As Besigye’s wife was being decorated with heroes medal,Besigye was being beaten by the police

Besigye being shielded from police by his supporters in Katwe,Kampala


: It is now customary for M7 and his cohort to award medals to themselves and to their friends on today’s heroes’ day.The surprise of today’s action that has of recent become routine is not the massive award of different categories or grades of medals [massively, i.e.; like the case was with the European communist regimes]. It is the “personal nature” of the relations of some of the beneficiaries that raises an eye. Leading one to ask: “Was the Luwero adventure a private/personal affair”?
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1/4. The beneficiaries: This time around, 720 different types were awarded. It is not the categories that matter but the beneficiaries: Maj. Kakooza Mutale (of the famous KAP – Kalangala Action Plan squads) – may be as a reward for having tried, in vain, to clobber Nambooze’s supporters away from the polling booths, Shaban Bantariza [former Army propaganda chief], John Nasasira, Paulo Etyang, Haji Naduli [Ex-LC V chair of Luwero who banned Obote’s cortege from going home via Luwero, now NRM Luwero Chair], etc.

2/4. Home-sweet-home?? the most interesting bit was when names of 3 special women in M7’s personal life were read among the beneficiaries: Eng. Ms Winnie Byanyima Besigye, Ms Hope Kivengere & Ms Amelia Kyambadde, who till this week was in charge of the M7 house-hold (now quarteres at State House), a task she fulfilled since the exile days in Gothenburg, Sweden about 30 years back, where she was home-help, up to today.

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC Member)

3/4. Irony: The irony here is of course the Eng. Winnie case. Being a man, I cannot be the first to throw a stone. The irony is, instead, at the political level. As his wife was being decorated with a war-hero’s [heroine’s] medal the husband, Dr. KG, was being clobbered, at the (Queen’s) Clock Tower, by the  NRM-Kiboko [whip] squad (special militia, recently trained for the 2011 elections), under the supervision of the Police commanders. The fact that this may be a calculated move to hit Besigye bellow the belt retrospectively cannot be ruled out. The intention to interfere in another man’s domestic affairs need not be mentioned -We saw it all in Hon. Njuba’s case, especially after he cried out about it and after separating with his beloved Gertrude. Examples are very many.

4/4. The bigger irony is, of course, that all those who were wounded and had their lives saved by the Colonel Doctor are being warded medals while Besigye himself cannot, a fact so ridiculous that it is not even not lost on the beneficiaries themselves. As a matter of fact, Gen. Salim Saleh (a.k.a. Akandwanaho=The Lord fought my battles or defended me) among others, urged, last year, that Besigye merits a medal. Well, the wife has been listed for one. Whether she takes it or not, is another matter. After all, M7 said that, like the sign of the Cross (on the forehead) during Baptism (Anglican, at least), the medals are an “outward sign of what is inside” – meaning that, take or leave the medal, Eng. Winnie [like others) is still in the heart (??)

Food for thought, indeed.

Christopher Muwanga,


(a). “Happy Heroes’ Day” to you all, although I had myself forgotten about it, till around 10:00 AM when I woke up to learn that the whole of Greater Kampala had been cordoned off or ‘secured’ (against the Citizens, not against an external enemy), as they say here, these days, without a declaration of the “State of Emergency”.
But, even “27th May” was once a Heroes’ Day” and so were 11th April and 25th January (Liberation days).
(b) Normally, in Ugandan paractice today, when an officer/beneficiary is awarded a medal, the decoration is carried out by two persons: The guest of honour together with the spouse. The mother of all questions now arises, will Dr. Besigye join the C-in-C to, side-by-side, deorate “War Heroine” Eng. Mrs. Winnie Byanyoma Besigye, at Stae House, Entebbe??
Christopher in Kampala.


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  1. WBK,


    The name of Mr Elly Karuhanga attracted my attention. But Elly Karuhanga went to then homelands in South Africa to make deals with the kabulus. Mr Karuhanga if you read this you know that you were not anywhere near the busies of Luwero. I recall meeting you at Nyayo House and in Nairobi on many occasions fully enjoying yourself-you know the years. I also recall that you used to work for the defunct produce marketing board as corporation secretary.

    I suppose your interactions with the Kabulus before taking base in Nairobi is why you are being honoured with this so called “heroes”‘ medal.


  2. WBK,

    I met him on several occasions in Nairobi. Coming from Mukurweini to Nairobi used to be some experience, you prayed to get to Nairobi alive by the flying buses. Yes he went to the homelands in South Africa-after quitting his job as Corporation secretary Produce Marketing board- then Lesotho and finally Nairobi in 1984, and went to live in Muthaiga. May be was raising money and bunduki from the kabuls in the homelands.


