May 2010

Day May 29, 2010

IPC was an Important factor in Nambooze’s Victory


1/7. Summary: The assistance/help Ms Nambooze was given by the party under imprisonment, during the perennial Court sessions over the years, during her induced illness, during imprisonment, etc and that she reportedly has got recently from the IPC are not MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. Only UNIY made this possible. Examples are many:

2/7. The IPC: Ken Lukyamuzi the “man”, Hon. Eperu, MP – who, {together with Ms Salaamu Musumba}, chased Nyombi Tembo’s bribery money-bags from Mukono town, to Kigombya, Kasenge (Mbalala), and away from Namawojolo market;  Dr. KB threatening anybody who dared touch the ‘teacher’s’ notes with “consequences-with fire” [they stole them at Kalagala and the fire was not seen. Instead, it is the learned Hon. Lukwago MP (DP)’s “kanyamas” who almost shed blood at the falsified result’s announcement-(only mitigated by the victory and by the fact that the stealing seems not to have been widely replicated at many other stations).

{‘kanyamas = are muscled ‘body-building’ body- guards in fashion with most (opposition) politicians today – since armed guards are the preserve of the NRMs alone}. {The ‘kanyama’ phenomenon as a political instrument was initiated by Eng. Ms Winnie Byanyima in the late ‘90’s. Ssebagala took it on and it’s now a fashion, even with musicians. Why? It is hard to harass a Ugandan, going his business, un-armed, simply because he has muscles/the body of a ‘potatoe-sack’ on him – but, they have been imprisoned too, sometimes}. To become a “kanyama” is a fad, if not a fashion, among the youth today.

3/7. The DP was heavily represented among the MP’s and at the grass roots (although Mmengo-factor was predominant here) and among the youth who teased Maj. Mutale’s ‘kiboko’ squads [whip-wielding goons] in the yellow bus at every opportunity, etc, thus, to some extent, negating their intended intimidatory machinations.

5/7.The Rev. Bakaluba and Co. feel betrayed, not only because the party ‘Faithfull’ voted for the Opposition but mainly because the ‘Return-On-Investment [ROI] during/after the election was so bad!!! The ‘per-capita cost for each vote’ won goes into millions, if all the ‘gifts’ [from the RDC’s office, from State Hose, from Cabinet members, from ISOs, DISOs, from Bakaluba, from the business branch, etc] are added. Any one else  would cry for that too, even you!!

5/7. What hurts the so called Rev. Bakaluba is the 400M/= he gave out in ‘Chai’ [Kamunye tabloid]. But he is not crying alone. Moses Byaruhanga of State House poured more than that, so did Nyombi Tembo, the Vi.Pr; Hon. Werikhe, etc, etc.

So, the people support the thing for ’emere ya leero’ (for daily survival). It is obvious these dancing are there because of merry-making, nothing else. Otherwise, if they all voted right or used the millions of ‘facilitation funds’ right, why did they not win?? Watch the video: Only two of the hundresd are sad or look sad.

6/7. Heroes: One must salute the ‘boda-boda’ boys for ‘teachning’ the oligarch’s lesson: they received money at very many ‘facilitation points’ and yet still voted ‘right’ all the same. This is what hurts Bakaluba more than anything else. He should put the question more rightly thus: “why did you ‘eat’ y money for nothing?”, other than purring it indirectly, “..Why did you betray me?” because, pour money into Mukono, they really did, to the extent that the inflation caused there is spilling back into Kampala city [people are buying boda-cycle taxis, marrying brides, etc]. So compatriots, Ugandans are wiser now.
7/7. Conclusion: The IPC-DP efforts were/are complimentary rather than contradictory and surely, NOT MUTUALLY exclusive. There is no reason, therefore, as to why one should focus on and propagate the ‘artificial’ differences, other than on common factors, unless one serves the interests on the powers that be.

christopher Muwanga



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