Better World!

  18. jeniffer Biri,

    You see Allan, DP efiire(is dead) they will never, ever be ready to win at any one time. From Kijja, Oruni, Mao – man, they always postpone success just like any other loser.DP is a loser. Yafaa ne’ Benedicto Kiwanuka.It is hard to imagine that DP can be resurrected by the northeners when its matrimonial bed has been fornicated into by the sinful Baganda DPs such as Kawanga, Cardinal Nsubuga, etc. No hope for DP.

    DP alliance with NRM is still OK for you, so no need to succeed or take over from yourselves, come 2011. Andi f it is true that Mao’s mother is coming from Isingiro- Mbarara district, the hub of rwandese/hima, the chances that she may be related ethnically to the ruling class of uganda would be high unless otherwise. This would make Mao compromised because it would be hard for him to antagonize with maternal uncles(kojja) and so whether he is bribed by NRM or not, he must pay that bit of natural allegiance to his elders. Mao like Bidandi Sali are not the type of men one would want fot a leader let alone husband.


    Mao’s alleged biological father challenged the DP leader for a DNA test claiming that a soldier from the North was posted to Mbarara and took his pregnant girlfriend. The girlfriend is Mao’s mother and the soldier is the alleged father of Mao. It could be true that both Mao’s parents are from Ankole and the kid had an Acholi upbringing

  20. Wafula Ogutu,

    You are one of the forumists who have continued to peddle falsehood against IPC and FDC that our sole object in politics is to remove Museveni from power and that we have never told Ugandans what we do with power after that. Yet a little bit of look around you on the internet, you would have seen FDC manifesto 2006 on the Party website. A new manifesto is on the way. It contains issues FDC would tackle once in power. Our manifesto is the contract we would sign with the people for their votes, complete with time lines for implementation.

    Other IPC members too have got their manifestos. About two years ago, IPC including DP then, set up ten thematic committees of experts from different parties to look for commonalities and harmonize those manifestos into one for IPC. This IPC manifesto is about to arrive. Please note that all these manifestos do not say anywhere that they are targeting Museveni the individual. What we want to change is the rotten, personalized system he has built.
    Kandole. You say that I would not accept “monarchist Lukyamuzi” to be elected the IPC flag bearer. You are wrong. I am one of the architects of IPC and I or FDC will accept any free and fair outcome without conditions.

    DP position is a sad and unfortunate one.But is it DP position or a position of a DP/UYD fuction ? There are presently three DPs and we could easily see all of them fielding candidates as is the case in Mukono north and going to court for arbitrations.Is that not excess baggage?

    We have known all along that most of the top leaders of the Mbale faction are victims of their own over ambition , a weakness that has been fully exploited by the NRM thru a certain UPDF General who controls alot of “classified expenditure” funds. The truth will slowly come out if any body cares to know it.

    All Parties are in IPC as independent legal entities.Under the Political Parties &Organization Act section 18, IPC members could only cooperate as an alliance Not a merger. So no IPC member party can lose its identity. Every chosen IPC candiadte will stand using his/her Party colours, symbol.And each IPC member Party will have to send accountability to the Electoral Commission as a separate legal entity.

    It is of little wisdom for DP to say that IPC will rob them of membership.People are not things to be robbed . They assess, think and take decisions to move on. You can not hold them in a cage if they so choose . I think the DP position is bound to cost them an exodus of members to other Parties and it will be DP itself to blame.

  21. Wafula Ogutu,

    So Mao fears sharing a platform with Otunnu in Luwero? Stigma or bogey! But he happily shares one with Museveni in Gulu?
    So tell me, who killed UPC leaders in Luwero? Do not ask me I was then UPM and not NRM. Who was throwing terrorist bombs killing civilians and causing duka duka and closing shops in down Town Kampala in the 80s? Who killed in the north and norht East? Surely,only Kony?
    I thought Otunnu had called for investigations to answer these questions? Is that not the right way to go ift done by Truth and Reconciliation Commission ?

  22. Julius,

    God keeps watching over his people… Remember Ugandans are praying for the best… For us who underprivileged, time is yet to come!!! who ever knew the Obote gov’t would go???? Just watch the space…

  23. edward Pojim,

    Mao is the weakest opposition presidential candidate to beat. He is on record as having advocated for the break-away of northern Uganda to form an independent state. That call, whether made out of frustration or actually intended to rally a discombobulated populace, will come to bite him.