  3. Jeniffer Biri,

    Why would Winnie accept a medal from a dictator, a killer, a boy friend,
    etc.Is this not corruption and betrayal to the husband? Is she Besigye’s or Museveni’s –? I wonder.

  4. faisal nkutu,

    Useless medals! – What will the innocent people who were killed in the crossfire by power hungry groups benefit from this!

    This is all about boosting people’s ego and fame than resolving actual problems of the poor and downtrodden.

    We see those who came to power in rugs are now wallowing in mansions and riches

  5. Monique Wyatt,

    Welcome to a mad world of Musevenism! By the way, I am the first to use this word and I believe that I should be awarded a medal. I wouldn’t even take such a useless and meaningless medal.

    Many people in this world want to be rewarded for doing absolutley Zik…… Next Year Uganda will breath fresh air and see the sunshine when Kaguta is sent to the dog house


    Well, they say Blood is thicker than water,
    its no surprise that most of the medals went that side of his excellency’s
    In our heart of hearts that was no big issue, but as if that was not hell enough, why the fray that leads into ill attempt on a prominent Opposition Leader?, Lets look into our hearts and make changes, Changes that can uplift our commonly shared pearl,
    God, heal the world and most importantly UGANDA.

  7. kasaija,

    buganda your dancing with brothers. remember blood is thicker than all winnie and besigye, winnie and m7, hmm! i wonder where we are going with this coalition? use brains!

  8. john Nsubuga,


    I sometimes deliberately employ sarcasms or pictures and cartoons to communicate. These are very powerful communication options. Sometimes, you people simply bust and lough very loudly, but sometimes I make you sad too, however, 90% of the time, I always achieve my desired goals. To drive my message through. Sometime last year, I did post a cartoon in which some Arabs, seemingly were transporting Entebbe international airport on a wheelbarrow. It was being taken to the middle east. The debate went on for a week, and I do not recall any debate that has ever provoked people’s emotions like that cartoon.

    When I closed in to analyse why that was, I concluded that, even with all our differences, Ugandans really felt that finally, the only pride they had left had finally also been sold by president Museveni’s government.

    First forward, recently I posted a cartoon seen here under, and by the help of a muzungu expatriate on the right, the number one item on “the to do things” on the NRM plan of action list 2011, was to “torture Dr Besigye” Time has proved me right, and yet this is just the beginning. The NRM government must fully understand that, opting for the same criminal path to resolve political differences, like some of their predecessors, is dangerous. He who kills with a sword, will also die by the sword.

    Those who continue to commit hideous criminal acts against the people, in which even a leader of a legitimate number one opposition political party “FDC” is not spared, will pay very dearly. Why pounce on Dr. Besigye and publicly humiliate him really???. There is a price to pay, and it is a matter of time.

    Time will catch up with you


    Mr. Muwanga,

    Permit me to inform you that Col Dr Warren Kiiza Besigye is among the
    first group of NRA officers to get the Luweero Medal.

    On my NBS tv show THE BAROMETER, Gen. Salim Saleh Akandwanaho, Prof
    George Mondo Kagonyera and Busingye Amooti all of theNational Honours
    & Awards Committee, I asked them why Col Besigye was not decorated and
    Gen Saleh informed all viewers that he was!

    However, Col Dr Besigye has openly and repeatedly informed the world
    that he regrets having participated in the war for which he won the
    medal, which is why he does not make it known that he has the
    decoration at home.

    What is the best time you would propose for NRA Sgt Winnie Karagwa,
    now Mrs Winnie Byanyima Besigye decorated for her contribution?

    are there any suggestions you can give the National Honours & Awards
    Committee to improve their show apart from the above?

    Thank you sir

    Tony Owana


    There is a ” National Honours and Awards committee”? If this is so when did they sit and decide to award two people ( A lady and her daughter) the awards they were given at the ceremony?
    What signal does this give to the world? Is that committee made up of one person?

  11. Christopher Muwanga,


    1/3. As you scratch your head to answer Akanga’s question about ‘mother and daughter’ medal recipients, do you recall that Idi Amin was criticised for “moving with medals in his pocket and awarding them on impulse, at the sight of one he liked”? How much does it cost the tax-payer to mint these medals anyway? Are they covered under the ‘Defense” or the “Party” budget since the medals are now an NRM internal phenomenon?

