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Uganda’s IPC writes to the British PM

What do Ugandans think of this?

UAH Moderator

Political criminals in Uganda must be punished

Political criminals in Uganda must be punished

In order to cleanup the mess Uganda has been engulfed in over the last 25 years, we must make clear that those who commit crimes against Ugandans must be punished because anything other than total accountability will only lead to more crimes.

I was sitting and listening to a member of an opposition party in London when she answered a question about what should be done about people who actively engage in vote rigging.  This is how she answered:  “we cannot come hard on those people because if we do, it will encourage them to steel even more votes and stay in power”.  I replied then that such an approach won’t work and that what we need is a hard-line, uncompromising and resolute stand against these criminals even if it means that we wont win this and the next general elections.  Well, that was in 2004 and we all know what happened during the 2006 general elections.

Fast forward 2010 and here is what Wafula Ogutu the FDC Spokesperson said “those who committed political crimes will be forgiven but those who loot our resources will be pursued”, according to a posting on popular Uganda chartroom Ugandans at heart.

In other words, Mr. Oguttu is telling Kale Kaihura, Kakooza Mutale, Yoweri Museveni and their henchmen that kill, torture, murder and kidnap but as long as you don’t touch our wallet, carry on!  Wafula is only interested in getting his hands on the national piggy bank regardless of how many torture and murder victims he will stomps over on his way.

History tells us that such Wafula thinking is wrong and an advanced sign of political cowardice.  The life of a single Ugandan is far much more important than contents of the national treasury because if there are no Ugandans there would be no money in the national treasury.  Uganda is a state of torture, murders, kidnappings and all sorts of human rights abuses.  These violations against us are done by people of authority and we know them.  We have to resolve to ensure that they don’t get away with their crimes.

We have crimes committed in Luwero, N. Uganda, Mukora massacres, Kampala September mascares, Kyengera genocide – the list is endless.  UNHRC has listed Uganda as a country where freedom of human rights is under threat.  The same opinion is expressed by Amnesty International and New York based Human Rights Watch.

Most recently, stick kibooko squad gangs thronged the streets of Kampala and started beating up people in full view of the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kaihura.  Earlier, police had emptied a canister of tear gas in the mouth of a peaceful, innocent and defenseless female protester.  The police personnel who committed this crime must know that he will be held accountable.  He must know that in the not so distant future, part of his salary and pension will go to pay for the long term injuries suffered by his victim.

Somebody has to stand up and say ‘Enough’ to the suffering of ordinary Ugandans.  Uganda needs a strong man who will challenge the establishment on this issue.  We must impress it upon the perpetrators of these crimes so they understand that they will face jail terms or even capital punishment.  Now that parliament has finalized juicy retirement plans for these people, we have to make clear that their pensions and proceeds from their properties will go the victims of their crimes.  That Uganda won’t pay a penny to Congo but that Museveni, Kale Kayihura and Kahinda Otafiire and other army generals who waged an illegal and brutal war in the Congo will pay.

We must ensure that the rank and file of the armed forces are responsible for their actions.  They must understand that following unreasonable “orders from above” are orders from them.  That it may take 1,5, 10, 15 or 20/30 years to catch them but they should have no doubt in their minds that                               they will be caught and face justice.

Officers in intelligence services who operate safe houses must know that they can be caught.  Advances in forensic science mean that someone’s presence in a certain “safe house” can be detected even after 30 years.    It is also possible to use sniffer dogs to identify properties where torture is taking place.  Owners of such houses must know that their properties will confiscate, auctioned or rented with proceeds going to benefit victims of torture.

IGP Kale Kaihura must know that he will be punished for failure to take action having seen the Kibooko brigade beating up people and taking no action.  He must know that continuing to fool Ugandans with his ‘I don’t know’ approach whenever asked about these thugs will not exonerate him from their crimes.  His lack of action against the Kibooko squad is called negligence of duty and he must know that he will pay, eventually.  General Kaihura is paid handsomely to protect ordinary citizens and not to supervise actions of gangsters against citizens.  His crime is failure to stop the Kibooko brigade that was terrorizing Ugandans expressing their rights.  The self styled Commander of the Kibooko Brigade, a one ‘Backfire’ Ssemakula must know that whatever he does, a thirty year jail term is waiting for him even when he has turned 70 years old.

