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Day June 11, 2010

On EC, Besigye has Not Achieved what wanted from his bruises

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC Member)

Countrymen and Women,

Summary: The Kigundu team are not blamed for ‘adulterying’ the poll results themselves. They are blamed because many of them obey any order from above, including the orders to falsify results. The struggle of the neutrals should be, to get on board, those people that do not have to thank the C-in-C for ‘emmere ya leero’ (daily bread or daily survival) or, at least, who will reject result-modifications from “Kyadondo Road”, who will resist the deletion of percieved opposition voters’ names from the Roll, etc.  The current EC has lost many cases in Court, when they are accused of incompetence.

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1/4. When you talk of the “Electoral Commission”, do you mean the one ostensibly headed by Eng. Dr. Kigundu or the one that mans a data management centre and alters results as they come in, so that what finally comes to the MoW YARD [Hqrs of The so called EC] are ‘refined results’ that poor Eng. Kigundu is allowed/ordered to read?

2/4. The truth is: the Electoral Commission is a “kiwani” [a mask, a ruse or a fraud] because the individuals there do not do the ‘operational tasks’ themselves when say tallying comes. Theirs is ‘Policy’ and day-to-day management. The question is: At what stage do they know that the results they are given/ordered to declare are the ones actually captured at the polling stations?

3/4. What the Opposition and the other well-meaning Ugandans actually wants/should demand, is simple and it is this: The EC where result collection will be transparent so that any “side input” is not accepted/allowed to be read as the true result. The EC that will stand and tell an RDC, “NO” when he deletes the names of citizens from the roll, laving on those of aliens. Etc, etc. This can only happen if the ‘managers’ at the CE are NEUTRAL and have enough powers to resists the infiltrators. Eng. Dr. Kigundu may be ‘innocent’ but many his EC has LOST many cases in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The EC, as today composed, has been found , in Constituency and in presidential polls, to have performed badly [e.g. in the Namboze Vs rev. Bakaluba case, in the Garuga Vs Mbabazi case, in the Kivedhindha case, etc, etc.

4/4. Conclusion: The issue is not on the consuct and person of the “Engineer, Doctor”. It is the fact that his current team cannot avoid being used as a “fraud conduit or condom” by the powers that be and this can only be mitigated by the presence of some that do not accept any order ‘from above’ without forgetting their professional ethics and who will not put the fate of the gullible Ugandan population, the elite inclusive, in harm’s way.

Christopher Muwanga,



Uganda Police has been replaced by Museveni’s ‘“Party Militia”

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC member)

Summary: The destruction of the Uganda Police has been a long but thorough, well calculated  process. It has been eventually consummated, with catastrophic consequences. It has been replaced by the M7 baby that in reality is a “Party Militia”. Time then for every political party set up their own. After all, do not our politicians now own the “kanyama guards” i.e. body-builder assistants, in place of Police escort?

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1/4. Gen. Kayihura s/o Kalekyezi  said yesterday, “I also passed by and wondered {as to} what was happening”.

Now, of all people, a Police Officer, sorry, a WHOLE Inspector General of Police saying he saw criminals in the act and passed by?

2/4. He himself always says, “The Police is there to keep Law and Order, to detect, prevent and fight crime”.

Since his men were overseeing the kiboko goons at work and never apprehended any of them and he also passed by and did nothing, can we then not rightly say that, Uganda no longer has any Police?

3/4. The people are now vindicated. One of the achievements of the NRM regime, decimation the legendary Uganda Police has been accomplished: demolarise them, ridicule them for voting wrongly, house them in mortuaries, make their crime-prevention section (the Special Branch) homeless [they were removed from their home side 1955, near NEETA Cinema, now Theatre La Bonita, by Christ The King (Goan) Church, to a house along Babiiha road (Acacia Avenue), Kololo.

4/4. What we have now is a partisan militia, at cohorts with ‘bayaaye‘ (street lumpens) who see nothing else as right unless it fulfills the interests of the “powers from above“, that is M7 and his relatives and in-laws (plus a few faithful servants like Bukenya, Mutale, etc.. of course), who may be there for their stomachs.

The rate Dr. Besigye is being beaten by civilians at public gatherings [twice or three times so far this year], and with the police refusing to apprehend and investigate the attackers, we may soon have civil strife, if his supporters decide to side with him, instead of retrating him, as was the case this week. But wait, MP’s are now being attacked, not at rallies but in their offices. So, Dr. KB may as well be attached even in his house, next time!!   Read bellow:

If Besigye provoked the Police , what did Hon. Nabila, MP (Women, Kampala-FDC) do to deserve being attached in her Parliamentary office, with the parliament security refusing to intervene, let alone apprehending the attacker who bragged that he was ‘above the police’ (a right claim that turned out to be true since he was feared/let off hook by the Parliamentary Police Chief, Kagoya).