    2/3. So, how do you explain M7’s scanning the crowd with his eyes, from the pavilion, and calling out his bush comrades and awarding them medals “in situ”, when the so called “National (partisan) Committee” had not listed them in advance. What is this, other than bribery, in view of the forthcoming elections?

    How come that, the number of medals awarded on site is more than that on the list?

    3/3. The ball is in your court, Sir “propagandist” – [not a bad job, since, like all of us, you have a house-costs and utilities to pay, children and dependants to look after]. The only trouble, to call “white black and vice-versa” or sometimes turn a blind aye to reality.




  12. WB Kyijomanyi,

    Mr Tony Owana:

    Tell the National Honours and Awards Committee to get real. Honouring the like sof Mr Elly Karuhanga who was hobnobbing with Kabuls in the South African homelands is a joke. Tell them that honouring known crooks like Kwame Ruyondo-you recall the junk helicopters from Belarus-is a joke. Was he being honoured for buying junk helicopters?

    Or is it mandatory that on such days honours have to be given out even if there are no deserving recipients?

    Can you educate us about the criteria one has to meet in order to qualify for the Luwero medal? What must have one done to receive these so called damu sijui what medals?


  13. Christopher Muwanga,

    Summary: The list of the recipients of the “Luwero medal’ makes interesting reading still. It is a ‘personalised’ rather than a National thing.

    1/2. Medals are usually awarded with a citation of individual achievements (and a certificate). Now, what citation was read/needed yesterday for Ms Nalongo Nalima and her daughter Najjuma, who petitioned for them from the crowd and got them there and then?

    What of Jolly Sabune (the perennial Cotton Industry Boss known for distributing non-germinating seeds but in reality, the chambermaid to the first Lady)? Is she probably better than Amelia who, throughout the Luweero campaign, was home-help to the Museveni children and wife (rather still, an earlier chambermaid predating Ms Sabune) in Gothenburg, Sweden?

    1/2. Conclusion: It looks like the ‘medal phenomenon’ is more of a self-preservation and mobelisation tool (“Ttuli mu kiintu “- we are ‘eating’ so let’s stick together) than of National importance. If you have ever served Mzee tea, then a medal is inline for you. The phenomenon will therefore exist as long as the regime does. Otherwise, Compare: Where are the Amin awards like MC, DSO, DC, VC (crosses), etc? Gone with the wind (circa 1979).




  14. Tendo Kaluma,

    Fellow Ugandans,

    Many of us are pained to see one of our heroes and liberators,Dr. Kizza Besigye, who should have all the rights to hold political rallies being dehumanized on Heroes day. Regardless of who the perpertrators were, there is a strong finger pointing at government operatives in this highly visible incident.

    What if it were the president, would they have allowed the perpetrators to be incognito? If we are to move a step forward in our democratization process all opposition ought to be given the same priviledges to hold political rallies without molestation. We cannot on one hand be in such a position of hosting the ICC, urguing for the protection of human rights in Africa while ,bloodying the noses of the opposition leaders in the outskirts surrounding the ICC delegates.

    Shame on us Ugandans, we have become a democratic process laughing stalk. All scholars of democracy must be greately disappointed,by Uganda’s actions against the Dr. Kizza Besigye, who was simply trying to even out the political playing field, by protesting against a clearly biased composition of electro commision; for what he was trying to achieve, he does no deserves any beatings.

    I hope we all realize that this is not the right path for any country seeking to strengthen it’s democratic institutions.

    Tendo Kaluma
    Ugandan in Boston

  15. ahmed katerega,

    now that Dr. Besigye has been beaten up, he will never do it again. That is the little l know about the doctor.

  16. Christopher Muwanga,

    1/3. So “Police Authority” includes encouraging goons to beat innocent citizens when they (Police) are looking on?

    Do you seek police permission to meet your friends? So, soon shall we need Police permission to gather at a “malwa joint” or at a “port joint”?

    2/3. The direction we are taking is clear and those who think they will be spared are kidding themselves. In September last year [Bugerere riots], a man (a teacher) from Mpigi was short to death….. and he ended up being an NRM activist.

    3/3. Institutional violence is a senseless animal. Sooner or later, it feeds on its own too. So, take care next time you encourage wrongs meted out to your opponents. It could be your turn, next time around.




  17. Frank Mutagubya,

    Following the brutal attack on the leader of FDC, Dr. Besigye and other members of the IPC by an ensemble of goons commonly known as the Kiboko Squad on 9th June, it was reported in the press that the Kiboko Squad is back. The press is misleading the country and the world; these goons have always been on the streets of Kampala and other towns, on the highways and some dark nooks allover the country. So they are not just back, they were now deployed to terrorize people in daylight.

