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Day May 30, 2010

Two DP Amuru District Councilors and NRM district vice chair Gulu, defect to FDC.

Dear Ugandans at heart,

I have been out of the loop, accompanying my Party President in the north, West Nile, Acholi and Lango sub-regions, where we embarked on sensitization /training program for FDC district, constituency and sub-county leaders. Although I carried along my laptop and internet modem, I could not use it because the north  has very little  power time. Power is off most of the time. But we have returned to Kampala very happy people. Everywhere we got more than 100% attendance. That is still a secure FDC territory and there is great support for IPC idea. We even got a bonus when two DP Amuru District Councilors and NRM district vice chair Gulu, defected to FDC.

Hon. Betty Nambooze is not an IPC MP-She is a DP MP. But it is a fact that IPC withdrew their candidates in her favor, made financial contributions to her campaign, physically campaigned for her, protected her votes and secured her victory, much more than DP did. Without IPC support she would most likely not have won. The votes would have been divided and NRM would have easily stolen more of her votes.

I also would like to say that I never said that DP did not have even a single branch outside Buganda. Of course they are some few branches in Gulu where Norbert Mao was chairing an FDC  dominated District Council (There are only two DP members in that Council including the Chairman),.There are some in Nwoya recently split from Amuru, in Jinja and where else?

Besides, for a position of Councilor, one could win without a single Party Structure supporting him or her. Anyway, my point was that President General Mao had a lot of work to do to strengthen and establish DP structures outside Buganda, If he wanted to revive it into a national Party again.

The two Councilors who crossed to FDC   and addressed our conference in Guru last Thursday were from the new Nwoya District. Nwoya, represented by Zack Olum in Parliament for a long time, had been a DP enclave for decades before FDC took over in 2006. One of the reasons the good defectors gave for leaving DP was the rejection of IPC.

Watch Buganda as well. We might sadly be seeing soon repeats of types of DP Okenyi , DP Bwengye, DP Kaggwa and wishing to join IPC for a united front against the Dictator. Two other DPs might end up in the belly of the Dictator from all we know.   IPC wants one strong DP that cannot be swallowed by any dictator.

Wafula Ogutu

FDC spokesperson


Ssebagala wins Leberal Democratic Transparency Party-LDP Presidency

Ssebagala wins Leberal Democratic Transparency Party Presidency

By Vernon

At a historical moment Kampala Mayor and DP’s chief finacier has yet been elected un opposed to lead his splinter party LDP, a party that has been formed out of an MoU between Seya’s Progressive Democratic Party and Hood Ssempebwa’s LDT, “Seya registered his PDA party recently and by law he would not have contested as national presidentail candidate, so he had to merge with LDT which has been in existance before” said Mukasa Zaidi LDT’s former Secretary general after signing the MoU.

This thus gives more clout to Seya ahead of 2011 presidentail elections as he battles it out with the only threat to his party Gen.Museveni, “our only threat is my freind Museveni, but with this and other subsequent support you have showed me before, am sure we shall win” hopeful Seya told amamoth gathering, who convened at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala today.

It was the 2nd national delegates conference of the party, which first met shortly after Seya had opposed Norbert Mao’s win in Mbale, last Febraury, “I contested Mao’s victory and we went to courty seeking registration of my party which my laywerrs did eventually” added Ssebagala.

A one day long delegates conference had participants as far as all Budaka, Karilo, Kamuli, Ntungamo, Kisoro, Kapchorwa, and other parts of the country which symbolises Seya’s mobilisation strategy.
During the conference a documentary profiling Seya’s political lifestyle showed Ssebagala in the struggle against colonialism while he lead a demostration while at the age of 13.

Ssbagala was initially nominated alongside other two delagates who later declined their candidature for him, “according to the documentary, am standing down for Seya” saidAbdu Nul Kigundu Mugabe,who represents Rukungiri district.

Ssebagala’s endorsement leaves Democratic Party in a limbo as if Seya was the mainstream funder of DP, “am assuring you we shall not starve financially like DP” retariated Seya upon rounds of apluase.

Tugumizemu Vernon

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