The Truth Revealed About The ”Candida Story” Published by the Daily Monitor on 11th May 1999

Dear All,

The Candida story was indeed a frabrication by the ‘Monitor’ to soil the Museveni government and UPDF.  By the time the Candida story was published, the ‘Monitor’ was under the joint stewardship of Wafula Oguttu and Onyango Obbo. The paper had already taken a very anti government/Museveni position. This postures continues to this day. It was therefore no suprise that the Monitor published the ‘Candida’ story knowing very well that it was faked.

But even Wafula Ogutu may be excused about the Candida story because at the time it was published the two (Wafula Oguttu and Onyango Obo) were not in talking terms having disagreed over of tribalism. Wafula’s authority in the Monitor at the time was being seriuosly challenged by Onyango! The truth of this conflcit was unearthed following the shutdown and raid on the ‘Monitor’ by the government.

One of the police officer’s  who searched the Monitor offices, revealed that they landed on angry email exchanges between Wafula and Onyango on a number of issues:

– Onyango was accusing Wafula of sticking onto the position of the managing editor of the paper yet the position was supposed to rotate between the two of them after every few years.
– Onyango also accused Wafula of tribalism and sectarianism by filling the Monitor with fellow Samias from journalists to sweepers! He named some of them e.g. Odoobo Bichachi and a others I can not easily recall.
– Wafula on the otherhand accused Onyango Obbo together with the late Kevin Aliro Ogen of spearheading what he called a ‘Luo’ conspiracy against him – a Bantu!

So at the time the Candida Lakony story was published Onyango Obbo and his team had  successfully relegated Wafula to a mere figurehead who was hardly consulted on anything. This also happens to be the time that ‘Monitor’ was controlled tightly from Kigali to the extent that Kigali could even order what should form the lead headline for the day!! Sometimes the Monitor would delay to go to press to wait for a story from the Rwanda Intelligence!

I can therefore defend Wafula on the Candida story: he had nothing to do with it. He could not stop it being published because he had no capacity to do so.

The True Candida Lakony Story

Another telling piece of evidence that was found in Onyango Obbo’s drawers by the police was a chit written by Candida from her prison cell in Luzira to Onyango Obbo and the ‘Monitor’. In her chit Candida complained very bitterly of being neglected in prison by Onyango Obbo and the Monitor! She regretted why she had allowed herself to be used to tell lies about the shaving picture even upto to the president. She threatened to tell the truth about the whole episode to the prisdent if Onyango Obbo and Monitor did not give her support while in prison!!!!!!

Shortly afterwards, Candida Lakony died a mysterious death in prison!

Peter Okello Maber


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  1. Otim Olile,

    Without diluting the challenge you put to Mr Oguttu, I think on this issue Mr Oguttu may have been right and Charles Onyango and David Balikowa were wrong. If indeed it is true that Wafula Oguttu tried to stop the printing of the so-called Candida Lakony photos, then he had a superb professional judgement. The truth of the matter is that the ‘Candida Lakony’ photo was a fake; a picture taken in Congo by the RPA and planted in The Monitor at a time when relations between Rwanda and Uganda were at its lowest. Rwanda had journalists in The Monitor on the pay of Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro and Patrick Karegeya as Willy Lusoke recently told us. Among then was Andrew Mwenda who has since failed to refute the allegations. Others are still in The Monitor.

    The Candida Lakony photo was a fake, proved even by a British expert. It ended up soiling the reputation of The Monitor more. So in that sense, Mr Oguttu was right in rejecting it and but of course Onyango Obbo called the shots there then as I was told, and they prevailed. The Monitor never recovered from that scandal and Wafula Oguttu knows it.


    Otim Olile


    What you are trying to insinuate monitor was responsible for the death of this lady. I struggle to believe this but I think if you can avail as with that note to monitor (Onyango), then we can take from there. You see if there is any wrong doing this will be investigated when the right time comes, because that time will eventually come.
    But if that story is true, that lady was bold, to lie up to the president, and if this is the case, then the cause of her death could also be UPDF, since they had been wrongly accused, they might have revenged. This case maybe difficult to conclude if that note is really in existence, but wouldn’t that note be written by anyone to frame monitor, since the lady is dead, who can we prove the hand writing is hers. Either way this will be investigate like all other death including that of Paulo Muwanga

  3. wafula oguttu,

    Mr Maber,
    I do not need you to defend me on Monitor.
    If Ugandans were paying you as an intelligence officer, they would be wasting their money.
    You know the truth you found in the over 100 files you guys took from my office and from Charles office and from our computers and server which items you have never returned to Monitor yet you are now peddling fabrications of imaginary conflict between Luos and Bantu! In the Monitor? Shame upon you.