    I would need much convincing that these are not the usual thugs that rob people of their property; that they are not the ones that rape women and defile young girls. Some one must convince me that they are not the ones who hit people with iron bars (butayimbwas) and take off with their possessions.

    It is disturbing that Uganda has sunk so low that we have to use such fellows where any well-trained police officer would be able to control such a non-violent assembly. When are we going to let our police officers do their work professionally without staffing in such goons?

    By the way, me thinks these goons qualify very well as an assortment of terrorists whom the international community should get interested in. For me I see no difference between them and any other terrorists apart from the tools of terror being used. This must stop before those repeatedly assaulted stop turning the biblical chick and retaliate in equal terms. Isn’t that what we are courting?


  18. Monsieur Edward Mulindwa,


    But the leaders of IPC created those goons, what is so wrong with tasting your own medicine? It is interesting that all reports we are getting this morning, are stating one common thing, Besigye is a joke Ugandans need to move on. And it is across the board from extreme leftists to extreme rights.

    Go figure.


  19. Christopher Muwanga,

    Monsieur Mulindwa,

    1/4. By claiming, wrongly as usual, that the goons that beat up Besigye were/are a creation of the IPC, you are directly passing an indictment against your so called government.

    2/4. If a government can allow opposition -created goons to cause violence against the citizens, then that government has lost the legitimate mandate to govern, for, they have failed to prevent and to protect the people. If the goons are a creation of the IPC, why does M7 not tire of commending them, every time hey shed the blood of innocent Ugandans. This means that there is “no government in Uganda and confirms that we are in anarchy (where the state fails to protect citizens from ‘illegal, criminal’ outfits).

    I3/4. If Besigye is a joke, are you a Court to condemn him? Even the police are acting outside the Constitution, by preventing a small group of un-armed civilians from gathering.

    4/4. This proves that, for the 1st time since 1901, we do not have a national police Force but a partisan political outfit for a Police force.

    Christopher Muwanga,




    Mr. Frank Mutagubya,

    I have decided to address you on this thread “Police beat Besigye” because you have demonstrated the coolest mind on it. It is really unfortunate that Uganda Police has yet again degenerated this low,and is being used again to carry out the dirty work of dictator Museveni. Why use such a barbaric force (police backed kiboko) to beat up a peaceful group of people, gathered with an unarmed well known Leader of opposition Dr.Besigye, to talk about a nagging Ugandan problem of the partisan electoral commission serving a totalitarian regime? Museveni has for a long time hoodwinked Ugandans and used them to satisfy his personal bloody egos in our region of Africa.

    The day Museveni openly named his army general Katumba Wamala to head the police force is when the police force was badly compromised and turned into Museveni’s backyard force. But Ugandans did not realise this because they rightly thought that Gen. Katumba Wamala, being respectable as he was both in the army and the general public, and being a staunch Muganda would patriotically and faithfully serve the Ugandan people in the corruption ridden police force. However, Museveni’s plan was to hoodwink Ugandans in preparation for the installment of one of his notorious “boys” Kale Kayihura in this sensitive police post.

    During the climax of the war of invasion on the Republic of Rwanda by Museveni’s boys in NRA in early 1990s, Kayihura was behind the force that attacked the Ruhengeri government prison in Rwanda and released the prominent Hutu army officers who included Lizinde Theoneste and Biseruka Stanislas who were being detained there because of gross indispline in the then Rwanda Army. These Ugandan/RPF forces killed many innocent people in Rwanda before retreating back into Uganda through Muhabura forests. Whoever can recall that incident should really remember Kale Kayihura himself parading these captured Rwandan soldiers to local and foreign press in Kisoro town. Can one tell me whose interests was Kayihura serving at that time? This is the same Kayihura serving the Ugandan people in the most sensitive post of the Inspector General of police in the Ugandan police force! Oh – how Ugandans can be extremely generous!!!!

    More shocks are coming, just wait for the real Museveni to come out now that he has realised that Ugandans are waking up!

  21. Admin,

    Ugandans were protesting by clobbering Museveni’s mole in Project ,Fagiya Uganda(Clean Uganda Dry). What did besigye expect from wanainchi, when they were being insulted by the Bloody Hero’s Medal Honouring?? …then comes fat lips to add more insult to injury that his wife and their lot have already put on Ugandans.

    Like a villager idiot, Besigye thought he would come ..swagging his fat lips …claiming that he was a victim of Museveni, while his wife was giving museveni a blow job for a medal that is stained with the blood of Ugandans!!!

    Ugandans wake Up!!!!

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