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Day May 14, 2010

Uganda Women demand law to divorce men with big sex organs

I find this heading in the New Vision very disturbing and i could help but take a few minutes to submit my opinion. Are women suggesting that they want to determine the size of the male sex organ before the get involved in cohabitation or marriage? Why would government legislate a law legalizing cohabitation? Well its true that parliament legislate laws that govern a nation but no parliament the world over legislates morality. Morality stems from an assumption of a god/ God. Once an individual has assumed a god/God then character is developed based on that assumption. The god/God an individual believes in dictates the character of the individual and its from that character that behaviour is modeled. This however is not the end of the story because to every behaviour there is a consequence.

This explains why human beings behave the way they do. Consequences are a product of behaviour, behaviour is based on character and character is determined by a god/God one chooses to believe in. Therefore parliament can only legislate laws that govern behaviour (for harmonious existence) but they can not legislate morality( the sense of right or wrong) this is detemined by the god/God one believes in. that is why some religions believe that its ok to kill others as long they do not belong to your religoius sect because their is a reward for the killer (Murderer) the other side of this world.

The different gods or the God who created the heavens and earth have guidelines that govern livelihood on earth. From time immemorial humanity has lived in denial of the fact that there is a God who created the heavens and earth but every time His guidelines are violated we have witnessed the consequences he so prescribed.

In regard to the family institution His blue print is one man one wife, each living their parents and clinging together. He does not make a provision for cohabitation. This term is not in his vocabulary. This a creation of man. As a creation of man, man has the right to try and lay down laws that governs it. the sad thing about this creature (cohabitation) is that its creator is not all powerful niether is this creator LOVE like the God who created the heavens and earth. This creation puts man in the position of a god and sets the arena for competition with God the creator of heaven and earth. Humanity(Ugandans in this case) must decide which god/God to believe in and follow. Why make this choice? We have to make this choice because our perspectives and behaviour are pegged on character which is determined by our god/God.

Consequently what my dear mothers and sisters were discussing and urging parliament to legislate is an issue of morality not law. Secondly they seem to have assumed a god who prescribes cohabibitation as a means of procreation in which case they need to share with the entire population of this country the manual that spells out laws that govern the institution of “Cohabitation”.

Thirdly they will have to invest in establishing religious infrastructure that can accomodate and support their followers. Forthly they should not abuse the right to choose that every Ugandan has but preach their message and allow every Ugandan to make a choice. Once they have a following then they can develop a constitution that governs the behaviour in the institution of Cohabitation. Otherwise it was not so in the beginning but because of the hardiness of their hearts they allowed themselves to cohabit and the aothor of marriage is proving to them that they assumed a lesser god(man) and his ways other than God the creator of heaven and earth and now they must bear the consequences.

My dear friends, if you went the Toyota Ltd and bought a petrol engine car and on your way home you branch to Nandos and asked the waiter to fill your petrol engine with mango juice and the car fails to start would be justified to blame the manufacturer? What if the next day you find that the engine has developed a permanet damage would be justified to say Toyota sold you a fake car.

Finally because we are spiritual beings with an earth suit our spiritual needs can not be met by the physical material things of this world. To use cohabitation as a subsititute for marriage is like filling your petrol engine with MANGO Juice. Are our sisters and mothers, brothers and dads and uncles and Aunties ready for that? And would that make us a better nation? If not let us not advocate for legislation of morality  but of laws that make us a better nation.
For God and my country.

martin p’oburu

Countering a Reign of Terror in Mukono North Elections

Countering a Reign of Terror in Mukono/Uganda

The ballot verses the gun.

Advocacy is a means of challenging an oppressive system and countering its pervasive distribution of services. It is a situation in which a person pleads on behalf of another person for entitlements, rights or services which they both believe are needed by the person who is represented. Advocacy involves exploring various alternatives for opening up systems to influence and use information strategically to effect policy changes thus improving the lives of the disadvantaged people. Advocacy involves; self advocacy, citizen advocacy, peer advocacy, children’s advocacy, legal advocacy and collective advocacy.

Nambooze Betty Bakireke

In Mukono our source of advocacy against a reign of terror is the ballot. We struggle for collective advocacy through which we together fight, military intimidations, misuse of public funds to buy votes, poor infrastructure,  calamitous lack of drugs in hospitals, miss-use of press and actual denial of human rights.

What characterizes a reign of terror?

Creation of opportunistic/sycophants parliament

Unlike Amin who banned parliament NRM has chosen to lead with a plastic parliament that is paid to delegate the will of the president. An NRM MP is an opportunist who can never have claim to a word of his own in parliament but has to wait for government orders to say YES to anything of its interest however unpopular one of such opportunists is Bakaluba.

Not to loose one of her plastic opportunist government shamelessly goes ahead to use the state army, police and Taxpayers’ money to fund campaigns for an implicated thief who masquerades as a reverend so as to keep suppressing peoples will in Mukono. Through electoral commission, and courts, the  NRM Installed Bakaluba in parliament for 4years against Mukono peoples will. Shamelessly it is doing everything  however malicious to have its puppet back against peoples will!

