MP Ekanya did not defect to Movement

Dear readers,

I talked to Hon.Ekanya this morning. We  had  a big laugh.He did not cross to anywhere.But Museveni, Kadaga, the RDC tried to conscript him by putting an NRM  cap on his head and then have  him photographed.
Millions of people have   been conscripted into NRM  in a similar manner. Haven’t you  heard that NRM  has, so far   over 10m registered members and they are still registering? Is there any sense in that? Last time they claimed to have 8m but only 4m supposedly  voted for them.
Wafula Ogutu

FDC Spokesperson


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  1. mayega ssebulime,

    Wafula dont under estimate the act of NRM registering members, people are worried that however much they registered with electralcommission there names might not appear on to the register.

    Peoples fear is that NRM might work along with the commission and produce the a register that consist only those names.

  2. ahmed katerega,

    Wafula Ogutu, NRM Electoral Commission has told us in a press conference this afternoon that they have regisreted a total number of members over 8 million strong. Those are enough to enable NRM to form government and control parliament and local governments next year.

    One of the new individual voters is my daughter who has aged 18 and was not given money to register. She did it voluntarily.There is no money involved because lhear that the little money was monopolosed by a family clique. Ugandan villagers are predominantly NRM. It will disappoint them with not thoroughly dealing with the corrupt.

  3. Frank Zimula Wagaba,

    Well, you’d better explain this more. At first when I read the story in the New Vision, I said the Gods must be crazy and that they jury must have retired on FDC’s back foot. However, I know this is going to be the order of the day in times leading to the next general elections. My question is, why don’t opposition MPs and supporters between now and until the election avoid keeping in company of these goons. They will do whatever they can to portray a different picture to the media and with such evidence, it will be difficult for whoever is pictured to come out and avert the damage caused. These are the pictures they are ready to use in their campaigns to de-campaign the opposition as political flippants with no commitment, agenda and passion for their political aspirations.
    Thank you Waf for coming out on this.

  4. Mayiko Makula,

    Its very true, people on the ground want money, and why not get registered with money rather than for free, nrm knows very well its trick of rigging votes, this comes in with empty promises from both sides, the ripper and the ripped. nrm/o capitalize on these falsehoods.

    nrm party already knows that, even if they bribe people, still people wont vote for them, so they hatch up a plan to register people with empty asurances from the same people that they are nrm, same way as they did some time back when m7 and his group photocopied letters of appointment with the signature of our usual suspect ,at least 2 million of them and convinced LC chairmans that they act on behalf of the nrm chairman,

    True most of them voted for nrm with the kasiimo siasa in place, the promise was broken, the LC chairman were never rewarded as promised, most of them opted out and accused the nrm chairman as man not of his own word, (muyaye), now he wants them back proposing that LC’s should be included in tha salary scale of govt, but thats after fifteen years of bananas engraved in empty promises a signature of the chairman himself.

    The very people who are said to be registered as nrms are the very people who vote for opposition and you will find them at every electoral center asking how nrm won, that means that they actually did not vote for our usual suspect’s party a.k.a nrm/o,

    But the simple trick is the promise that they were made to take, so since you promised to vote nrm/o then why get suspiscious when tha party you are expected to vote wins again?or rigs and since nrm has won then you are expected to keep quite for the next five years something likened to a bridegroom who promises to stay in the marriage yet she wanted out in the beginning, the rest of actions walks in the promise for fear of breaking the promise and the circumstances there-of.

    The promise & rig tit for tat trick is still working for nrm/o, so why change it, No cause. those thinking that the EC should be changed are not realistic of the plan that will change and throw off the dictator’s long plans to stay in power. So bottom line “NO CHANGE”

    The western world is highly advised to back off or otherwise give coffee to the opposition members when they visit their offices to complain of the non-leveled grounds in elections in Uganda and send them off in good faith.

    The tit for tat trick works, the people promise to vote nrm and then turn around to vote for the opposition, then the chairman and his nrm/o return the empty promise in full swing by rigging based on the empty promises on the ground, the numbers have betrayed the cause, but the question stands out in the crowd as to who holds the master and last card on the proposed numbers, likened to Paulo Muwanga in the wake that gave us a the title as from Obote to Obote.

    The chairman returns the promises in emptiness and also does not deliver but rig highly, thats when one village in Makindye was reported to have more votes for nrm than those in the entire constuency of registered voters put together. The five high court judges, but three had limited options but to give us back the dictator and thats where we ere now.

    The five high court judges of Uganda did act like Julius ceasar when the numbers asked to free the thief Barabas (M7) and demanded for the hanging of Jesus Christ (Uganda), but this time as in our elections the numbers were doctored, mordernly known as rigging,

    The case reached a sorry decision and ended by Ceasar washing his hands and put the blame and any circumstances there-of on the demands of the people, but not his choice, in our case the responsibility goes to m7 (Barabas) for knowingly and intentionally rigging elections for his own good.

    The majority of people of Uganda have voted m7 out and he has refused to go by rigging all the time and our judges said he wants it let him have it and will deal with the consequences when the time comes as we have dealt with it when Barabas was freed and those fruits have trickled down even to the camps of nrm/o to this day.

  5. Alan Barigye,

    1 What is the number of political grads has passed thru Kyankwanzi since its inception? This excludes the wakiso groups many whom arre either dead, out of the country or the fiercest opponents?
    2. Does NRM know that all these hogwash programs have been exposed and that they tantamount to nothing, or they{enaremu} are simply looking the other way squintingly in an oblivious manner?
    3. How stupid do they think Ugandans are?
    4. Do they realize the end price of their actions?

    Ever wondered why Muzee Byanyima whose blood is full of DP said thus: AMO may have had alot of weaknesses but he was no conman?

  6. Mayiko Makula,

    These programs have been compromised, enaremu thought by this time every one will be singing praises to the small god m7, wapi

    Corruption is taught in broad day light in Kyankwanzi, telling the cadres to eat from their own jobs and making a big mistake that everyone has automatically changed to enaremu

    The same enaremu after introducing corruption in terms of man eateth from where he worketh, the programs have backfired in all directions left right and center, time is waiting to tell on them. The very comrades who introduced corruption are now trying to fake it that they are curbing it, its very disgusting when you talk to our noble people who have gone thru kyankwanzi bullshit siasa (KBS)

    The next phase in the offing will be that all govt jobs should be held by sweared and confirmed enaramus, by this time the proposed project will have hit 50 years of enaremu rule without success of tangible modernization & English will sound by then like tinkarire since morning”

    I dont know how bonna basome will kick in to take over all the govt jobs by enaremu cadres a proposed project engraved in backwardness and poverty, thinking that since people have studied for free now they will fall prey to work for the corrupt govt to earn a living, because of the background well crafted by the masters of corruption as in enaremu

    Good luck, but these people belong to God not to the self imposed father of the nation, revolutionarist in quotes, the chap m7 is proving to be the one denying democracy to the country he claims to own (Ask the notorious kiboko Squad who owns Uganda?), simply because he came by the barrel of the gun. Just to remind him m7, these kichupulistic projects will not stand the test of time and will not work unless he bribes GOD himself. The projects are a shame to the Country.

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