How the Electoral Commission altered results in M7’s favour in 2006

Dear Ugandans at heart,

1/2. NRM supporters should take care when they STATE “WINNERS AND LOOSERS IN” our Ugandan elections.  Or, they must be clear as to whether they are quoting the results as cast at counted or those declared by the EC: A few examples (bellow) from the sampled polluting stations as submitted to the SUPREME COURT OF UGANDA [Besigye Vs EC and Candidate Museveni] will suffice to clarify that, what the people  “say” [their will] during the lections, is not what the Electoral Commission declares, thus, the cries for the creation of an impartial one
2/2. Therefore, please always be clear. Who wins in Uganda depends on who has the power and who appoints the EC that creates votes for the appointing authority, even  where  none were cast for the same.
See bellow please:

  Station=Ajepeti Coop. Union 
 1. Besigye

Counted: 446     

Declared by EC: 4
2. Museveni


Declared by EC: 70
 Station=Mugiti Trading Centre
1. Besigye


Declared by EC:194
2. Museveni


Declared by EC:256
 Station=Kesesira P.Sch.
1. Besigye


Declared by EC:33
2. Museveni


Declared by EC:455
 Station=Kisaasi P. Sch, West Mengo ground
1. Besigye


Declared by EC:0
2. Museveni


Declared by EC:124

Chistopher Muwanga,


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  1. Dennis,

    Someone once said: “Those who cast the votes determine nothing, those who count the votes determine everything” I can now see it at play here!

  2. Ronald,

    Believe Besigye when he says no election under the current EC!! Nothing has changed since 2006

  3. Rogers Oraja,

    The electoral commission should be disbanded… Period!

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