    You mention Odoobo Bichachi as one of the Samia allegedly Charles accused me of having recruited? Will it surprise you learn that he was actually identified and recruited by Charles? And apart from me and Ouma Balikowa who were part of the founders, he was the only other Samia journalist in Monitor out of over 40.

    Ask State House and CMI why they took Candida file from my office complete with all the investigation material including many fotos taken in Gulu barracks. We used some of those materials to win the Candida case.
    Candida lost her case because her lawyers the then Honourables Jacob Olanya and Norbert Mao did a lousy job for her.

    Yes, out of humantarian considerations Monitor provided some basic needs items to Candida while she was in Prison. But that was it. We did not know her before we published her foto. She came to us herself after the foto was published. The foto had been brought to us by a UPDF soldier from Gulu barracks.

    Rwanda has never controlled Monitor in any way. And Charles never tried to usurp my power or to fight for a position.It was not necessary at all. The company was well structured and built on sound business principles. But yes, we sometimes differed in opinion which is normal. The founders of Monitor were all highly opinionated journalists who never easily agreed without debates. But we finally always agreed and moved forward.


  4. Besigiroha Mashood,

    Instead of answering the issues I raised you challenged me to disclose my identity. I am Besigiroha Mashood based in Mbale- Indian quarter my colleagues cut my name and nicknamed me Besi which I use in my emails with friends and colleagues. I have nothing to hide or even fear you can reach me on

    You challenged me to provide more bwino and here it is. The Candida photo. For those not familiar with this story it was a photo of UPDF soldiers forcefully shaving the pubic hair of a woman in Gulu barracks. Waf you resisted its publication until Oboo and Balikowa took the bold step without consulting you and published it. Tell the truth Waf.

  5. wafula oguttu,

    Besi Kizy,
    You have your facts wrong again. When a UPDF soldier brought the Candida
    fotos to Monitor, I was out of the country. Even when the foto were published, I was still out.So I could not have tried to stop them. But I took full responsibility for the publication as Editor in Chief. I was taken to Court together with Charles and Balikowa. We proved our case and won it.



    Why do you lie. Habwaki nochwa ebisuba. Wafulasa says that he was out of the country. He did not act the way you foolishly think he did.

    Instead of you apologising to the man, you are making more noise. And talking about living in certain quarters in Mbale.

    Be civil and apologise for spreading wongo

  7. peter okello,

    Ndugu Waf,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have only learnt one thing though: that you can also callously be dishonest if it is meant to protect your reputation.

    To deny that you and Charles did not have disgreements regarding your refusal to vacate a rotating position in the Monitor is to say the least very unfortunate of you.

    To deny that you never exchanged internal emails over tribalism with Charles is yet another sign that even those we see as the new emerging national leaders are not any different from those they are seeking to replace!

    To deny that Rwanda did not have or does not have a direct and indirect influence over the Monitor is not suprising because admitting it would amount to accepting treason. But then who does not know the cozy relationship between that paper and Kigali?

    Thanks for admitting that you used to give Lakony some assistance when she was in prison. You could also admit that yes, she once wrote a chit complaining of neglect and how she had to lied up to the president.

    The evidence i.e. the emails and Lakony’s chit are available somewhere and can be given to the UAH fraternity if you permit.


  8. John,

    Dear Waf,
    Whoe are you discussing this Candida story with? I have a low opinion of these netters writing under pseudo names, like Maber etc. About the time of the Mbale ”DP” gathering of mainly non-DP members I was inundated with all sorts of mail from UYD people then already working for the state writing as Aisa or Aisha, Okello, Mujega-afa- alaba etc. If you have something serious to say, why don’t you first of all say who you are. This helps us to determine whether you should be believed.

    I know you Mr Wafula, and I do believe you because I know and I know who you are and I would know when you are telling the truth. If you write as Maber, I may not believe what you say because I do not know Maber. When I read an ordinary newspaper report I go to the by-line to see the name of the reporter. Same with articles. For example I unfailingly read John Nagenda even when I do not agree to what he says, especially when he is attacking so called critics of his master.

    There are columnists I never bother to read. The point is if you want us to believe you about the Candida story, come out of that Maber mask and tell us who you are. Only then shall we know whether you know what you are talking about. For now, the only person we must believe about that sory is Mr. Wafula Oguttu. He got the story, investigated it and published it. He stands by his story. Those of us who know Waf are inclined to believe him, we know him as an honest person who tells the truth however hard and biting that truth happens to be. The story would be different if he was defending Monitor under some Okelo, Maber or Aisha name. It is tempting to agree with Waf that many of these people are intelligence operatives who are selectively extracting some information from intelligence files and throwing half-truths around. That is what is called disinformation.

