Janat Museveni is a shrewed, calculating, political manipulator who hides in bulokole

Dear readers,

The first Lady of Uganda,Mrs.Janat Museveni has never been a joke. She is a shrewd, calculating, political manipulator who hides in bulokole.I am not a mulokole but I have a cleaner heart. My old friend Cheeye fell victim to her vices. He once published a story in his Uganda Confidential weekly allaging that she had had her cousin one Kagondoki killed over land in Ntungamo. She dragged Cheeye to Court but he left her there licking her wounds after losing the case.

Then slowly Cheeye’s business went burst. He was declared bankrupt and he turned to the First Family for kalo. He got a juice job, head of Economic Department in ISO never mind that he had just been declared bankrupt by court. Later he asked for college fees from them. They directed him to Global Funds. The rest of his story should be familiar with you.He is a jailbird She must be happy now.

And does she want to stand again as a MP? Yes, she will certainly try since her husband has now created for her an easier constituency, the new Ntungamo Municipality of few thousands of voters who will easily receive some tens of thousands of shillings for each vote. Problem for her, we hear, is that this time round she will have to prove in court that she actually earned her teaching degree in Makerere without doing any teaching practice. She never did HSC the minimum requirement for MP.

A Karamojong woman amused me last time we were in Moroto.She said “Mama really looks down upon our area. She cannot even use our toilets and leave her soil here. She moves with her own special toilet, a big truck”.  I nearly broke my ribs before I sobered up that was not a laughing matter. Yes, that is our mama living lavishly in a region where almost everybody is virtually starving. I rest my case.

Wafula Ogutu


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  1. Ian Mugisha Mugwitsagye,

    God gave us each a different mind, and no wonder that’s Ogutu’s mind.
    I thank God that i see it in a different dimension.


    one day that mascarader kataha will be unmasked for sure

  3. Daniel Nahamya,

    Honestly Wafula, as a leader in Uganda, and as a trained journalist, is this the best you can offer? I sometimes think when one joins politics, they leave their brains behind, you seem to be a case study of this hypothesis.

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