Two DP Amuru District Councilors and NRM district vice chair Gulu, defect to FDC.

Dear Ugandans at heart,

I have been out of the loop, accompanying my Party President in the north, West Nile, Acholi and Lango sub-regions, where we embarked on sensitization /training program for FDC district, constituency and sub-county leaders. Although I carried along my laptop and internet modem, I could not use it because the north  has very little  power time. Power is off most of the time. But we have returned to Kampala very happy people. Everywhere we got more than 100% attendance. That is still a secure FDC territory and there is great support for IPC idea. We even got a bonus when two DP Amuru District Councilors and NRM district vice chair Gulu, defected to FDC.

Hon. Betty Nambooze is not an IPC MP-She is a DP MP. But it is a fact that IPC withdrew their candidates in her favor, made financial contributions to her campaign, physically campaigned for her, protected her votes and secured her victory, much more than DP did. Without IPC support she would most likely not have won. The votes would have been divided and NRM would have easily stolen more of her votes.

I also would like to say that I never said that DP did not have even a single branch outside Buganda. Of course they are some few branches in Gulu where Norbert Mao was chairing an FDC  dominated District Council (There are only two DP members in that Council including the Chairman),.There are some in Nwoya recently split from Amuru, in Jinja and where else?

Besides, for a position of Councilor, one could win without a single Party Structure supporting him or her. Anyway, my point was that President General Mao had a lot of work to do to strengthen and establish DP structures outside Buganda, If he wanted to revive it into a national Party again.

The two Councilors who crossed to FDC   and addressed our conference in Guru last Thursday were from the new Nwoya District. Nwoya, represented by Zack Olum in Parliament for a long time, had been a DP enclave for decades before FDC took over in 2006. One of the reasons the good defectors gave for leaving DP was the rejection of IPC.

Watch Buganda as well. We might sadly be seeing soon repeats of types of DP Okenyi , DP Bwengye, DP Kaggwa and wishing to join IPC for a united front against the Dictator. Two other DPs might end up in the belly of the Dictator from all we know.   IPC wants one strong DP that cannot be swallowed by any dictator.

Wafula Ogutu

FDC spokesperson


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  1. Jeff Wadulo,

    Dear folks,

    I hold this subject matter dear to my heart. and that is why i keep coming back to it. It does a lot for the DP to join IPC even sooner than later or ever. If they do not, they will remain split, and even perform more dismally as their traditional voter base has since moved on, gauging from their dismal performance in the 2006 Presidential Elections (1.58% of the total vote). Their action to run independently again signals selfish intentions and this will again get punishment in the 2011 Election. If they join the IPC however, they will be treated by voters as sympathetic to the general cause for change.

    The DP’s wrong analysis of hoping for a re-run may not work as a combined vote for the entire opposition going by the 2006 Presidential Election (40.74% of the total vote) is still too low if different candidates run independently. This reality may have not changed much given the absence of the opposition at the grassroots for presidential elections. Remember that Museveni only needs 51% of the vote and his last was 59.26%. So while the combined opposition needs to gain at least 11 percentage points, Museveni even with his dwindling support can still manage a simple majority win and this is of course not factoring in the fact that he is more desperate for a win this time than ever before and will do everything and anything to retain power.

    My suspicion comes in here as I have discussed in other fora that the printing of new money now may be geared towards financing the next election as well. Then, you have not factored in what the army and the police will do. So anything the opposition is doing now that signals disunity only works in Museveni’s favour.

    My call to the opposition is to clean up their act, get together, have a bigger mobilisation strategy especially at the grassroots, take full advantage of the support of the international community in monitoring elections at the grassroots, deal physically with Kakooza Mutales and victory will be yours come 2011. You can then think about how you will share power after the win and not before. Be driven by the general cause of ridding this country of a one-man dictatorship otherwise you will be held accountable for your actions/inactions for taking the people of this country for a ride. We are watching you very closely!


  2. Paul Njoki,

    Why should anybody be concerned about DP not joining IPC especially if they are likely to gain less than 1.58% of the votes? The 2006 elections results are indeed interesting. For Example Dr. Besigye won in Kampala and was almost level with President Museveni in Entebbe, but there are no FDC councilors in Kampala and Entebbe.