The other day she toured her constituency and the so-called police tried to undress her, in the market, of all places!! And you still you call Uganda “A County”? or the current UPF and “National Police Force”? Come off it, Aisha, Nabakooba & Co.

God Save Uganda.




Is Bidandi now a ”pro-NRM” within the opposition and anti-IPC as alleged?

Dear Ugandans at heart,

Summary: Comrade Bidandi Ssali [BS] may no longer be the  Socialist firebrand he once was (many no longer are) but, as they say, I am skeptical that he is the one now calling for people not to demonstrate ‘peacefully’ and for Mmengo politicians to remember and not hide behind the “glass cupboard“. He contradicts himself when, after calling for peaceful ‘demos’ [as though the demonstrators, and not the police, are the ones who provoke the situation with Kibokos and teargas0. How can we be sure, old SB is serious this time around, and not doing a “M7” again, as he did in 1996 (leave alone 1980)?


History, as they say, is a good teacher. Have a look bellow:

1/5. In1964, a picture, recently repeated from the archives, show two young men fighting it out with a group of other activists. These young men are Bidandi Ssali (a KCC councilor) and one Ssegwanga Misisi,  of UPC Buganda, at their regional office, Kampala. The struggle: UPC and KY has agreed that KY should not open Branches in Buganda. Now, this was happening and the task of spreading the UPC in Buganda was in the hands of these violent young men. Calling for ‘non-violence today, on the part of Mzee BS therefore, is being unfair to the jobless youth of today.

2/5. In 1980, when trying to convenience Ssemo to leave Obote’s henchmen alone and to boycott the elections, he used these words, “..aba DP berabidde nti omupiira gw’enaku zinno si gwa bigere ng’ogw’edda, wabula gwa buutusi“. The DP’s have forgotten that today’s’ football, unlike that in older times, is not played bear-footed but with  boots). What he meant was that, Ssemwogere’s DP had forgotten that those days, politics was for armed, not gentlemen-politicians. BS and M7 were calling for the boycott of the 1980 election then. DP answered: “We must register so that, even when we later boycott, the effect is quantifiable”. “Even if Muwanga and Co. steal our votes, they can’t finish them” (hence the saying “you can’t drink L. Victoria dry“). What we since harvested was Luweero and the rest is history.

The lesson here is that it should not be for Mzee BS to lecture people on how to handle the armed, violent NRM goons without doing it ‘forcefully’ [Bidandi, to be fair to him, never agreed with M&’s insurgency option a la Luwero, though he ended up at the University of knowledge, at Mpanga –  the true name for Luzira landing site, on the shores of L. Victoria].

3/5. In 1996, M7 has already extended his rule beyond his own imposed stay in power. People were already smelling a rat. On the propaganda (elect M7) team, to convenience Buganda especially, was BS. So, beside a caption of Luweero skulls (on TV and in the press) and a burst of gun-fire (on the radios too), BS comes out with an advice of the wise, “Olina ke weekolededde?” [meaning something like: ” Remember! As you consider your choice, remember the Luweero violence and the fact that you are, today, able to do something peacefully. Have you already had enough..?”]. Result: M7 got more than 86% of the vote especially in Buganda.

4. At Kyankwanzi, about 10 years ago, BS had woken up. He (apparently) crossed the Rubincon: “We promised people this was our last chance. We cannot be seen to eat our words. We must show the difference“. He, like Matembe, etc were fired at the next reshuffle. meaning that, BS knows the truth, whatever he decides to do or say now.

5/5.  Conclusion: BS may have mellowed with age (as they say, “obukade magezi” = age comes with wisdom). BS was a violent youth himself. he supported/mentored M7 for more than 20 years and served his government for more than a decade as the Minister for local government [he introduced de-tribalised district names hence Mbale instead of Bugisu, Gulu instead of Acholi, etc]. When he therefore seems to say that people should ‘be soft on M7, when opposing him”, people smell a rat. Why? This is not being himself – the firebrand we knew in 1964, etc. Instead, it reminds us of the 1996 Bidandi, who warned people, “olina ke weekoledde”? It is like he is asking Ugandans the same question again. On his warning to Mmengo, BS show ‘no change’. he has been ‘anti Mmengo for the last 50 years. No surprise here, therefore. Let one hope he is not looking for a PPP (his party’s) portfolio in the next M7 cabinet, a la Omara Atubo, Dr. Malinga, etc.

Christopher Muwanga,



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