IPC Leaders should go and meet with editorial boards over Media Blackout

Dear UAH,

The opposition candidates should go and meet with editorial boards to talk about their programs. I hope Newspapers editors will invite the party candidates to meet with the editorial board without any handlers.

I am actually surprised this has not happened yet. In the West candidates are the ones who initiate such editorial meetings because they get to talk at length about their agenda and also get an editorial comment in the Newspaper.

I have a feeling that some of the journalists covering the candidates may not be telling readers the truth because some cover up for them so that they get invited to the endless press conferences where nothing substantive is ever said. No journalist wants to offend the big party men.

I really hope the New Vision and Monitor Editorial boards will take up the opportunity to meet with the party candidates and grill them about their programs and promises. That should happen soon because it may help Ugandans understand what the candidates stand for. Nobody knows what the candidates stand for other than defeating YKM come 2011.

How credible are their manifestos-where are they?  Do their programs add up? Do they make sense etc?  Let the editorial boards help the country out. Here is a real chance to meet the candidates without their handlers-no media handlers or lawyers-but just the candidates.

You and others in the broadcasting media should also grill them. The 2011 election is an important election for the country and Ugandan voters deserve to know what those seeking to lead them stand for.  The media could start with President Museveni and follow up with the opposition candidates. Let me suggest that to avoid accusations of favoritism, there should be a blind draw/lottery pick to decide the order in which the opposition candidates will meet with the editorial boards.

They can meet with New Vision, Monitor, Sunrise, Bukedde, Rupiny, Orumuri, and Etop editorial boards since these reach key voting blocks.  Talk to your media contacts and persuade them to take up this important cause.



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  1. Judith Isioku,

    The NRMO and Museveni fera fair competitions.That is why the media boards are scared.

  2. kasaija,

    opposition is divided and seams unwilling to fight for there freedom. people death is inevitable in Uganda now, whether you fight or not! but it’s useless to die with out a cause, at least die for your kingdoms freedom.
    it’s every ones responsibility to live a free life, don’t let any one take it from you.opposition help people over come the fear of inevitable life experiences.

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