Busia RDC Nabanja and others in her rank must know that know that terrorizing voters and rigging their votes in favor of a certain party is a crime that will be punished down the line.

Ugandans we must remember that Hitler’s men are still being hunted, Milosovic’s  butchers of Serbia are still being hunted, Saddam Hussain’s henchmen are still being hunted.  Therefore, Museveni and his henchmen must know that there will be no time limit to bring them to justice and no mercy when it comes to accountability.  Only this hard-line stand will work because most recently, Kony stopped killings, tortures and kidnappings of Ugandans only when it became clear and apparent to him that the noose of justice on behalf of his victims is tightening around his head.

Therefore, Wafula’s statement about forgiving political crimes is irresponsible, reckless unpatriotic and only encourages more crimes to be committed.  It makes him and his organizations part and parcel of the culture of criminality in Uganda.  It is a license to the Ssemakula’s to continue harassing civilians.  And after making such statements, Mr. Wafula Oguttu then posts an appeal to Ugandans asking them to donate money to the IPC!  Obviously he cannot be serious because Ugandans are not going to donate money to any organization that looks like the one they already have.

Uganda needs someone who will ring changes and discontinue the status quo.  We supported Museveni in 1986 because he was tough talking on punishing criminals and bringing election rigging individuals to justice in addition to promising a fundamental change.  We’re disappointed because he has not only failed to deliver but has gone on and committed the same crimes as his predecessors.  Therefore, we’re looking for another messiah.  However, given the way Wafula is talking, we’re in for a long wait, but wait we will.

I shall donate Sh 500 thousand to the IPC if they come up with a policies and manifesto that looks, reads and sounds serious on this and other issues concerning Ugandans.

Michael Senyonjo

The writer is the DP Publicity Secretary for DP-UK Chapter.

