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Is academic achievement per se a measure of one’s ability to succeed in life?

Makerere Graduates

Dear Ugandans at heart,

It is indeed nauseating to find that most of us waste time in promoting baseless disinformation that serves in our mind to belittle the people we love to hate. The simple question is: is academic achievement per se a measure of one’s ability to succeed in life? What and how do we often define academic achievement? If we come to terms with these queries, we shall have indeed gotten our selves educated.

Mr John Major a man who served as British Prime Minister for 6 long years following the exit of Iron lady Margaret Thatcher did not even get his Higher School Certificate (S6 equivalent in Uganda).Look at the time of his administration, is there anything that you who may not be a school “drop-out” whatever that term means to you, would have done any better and excelled more than he did?

Education is different from schooling in that while schooled people go through the school system, educated ones allow the school system to go through them. They most often end up as the innovators of the world. Remember Bill Gates had gone to graduate school to study technology and from the topic he was given to write his dissertation he realized that it was not necessary to hand it over just to get a piece of paper stating what he supposedly know. He went on to become the World’s richest man for more than a decade and today he has given a lot of money to that institution where he dropped off from that his Professors now worship him.

We currently have Yoweri Museveni as our president who got University education. Has his performance helped him govern Uganda effectively? Malawi, at her Independence had a Medical Doctor as their leader. Do you have anything better about it compared to Uganda? We also had Zimbabwe with a leader who holds 4 University degrees, what do you say about the situation  in Zimbabwe.

The paper trails that people peddle as their qualifications are by themselves only papers. It is what you do that is used to judge you against what you utter purporting your abilities. In biblical terms it is what comes out of you that define or defile you and not what goes in you. Remember Murphy’s Law about importance. It states that the less important something is, the more verbiage accorded it e.g someone holding a title: Senior Principal Assistant Deputy Secretary. This could simply be an old office messenger!

So, lets’ stop deluding ourselves about being read or educated, most Ugandans are only schooled. The curriculum was designed for us by the British to serve their interests through us. In 1987,I did participate in developing a curricula for Science to be taught in Primary Schools .This was after  government realized rightly that HIV/AIDS can only be truly dealt with if information is passed on at the earliest time possible to the very vulnerable and yet biggest percentage of our population, the children/youth. It was an eye opening experience as to how we used to be taught a lot about other things most of which we would never experience within Uganda and left to figure out ourselves what Uganda and Ugandans need.



Museveni’s orders to arrest CHOGM thieves is just a show for the Donors

Queen of England while attending CHOGM in Kampala

Dear people,

Museveni’s directive to arrest whoever is implicated in the CHOGM scandal as reported in the Daily Monitor:

, may be meant to bring everybody severely mentioned in the scam into compliance.

Do you remember that in the first 5 years of NRA government, there was a newsletter financed by statehouse by the names Uganda Confidential which was more less a tabloid publication? Its’ agenda was to smear all those potential opponents of Museveni so that the public could not wish to identify with them.

The so called proprietor of this newsletter who, most of us knew as a Spy from the start kept on running roughshod with government ministers and would be sued for libel. All the cases he was sued for, he lost and all the court awarded charges he duly paid. Do you believe that newsletter which sold fewer than 5000 copies per month generated enough revenue to meet all those costs? Kyeye exactly knew where his money came from. After achieving the purpose for which it was started,Teddy Sseezi Cheeye was officially given a job where one wondered whether he was qualified for.

Cheeye is escorted to the cells after he was convicted and sentenced to 28 years in prison at the High Court(Source:Newvision)

That is how Mr Museveni’s mind works. He wants total compliance and allegiance from his followers so he has to wield the stick now, knowing very well that at the end of the stick is a withered carrot.

Professor Gilbert Bukenya has not yet lost his sale by date and so it will not directly affect him. Ofcourse there will be open show of magnamity from the Emperor and business will continue as usual. The International Community will have been made to believe the man has zero tolerance for corruption. Once the foreign disbursements start flowing some of the collateral damage will be brought back through another of the many loopholes Museveni and Museveni alone knows.

So, do not count your chickens yet! There is only a threat about a hen wanting to lay eggs, which might never be.


Kipenji Owur

FDC on Media, CHOGM &PAC, and Wafula Ogutu to retire from politics in 2016

Dear Ugandans,

I would like to inform you that FDC is for a strong, free press.FDC shall scrap all the repressive media laws. FDC will set up a media Fund to assist small media houses that need support to borrow from or apply for grants. FDC will invest in modern priting presses in the regions to print newspapers and books for private publishers.

FDC symbol

FDC will create many jobs in the media industry. At least I will ensure that that is achieved before I retire from politics in 2016. I am a strong advocate of a free press and I have a proven track record on that. You can be sure that among other objectives, I will fight for media freedom and development during FDC government.

You cannot develop a country today and build democracy without free and responsible media. And you cannot have a responsible media when it is not economically empowered.

Secondly, I read the report on Museveni meeting PAC and I was not surprised by the outcome. If PAC did not have quite serious bwino to put president Museveni  in a tight corner, he would have defended his gang of thieves and dismissed the Nandala team. Ever since he lied to the country in his election manifesto in 2001 that he was standing for his last term, I no longer believe anything the President says. I see them as nothing but lies or half truths or misinformation or pure propaganda.

On CHOGM,he addressed the country as the CEO  of government and chief custodian of our funds in 2007 saying he wanted about Shs 142 billion for the three day Conference. We as FDC  raised  queries  that that was a lot of money to waste when hospitals had no drugs and schools had no text books. As usual NRM used their numbers in Parliament and had their way. The President said we were just suffering from “nuggu”.

A few months later the govt returned to Parliament and asked for more money moving the total to Shs  about 230 billion . Again they had their way. That is the last time they went to Parliament.

They then went into overdrive, in spending spree, each minister, official and some of the President’s close relatives stealing as much as possible from the poor citizens. It was intense robbery by just a few closely knit families. By the close of the day, a whole shs 600 billion had been gobbled. That means that about shs 370 billion was spent by a government he heads without approval from Parliament. And he says he did not know! Surely the President should have some modicum of respect for the citizens and ability to tell the truth from lies.

As CEO, he should first take political responsibility, apologise for spending Shs370 unconstitutionally and explain to us, the shareholders of Uganda company, what value we got from the Shs 600 billion and what is on the ground to show for it. He is justification that CHOGM has since attracted tourists is simply hooey.

You cannot be an honest and clean person yet all your friends and associates are thieves.  If president Museveni  means what he is saying, let him send all  the officials  pinned by PAC on forced leave as they wait for court proceedings.

Wafula Oguttu

FDC Spokesperson

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