On EC, Besigye has Not Achieved what wanted from his bruises

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC Member)

Countrymen and Women,

Summary: The Kigundu team are not blamed for ‘adulterying’ the poll results themselves. They are blamed because many of them obey any order from above, including the orders to falsify results. The struggle of the neutrals should be, to get on board, those people that do not have to thank the C-in-C for ‘emmere ya leero’ (daily bread or daily survival) or, at least, who will reject result-modifications from “Kyadondo Road”, who will resist the deletion of percieved opposition voters’ names from the Roll, etc.  The current EC has lost many cases in Court, when they are accused of incompetence.

Read on:

1/4. When you talk of the “Electoral Commission”, do you mean the one ostensibly headed by Eng. Dr. Kigundu or the one that mans a data management centre and alters results as they come in, so that what finally comes to the MoW YARD [Hqrs of The so called EC] are ‘refined results’ that poor Eng. Kigundu is allowed/ordered to read?

2/4. The truth is: the Electoral Commission is a “kiwani” [a mask, a ruse or a fraud] because the individuals there do not do the ‘operational tasks’ themselves when say tallying comes. Theirs is ‘Policy’ and day-to-day management. The question is: At what stage do they know that the results they are given/ordered to declare are the ones actually captured at the polling stations?

3/4. What the Opposition and the other well-meaning Ugandans actually wants/should demand, is simple and it is this: The EC where result collection will be transparent so that any “side input” is not accepted/allowed to be read as the true result. The EC that will stand and tell an RDC, “NO” when he deletes the names of citizens from the roll, laving on those of aliens. Etc, etc. This can only happen if the ‘managers’ at the CE are NEUTRAL and have enough powers to resists the infiltrators. Eng. Dr. Kigundu may be ‘innocent’ but many his EC has LOST many cases in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The EC, as today composed, has been found , in Constituency and in presidential polls, to have performed badly [e.g. in the Namboze Vs rev. Bakaluba case, in the Garuga Vs Mbabazi case, in the Kivedhindha case, etc, etc.

4/4. Conclusion: The issue is not on the consuct and person of the “Engineer, Doctor”. It is the fact that his current team cannot avoid being used as a “fraud conduit or condom” by the powers that be and this can only be mitigated by the presence of some that do not accept any order ‘from above’ without forgetting their professional ethics and who will not put the fate of the gullible Ugandan population, the elite inclusive, in harm’s way.

Christopher Muwanga,




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  1. abbey Semuwemba,

    Besigye does not expect president Museveni to abandon his insurance policy which is the Kiggundu EC but he(Besigye) has already achieved something in this demonstration than anything else:

    1. The Kiggundu electoral Commission is now tainted nationally and internationally such that evenif they go ahead and organise the 2011 elections, people know what to expect of them;
    2. The pictures in the media showing a Besigye on a street and being manhandled by the Uganda police speak volumes of what is happening in Uganda to those inside and outside the country, and trust me, no government wants to be put it in this kind of situation. Besigye does not need to demonstrate with 5000 people to get the results he wants from a Demo.I mostly loved this one below from the Newvision.Whoever took it knows how to take a picture that can produce a story, and we are very thankful to him.

    Police cane Col. Kizza Besigye

  2. ahmed katerega,

    Abbey Ssemuwemba , the Uganda Electoral Commission is suffering from poor public relations but it is not as tainted as its image is portrayed in the media.

    the Electoral Commission was appointed in accordance with the constitutution. However there is no doubt that there is corruption in the Commission’s procurement process and there is fear that it may affect the conduct of elections. The voters’ register update which did not start well is smooth now but no body is thanking the commission. It has a PR problem and probably some of the commission’s officials are arrogant and the chairperson may be too soft with them. But things are not as bad as they are publicly portrayed.

  3. Jica,

    Mw Kateregga,

    actually its the other way round; for inspite the efforts by some sections of the media to paint the EC white, its repute for holding free and fair elections as well as being an independent body is at its lowest!

    Try sending out a legitimate poll- use leaflets and e-links and you shall see the response! its against this background that many are beseeching the donor community NOT to contribute anymore to Ugandan elections!

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