Mao’s Legal Adviser,Mbidde, will Slowly Deliver DP to NRM. Here is why?

Mbidde campaigning in Kalugu East in 2006

Dear Ugandans at heart,
Please open your eyes, Mbidde will never stand on any other party ticket apart from the DP ticket, the strategy this time is to kill DP from with in. If Mbidde goes through as an MP, he will go to parliament but his presence their will be insignificant as his roll is beyond parliament.
Let me give you a few important roles which he has played and NRM has benefited more than having Mawiya in parliament.
  • He was able to push for the Mbale conference well knowing that there were simple internal issues that required to be resolved before the Mbale conference if you were to have united DP.
  • He started attacking KB way back portraying him as a very bad leader in and hence destroying him in Buganda. Remember he failed to present any reason to justify it.
  • He directly led the campaign to smear Nambooze and Lukwago with DP knowing very well that they were the key young DP Stewart’s in Buganda. The campaign was to isolate them and hence divide DP.
  • He started the UB40 campaign in DP to isolate the elders in DP knowing very well that a party survives on all generations but not merely the youth. This consequently left out the likes of Ssemwogerere.
  • He successfully convinced every one that IPC was very bad knowing very well that the issue will further divide DP like it has done. Today the stronghold of DP which is Buganda is going to be divided between IPC and DP hence further weakening DP.

Ask Keneth Kakande why the had suspended him in UYD.I knew so well that NRM cadres were going to react to the story of the police raid on Mbidde’s house because they very well know that whatever was done to Mbidde was part of a ploy by their govt to distance herself from Mbidde. They want to start sighting instances like that one to prove that govt is looking at Mbide as a member of the opposition while he is not. I pity my friends in DP who still look at Mbidde as a DP. Bano abasajja ba NRM bagenda kubasanyaawo when they are fooling on your psychology.

Mbidde is in DP but not to build DP. He is there to kill DP slowly and I have given you the instances above. Unlike the Mutagambwa, Mrs Muwonge, Luzige, Lutaya etc who were bought out of DP, this time NRM will weaken DP from within the party by using the divide and rule method and it is working successfully.

You will bare me witness at one point. Remember I have been here and I know how these NRM guys very well. Whenever you see a group of them supporting you, praising you (like they are doing so with Mao) or pushing you to do something, just know that they are benefiting from it directly or indirectly.I remember telling Betty Kamya the same thing but she could not listen to me now she is in hot soup.Let us see what will finally happen to DP

Jude mayanja


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  1. Aisha Nankya,

    MBIDDE IS A DP. It’s Besigye who started smearing him that he’s a spy because he was one of yhe first DP politicians to discover that Besigye’s FDC was a weakling. Would you now doubt Kamya for stating that FDC is worse than NRM when faced by a different opinion? It is either their way or the HIGH WAY.
    Be ware of FDC especially the rate at which they change names from IPC now to SUUBI 2001. I wonder in what form they will reach the ballot.

  2. ahmed katerega,

    Jude Mayanja, but is Mbidde still in DP , or he is on a retreat to FDC and IPC? HE IS A MEMBER OF THIS FORUM AND SHOULD TELL US.
    Baganda say, “akamwa k’omuntu si ka nte..” l hear secret meetings and deals between the two. Please find out.

  3. Aisha Nankya,

    If your sources are SUUBI 2011, no doubt, they have been surviving on lies. Can you believe they still tell people that DP may still join Besigye/IPC/SUUBI 2011 despite the National Council resolution that Mao will stand on DP ticket no matter what.
    They still lie to people that this issue is not yet resolved in DP, so i am not suprised by those romours. Mao executive is solid and working as a team. The Lukwago’s are speaking from outside. They managed to disorganise Ssebaana because they were part of the executive and always preferred to work as individuals than a team.
    If they wanted the same tricks to continue, they would have booked position on NEC but not they are in the middle of no where. I dare them to cross to FDC without any comouflouge tulepukke.


