Open letter to Anne Mugisha

Open letter to Anne Mugisha
Dear Anne, I thank you for having the courage to fly back home and engage in active politics.  Many of us opt to stay in our little London homes and specialize in being armchair political critics.  Uganda needs more of people like you.
I shall however reserve this posting in response to your message explaining your reasons to Ugandans on why you’re contesting for the MP’s seat of Nakawa Central.  Yes, in Buganda we need more pro-Buganda MP’s.  We’re a region devoid of political power and the reason for this is because many Baganda MP’s have gone on the take and abandoned their own people.  Today Buganda is politically weaker than any other region despite having the largest number of MP’s in the national parliament.  Why? 

Anne Mugisha

Because as you pointed out, Buganda is welcoming.  Your family came to Buganda in 1972 and you were born, raised and now love Buganda.  No Muganda has ever stood at Hoima road or Jinja road or Masaka road with a big stick and told any Ugandan that ‘atali muganda tayingira wano’ (if you’re not a Muganda don’t enter here’).  Taking you back to your family and where they came from is a region of Kigezi which would have been in present day Rwanda if Baganda did not accept that it becomes part of the Protectorate Uganda.  Baganda agreed the same to many regions surrounding her boarders.  Therefore your assertion that Baganda should stop being ‘parochial’ and start accepting people from other regions is wrong ungrateful and in fact insulting.  Not only have Baganda welcomed everyone, they enabled the formation Uganda as it is today in the first place. 
If Baganda were unwelcoming, how then would Fred Ruhindi become the man you want to replace?  How would your family been able to live in Buganda all this long? Therefore Anne, as you go on the campaign trail, try and manage your oratory so you don’t sound like known Baganda haters who include Ofwono Opondo, Yoweri Museveni and Marry Karoro Okrut.
Anne, Buganda does not need isolation; it needs allys from all corners of Uganda.  But we have also learnt from recent history that allies can easily become the biggest enemies.  Yoweri Museveni fought his war in this ‘unwelcoming parochial Buganda’ but who is the Kingdoms biggest enemy today? Freddie Ruhindie campaigned as our ally but then went and started kicking us in the teeth when he got ‘there’.  When General Tinyefuza was in trouble with President Museven he ran to Mengo in a ‘Kanzu’ and sought refugee.  Today, General Tinyefuzza is one of Buganda’s hardliner tormentors.  Anne, without forgetting that Baganda are Buganda’s biggest enemies, I must advise that you may be in for a hard time because this time Baganda are going to vote wisely.  Forget Wafula Ogutu’s advise that he’s lived in Nakawa and that its cosmopolitan nature will win you the seat on an IPC ticket.  Believe me, you can get all the people from other areas of Buganda in that division, multiply them by three and still Baganda will outnumber them by three to one.
Anne, you have flown all the way from America and I expect you to have a soft landing in any part of Uganda.  However, you can easily crash land in Nakawa not because people hate you but because people like Ruhindie have taught them a lesson. 
Without wasting time, you need to pay a visit to MP for Rubaga North Beti Kamya, quickly join Uganda Federal Alliance and declare your support for federalism.  You will have to sign a commitment.  You need to miss CBS radio so much like many folks in the division.  You need to press hard for the release of 800 Baganda Prisoners of September Kampala riots, many of these people rotting in jail are from Nakawa Central Division.  You need to assert the Kabaka’s right to travel to any part of Uganda.  Where do you stand on the looming Kampala Bill?  You need to be aware that ‘Akenda’ or the 9000 sq miles of land belongs to people in those slums of Namuwongo.  NRM Bigwigs have confiscated this land and divided it among themselves.  You need to visit the remains of Kasubi tombs and remind people that the people who committed this crime have never been caught.  You need to make sure that Buganda is paid her rent arrears In addition to many other national issues.
Having done that, you need to join former Katikiiro’s Mulwanyamuli, Mulika and Suubi2011 project.  You need to make friends with Betty Nambooze, Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda, Haji Hussain Kyanjo and pay a visit to Katikiiro Walusimbi in Mengo.  Stay clear of Nobert Mao and his ‘mafia gang’.   You need to make clear that Kayunga, Nakasongola  and Kooki are as Bugandan as Bulange and that Buganda is Buganda and not the Central Region as Baganda haters like to call it.
Anne, talking of “Buganda parochialism” or referring to Baganda as people whose minds are restricted to merely their region makes you sound like one of Opondo’s.  For us, anyone who stands for our values and respects our culture will do, regardless of where they come from or which party fronts them.  I wish you a soft landing.
Michael Senyonjo
The Writer is Publicity Secretary for DP-UK Chapter