    And by the way, like you rightly observed, if we are to go by the 2006 election results, even IPC would not win. On the other hand NRM is in power today not because in 1996, 2001 and 2006 it formed a coalition with any other party.

    Paul Njoki

  3. Wafula Ogutu,

    You really surprise me at times. Would it make sense for any one to win a Presidential race while his party gets a few MP seats? How would that sitting duck President govern? How would he/she get his bills passed in Parliament or form government?
    Please concern yourselves with these questions in DP and stop posturing and joking around with the future of our country. We do not see anything on the ground that DP has done so far to prepare itself for going it alone and winning next year’s elections.

  4. Monsieur Edward Mulindwa,

    Jeff Wadulo

    Throughout Uganda’s history w have held many coalitions of convenient, a Kabaka Yekka and UPC, a Moshi conference, a Nairobi peace talks, the creation of the Movement, all these have been Ugandans failing to develop their political skills for we will do this together. Andrew Kayiira and Nkwanga failed to fight their war for they decided to collect the Buhangas who were clearly killers but bottom line chicken thieves.

    Among all those coalitions can you tell me one that succeeded?


  5. Jeff Wadulo,

    Mw. Mulindwa,

    You may be right that coalitions do not have a history of working in Uganda. Okay, but does running independently work either? Which is the better of the two evils? At least coalitions have afforded us marriages of convenience just to be able to overcome the major obstacle at hand. To put back the same question back to you differently, has running independently against a dictator yielded any fruit in the history of Uganda?


  6. Malcom Matsiko I disagree with those saying its not a big deal for the district top brass in Gulu finding a new political home in FDC becoz you dont realise that apparently FDC is the only organised party in Uganda now where the centre is holding and operational
    2-The party is practically telling all Ugandans how its policy will be implemented come 2011 after … See Morethe elections.
    look closely at FDC tax, Press freedom,Education and other core policy proposals by FDC, THEY ARE EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND RELEVANT.
    Other political players are JUST concentrating on attacking FDC instead of showing all Ugandans their plans post 2011 polls,Thats why many of our people are proud to join and promote FDC

  7. Sam Muyizzi,

    It is a hard call for anyone to believe that Besigye and IPC who definately Wafula is handling as one and the same for the benefit of his FDC, can win with their underhand methods of attempting to demonise DP in the face of the electorate. A strong but not a weakened DP is albeit good for the opposition. It is a fact that Besigye is weaker now than he was in the last election and the best way to defeat M7 now is by denying him the 51+% .This can only be achieved if both Besigye and Mao are on the ballot paper as so many voters perceive the two differently, many voters can only believe to vote either of the two when it is clearly portrayed that M7 can not after all gain over 51%, am sure this cant be in the first round. Change strategy guys, and am sure we can win !!!

  8. Henry MUHWEZI,

    Yes all people have the right to their ideas. This will believe in that or this. Mao or Besigye, the opinion polls and so on and so forth.
    Let us all face the reality. Museveni will lose the 2011 elections.
    Can you help all JOIN me TO believe in that. For those of you who are Christians, let us believe just like Christians believe in Jesus Christ’s next coming and it will happen, so shall it the losing of Museveni.
    Ugandans are trying their best peacefully “shame” God is watching!!!

    Thank you

    “One Uganda One People”

    Henry Muhwezi

  9. Henry MUHWEZI,

    Yes all people have the right to their ideas. This will believe in that or this. Mao or Besigye, the opinion polls and so on and so forth.
    Let us all face the reality. Museveni will lose the 2011 elections.
    Can you all help JOIN me TO believe in that. For those of you who are Christians, let us believe just like Christians believe in Jesus Christ’s next coming and it will happen, so shall it be the losing of Museveni.
    Ugandans are trying their best peacefully “shame” God is watching!!!

    Thank you
    “One Uganda One People”

    Henry Muhwezi

  10. 27th May, 2010





    We at the Uganda Civil Alliance Network (UCAN) would like to congratulate, and register our heartfelt thanks to both the USA and the EU governments for your effort in ensuring a fraud free 2011 elections in Uganda. This effort has been confirmed by the Secretary of State Madam Rodham Clinton’s first report to the US Congress. Furthermore, the recent visit to Uganda by the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Mr. Jonnie Carson has given the people of Uganda a glimmer of hope.