    Come out if you have something useful to say. Otherwise I simply point the curser to DELETE whenever I see stories from those people some of whom we know but have chosen to write behind a mask.
    Nice day Waf.



    Peter Okello who has his third name as Maber used to use Jabeli as his third name, he is my OB Kiira College Butiki, he finished between 93 and 95. he was a Deputy Head of House Kyabazinga, his reign his boss, Head of House was a western boy I forget his name.i think he should be the one who introduced him to NRM. He must have gone to Makerere and studied Bsc flat degree with subject including Political science, he graduated at the time when Museveni was encouraging graduates to join the army. I think he works in the NRM secretariat or the Prime ministers office. He was a member of the debating club, we used to debate with him.

    I once asked him to confirm if he was the one and didn’t respond, but I’m petty sure he is the one

  10. billie kadameri,


    I think you are wrong. Peter Okello Jabweli is not Peter Okello Maber. Peter Okello Jabweli worked for sometime as a reporter with The New Vision and is now Public Relations Officer with the Electoral Commission.



    I can say as a student with huge hopes of practising journalism in this country(and evn outside it),i have no regrets for joining this forum. The Candida Lakony story has continued, uptodate to spark controversies and under it, new evidence on tribalism and sectarianism has been discovered in even the Third Estate,the Press something that Mr.Waf. has desperatelly defended as non-existent,for an instituion that stands on objectivity,fairness among other tenets of journalistic practice,it is unfortunate.

    It is asignal that we preach wat we seldomly practice….pathetic…!

    Otherwise,I personally appreciate all your efforts on discussing this issues including Mr.Waf’s who takes joy in the fact that Candiada could not win her case given the poor job her lawyers,Mao and Oulanya did….as if to insinuate something.

    Very interesting.

    Allan Ssempebwa,
    BMCO 1,
    Makerere University.

  12. ahmed katerega,

    Okello Jabweri is with Deepenig Democracy Project. Probably that was one of the reasons why, the image of Uganda Electoral Commission was tainted.

  13. Wafula Ogutu,

    Peter Okello,

    Why are you carrying on with your lies?
    I was the MD and Editor in Chief. Charles was the Managing Editor
    effectively in charge of editorial work and my No 2. So what rotational position were we supposed to share?
    Bring out all the evidence you say you have or you have cooked up. I am sure I will put up.

  14. Monique Wyatt,

    I was posted this story on Facebook, I guess someone wanted me to comment. I am surprised by Okello suggestions that Candida photo was used to “soil Museveni and UPDF” How do you soil something that was not soiled in the first place. The Museveni government and its thugish armies UPDF are soiled

    The atrocites that were committed by the UPDF are so grave that people like me will never rest till justice is done. For this fake man to use an Acholi is insensitive and low.

    I can only say that you are fake. Use your real name so we can take you seriously. Are you going to deny that the UPDF raped men, women and children in northern Uganda?

    You’re a complete disgrace, Maber! Most Ugandan do not acknowledge the war that Museveni waged on the Acholi people. How do you justify the genocide, rapes, torture, crimes against humanity and war crimes which Museveni subjected on innocent civilians?

    What people have to understand about Museveni is that he is a bully, when he gets tired of bully one tribe, he will start on another one.

  15. Peter Okello Jabweli,

    Dear Friends,
    I had restrained from joining this conversation for over two years mainly due to the low level of debate characterised by outright lies and mudslinging of innocent people. I notice that like most Ugandan talkshows and chatrooms this Forum has been invaded by phoney characters like Isaac Balamu who apparently cannot make a point without character asassinating innocent people.
    For the record, I Peter Okello Jabweli wish to make it abundantly known to the so-called Balamu and all who think like him that I have certainly never worked for either the NRM Secretariat nor the Prime Minister’s office.And I have certainly never worked nor joined the intellingence services. Those who know me well can attest to the values I hold dear – values that cannot permit me to tell lies especially against respectable members of society like Waf.
    I do not know the person called Maber and his motivations and I categorically wish to dissasociate myself from his claims and ask Balamu to kindly stop his unfounded allegations about me.For those interested in my brief track record, here it is: (Kiira College Butiki, Makerere University, The Crusader Newspaper (now defunct), The New Vision, St. Mary’s University, Canada; Lecturer Mukono University; The New Vision again,; The Electoral Commission and for the last four years with USAID/ LINKAGES program.

    I hope this sets the record straight and I am sorry for not clarifying this earlier.

    Peter Okello J.

  16. ln,

    I take it from this one story that this is a site full of rubbish. I here, that story was wrong. Here is my evidence; the newsroom heads were not talking to each other. How is that even relevant?

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