June 2010
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Day June 18, 2010

Chemical war-fare & terror in Kampala by the Uganda Government


Summary: Although Chemical weapons were banned worldwide long ago and stock-piles of poison arsenals destroyed, Uganda still stocks them, like a terrorist would. Terrorists target innocent civilian. Some politicians in Uganda are hiding their fears and faces  behind the so called Police-militia and committing acts of terror against Ugandans, and women at that!!! This is a sign of cowardice and cowards are dangerous folk. They will one day answer for their folly.

Read on: (this post has 5 numbered bullets)

1. The supper powers (USA, Russia) banned and destroyed chemical weapons as  tools of war. It is interesting that a country, in a new century, can unleash chemical weapons, not against an external enemy but against it own citizens.

2. Our so called Police, not unlike Hitler’s’ SS (Politico-military regiments) as tool of repression, has been ‘animalised’ and their leader must be ready to go to The Hague. Poisoning of women and children used to be a villager’s pass-time. Alas, it is interesting that our State can stoop so low as to start poisoning women, in daylight, like  witch-village woman would do to a the child of a co-wife or the co-wife herself.

3. If the Government and society can, during the day, condemn human sacrifice and murder, why turn around and poison people with the intention to murder/ kidnap them to police cells where terrosists awit them? Why kidnap people and lock them up/brutalize them simply because one fears their breverly? That is a sign of weakness, not bravery. STOP early or the whole country will become ‘bad-mannered’, to the regret of the so called leaders.

4.  The other day, in fact on two occasions, Kayihura  S/O Kalekyezi had this to say:

(a) To the Campus girls something near this: “I will bring and distribute to you pepper spray…to protect yourself against rapists…”. The poor souls clapped, not knowing this was a cover for using their parent’s tax money to procure a tool to brutalise their poor mothers.

(b) Another day, he said this: “The days of tear gas as a way of crowd or riot control is gone”. Here, he was right because:

One, he has replaced tear gas with chemical poisons/weapons and

Two, indeed there was no riot-control. You ambush peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly and you call that “policing”?

Conclusion: But what is this a sign of? This is  a sign of something more negatively potent to the extent of fearing ‘un-armed’ women and trying to brutalise them as an example to the others. That fear is the driver and secret of Kayihura’s boss and mentor. Such a coward that has such fear, a fear  that makes him use internationally banned chemical weapons against innocent civilians, i very dangerous. Such people, who attack civilians have a name in modern histography and political parlance: Terrorists.

In other words, our Stae has become an actor is the exercise of State terror. These are not good signs. The other day, the UK punished Russia reportedly for just poisoning a military deserter (and their own citizen, Russia’s that is, at that). Why can’t the cowards know that, one day, a Nuremburg will be ready for the same too, as it did to Nazi officials?  Pity some cowards: How can you, a man at that, “Okwereega”  with a woman {enter a verbal/physical contest with a woman] and be ready to even see her nakedness, which is taboo in many nationalities in Uganda??  Such an ‘act’ that denigrates women in public , can not be Ugandan.  Uganda  is crazy, at least, at leadership level.

Christopher Muwanga,



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