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Day June 13, 2010

FM Radios bring the “Waadi Kapu” to Uganda..with our boys participarting too

Summary: The World Cup in “Sousi” has taken Uganda by the storm. The fire is burning. The City and Town Centres are abandoned during match-times.

A World Cup fest was held in Entebbe recently with all the nations represented. Do you know who won the World Cup (Kasiki –advance simulation) in Entebbe last month (May 10)? PDRK – The Peoples’ Democratic People’s Republic of (NORTH) Korea. Goats and chicken were given as “trophies”. The real thing is on now and Uganda is ‘represented’, at least from the FM Radio commentator’s words as understood by the ‘slum’ youth, by a team from West Nile.

Read on and enjoy the Fun:

1/4. In 11th June, another ‘World Cup’ in Uganda was held at Nakivubo War memorial Stadium, courtesy of MTN (telephone operators). The players (including women artistes) and the spectators were so engrossed in watching the real thing taking place thousands of miles away in “Sousi“,  that no one knows who won the Kampala version this time around. No goats or chicken though, for trophies this time around, but bottles and crates of Soda.

2/4. But wait, betting does not end in the books of London.

In Mukono and the other towns/suburbs for example, the stake is a beer or two. Some stake their bodas (bicycle taxis) and a few their wives/girl-friends, although this is no longer common or has not been reported yet this week.

So come 11th and the debate at “Wantoni” suburb of Mukono town [first resident here, in the 70’s – man called ‘Anthony‘] was whether some Ugandans were playing or NOT. Those who claimed Uganda was represented claimed that they had heard of a Lugbara team mentioned on the live radio commentaries – (These ‘Lugbaras‘ were in fact the “Uruguay” team!!).  The clever boys who have no TV screen but listened-in on the FM radios only, emphatically defended their position. From geography, the only country with a name near the one being heard is ‘Paraguay’. Now, since Paraguay was not being mentioned, the other team must be “bu-Lugwala” Vs South Africa. Well, in the end, nether “Bu-Lugwala” nor South Africa won, so no bears lost in bets, making everybody happy, in the end.

3/4. Note: In the Luganda and the other nearby languages,  “Bu”…. denotes the county or territory while “Lu” denotes the language and “Ba” the people of the territory. Taking the root ‘ganda‘ for example therefore, we get “Buganda for territory, Luganda for the Language and Baganda for the people on the territory.

By extension, when a boda-boda rider hears “Uruguay” as  “Bulugwala” he is not very wrong phonetically. To him, “Bulugwala” is the home of the “Lugwala” so the team that played S. Africa, for the young suburb boys listening to the FM radio comments or inside taxis, are our West Nile brothers. They  are in the World Cup although the Cranes [Uganda National Soccer team] are not. We are therefore well represented in the World Cup 2010.

4/4. So, if a regional team can manage a draw while the National team failed to even qualify, in the first place, we have a right to be happy. Such is the fun the FIFA World Cup {Waadi Kapu for the boys]brings for our young, UPE products in your beloved country ,that we end up enjoying the fun.

Enjoy the World Cup on your TV meanwhile, your brothers without it are, at least, able to enjoy the fun from the local commentators who mispronounce the names such that in the end, a tribal team from Uganda seems to be part of the fest. What matters to the FM commentators is the listener-ship, not the reality in Sun City or in Soweto or in Port Elizabeth.

Enjoy the FUN.

Christopher Muwanga,




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