    Aware of this liability, Mao did not see any likelihood of him beating out Otunnu or Besigye for the IPC top ticket. As a fall-back plan, he offered to join IPC in the event of a run-off. I doubt that he will do that either, for I instead him as Museveni’s perfect choice to replace Bukenya as VP next year.

    Mao may actually merge DP with NRM, if NRM does not get the 51% parliamentary seats needed to form the next government.


  24. Wafula Ogutu,

    You are blunt and hard. Do you also know what we know at Najja about the Mbidde mafia and their Kisozi Ranch meetings about scattering IPC, cash and NRM led coalition government in 2011? If you do, do not publish now. Details should come out at an appropriate time.

  25. wafula oguttu,

    As the mafia that has now captured DP, no body is forcing them to belong anywhere they do not like. They are free to belong anywhere they want. They should not fear anything. They should simply come out openly and work with NRM towards a coalition. It will not be a crime. What we shall certainly fight is for them to keep fooling the public that they are in the opposition when they are not.They are just on a paid mission. We know the Microfinance company thru which they are sometimes paid. It is possible some of them may not know what is going on around them.

  26. kadaali christopher,

    I just hate the nonsense being potrayed on this forum by some pipo…….” Mao has been bought by Museveni”…..”How come Wafula knows about the kisozi meetings”….but he doenst want Mao to talk any gud about Museveni. I wonder…..i recall that when Kabaka met the president…the claim was that he had been promised money +9000 mailoz,,,,,,,,,,every one must hate the President if thy are to be gud forumists……every one must sympathise with FDC,UPC etc…if thy are to be seen with gud eyes on this forum…….that is buffallo stuff.

    Why on earth must DP join the IPC? If it is not for selfish reasons from FDC,UPC … then what is it for? What wud u say if UPC med dialogue with NRM or any other party DP inclusive? Am sure this forum wud stop. Majority of you forumists are employed or earn your money in “other ways”….if the government is soo bad why are you working or why and how did u get thoz “bad” jobs? Are you employed by opposition sympathisers or opposition politicians? I was seeign Hon Musumba the other day…she is such a miserable lady….not because the governement is bad….it is her poverty disturbing her.
    Am looking forward to the day the Opposition will resign from parliament citing poor governance or even dedicating their pay to good causes not their bellies…..to know how greedy thy are, thy cant even donate as opposition to the budduda victims…never…..where is the diference? …..wapi….thy cant manage without tax payers money.

    Hon Odonga Otto confessed how he broke parliaments door,only for the opposition(Hon Alice Alaso) to claim he was right to break it and the person who closed the door must be held liable……so who is more civilised than the other? 2 wrongs dont mek a right.

    The opposition will olways mek noise and thy will stop there…….thy are now up in arms with the electoral commission….Kigumdu must resign….even if Alaso was elected/appointed Head of ECommission tomorow,if she had a meeting with some government official…by the time she gets out of the meeting she will be labeled an NRM sympathiser or worse still she will be said to have accepted a bribe from government.

    The other day Otunnu was stoned at Kasubi…but welcomed at Bulange….did the Kabaka order the lumpens at kasubi to stone Otunnu and his group? Did the kabaka olso order the same lumpens to stop the President from entering the masiro? Did he ask the lumpens to welkam Besigye? Whose responsibility was it that the men who were gunned down by security dont die in mulago? Did Kabaka or any Buganda minister help them? Where was the oppsition to help them…so the publick could kknow how concerned thy are about the local man? Didnt we all look till the men died????? And after their death……the noise makers were at their best……havent the men been 4goten?

    Does Buganda kingdom officials or any opposition members know where thy were burried or send them any condolences and look after their families? But have thy stopped earning their hefty allowances from the sem men who died?

    Isnt the kabaka on holiday in SA with a gud number of officials……spending millions of shs from the same men who perished on their soil? I wonder how many will become millionaires from the Masiro tragedy….your guess is beta than mine.

