Uganda Women demand law to divorce men with big sex organs

I find this heading in the New Vision very disturbing and i could help but take a few minutes to submit my opinion. Are women suggesting that they want to determine the size of the male sex organ before the get involved in cohabitation or marriage? Why would government legislate a law legalizing cohabitation? Well its true that parliament legislate laws that govern a nation but no parliament the world over legislates morality. Morality stems from an assumption of a god/ God. Once an individual has assumed a god/God then character is developed based on that assumption. The god/God an individual believes in dictates the character of the individual and its from that character that behaviour is modeled. This however is not the end of the story because to every behaviour there is a consequence.

This explains why human beings behave the way they do. Consequences are a product of behaviour, behaviour is based on character and character is determined by a god/God one chooses to believe in. Therefore parliament can only legislate laws that govern behaviour (for harmonious existence) but they can not legislate morality( the sense of right or wrong) this is detemined by the god/God one believes in. that is why some religions believe that its ok to kill others as long they do not belong to your religoius sect because their is a reward for the killer (Murderer) the other side of this world.

The different gods or the God who created the heavens and earth have guidelines that govern livelihood on earth. From time immemorial humanity has lived in denial of the fact that there is a God who created the heavens and earth but every time His guidelines are violated we have witnessed the consequences he so prescribed.

In regard to the family institution His blue print is one man one wife, each living their parents and clinging together. He does not make a provision for cohabitation. This term is not in his vocabulary. This a creation of man. As a creation of man, man has the right to try and lay down laws that governs it. the sad thing about this creature (cohabitation) is that its creator is not all powerful niether is this creator LOVE like the God who created the heavens and earth. This creation puts man in the position of a god and sets the arena for competition with God the creator of heaven and earth. Humanity(Ugandans in this case) must decide which god/God to believe in and follow. Why make this choice? We have to make this choice because our perspectives and behaviour are pegged on character which is determined by our god/God.

Consequently what my dear mothers and sisters were discussing and urging parliament to legislate is an issue of morality not law. Secondly they seem to have assumed a god who prescribes cohabibitation as a means of procreation in which case they need to share with the entire population of this country the manual that spells out laws that govern the institution of “Cohabitation”.

Thirdly they will have to invest in establishing religious infrastructure that can accomodate and support their followers. Forthly they should not abuse the right to choose that every Ugandan has but preach their message and allow every Ugandan to make a choice. Once they have a following then they can develop a constitution that governs the behaviour in the institution of Cohabitation. Otherwise it was not so in the beginning but because of the hardiness of their hearts they allowed themselves to cohabit and the aothor of marriage is proving to them that they assumed a lesser god(man) and his ways other than God the creator of heaven and earth and now they must bear the consequences.

My dear friends, if you went the Toyota Ltd and bought a petrol engine car and on your way home you branch to Nandos and asked the waiter to fill your petrol engine with mango juice and the car fails to start would be justified to blame the manufacturer? What if the next day you find that the engine has developed a permanet damage would be justified to say Toyota sold you a fake car.

Finally because we are spiritual beings with an earth suit our spiritual needs can not be met by the physical material things of this world. To use cohabitation as a subsititute for marriage is like filling your petrol engine with MANGO Juice. Are our sisters and mothers, brothers and dads and uncles and Aunties ready for that? And would that make us a better nation? If not let us not advocate for legislation of morality  but of laws that make us a better nation.
For God and my country.

martin p’oburu


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  1. Legalise co-habiting, women demand
    Wednesday, 12th May, 2010 E-mail article Print article

    By Madinah Tebajjukira

    WOMEN leaders from the central region want the Government to introduce
    a new law legalising cohabitation for couples who have lived together
    for over 10 years.

    During a workshop for local leaders held on Tuesday at Jokas Hotel in
    Bweyogerere, the women said most men opt for cohabitation to avoid
    committing to marriage.

    The workshop was aimed at creating awareness and support for the
    Marriage and Divorce Bill of 2009.

    The Bill seeks to reform and consolidate the law relating to marriage,
    separation and divorce.

    The women leaders argued that through cohabitation, couples produce
    children and pool resources for family investments but often women are
    dumped without a share of the property.

    Cohabitation was provided for in the former Domestic Relations Bill
    but upon revision, it was dropped. The former Bill was split into two,
    the Marriage and Divorce Bill and the Muslim Personal Law.

    Over the years, NGOs have made similar appeals calling on the
    Government to legalise the practice with emphasis on sharing property
    acquired during the cohabitation period.

    “Why should the country keep quiet when women are being used and
    dumped? Why would a man cohabit with me for 10 years and then dump me
    with the children? How do you expect me to begin a new life,” asked
    Serina Kasozi from Mubende.

    Another participant, only identified as Victoria from Mubende, said
    most men cohabit with women in order to fleece them of their property
    since there is no law to apprehend them.

    The women suggested that a new clause be inserted into the Marriage
    and Divorce Bill to make cohabitation legal.

    However, Kenneth Rutaremwa, a senior legal officer from the Uganda Law
    Reform Commission, advised the women to forward the concerns to their
    area MPs.

    “It’s too late now. We can’t add a new clause into the Marriage and
    Divorce Bill. I advise you to give your MPs opinions so that they push
    for a new law,” Rutaremwa said.

    The women also suggested that a new clause be inserted in the Bill
    outlawing sex during the day.

    They noted that most husbands demand for sex during the day without
    considering the presence of their children.

    “We need a law to ban sex during the day to avoid immorality among
    children. It should only be allowed during night,” said a participant
    from Mukono.

