Uganda Police has been replaced by Museveni’s ‘“Party Militia”

Cartoon by John Nsubuga(FDC member)

Summary: The destruction of the Uganda Police has been a long but thorough, well calculated  process. It has been eventually consummated, with catastrophic consequences. It has been replaced by the M7 baby that in reality is a “Party Militia”. Time then for every political party set up their own. After all, do not our politicians now own the “kanyama guards” i.e. body-builder assistants, in place of Police escort?

Read on:

1/4. Gen. Kayihura s/o Kalekyezi  said yesterday, “I also passed by and wondered {as to} what was happening”.

Now, of all people, a Police Officer, sorry, a WHOLE Inspector General of Police saying he saw criminals in the act and passed by?

2/4. He himself always says, “The Police is there to keep Law and Order, to detect, prevent and fight crime”.

Since his men were overseeing the kiboko goons at work and never apprehended any of them and he also passed by and did nothing, can we then not rightly say that, Uganda no longer has any Police?

3/4. The people are now vindicated. One of the achievements of the NRM regime, decimation the legendary Uganda Police has been accomplished: demolarise them, ridicule them for voting wrongly, house them in mortuaries, make their crime-prevention section (the Special Branch) homeless [they were removed from their home side 1955, near NEETA Cinema, now Theatre La Bonita, by Christ The King (Goan) Church, to a house along Babiiha road (Acacia Avenue), Kololo.

4/4. What we have now is a partisan militia, at cohorts with ‘bayaaye‘ (street lumpens) who see nothing else as right unless it fulfills the interests of the “powers from above“, that is M7 and his relatives and in-laws (plus a few faithful servants like Bukenya, Mutale, etc.. of course), who may be there for their stomachs.

The rate Dr. Besigye is being beaten by civilians at public gatherings [twice or three times so far this year], and with the police refusing to apprehend and investigate the attackers, we may soon have civil strife, if his supporters decide to side with him, instead of retrating him, as was the case this week. But wait, MP’s are now being attacked, not at rallies but in their offices. So, Dr. KB may as well be attached even in his house, next time!!   Read bellow:

If Besigye provoked the Police , what did Hon. Nabila, MP (Women, Kampala-FDC) do to deserve being attached in her Parliamentary office, with the parliament security refusing to intervene, let alone apprehending the attacker who bragged that he was ‘above the police’ (a right claim that turned out to be true since he was feared/let off hook by the Parliamentary Police Chief, Kagoya).

The other day she toured her constituency and the so-called police tried to undress her, in the market, of all places!! And you still you call Uganda “A County”? or the current UPF and “National Police Force”? Come off it, Aisha, Nabakooba & Co.

God Save Uganda.




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