    UCAN’s effort to improve on the perpetually flawed electoral process in Uganda goes back to 2008 when it offered to supply, free of charge, an internationally acceptable Biometric Electoral System (BES) to the Uganda government. Needless to say, the offer was ignored.

    It has now emerged that other international institutions and governments also made offers and they were equally ignored. Suffice to say that the contract between the government and the company that is engaged in the current farce was signed in the middle of the night.

    It is now common cause that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government has been registering ‘members’ using the same German company which is carrying out the national exercise contrary to the constitution of the Republic of Uganda. This while being accompanied by government functionaries including the Electoral Commission (EC) officials in contravention of the same constitution.
    This shameless and nefarious act has put into jeopardy the whole registration process as it is now widely believed the EC intends to use the NRM ‘members’ register as the official national voter’s roll. The 3.5 million new voters will simply be added to this register as a top-up to make the final voters’ roll.

    UCAN is alarmed by the fact that the government of Uganda is openly hoodwinking Ugandans and the international community into believing in this sham exercise.

    According to the Inter-Party Cooperation (IPC), this exercise will only produce a voter registers that can be manipulated for the purposes of rigging the 2011 elections.

    Specific complaints have already been registered by members of Parliament who have identified major anomalies in their constituencies.

    Here below are some specific complaints as reported by Monitor, a Ugandan daily newspaper of 13/05/2010.

    Soroti Woman MP, Alice Alaso has described the registration exercise as a sham and said it is already an indication that the 2011 polls will not be free and fair. “The entire district of Soroti”, she added, “has only 25 cameras eight of which are faulty”. The MP has also said the registration kits were reported to be faulty.

    Charles Oleny, the MP for Usuk County has said the server in Katakwi had been off since the registration exercise started. He doubted if the exercise can be completed on time.

    The MP for Kampala Central, Elias Lukwago, has said NRM government functionaries were registering their supporters and leaving out those they suspect to be in the opposition.

    UCAN is concerned about what this shameless charade is costing Uganda.

    It has been widely reported that about $126m has been used on this futile exercise and still counting. Of recent, the German company is said to be asking for more funds. In our opinion, Uganda is not getting value for its money.

    Your Excellencies, having outlined our observations and concerns, UCAN requests that you use your influence and machinery to help Ugandans whose right to vote freely has been abused repeatedly by the NRM government.

    The following requests will go a long way in avoiding what happened in Zimbabwe and Kenya.

    a) Investigate the terms of reference in order to determine whether the German company is within the scope as covered by the contract.
    b) Investigate any semblance of a corrupt relationship between the NRM government and the German company.
    c) Interrogate the intentions for parallel registration of NRM ‘members’ and ‘other’ voters in contravention of the Constitution.
    d) Determine why the NRM government chose to spend colossal amounts of tax payers’ money on a sham exercise.
    e) Press for the disbanding of the EC as currently constituted and the formulation of a new one acceptable by all role players.
    f) Ascertain that the German government holds their company liable for any sub-standard work done.
    g) Impose immediate targeted sanctions on such individuals or entity that may have breached the electoral laws of the country.

    It is on record that the current EC has led Ugandans through two fraudulent elections; in 2001 and 2006. It should not be allowed to do the same in 2011.

    Vote rigging is not an event; it is a process.

    UCAN believes if nothing is done promptly, a process that will lead to a fraudulent election at a massive scale is in the offing.

    The NRM government should allow the formulation of a new EC so that there can be free, fair and non-violent elections in Uganda.