World Cup fever returns to Kampala – the hot struggle for viewres/listeners

Summary: After the failure of 5 African teams to advance beyond the group stages in the on-going World Cup in South Africa, FM radio ‘listenership’ (and therefore their advertising revenues) and ‘video hall'[ebibaanda bya firimu] attendance {in the peri-urban settlements, also known as ‘slums’}, had diminished. The tricks to win back the customers are fun itself are in full play, once again.
Read on and enjoy the fun.
1/4. The struggle to reverse the trend of declining listenership  for the FM radio stations and the ‘video halls’ had not been easy before the advancing of the Black Stars of Ghana, last night, to the 1/4 finals. A new struggle is now on and has led to a re-start of the hot competition for customers, first, on the side of FM radios which sell expensive time slots at the match breaks, their end and as they progress. Listener-numbers are proved (to the advertisers)by lists of phone-in callers (into the stations) and further, and even by call-attempts from failed calls [when the studio lines are busy-proving station popularity, never the less]. this is in addition to the opeinion polls on listenership. So, business is on and booming once again.
Mother of all questions: How do these 2 groups of entrepreneurs win customers?
2/5. For the FM Radios, it is a more civilised way. The nearer an advert slot is to the March start, break and when it is in progress (and is interrupted), the better. What the marketing agent and host need to do is to ‘add as much salt’ to the commentary, as possible. They talk of people like “Anri” of France [Henry’s name to his Kampala fans] “Luuni” [Roony] being on the field while they actually are not. They call Uruguay “Bu-Lugwala” and you feel the West Nile Ugandans are playing. Since there are no screens to prove them wrong, the audiences are as happy and as excited as those in Soccer City, South Africa.
3/5. For the video shacks [ebibaanda] in the slums, the struggle is to win as many cash-customers as possible [school children, lumpens and some hard-core football fans, etc]. But the video halls are many and competition is cut-throat too. So, what are the survival tricks: There are various but the commonest are:
Road-side adverts, written in chalk, on black-boards
Van-mounted loudspeaker announcements.
Village-megaphone, pole-hoisted, the “so called neigbourhood Radio Stations” with names like, Radio Kireka, Radio Bwaise, etc {banned by the UCC, to no avail}.
Roadside  touts, etc
4/5. Further on the ‘ibaanda’ (video halls/enclosures) competition methods: What they need to attract the Sh.100/= or 200/= paying customers, {gaining by ‘economies of scale, one presumes’}, is to promise them that Roony or Kaka will be playing while actually neither England nor Brazil are playing that day. The other day, when Cameroon was on the pitch, one road-side advert invited the customers to come and witness “LOOJA MILLA, OMOLOGO” (come and watch Roger Milla the football wizard). So, in as much as this man, who shone from 1982 to 90 for Cameroon and re-made’ popular by the current Coca Cola adverts showing his famous corner-jigs back in 1990, no longer plays, this same (old) fact is exploited by the video-hall people here, who use his legendary wizardly to attract customers today. This is what makes the WC in “Sousi” fun for every body here in Uganda. It relieves the masses of the boredom of listening to the NRM conference monologues, bravado and propaganda, ‘World without end’, Amen.
5/5. Finally, that the Video-hall operators can leave no stone unturned to attract instant-cash customers, is exemplified by the roadside advert in “Wantoni ward”, Mukono, yesterday, that invited people with words like this “Jjangu werolere Ssemattalo ow’okunna, ng’ abaluyanja b’empingu ya Bungereza battimpula aba Nazi aba-kabulu, aba Girimaani” which loosely translated goes like, “Come and behold the WW IV spectacle where the sailors of the British Navy destroy the Nazi opressors.., the Germans”. This advert must have been composed by a teacher of history (presumably at a fee, since most video-shack operators cannot speak English and may not know much about WW I, WW II and WC 1966). The idea here is to increase ‘the appetite’ of the fans and to make them think that the England-Germany WC match is as exciting as a war film. At the increased  200/= entry fee, no one can fail to pay. The big question: in the end, it is the Bungereza that was projected to devastate Girimaani, that lost 4-1 instead! How did the ‘dubbing translator’ deliver the match’s results over the megaphone, without loosing a name? One hopes he never ‘donated’ the 4 German goals to England but the answer is simple. If put to account, he may simply say: “This is Kampala” and then wait for the next match or film.
That is what makes football a universal game: the simple rules, the little cost to become part of the thing , the breaking of language-barriers, and finally, the universal fun and enjoyment.
Enjoy the WORLD CUP.
Christopher Muwanga,

P/S: The advert in Mukono yesterday that picked out the theme of England’s two wars with Germany and the 1966 final between the two sides may have been picked from an advert that has run on our TV screens for months, in advance of the WC in S. Africa.
In the advert, a little boy, an England fan and his dad, practice the pro-England chants and then enter a lift where they find rival German fans. The chants ran something like “Two World Wars and a Word Cup, England, England,…”. Repeated many times.
Now , instead of waiting to start shouting from the stands, in the safety of his English kin, the little boy blurts out the chant and his dad immediatly covers his mouth with his hand, as the German fans are amazed.
 May be, that is what filtered down to Mukono, where England was then supposed to destroy “Nazi Germany” this afternoon of 17th June, 2010, and ended up being punished themselves, instead. This World of Football !!!

MP Ekanya did not defect to Movement

Dear readers,

I talked to Hon.Ekanya this morning. We  had  a big laugh.He did not cross to anywhere.But Museveni, Kadaga, the RDC tried to conscript him by putting an NRM  cap on his head and then have  him photographed.
Millions of people have   been conscripted into NRM  in a similar manner. Haven’t you  heard that NRM  has, so far   over 10m registered members and they are still registering? Is there any sense in that? Last time they claimed to have 8m but only 4m supposedly  voted for them.
Wafula Ogutu

FDC Spokesperson

Mao’s Legal Adviser,Mbidde, will Slowly Deliver DP to NRM. Here is why?