    The media law has bikam media law now……the reis something to shout about atlist…….who of us daznt know who irresponsible our media is…..and this includes pipo on this forum….when it was repoted bulanges officials were interogated after the masiro fire….who of the ministers had been to police????? But we were kwik to point lame fingures at government for interogated mengo ministers…….as if any of us had attended the session. How many times have the newspapers reported ill about the Royal family bedroom matters? Buffalo stuff!!!! How many media houses have paid bribes to many of you on this forum to go on radio and tok buffalo stuff?????And the only thing u get is cash….you go all the way shopping at Uchumi for havign talked some buffalo atuff on radio………

  27. Judith Isioku,

    I really detest this nonsensical kind of politics being placed on the personality of MAO .DP and MAO have a right to refuse to join IPC,as long as the IPC position does not meet the interest of DP.Wafula Oguttu and the Kizza’s of this world,I wonder who has the moral right to lecture the other on the struggle to dislodge NRM and Museveni from power.MAO has being more consistent in the struggle tahn the FDC guys,some of the vocal guys have just joined the opposition wagon yesterday.I hate cheap politicking.

  28. Simon,

    Somebody do gor me a personality analysis of who is abusing Mao! Anyone, know why the original owners of the Monitor paper are in either Kenya, politics or have own publications and working for IPC?

    Wafula and Nganda, yours is not the plight of ugandans but economic recovery at all costs throu Besigye and the citizens anger. Do you know Aga khan? Why did The monitor become The Daily monitor? Does The Daily nation run some thing in your mind? Who own the NTV networks and now constructing the Bujjagali falls? M7 tricked you through the said to relegate you into workers or mere minority shareholders in your former The monitor?

    That is when you see money from KIC-Sweden and want it be forging an IPC – that was the funders precondition.

    If you are all abusive and demeaing, petty and cynical who shall trust you with uganda.

    Ugandans, the problem is not orbert Mao, it is selfish individual interest against the people’s needs of a republic? Where were you (FDC) when we were dying and land and money shacks were robbing this country? You were comfartably eating and now hungary! lol

    Why should the DP position anger FDC most? Because(sic), DP is waking up UPC and the rest from their shackler FDC!

    somebody tell me who own Change Initiaitive Ltd through which the donor money is beiing channelled? Who are the share holders? Who are they in FDC? How long and what positions were they holding in NRM? Why would the NRM trust them with political actitivies in this country?

    After the Sept 2009 Buganda/Kayunga riots, which banks were raided? Why was the kabaka ridiculed? Why do were have bank accounts updated and currencies changed?

    But the NRM government can still trust FDC with donor money and political activities in this country!

    Why was Otunu not arested at Entebbe air port? Because it will make him popular! Why did they then arrest FDC leader and beaten in 2004/5? Was keeping Besigye in Jail to popularise him? Anybody understands conspiracy theory here? Lately, the daily monitor ran a polling? Who hard most votes even from the North?

    Wake up Citizens? UPC/KY was a trickery, so will the IPC Be?

    God of sanity intervene.

  29. Frank Mutagubya,

    Mr. Mao has never displayed a tendency of selfishness before during all his leadership, right from school till just recently as the Gulu District Chairman.

    It is then disturbing that he has let down Ugandans who were seeing potential in him for the future leadership of our country. Mao’s failure to see sence in joining hands with all other opposition parties and individual Ugandans for purposes of rescuing the country from an assured destruction being witnessed may be explained by one or all of the following tendencies.

    One, that Mao is so selfish that he knows he cannot take the next years elections but he would let Ugandans get an alternative leader, if he cant take it, then lets us all lose it- mentality.
    Two, that he is a self seeker who is looking at some crambs from the current high table, i.e. that he has sold his soul as it were to the opponates he claims to want to dislodge. He is theirfore playing the “spoiler” card for the opponate.

    Truith be told but if DP had failed to die during all these years, its current leader is surely going to barry it alive. There is no way DP can come out of this alive. WHo can continue subscribing to a party whose leadership plays bilnd to the needs od the day.


  30. JOHN LEMA,

    There is one point all of you have failed to realize here and that will always make what you say senseless. You people need to get it in your brains that DP is not run by one man but and executive and a NEC that makes decisions for the party.

    Where as some DP members want very much for DP to be used by others for their own gain, there are those that see the ill intentions and have said no to that secondly Mao who all of you are attacking has a cabinate that he works with and therefore every decision taken is not a one man but joint with the involvement of its affiliate members.

    John Lema.

  31. Frank Mutagubya,

    John, if only you tried to find out what the people want this time. If only DP leadership tried to find out and did what the people are calling them to do! But this is not happening. I am aware that the leaders who hitherto were leading this party and had somehow disagreed with Mao over some other issues have accepted the national call for cooperation and working together for a common goal.

