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Day July 12, 2010

Condolences to the dead but the police should not just focus on the Somali angle


Condolences to the families of the dead. May their soul RIP.The police should not just focus on the Somali angle but look deeper and wider.  Hopefully they secured the scenes and are interviewing survivors.

While the Somali angle is credible, other potential leads could be

a) Business related that is nnugu from business rivals that may have lost business or felt jelousy over the World Cup.

b) Local issues.  The bombing could have something to do with the political temperature in Uganda.  Therefore the role of rogue elements within the political and state intelligence systems cannot and should not be ruled out.

c) dissatisfaction within UPDF/ESO/ISO regarding the Somali mission. There could be military elements, yes, UPDF who want to create a situation to force UPDF out of Somali.  Privates may be paying the ultimate political price while UPDF fat cats eat the money in Kampala

d)  Sleeper cells of once active Ugandan rebels activities

e) Political tensions between Ethiopians and Eritreans. Eritrea has  the most pro Al Shabaab regime in the region.  This may give hints about the targeting of the Ethipian /Ritream restauranst in Uganda.

f) Tensions with some religious groups in Uganda.

g) Foreign interests not happy with Uganda over the fact that General Nyamwasa used  a Ugandan passport to flee to South Africa.

In others words,the bombing smells of blackmail.


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