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    You write Not only have Baganda welcomed everyone, they enabled the formation Uganda as it is today in the first place.
    Buganda didn’t enable the formation of Uganda,
    Buganda wanted to sever itself from the rest of the colony from around the Buganda crisis of 1953, which lead to the Namirembe Conference.
    If you study those events very well you will not make that sentence in that context. One of the conditions kabaka Muteesa gave Governor Cohen, was that a timetable for Buganda’s (not Uganda’s) independence be prepared this was after the speech about formation of the East African protectorate.
    It is true Buganda chauvinism ways of the 50s are still with some baganda, and history may repeat it self if we are not careful.
    You see many of us here have not labored to understand the causes of our problems we just talk but I wish all of us can visit our history books and focus particularly at that period just before independence. Maybe Buganda need to remember how they had treated the rest of Ugandans and if the rest of Ugandans are to support the feudral sytem, Buganda should reconginise what failed their quest for it before independence .I don’t think Buganda learnt from this

  2. Mike Ssegawa,

    Anne Mugisha
    “Buganda parochialism will isolate the Baganda unless (or until) Buganda embraces Ugandans,” says Anne Mugisha. By the way Anne may be right. But, for whoever reads between the lines, the statement begs the question – how can you use those words in reference to a friend you value? Anne, you really Buganda’s friend?

    Notes to Ms Mugisha:
    I really support your Anne for Nakawa campaign…but,
    1. Focus on the opponent (in this case, Ruhindi).
    2. Tone down your language when referring to allies.
    3. Stick to the issues —if I am to borrow a leaf from your friend, Obama, please, stick to the issues and provide solutions.
    4. Your history is useful, but in Nakawa’s case it is not on your side. Remember ’72 is just as old as you – but not long enough to qualify you are indigenous. As you focus on Nakawa, you don’t have to repeat your schools, since none of them is in Nakawa.
    5. You are aware of your voters living in the dilapidated Nakawa quarter, Banda, Mbuya, Kinawataka slums, etc,…well, we are aware you are loaded, but please don’t mention your residence to be among bungalows – that’s too Diaspora … it is enough to say your residence is in Bugolobi.
    6. Lastly, use this line, not, “And I have been a staunch supporter of Buganda through the years which is more than I can say for many Baganda MPs today!” for blood is thicker than water.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Michael Senyonjo,


    U need to read the 1900 Buganda agreement and understand what I’m talking about. See the work of Semei Kakungulu in Ankore, Busoga, Bugisu and N. Uganda. Go discover how Baganda took education, religion to the rest of present day Uganda. Baganda during colonial times brought the rest of the country to point in one direction. therefore, don’t look at the actions of a few individuals and judge Baganda

  4. Ssebuliba Joseph,

    Dear Anne,

    Am really appreciating so much for having returned home since 2001.Uganda need change u’re LADYSTRONG.KEEP THE MOMENTUM.

  5. We want the best but not the worst Anne thxs for that.

  6. Anyai Smith,

    Mr. Michael Senyonjo, yyou should not have signed as a DP-UK official because your argument implies that DP is for Buganda only; unless this is true. I am with Buganda, but I am led to believe that DP is for Uganda.

  7. brenda,

    u guys need to leave ruhindi alone, for christ sake the man has done a good job for nakawa div since he won the sit so yea….idk bout ann winning tho….thafadali bidandi run again bt ruhindi will win!!!!!lol

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