    Your Excellencies, accept the assurances of our highest Consideration, Esteem and
    Yours truly,

    Henry Muhwezi,
    Chairman, UCAN

    Copy distribution:
    1. President, NRM
    2. President, FDC
    3. President, UPC
    4. President, DP
    5. President, CP
    6. President, JEEMA
    7. President, PPP
    8. Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament
    9. Chairmen, of all Student Representative Councils of all Universities in Uganda
    10. Kings of Kingdoms –
    The Kabaka of Buganda, The Omukama of Toro, The Omukama of Bunyoro, The Kyabazimga of Busoga, Rwot of Acholi.
    11. Heads of Religion –
    (U.M.C., the Cardinal, the Anglican Archbishop, Uganda Joint Christian Council).
    12. Speaker, East African Parliament, to all MPs
    13. Speaker of Parliament, to all MPs
    14. All Ugandans
    15. The Congress, USA
    16. Prime Minister, British Government.
    17. Chairman, European Union
    18. Human Rights Watch
    19. Amnesty International

  11. We simply give credit where its due and if that is a grave problem to you. simply urge other political players in our country to show us their policy programmes , elections should be based on principles and plans on major issues like unemployment. tax,poverty generally socio- economic reform of the entire economy not simply personalities as Comrade Njoki Paul and think- alikes wants us to believe. For us we believe and support institutions and their policy programmes not individuals,No single person is bigger than Uganda and its organisations.We are more interested in what and how are you(FDC, DP, CP, UPC OR NRM) ready to implement the promises you make and by and large we are encouraging all our people to desist from the notion of ‘ Its either my way or nothing at all” in other words intolerance!
    lastly, opinion polls published in the monitor clearly depict our earlier statements we made herein regarding election ratings

  12. WB Kyijomanyi,

    Mr. Wafula-Oguttu:

    May be you were in Nwoya harvesting those nameless DP councilors-we are still expecting you to name them please-when I wrote about the folly of your argument. You are obsessed with the EC chairman when in reality it is the CAO’s who run elections. Is it not true that CAO’s are the returning officers who in turn hire their deputy returning officers? And who appoints CAO? Is it the EC or the government/civil service? Whose decision was it that CAO would automatically become the returning officers in national elections? And why are you not saying anything about CAO’s?

    So what did Mr. Carson tell you? Did he not order the IPC to go with his position or get lost? And what is his position? That the EC be expanded to accommodate opposition members as was the case with the IPPC in Kenya in 1997. The government may as well make the necessary amendment to expand the EC beyond is it 7 members? Then what?

    Sure you have a position on the EC but having a position that ignores the real issues. And that is no good either.


  13. Wafula Ogutu,

    CAO as returning officers are appointed by and take orders from the EC. Good thing IPC has struggled and now removed them and other civil servants from the elections.

    TheDefectors are not nameless They are from Nwoya, Partick Oryem LC5 councilor, Longojur Justine Vice chair LC5 (both from DP) and Ben Achellam NRM vice chair Gulu District. I do not usually politick on this forum. I am damn serious and factual.

  14. WB Kyijomanyi,

    Mr Wafula-Oguttu;

    Are you saying that if the EC so chose they could appoint anyone but CAO as returning officers./ I was under the impression that there is some sort of requirement that CAO serve as returning officers. So who made that decision or provision? Was it parliament?

    Iam not conviced that CAO’s are appointed by the EC. Can the EC appoint Head teachers, medical superintendents, district vet/agric name it as returning officers? If not, why not?

    You should have named the councilors in your first e-mail to avoid the annoying situation where Ugandan papers tell incomplete stories such as, represented by lawyer-who-without naming her/him. I prefer to hear full stories right away. Let DP find out the truth and tell us here in UAH. May be the said councilors have been non-performers and faced serious internal challenges and thus opted for the easy way out.

    Why don’t you tell us what you have in mind about the EC. I was under the impression that IPC is against Hajii Kiggundu. Big mistake because the problem is institutional/systemic and not so much an individual weakness. Even if Mr Mugarura was to become the EC chairman, the problems would remain unless you are telling us that he would have the power to determine whether to hire CAOs as returning officers or not.

    Think again. .


  15. Wafula Ogutu,

    CAOs and Sub-county chiefs are civil servants.They are not employees of the EC although they were asked to assist during elections. Now,they will not be. The EC will have their own staff to do the job. IPC/Parliament removed them.


    Long live FDC Long live IPC am so happy for the informed decision of the IPC member to filled Col,Dr kizza for coming race next year, however, I want to bring to your attention the threatening split in the leadership of Kaberamido district FDC, my fellow dear youth please lets change our focus to elements that are threatening to spoil our party.

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