  4. jeniffer Biri,

    And if the opposition loses, because DP refused to join the rest of the opposition, everyone should put the supporters of Mao, into quarantine like lepers. The ring leaders should be dealt with just like selfish and myopic criminals would be treated. Treat them just like how the under developed world treats retards. Search them PRN (when necessary)at no notice
    Tether them like goats and dole handouts to them PRN. Book rooms for them in Upper Luzira. If you cannot civilize your self, someone else smarter should do it for you.
    And I bet, the whole of Ankole.Kigezi, Tooro and Bunyoro would rather vote for Museveni a million times, other than a fractured DP under Mao. But as for IPC, there is a high likelihood of winning over voters.” United we stand, divided we fall”( ………). I will go to seek work at Rushere Hospital/Museveni’s farm , in Rwakitura- Nyabushozi when Museveni retains presidency in 2011. I do not see what I will be waiting for since I will still be surrounded by—.I am getting tired of warning people who seem to be victims of microcephally(read small brain)

  5. Wafula Ogutu,

    You are not right. Perhaps you are too angry. Otherwise why should you think of imprisoning Mao&co ? What crime have they committed? As leaders, they have every right to choose the direction they want to take with their followers.

    Problem for them might be that soon or later they might traveling alone without the majority of their members because of the wrong direction they took.

    I have been moving in the North and Buganda in the past one month or so and clearly they might be facing a rebellion including from many of their MPs who see trouble ahead if they do not join IPC or SUUBI.

    This morning we had a meeting of IPC Steering Committee and an application letter from the other faction of DP was read to us.They want to join IPC. Various groups from across the country are indicating they want to work with IPC. You may not believe it but that includes even some NRM prominent defectors. Watch this space. Those who are fighting IPC on behalf of NRM will certainly fall by the wayside like their principal.


  6. Mukasa Fred Mbidde,

    Thanks comrades ,Aisha and others for the support you have given to me in this trying moment am going through.We only need to face the direction of the enemy and hit hard other than pointing guns at each other ,which ever the differences,and then begin shooting.Thats fool-hardy.
    They say that a person carrying an elephant cannot waste time trying to pick grasshoppers so i may not waste time answering those that have chosen to attack me on this forum .I have a bigger national problem before me than attending to petty insults arising from those that may be exposing shear ignorance on matters that require thoroughness of knowledge.My aspirations are always guided by a moving swarn-song that One man with determination is a majority.
    President Museveni is now terrified ,he is looking at the way out with anger which he is prepared to unleash to every opposition leader in Uganda.As we talk now all of us are out on Court Bail making it almost his prerrogative for us to have any amount of freedoms .One does not need to manufacture explosives at home in order to use them ,i doubt whether the ones he Used to capture power had been kept at his own home.We are participating in politics in general which is a choice against war.The results invisaged in either alternative are the same although the quality of the foregoing determines the possibility of the later. I am still looking at the possibility of court action against the invasion of my home by a joint operation by the military and police.

    In the above circumstances we cannot aford to face each other with feast fights but rather to each shoot the opponent for the most promising results in history.Those deriving any colour of satisfaction out of mudslinging fellow fighters do not belong to our ranks.

    We may have our differences which is acceptable but they should not be the reason for which we exist.The time spent on a Computer can be more useful in convassing support for any cause capable of redeeming Uganda from the fangs of this dictatorship other than being put to waste under frivolous and vexatious submissions,the very definition of ignorance.

    For comrades over there ,we are doing everything possible to create the demise of the movement and we are some where,we have a few hiccups at party level but they will be sorted out in due course as they donot have a fundamental basis to anchor on . Any one still habouring sentiments to the contrary is somewhat anachronistic.

    I donot usually answer alot of what is submitted on at this forum merely because i do not find alot of the same warranting my reply but to this end let me wish you a successful revolution by next year.

    Mukasa Fred Mbidde
    ( )
    East Africa.

  7. jeniffer Biri,

    I am excited to read you. I am glad you survived the attackers at your home-kuluka. The attack/armed search of your home provided me with an expected opportunity to know you more although I felt sad that your home had to be searched by those national enemies. As you rightly put it, we need to forget our differences by uniting as peace lovers and dismantle NRM dictatorship. But as an outstanding DP member you should rightly know that DP cannot foot it alone to win democracy for the nation. When we talk of IPC, we desperately need a compound of great brains who can safely deliver the nation from the fangs of the Bahima/Banyarwanda who are holding our country hostage. And I am sure you are smart enough to realize that what the Mmengo government is clamoring for at this- limited time for campaigning to remove NRM is nothing other than diverting the entire nation, the voters from concentrating on our collective mission of winning election without bloodshed. For a man of your intellectual caliber to be allowed to be swept under the rug, is nothing but an unimaginable mistake that will yield nothing other than maintaining a political status quo that some of us cannot tolerate anymore come , 2011. I have no doubt that you appreciate the power of numbers and by standing alone as DP, you are seriously, causing compound and comminuted fractures of the numbers, hence fueling NRM to its 24-ear old power seat. Do you want to betray the nation that is in the process of dying?