Mbidde campaigning in Kalugu East in 2006

Dear Ugandans at heart,
Please open your eyes, Mbidde will never stand on any other party ticket apart from the DP ticket, the strategy this time is to kill DP from with in. If Mbidde goes through as an MP, he will go to parliament but his presence their will be insignificant as his roll is beyond parliament.
Let me give you a few important roles which he has played and NRM has benefited more than having Mawiya in parliament.
  • He was able to push for the Mbale conference well knowing that there were simple internal issues that required to be resolved before the Mbale conference if you were to have united DP.
  • He started attacking KB way back portraying him as a very bad leader in and hence destroying him in Buganda. Remember he failed to present any reason to justify it.
  • He directly led the campaign to smear Nambooze and Lukwago with DP knowing very well that they were the key young DP Stewart’s in Buganda. The campaign was to isolate them and hence divide DP.
  • He started the UB40 campaign in DP to isolate the elders in DP knowing very well that a party survives on all generations but not merely the youth. This consequently left out the likes of Ssemwogerere.
  • He successfully convinced every one that IPC was very bad knowing very well that the issue will further divide DP like it has done. Today the stronghold of DP which is Buganda is going to be divided between IPC and DP hence further weakening DP.

Ask Keneth Kakande why the had suspended him in UYD.I knew so well that NRM cadres were going to react to the story of the police raid on Mbidde’s house because they very well know that whatever was done to Mbidde was part of a ploy by their govt to distance herself from Mbidde. They want to start sighting instances like that one to prove that govt is looking at Mbide as a member of the opposition while he is not. I pity my friends in DP who still look at Mbidde as a DP. Bano abasajja ba NRM bagenda kubasanyaawo when they are fooling on your psychology.

Mbidde is in DP but not to build DP. He is there to kill DP slowly and I have given you the instances above. Unlike the Mutagambwa, Mrs Muwonge, Luzige, Lutaya etc who were bought out of DP, this time NRM will weaken DP from within the party by using the divide and rule method and it is working successfully.

You will bare me witness at one point. Remember I have been here and I know how these NRM guys very well. Whenever you see a group of them supporting you, praising you (like they are doing so with Mao) or pushing you to do something, just know that they are benefiting from it directly or indirectly.I remember telling Betty Kamya the same thing but she could not listen to me now she is in hot soup.Let us see what will finally happen to DP

Jude mayanja

Chemical war-fare & terror in Kampala by the Uganda Government


Summary: Although Chemical weapons were banned worldwide long ago and stock-piles of poison arsenals destroyed, Uganda still stocks them, like a terrorist would. Terrorists target innocent civilian. Some politicians in Uganda are hiding their fears and faces  behind the so called Police-militia and committing acts of terror against Ugandans, and women at that!!! This is a sign of cowardice and cowards are dangerous folk. They will one day answer for their folly.

Read on: (this post has 5 numbered bullets)

1. The supper powers (USA, Russia) banned and destroyed chemical weapons as  tools of war. It is interesting that a country, in a new century, can unleash chemical weapons, not against an external enemy but against it own citizens.

2. Our so called Police, not unlike Hitler’s’ SS (Politico-military regiments) as tool of repression, has been ‘animalised’ and their leader must be ready to go to The Hague. Poisoning of women and children used to be a villager’s pass-time. Alas, it is interesting that our State can stoop so low as to start poisoning women, in daylight, like  witch-village woman would do to a the child of a co-wife or the co-wife herself.

3. If the Government and society can, during the day, condemn human sacrifice and murder, why turn around and poison people with the intention to murder/ kidnap them to police cells where terrosists awit them? Why kidnap people and lock them up/brutalize them simply because one fears their breverly? That is a sign of weakness, not bravery. STOP early or the whole country will become ‘bad-mannered’, to the regret of the so called leaders.

4.  The other day, in fact on two occasions, Kayihura  S/O Kalekyezi had this to say:

(a) To the Campus girls something near this: “I will bring and distribute to you pepper spray…to protect yourself against rapists…”. The poor souls clapped, not knowing this was a cover for using their parent’s tax money to procure a tool to brutalise their poor mothers.