    As a leader, Mao cannot fail to get his team to see the obvious, not at this time. About the rumours of ill intentions by some members of the ICP, who can for sure prove this beyond resoanable doubt? Where we can not prove it, the best option is for the good people with good interntions to join hand and not only beat the ill intentioned from within before delivering the ultimate win for the wider country.

    Tell me John, are you telling me that by staying out of the IPC is DP gaining any capital towards taking this country’s leadership as they are claiming? No, Can we say that by staying away from the IPC DP is going to help this country which is crying out for a change defeat the ill intentioned within the IPC? No. So what where is the meat in what DP is doing or not doing, if I may ask?


  32. JOHN LEMA,

    Thanks for a constructive argument you have and the way you see things but I will disagree with you on when it comes to DP’s stand on the IPC joining and it was already explained thouroghly in the press release made sometime back after the final decision.
    Secondly read the 2008 IPC protocol for it might help explain a few things. When it comes to allegations I would like to assure you that we have asked these disgruntled fellas to bring the proof of what they claim but non of them has ever come out with one.
    Always in any race you expect such and its not a supprise to DP that we get all these attacks and name calling butwhat amuses us more is when they tell you you are useless but still beg you to join their team so for what use will we be if you have already written usof as people with no use.
    Do you see the naivity that we do have saying things we are not sure of and making claims that end up pinning us down in the long run.

    John Lema.

  33. KI LUTS,


    thank you for the argument.My fellow DP members dont see that way.If they want to change the protocol,you join and influence it,within,you willnever get free things and this ahs not sank in Dp.The Luwero war never taught them a thing.They expected the bUSHMEN TO COME HOME AND HANDOVER!

    You cannot make good arguments when you are not part of the team,howevr good they may be.you will be an outsider.Dp lost Kyadondo north which they wer sure to win just because of their leader unforesighteness.Now FDC AND EVERY OTHER PARTY will field a candidate everywher Dp THinks is strong.This will a spiler and there is no reason why they should not.Mukono has not taught them athing.Iam a Dp by blood, but this party is still tied in fortunes of 1960s and think voters will vote the them regardless.Politics doesnt work like that.Voters may be dp but vote someone else.weak leadership has killed DP!!

  34. Michael Senyonjo,

    Mao and his selfish attitude is taking DP nowhere. DP members are not stupid and will not blindly follow a clueless leader. We shall join the IPC and move it forward with or without Mao.

  35. BD_wanika,

    If the Democratic Party was to come to power today, a worse situation both caused by Obote and nrm will arise. That combination is not only worse but also dangerous. Unless Moa Norbert their leader gets rid of the so-called dp stalwarts’ behaviourism, he’s predestined to fail completely.

    Does DP stand for truth and justice? Really? Truth and justice for who? For the entire population or for DP top political class?

    1. DP political establishment has almost run down Kampala City Council and Masaka Municipal Council – either by conflicting the law (truth and justice) or direct impropriety. These two are litmus test of what DP has in store for Buganda and other people!
    2. Does DP stand for the aspiration of her majority supporters, I doubt and never will, for history has shown DP will jump on any bandwagon in a hypocritical manner that will guarantee its leadership a place at the last supper table – they did it in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s in Luwero juggles and now 2010.
    3. DP being filled with pseudo Catholics and hell bent on conflicting the catholic euclasite they fault even the basic tenants of their so-called basic democratic principals. Gathered evidence in Kampala and Masaka tell a tell. Hence a not accidental decline of support at the heart of DP worshippers in Buddu County.
    4. Are there real issues between Mao and Mukiibi factions etc., – how do you build justice and truth on proxy and hypocrisy as if the populace is a bunch of fools? Political fragmentation strategy while controlling people riches (destiny)!
    5. Compile genuine DP industrialist (large banking, commercial farming, merchants, processing and real estate interests) between 1950’s – 2010 how many are remaining and why the decline?! It is typical of NRM’s typology of primitive and ethnic accumulation of riches vs a poor majority or community vs leadership based political ideology.

    “The law of increasing political party size” holds that concentration and centralization of political ideology are intrinsic to the process of party growth and that as a single political enterprise expand it become complex, muIti-organisational with elaborate vertical beliefs – ideological deepening.”

    Need I go deeper?


    Bwanika Nakyesawa Luwero

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