Chemical war-fare & terror in Kampala by the Uganda Government


Summary: Although Chemical weapons were banned worldwide long ago and stock-piles of poison arsenals destroyed, Uganda still stocks them, like a terrorist would. Terrorists target innocent civilian. Some politicians in Uganda are hiding their fears and faces  behind the so called Police-militia and committing acts of terror against Ugandans, and women at that!!! This is a sign of cowardice and cowards are dangerous folk. They will one day answer for their folly.

Read on: (this post has 5 numbered bullets)

1. The supper powers (USA, Russia) banned and destroyed chemical weapons as  tools of war. It is interesting that a country, in a new century, can unleash chemical weapons, not against an external enemy but against it own citizens.

2. Our so called Police, not unlike Hitler’s’ SS (Politico-military regiments) as tool of repression, has been ‘animalised’ and their leader must be ready to go to The Hague. Poisoning of women and children used to be a villager’s pass-time. Alas, it is interesting that our State can stoop so low as to start poisoning women, in daylight, like  witch-village woman would do to a the child of a co-wife or the co-wife herself.

3. If the Government and society can, during the day, condemn human sacrifice and murder, why turn around and poison people with the intention to murder/ kidnap them to police cells where terrosists awit them? Why kidnap people and lock them up/brutalize them simply because one fears their breverly? That is a sign of weakness, not bravery. STOP early or the whole country will become ‘bad-mannered’, to the regret of the so called leaders.

4.  The other day, in fact on two occasions, Kayihura  S/O Kalekyezi had this to say:

(a) To the Campus girls something near this: “I will bring and distribute to you pepper spray…to protect yourself against rapists…”. The poor souls clapped, not knowing this was a cover for using their parent’s tax money to procure a tool to brutalise their poor mothers.

(b) Another day, he said this: “The days of tear gas as a way of crowd or riot control is gone”. Here, he was right because:

One, he has replaced tear gas with chemical poisons/weapons and

Two, indeed there was no riot-control. You ambush peaceful citizens exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly and you call that “policing”?

Conclusion: But what is this a sign of? This is  a sign of something more negatively potent to the extent of fearing ‘un-armed’ women and trying to brutalise them as an example to the others. That fear is the driver and secret of Kayihura’s boss and mentor. Such a coward that has such fear, a fear  that makes him use internationally banned chemical weapons against innocent civilians, i very dangerous. Such people, who attack civilians have a name in modern histography and political parlance: Terrorists.

In other words, our Stae has become an actor is the exercise of State terror. These are not good signs. The other day, the UK punished Russia reportedly for just poisoning a military deserter (and their own citizen, Russia’s that is, at that). Why can’t the cowards know that, one day, a Nuremburg will be ready for the same too, as it did to Nazi officials?  Pity some cowards: How can you, a man at that, “Okwereega”  with a woman {enter a verbal/physical contest with a woman] and be ready to even see her nakedness, which is taboo in many nationalities in Uganda??  Such an ‘act’ that denigrates women in public , can not be Ugandan.  Uganda  is crazy, at least, at leadership level.

Christopher Muwanga,




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  1. kasaija,

    And blind NRM supporters call that security. morons!!!!

  2. john mukasa,

    Pest control was also to blame when Uganda gov’t used DDT to control mosquitoes in the surrounding areas of KAMPALA with a small spray chater plan. we just did not get any warning from the gov’t to evacuate cilvilians who leave in thes areas. Even if they did , its un acceptable for such acts as the burn of the drug was world wide. We wonder of how much stock they still have in posation and when it will be used again.

  3. Stephen Twinoburyo,

    Much as I find some opinions on this blog very informative and spot-on, I find this to be unnecessarily sensationalist and devoid of facts. If I am looking for something that will benefit my knowledge about the state-of-affairs in Uganda, this completely falls out. It is not the way you sensationalise something, that you even create situations, that will convince me. It is the factual analysis or reporting that you give.

  4. kabwato,

    this is only misinformed i deas, u dont know what is happening,sometimes u guys have taken your hatred for the Govt, too far to forget the plight of a normal ugandan.

  5. Imhotep,

    How convenient it is for the Kabwatos and the Twinoburyos, people who happen to come from a certain part of the country to dismiss such information. Actually i do not think you guys are the intended recipients of the article. Am quite convinced that such articles are meant for those people who need change to happen in our beloved nation. Many of your ilk, because you are beneficiaries of the state’s corruption and other aspects such as nepotism, it is understandable to have an oblique view of things.

    You must realise that the country intends to have change without your imput.


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