(b) Another day, he said this: “The days of tear gas as a way of crowd or riot control is gone”. Here, he was right because:

One, he has replaced tear gas with chemical poisons/weapons and

Two, indeed there was no riot-control. You ambush peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly and you call that “policing”?

Conclusion: But what is this a sign of? This is  a sign of something more negatively potent to the extent of fearing ‘un-armed’ women and trying to brutalise them as an example to the others. That fear is the driver and secret of Kayihura’s boss and mentor. Such a coward that has such fear, a fear  that makes him use internationally banned chemical weapons against innocent civilians, i very dangerous. Such people, who attack civilians have a name in modern histography and political parlance: Terrorists.

In other words, our Stae has become an actor is the exercise of State terror. These are not good signs. The other day, the UK punished Russia reportedly for just poisoning a military deserter (and their own citizen, Russia’s that is, at that). Why can’t the cowards know that, one day, a Nuremburg will be ready for the same too, as it did to Nazi officials?  Pity some cowards: How can you, a man at that, “Okwereega”  with a woman {enter a verbal/physical contest with a woman] and be ready to even see her nakedness, which is taboo in many nationalities in Uganda??  Such an ‘act’ that denigrates women in public , can not be Ugandan.  Uganda  is crazy, at least, at leadership level.

Christopher Muwanga,



Cohen in Late John Chrysosom Kiwanuka (J C)’s success

Big loss to SMACK and to Uganda. RIP, J.C.

Summary: Note: J.C. Kiwanuka was able to get Governor Cohen’s ear because of the latter’s liberal socio-political views. His achievements are being un-done here only today, and with great effort at that, by the powers that be.

1/4. Recall he (the new Governor) Cohen visited Musaazi’s home when his “Uganda African Famers’ Association” –the cover for political activities {as Political Parties were banned before 1952}, was still the main political ‘force’ in the Protectorate. Soon after the visit, Cohen lifted the ban on political parties and then UNC came up. The visit, considered taboo during those post-war and post-riot times, caused the then bureaucrats to shudder.

2/4. His starting of ‘nonreligious-founded schools’ [Teso College, Aleot, Ntare School, Kigezi College, Butobere, Kabalega SS, etc] is a good, living indicator of his ‘open thinking’. The National Theatre and the current Parliamentary Buildings (and subsequent first Parliament in Uganda, with African representation – the LEGCO) were/are all his ‘babies’. The famous UDC [1954] and the public Boards (UEB) Radio Uganda (1954), Produce Marketing Board, etc, name it, leave it [ALL now sold, in the last 20 or so years]

3/4.Munno‘ (The Catholic) newspaper was so amazed by his style that it wrote, on  Cohen’s arrival at Entebbe in 1952 and on his style: “Gavana omupya ayaka ng’esassi” – {like: The new Governor has hit the ground running}. [He undertook and succeeded in carrying out so many changes here that the established colonial bureaucracy {here in Uganda} opposed his methods and reportedly writing parallel reports (to his) back home such that, at the end of first his tour, when he wished to come back to Uganda for another tour of duty, he was refused the chance].

4/5. Epilogue: No wonder then that, after the collapse of the USSR, Cohen was among the people accused of being its agents, recruited at Cambridge, back in the early 30’s.

Conclusion: Whatever the problems he may have had with his people in England, Uganda gained more than lost under his tutelage.

So, some of the successes of “Prof.” J.C. Kiwanuka would not have come to be, without Governor Cohen’s chanced presence in Uganda.

RIP once again.

Christopher Muwanga,


FM Radios bring the “Waadi Kapu” to Uganda..with our boys participarting too

Summary: The World Cup in “Sousi” has taken Uganda by the storm. The fire is burning. The City and Town Centres are abandoned during match-times.