    The Bill bans widow inheritance, allows women to divorce impotent men
    and outlaws the demand for marriage gifts.

    The women also demanded for a clause allowing them to divorce men with
    big sexual organs and men who work abroad for long without returning.

    They suggested that once the man stays away for more than two years,
    the woman should be free to re-marry.


  2. WBK,

    Some of the women who participated in that forum trivialized real issues facing women. That is what happens when people opt for a Chinese menu type of reforms. What are the fundamental issues facing women in Uganda today? The idea of legalizing co-habitation is good. 10 years is actually too long. It should be 2 years. Co-habitation aka common law should automatically lead to certain rights after 2 years. Why 2 years? Because after that period, women and men too acquire an identity-so and so’s wife or husband. Such an identity undermines one’s chances of landing a marriage partner of her choosing.

    I would have expected the women to articulate the rights they want to see entrenched in the Bill. What should women who co-habit with men for say 2 years be entitled to? Forget 10.

    Well there is a saying, but forgive me I will not say it for those concerned about big sex organs. But how would such a rule be enforced?

    The same applies to outlawing sex during day time on morality grounds. What about the women who enjoy bigger homes and can take well deserved siesta away from their children? What about families without young children at home and so on? For the poor folks who live in one roomed homes or rental rooms, it does not matter whether they meet their conjugal obligations during day or night. The environment is not right.

    It is a pity that some women chose to engage in such headline grabbing nonsense at the expense of real issues that affect women in Uganda. And how long will the DRB take to become law in Uganda?


  3. Jeniffer Biri,

    Modify your anatomy
    Dictate how much money you need per hour from your kyeyo masters abroad
    Do not spend more than two years abroad even when immigration is holding you in jail!
    Marry the cheap women who choose to cohabit- bamalaya.
    (Bogus article.Those women are crooks and no one should listen to them.Their demands are unrealistic)

  4. Gook Akanga,

    Great ideas… since it doesnt comcern me apart from the one with the
    Big things.. But Shouldnt men also divorce women with Bigs things
    (Well endowed)? Surely?

  5. Dear UAH
    Am wondering what really going on ,in the parliament? are these mps really ok? we as ugandans have problems like no medicine in hospitals,poor roads,electricity bills are too high etc,we should look for another way of solving our problems.its a very bogus article waoo!? What’s really going on? its crazy who’s going to be our saviour?

  6. Rugangura,

    I think these Mps need to be fired. Some women if nor all like big ones.This shows how MPs have nothing further to put forward.This should not be a sex debate. What about women with big ones.Should their husbands also go in for devorce. Come on lets talk some thing building our country as Mr Ssebuliba said.

  7. rolf,

    when does the organ become big. after the wedding? many women prefer it bigger.(monster type.

  8. Joram Emojong Odeke,

    I have come to know that there are women who have problems that we would never know. In Uganda and most parts of the world, sex is an act of the night when its assumed no one is watching. The main reason being that sex is a sweet-dirty thing that we enjoy only in hiding and the thing that can hide us most is darkness of the night. Its no wonder that most women will not have sex when the light is on.
    The proposal that law should be enacted that allows women to divorce men with big things brings to light the experience of some unfortunate women. It also means that there are women with very narrow passages.
    But my argument is that a man is big only when the woman is not prepared. The experience women undergo having sex when they are dry definitely horrible and I pity men who just jump on their women like goats. The men cannot see the grin on a womans face when having sex at night and women can hardly say during day what they experience at night. In most cases they just walk away quietly.
    Bringing this topic in parliament in the guise of men having big things won’t solve the matter. We have to learn to make sex an interesting thing for both those with small and big things

  9. Penny,

    I appreciate the first comment on this thread and it was great to learn and understand that our behaviors are hugely connected to the God/god or anything else that one chooses to believe in. This was a fantastic connotation you made there.

    Much as i subscribe to most of the arguments that legislators should make laws that govern our behaviors and not morality, i was kind of left disturbed when you mentioned that cohabitation should not be given a benefit of doubt as it is not Godly enough. I was tempted to to think that you assume that everyone Uganda believes in the Godly laws that you and i believe in. Just because someone does not believe in what you/me think is right should not be used as a basis to oppose a legislation that would allow them to exercise their basic rights of freedoms. True, cohabitation is not an ideal and not acceptable by Christians but the fact it is increasingly gaining popularity for one reason or the other. And does that mean that those who find themselves in such situations should be left to suffer its negative consequences? Definitely not. From what you already said, i think and i hope i understood you well, cohabitation is a moral issue and parliament cannot and should not even bother trying to legislate it.

  10. ugandansatheart(UAH) -I ‘m surfing online and I came throughout your post… I loved studying it . I discovered much about this subject that you wrote here. Thanks a lot for posting an article like this one.

  11. Paul,

    So what determines character of those who dont believe in god/God?

  12. tim,

    wow. I do appreciate the passion with which you dived in there but, could your argument be more baseless? The title means that women want to divorce men with big members… They wan’t to be allowed to do that. Why would a woman cohabit with, then marry a man just to divorce him because of what he has always had? She wouldn’t. The only thing that title suggests is that she didn’t know what she was getting into in the first place, hence she married without ever knowing the man, THAT’S what that title suggests.
    Secondly you said they want a law to legalise cohabitation? And who told you cohabitation was illegal? I’ve looked through the entire penal code act… No illegality to it, the law just does not protect those people as it does married ones, hence your entire argument was void of merit and reading it pissed me off!

  13. Don,

    Absolutely gorgeous picture ummmmm thats a real bulge yummmy omg im gay

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