Cohen in Late John Chrysosom Kiwanuka (J C)’s success

Big loss to SMACK and to Uganda. RIP, J.C.

Summary: Note: J.C. Kiwanuka was able to get Governor Cohen’s ear because of the latter’s liberal socio-political views. His achievements are being un-done here only today, and with great effort at that, by the powers that be.

1/4. Recall he (the new Governor) Cohen visited Musaazi’s home when his “Uganda African Famers’ Association” –the cover for political activities {as Political Parties were banned before 1952}, was still the main political ‘force’ in the Protectorate. Soon after the visit, Cohen lifted the ban on political parties and then UNC came up. The visit, considered taboo during those post-war and post-riot times, caused the then bureaucrats to shudder.

2/4. His starting of ‘nonreligious-founded schools’ [Teso College, Aleot, Ntare School, Kigezi College, Butobere, Kabalega SS, etc] is a good, living indicator of his ‘open thinking’. The National Theatre and the current Parliamentary Buildings (and subsequent first Parliament in Uganda, with African representation – the LEGCO) were/are all his ‘babies’. The famous UDC [1954] and the public Boards (UEB) Radio Uganda (1954), Produce Marketing Board, etc, name it, leave it [ALL now sold, in the last 20 or so years]

3/4.Munno‘ (The Catholic) newspaper was so amazed by his style that it wrote, on  Cohen’s arrival at Entebbe in 1952 and on his style: “Gavana omupya ayaka ng’esassi” – {like: The new Governor has hit the ground running}. [He undertook and succeeded in carrying out so many changes here that the established colonial bureaucracy {here in Uganda} opposed his methods and reportedly writing parallel reports (to his) back home such that, at the end of first his tour, when he wished to come back to Uganda for another tour of duty, he was refused the chance].

4/5. Epilogue: No wonder then that, after the collapse of the USSR, Cohen was among the people accused of being its agents, recruited at Cambridge, back in the early 30’s.

Conclusion: Whatever the problems he may have had with his people in England, Uganda gained more than lost under his tutelage.

So, some of the successes of “Prof.” J.C. Kiwanuka would not have come to be, without Governor Cohen’s chanced presence in Uganda.

RIP once again.

Christopher Muwanga,



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  1. Willy Kituuka,

    35 days to his 91st birthday due on 17th July, J. C Kiwanuka passed away between 8.00pm and 9.00pm on the evening of Saturday 12th June 2010. He collapsed and was taken to Kisubi Hospital. One of the patients admitted at Kisubi says that there was commotion and he was pronounced dead there! The Children I have talked to say that tentatively, the programme to the burial is as follows; this is as per the children, but subject to change after the meeting with SMACKOBA and other authorities:

    The body to be got from Mulago on Tuesday 15th around 10.00am to the Late’s residence;

    2) The same day at around midday, a Funeral Service at Kisubi Parish Church;

    3) The
    body to stay overnight at Kawuku the official residence;

    4) On Wednesday 16th a Funeral Service at Lubaga Cathedral; this may be at midday or such time as may be agreed to by the authorities at Lubaga Cathedral;

    5) From Lubaga, the body to be taken to Luwero to stay overnight;

    6) Burial at family burial grounds on Thursday 17th

    The above programme is tentative hence subject to change

    Willy Kituuka

  2. Willy Kituuka,

    About Mr. J. C. Kiwanuka

    i. Born on 27th July 1919 at Kasaala in Luweero

    ii. Cambridge School Certificate 1937 – 1940 at St. Mary’s College Kisubi.

    iii. Makerere College 1941 – 1943 got a Diploma in Education (Teaching).

    iv. Nandere Primary School – 1944 – 1945

    v. Lubaga Junior Secondary School – 1946 – 1947

    vi. Nottingham University 1948 – June 1951 got a B.Sc degree.

    vii. St. Mary’s College Kisubi (October 1951 – 2001) a teacher.

    viii. Minister of Education in DP Government 1961.

    ix. President of Uganda Teachers’ Association (UTA)

    x. President of St. Mary’s Old Boy’s Association

    xi. Has been on School Boards which include:

    1. Trinity College Nabingo – more than 20 years

    2. St. Joseph Technical Institute – more than 20 years.

    3. Savio & Kabojja Junior Schools – more than 20 years.

    4. St. Henry’s Girls’ SSS Buyege 4 years.

    5. Uganda Martyrs High School Lubaga – 4 years.

    6. St. Andrews SSS Kasaala since it started up to 2007.

    7. St. Joseph’s Nsambya Girls SSS – 3 years.

  3. sserunkuuma cyprian,

    ssebo mukadde waffe J C kIWANUKA WERABA , kitalo nyo nyo GUTUSINZE ayi Ssabasajja , olwa musajja wo J C , buganda effiliddwa nyo nyo ne Uganda , twebaza obuwereza bwo eri ensi yo eri abo bonna bewasomesa kitalo nyo , omwoyo gwo nogwamukyala wo ogwasokayo mu 1976, OMUKAMA agiwumuze mirembe, nabo bonna abali mu kukungubaga OMUKAMA abajjuze essubi elyokuzukira

    Sserunkuuma Cyprian

  4. Anthony Gomes,

    This news comes as a shock to the system having met Mr Kiwanuka some 5 years ago at Kisubi when he appeared fit and healthy just as he did in my years at St Mary’s (1963-68.)
    His death brings a loss to education in Uganda.

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