A World Cup fest was held in Entebbe recently with all the nations represented. Do you know who won the World Cup (Kasiki –advance simulation) in Entebbe last month (May 10)? PDRK – The Peoples’ Democratic People’s Republic of (NORTH) Korea. Goats and chicken were given as “trophies”. The real thing is on now and Uganda is ‘represented’, at least from the FM Radio commentator’s words as understood by the ‘slum’ youth, by a team from West Nile.

Read on and enjoy the Fun:

1/4. In 11th June, another ‘World Cup’ in Uganda was held at Nakivubo War memorial Stadium, courtesy of MTN (telephone operators). The players (including women artistes) and the spectators were so engrossed in watching the real thing taking place thousands of miles away in “Sousi“,  that no one knows who won the Kampala version this time around. No goats or chicken though, for trophies this time around, but bottles and crates of Soda.

2/4. But wait, betting does not end in the books of London.

In Mukono and the other towns/suburbs for example, the stake is a beer or two. Some stake their bodas (bicycle taxis) and a few their wives/girl-friends, although this is no longer common or has not been reported yet this week.

So come 11th and the debate at “Wantoni” suburb of Mukono town [first resident here, in the 70’s – man called ‘Anthony‘] was whether some Ugandans were playing or NOT. Those who claimed Uganda was represented claimed that they had heard of a Lugbara team mentioned on the live radio commentaries – (These ‘Lugbaras‘ were in fact the “Uruguay” team!!).  The clever boys who have no TV screen but listened-in on the FM radios only, emphatically defended their position. From geography, the only country with a name near the one being heard is ‘Paraguay’. Now, since Paraguay was not being mentioned, the other team must be “bu-Lugwala” Vs South Africa. Well, in the end, nether “Bu-Lugwala” nor South Africa won, so no bears lost in bets, making everybody happy, in the end.

3/4. Note: In the Luganda and the other nearby languages,  “Bu”…. denotes the county or territory while “Lu” denotes the language and “Ba” the people of the territory. Taking the root ‘ganda‘ for example therefore, we get “Buganda for territory, Luganda for the Language and Baganda for the people on the territory.

By extension, when a boda-boda rider hears “Uruguay” as  “Bulugwala” he is not very wrong phonetically. To him, “Bulugwala” is the home of the “Lugwala” so the team that played S. Africa, for the young suburb boys listening to the FM radio comments or inside taxis, are our West Nile brothers. They  are in the World Cup although the Cranes [Uganda National Soccer team] are not. We are therefore well represented in the World Cup 2010.

4/4. So, if a regional team can manage a draw while the National team failed to even qualify, in the first place, we have a right to be happy. Such is the fun the FIFA World Cup {Waadi Kapu for the boys]brings for our young, UPE products in your beloved country ,that we end up enjoying the fun.

Enjoy the World Cup on your TV meanwhile, your brothers without it are, at least, able to enjoy the fun from the local commentators who mispronounce the names such that in the end, a tribal team from Uganda seems to be part of the fest. What matters to the FM commentators is the listener-ship, not the reality in Sun City or in Soweto or in Port Elizabeth.

Enjoy the FUN.

Christopher Muwanga,




On EC, Besigye has Not Achieved what wanted from his bruises

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC Member)

Countrymen and Women,

Summary: The Kigundu team are not blamed for ‘adulterying’ the poll results themselves. They are blamed because many of them obey any order from above, including the orders to falsify results. The struggle of the neutrals should be, to get on board, those people that do not have to thank the C-in-C for ‘emmere ya leero’ (daily bread or daily survival) or, at least, who will reject result-modifications from “Kyadondo Road”, who will resist the deletion of percieved opposition voters’ names from the Roll, etc.  The current EC has lost many cases in Court, when they are accused of incompetence.

Read on:

1/4. When you talk of the “Electoral Commission”, do you mean the one ostensibly headed by Eng. Dr. Kigundu or the one that mans a data management centre and alters results as they come in, so that what finally comes to the MoW YARD [Hqrs of The so called EC] are ‘refined results’ that poor Eng. Kigundu is allowed/ordered to read?