  • Constant intimidations; We all know that intimidation is cowardly. In fact it is evidence of panic for a system that has done a lot of evil to society. In our Uganda, the state is used as a threatening tool. Since government has almost no program to boast of, the campaigns are reduced into threatening people with suffering and losing favor with government if they don’t vote the sycophant. Intimidation takes the following forms:
  • Physical threats; The Police, an institution supposed to keep law and order is now a tool for meting out violence. People are put at gunpoint and arbitrarily arrested without cause. Police and the army (uniformed and non-uniformed) presence in the area to intimidate people.
  • Psychological threats: Ministers and the president are deployed to campaign for a thief using threatening statements like if you don’t vote Bakaluba the thief you will luck service, if you vote Nambooze we will arrest her etc.
  • Use of malicious un-human ways for selfish ends.

NRM has resorted to use of  fire in  archiving its selfish ends. Following Masiro and many other un-explained fires, it has also come to Mukono along with other terrible acts like: On 9th may in Kalagi 30 plain clothed security operatives sent a woman to provoke Nambozes supporters so that they get reason to shoot them, the woman attacked and boxed one of the youth. The boxed boy and other supporters around took all the pain never lifted a figure to the woman. Ashamed, the woman walked back to the soldiers crying! Later these same soldiers pulled out a pistol at a charting supporter; he took off to inside Nambooze’s campaign vehicle. On 10th a youth carrying/dressed in Namboozes posters was arrested by police for four days! It took the intervention of the American embassy to be released. Five of Nambooze’s chief campaigners have been way-laid and detained and threatened with death/imprisonment if they don’t give up their rights. On 12th a car driven by one Muwanga Lutaya, waylaid Namboozes convoy from Namubiru Village deep in a sugarcane plantation. This was a miscalculation, because they thought that Nambooze’s convoy will vandalize this car. Youth in the team just hand lifted it aside to create way for their darling. At 1am same night, the government/Bakaluba set the same vehicle on fire at Bugerere road plus a makeshift salon at wantoni. By 6am, shamelessly they were on all radios TV’s and all news papers spreading malicious propaganda that Nambooze supporters burnt these 2 properties! Common sense shows that it is only government that can use money stolen from tax payers money to destroy and pay back such property. This also shows the extent government can go to justify a stupid cause, after failing to get a justifiable reason to deploy uniformed soldiers in the area they created this kind of insecurity and now soldiers are everywhere in Mukono. Taking this example one remembers the continuous fires that guts Kampala and wonders whether this wasn’t the same intention in which the royal tombs were burnt.

  • Moral decay; Reign of terror is characterized by use of money (state resources) to buy/bribe voters directly/ indirectly, it impoverishes citizens while enriching the few opportunists around it as Ugandans can’t afford medical treatment!! In fact such degeneration is prevalent even in parliament where NRM MPs can just sabotage a motion if it will uncover the rot.
  • Shamelessness; our leaders are so shameless that a ruling party doesn’t feel ashamed to identify itself with a person like Bakaluba who is convicted of vote rigging but as a truly pack of thieves he is chosen as its flag bearer on whom a lot of state funds are spent to win. Surprisingly people who govern this country like Mbabazi, Museveni etc shamelessly stand and intimidate people to vote such a mess. Is it that such people don’t count common sense in voters or think they are stupid? One prides himself in being part of a government that leads world-wide in corruption and potholes in her city. A country where black mambas are deployed in courts! In which soldiers and heavy guns are brought out to fight an unarmed person like a Kabaka! Where un-armed people mourning their beloved burnt Masiro are shoot dead by army operatives! A country in which peoples desired radio station CBS is maliciously closed, harmless people like Nambooze are arrested and disappear without trial. A country in which the electoral commission is not an independent body but a government body in which one to get a job, he has to be a member of NRM, and shamelessly acts on Museveni’s orders.

Ugandans, and people of Mukono in particular, we need to free ourselves from this bondage. Gone are the days when selfish people who don’t mind peoples blood go to the bush to use guns to fight for power, and then turn the country into a den of thieves/opportunists.  We the peace loving future minded people use brain power and our ballots to change our country. Like Bukenya said. “This is a government of Mafia’s” but we remain the major stake holders in this country who will stay in it after they have plundered it and gone. Let’s use our ballot as our power to change our country. Don’t turn your ballot into five years of suffering in which you have an MP who can never work to solve any of those issues but used as a sycophant by the presidents. Use your ballot to help your country take the first step towards peacefully changing from this reign of terror to sanity. Use it to create hope for the young, the illiterates, the unemployed, the sick in hospitals without drugs, those innocently imprisoned for their opinions and more especially for development of rule of law in Mukono.

Let’s all take a first step towards a 1000mile journey to change Uganda by removing opportunists. Let our area not be ashamed by being represented by a plastic MP (rat). Always remember it’s better to be lead by a parliament of 2cats than being lead by 231 rats.

Tulwanyise ababbi.

Vote Nambooze

Kaweesa J kaweesa

UAH forumist

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