    Best Regards and Prayers

    JMBiribwa, Permanent Resident: NewYork,Bushenyi, Kampala and Wakiso



    I’m sorry but how on earth can you even think of asking this question. Do really think after what Besigye did to MM, he can join his party. I think you just don’t know MM, he will never work with Besigye again, he betrayed him and the trust was lost never to be regained.

    Don’t be surprised if that raid on his home has some elements of FDC behind it

  9. Wafula Ogutu,

    Do not reduce Dr. KB to MM level. They do not play in the same league.
    There was nothing personal KB did to MM. He only campaigned against him as directed by FDC which had their own candidate.MM refused cooperation saying he could win big even without FDC support. Did he? Same fate could be awaiting him next year if again decides against cooperation. It will be his choice again.

  10. Tony Otoa Jr,

    Is this not sad that the Fragments in a potential coalition are already manifesting themselves? My belief in a potential change in Uganda is so great that such low belt unfounded rumours should be debated.
    For as long as the opposition wastes time pointing fingers at one another, there is no chance of making an impact. Like I constantly preach, the common man is the decider of a revolution. Lets focus on the common man as a group or even as individuals. Afterall the goal desired is a constant.
    Let us push for a major change in the best way possible that is productive in all aspects. See you all on the ground in 2 months.
    Tony Otoa Jr

  11. Dennis,

    Mr. Mbidde’s comments do not reflect his former sentiments! Perhaps he is reconsidering his former positions now. The likes of Isaac Balamu want to drag him back there, but I hope he is now more serious as his comments indicate. All the best!

  12. Semitego Richard,

    Jude Mayanja, thanks for the beautiful Article.

    I would like to answer Ahmed first – you said there are unresolved issues between Mukasa Mbidde and Dr. Kiiza Besigye and that’s why Mr. Mbidde can’t join IPC. Well, Mr. Mbidde is not the DP Party President. If, DP is to join IPC it should be Mr. Mao and rest of the Party Members to decide. If, Mr.Mbidde has upper hand in DP to decide the Party future, any decission should not be reached on personal ground. If DP is to be successful in Ugandan Politics the leaders should put Party interest first, but not their personal interests.
    Major issues like DP joining IPC must be discussed openly and decided among Party Members, but not one or two leaders dictating for everyone that gives no distinction between DP and NRM were handful of people on top makes decissions either good or bad.
    I would like to use this opportunity to ask DP to reconsider their possition of joining IPC. The current political situation in Uganda, I think Coalition is the best way forward if we are to oust NRM from power.

    Semitego Richard
    UK, Busiro North, Ssemuto Bulemeezi Luweero.

  13. herns,

    i think Mao and his group have nothing but their own interests to in t the politics of Uganda but not the people of this nation, we all know the current government is the obstacle to the success of this nation and therefore Mao’s group have resisted to join the others to solving this problem. quit sad ahh

  14. Top Dog,

    What is very disappointing is to see opposition parties quibbling among themselves instead of dealing with the common enemy – NRM! NRM must be loughing all the way to the ballot box, because by the time elections arrive, the opposition would have painted themselves so dirty that the electrolate will not ecognise them.
    Wake up and stop behaving like kindergarten kids!

  15. Susan Daniellah,

    DP joining IPC? With which other parties present at grassroots? By virtual of my understanding we are talking of Uganda as a country not Kampala as a district! Have u ever witnessed an army that comprises of babies, pregnant women,the lame, the elderly and a few able bodied fighters that did wonders in a battles field against an enemy of only able bodied fighters having been equipped for 24yrs?

    Dream walk not, face reality and take on only the few skilled able bodied fighters who can enter de enemies camp and destroy it by surprise.

    One common enemy, different ways of attacking. Accusing finger help neither of us, lets leave every fighter make sounding decisions and make not ourselves dictators by deciding on behalf of our friends forcefully in fear of some of us branding them as NRM spies!!!!

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