2/4. The truth is: the Electoral Commission is a “kiwani” [a mask, a ruse or a fraud] because the individuals there do not do the ‘operational tasks’ themselves when say tallying comes. Theirs is ‘Policy’ and day-to-day management. The question is: At what stage do they know that the results they are given/ordered to declare are the ones actually captured at the polling stations?

3/4. What the Opposition and the other well-meaning Ugandans actually wants/should demand, is simple and it is this: The EC where result collection will be transparent so that any “side input” is not accepted/allowed to be read as the true result. The EC that will stand and tell an RDC, “NO” when he deletes the names of citizens from the roll, laving on those of aliens. Etc, etc. This can only happen if the ‘managers’ at the CE are NEUTRAL and have enough powers to resists the infiltrators. Eng. Dr. Kigundu may be ‘innocent’ but many his EC has LOST many cases in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The EC, as today composed, has been found , in Constituency and in presidential polls, to have performed badly [e.g. in the Namboze Vs rev. Bakaluba case, in the Garuga Vs Mbabazi case, in the Kivedhindha case, etc, etc.

4/4. Conclusion: The issue is not on the consuct and person of the “Engineer, Doctor”. It is the fact that his current team cannot avoid being used as a “fraud conduit or condom” by the powers that be and this can only be mitigated by the presence of some that do not accept any order ‘from above’ without forgetting their professional ethics and who will not put the fate of the gullible Ugandan population, the elite inclusive, in harm’s way.

Christopher Muwanga,



Uganda Police has been replaced by Museveni’s ‘“Party Militia”

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC member)

Summary: The destruction of the Uganda Police has been a long but thorough, well calculated  process. It has been eventually consummated, with catastrophic consequences. It has been replaced by the M7 baby that in reality is a “Party Militia”. Time then for every political party set up their own. After all, do not our politicians now own the “kanyama guards” i.e. body-builder assistants, in place of Police escort?

Read on:

1/4. Gen. Kayihura s/o Kalekyezi  said yesterday, “I also passed by and wondered {as to} what was happening”.

Now, of all people, a Police Officer, sorry, a WHOLE Inspector General of Police saying he saw criminals in the act and passed by?

2/4. He himself always says, “The Police is there to keep Law and Order, to detect, prevent and fight crime”.

Since his men were overseeing the kiboko goons at work and never apprehended any of them and he also passed by and did nothing, can we then not rightly say that, Uganda no longer has any Police?

3/4. The people are now vindicated. One of the achievements of the NRM regime, decimation the legendary Uganda Police has been accomplished: demolarise them, ridicule them for voting wrongly, house them in mortuaries, make their crime-prevention section (the Special Branch) homeless [they were removed from their home side 1955, near NEETA Cinema, now Theatre La Bonita, by Christ The King (Goan) Church, to a house along Babiiha road (Acacia Avenue), Kololo.

4/4. What we have now is a partisan militia, at cohorts with ‘bayaaye‘ (street lumpens) who see nothing else as right unless it fulfills the interests of the “powers from above“, that is M7 and his relatives and in-laws (plus a few faithful servants like Bukenya, Mutale, etc.. of course), who may be there for their stomachs.

The rate Dr. Besigye is being beaten by civilians at public gatherings [twice or three times so far this year], and with the police refusing to apprehend and investigate the attackers, we may soon have civil strife, if his supporters decide to side with him, instead of retrating him, as was the case this week. But wait, MP’s are now being attacked, not at rallies but in their offices. So, Dr. KB may as well be attached even in his house, next time!!   Read bellow:

If Besigye provoked the Police , what did Hon. Nabila, MP (Women, Kampala-FDC) do to deserve being attached in her Parliamentary office, with the parliament security refusing to intervene, let alone apprehending the attacker who bragged that he was ‘above the police’ (a right claim that turned out to be true since he was feared/let off hook by the Parliamentary Police Chief, Kagoya).

The other day she toured her constituency and the so-called police tried to undress her, in the market, of all places!! And you still you call Uganda “A County”? or the current UPF and “National Police Force”? Come off it, Aisha, Nabakooba & Co.

God Save Uganda.




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